A Stepfather is Seduced Ch. 02

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Wow, I don’t know where to begin. Actually I guess the beginning was my previous submission that I entitled ‘A Stepfather is Seduced’! Boy was he ever! But what chance did he have? As I described in that story I am an irresistibly hot 18 year old nympho (at least for my stepdad) with plump delicious curves made juicier by some lingering baby fat, large pear-shaped breasts with hard jutting nipples begging to be tweaked and sucked. My butt is firm and round and sits on top of a pair of the sexiest legs in the neighbourhood.

I know that all the frustrated Dads on my block are mentally ripping off my clothes and laying their hands all over this luscious bod! Okay, I’m full of myself but I’ve encountered many a wandering hand (not to mention thinly veiled invitation to have my teen brains fucked out) from some of my friend’s ‘respectable’ fathers. I’ve got a thing for older men so, maybe someday, but right now I’m on a mission. My name is Cindy: I am a blonde, pug-nosed knockout and I am going to tease my stepdaddy into complete submission!

What makes it easier is that my Mom is a cold bitch who is away from home a lot because of her job. She successfully resisted Hank’s (my stepdad’s) attempts to rekindle their sex life but my Mom is brutal, the cunt, and I watched Hank get sadder and sadder until I decided to do something about it. He had always been really kind to me and way, way nicer than my asshole Dad who, whenever he does show up, just takes the opportunity to criticise me. I’m not above occasionally teasing him with provocative glimpses of my hot little body just because I know deep down he lusts for his baby girl. I do it just to drive him nuts.

But he isn’t Hank. Hank was good to me right from the start and after I got to know him I went to him for more and more comfort and advice. He was always there for me even when I knew he was having a hard time with my Mom, the royal bitch. Hank has never inappropriately touched me (like my filthy father). That is until I began to show him how.

It started with me obsessing about his warm strong caring body and especially his big strong warm hands; I wanted to have them all over me! Hank, for me, was a hunk. Yeah, almost three times my age (I said I liked older men, didn’t I?!), but he kept in great shape; a blue-eyed, well-muscled hunk. Oh, and he had a lovely thick 8″ sausage that would delight me when it tented the front of his running shorts. The sight of his awakening lust, before he hurriedly tried to cover it up, would make my mouth water and the top of my legs tingle.

So when I turned eighteen I began to find ways to flirt with my obsession. Our hugs had always been special; warm and intimate and lingering, but never crossing that boundary into inappropriate. I began to touch him more where men are vulnerable, letting my fingers linger on his chest or across the back of his neck. I ‘absentmindedly’ trailed light circles with my fingers whenever they encountered bare skin. It was cute how he would blush and his voice would get husky. I could feel the electrical response of his body to my delicious touch but Hank still restrained himself from letting his hands return the favour and roam over my, oh so willing, curves.

Things moved quickly as I stepped up the pace of my seduction. I would lie on my side ‘doing my homework’ in my bedroom with the short plaid skirt of my school uniform hiked just enough to reveal a glimpse of my innocent white panties not to mention my firm, enticing, tanned thighs. It didn’t matter whether my mother was home or not, she would never notice. I would lie like that, rearranging the display, when I knew Hank would be coming to my open door to call me for supper.

I still remember the first night I lay there waiting for Hank to come to my bedroom door. When he arrived I felt him tense up and knew his eyes were glued to my adorable little panty-clad ass. I flushed a bright red (as I am sure did he) and kept my eyes on my homework as I distractedly wriggled my hips as if trying to get more comfortable. I was terrified to look at him, certain that he was going to call me out. But he didn’t! His eyes drank in their fill of my nubile flesh before, with a choked voice, he informed me that dinner was served and he quickly disappeared.

After that, I knew could seduce him! I began to improvise, making sure that he got nice eyefuls of my crossed legs when I sat in the living room in my short skirts. I always pretended to be engaged in something or turned slightly away so that he felt safe to stare at my tanned, bare, exposed flesh. I loved bending over the dining room table when he was in the room, reading the newspaper (as if) and swaying my sweet ass enticingly to whatever music was playing, even if it was just playing in my head! My skirts danced invitingly just below the bottom of my honey buns.

Even more exciting for me was lying on my stomach on the living room floor watching TV with my stepdad sitting on the couch. Sometimes I would wear my flimsy sweat pants with a thin t-shirt (no bra of course!). They always rested low on my adorable lotusbet güvenilirmi hips. Gradually I would shift my body nudging the sweatpants lower until I could feel the cool air at the top of my ass crack telling me that my inviting little crevice was also peeking out for Hank to enjoy.

Occasionally I would roll lazily onto my back with a question I had made up for him. As I casually stretched, my thin t-shirt stretched too, accentuating my big firm globes with their hard poky nipples. This move allowed me to expose my flat, tanned mid-riff from the bottom of my ribcage all the way down to the waistband of my sweats, resting just above the rise of my pubes.

I get wet just thinking about it! Hank’s eyes unable to stop glancing at the inviting shadows across my tummy begging for a hand to slide down and cup the steaming prize just beyond view. Of course when I would turn back over onto my stomach my poor inadequate sweaties would have been pulled even lower revealing more of my delightful ass crack. Once I ended up exposing half of the luscious rise of my mouth watering buns! You can bet I took my time reaching back to pull the pants up. I pulled till I could feel the material climbing into my crack and molding my tush like a second skin. I am so bad!

Sometimes Hank would abruptly leave the room and not come back for a while. I was pretty sure to beat his meat while he fantasized about boning his nubile little stepgirl. Once I heard him complaining about my provocative dress code to my Mom but I was always careful to be a little more demure when she was around. She just told him that all girls my age dressed more provocatively now and he would just have to put up with it. It wasn’t like she really gave a damn anyway. Like I said, the bitch.

Once I put on my very short shorts that even my idiot mother wouldn’t let me wear outside of the house. Okay so they rode up a little over my ass cheeks, big deal! Anyway I put on those shorts and a skimpy tank top and descended to the rec room where Hank was laid out on the sofa watching a football game.

Acting like he wasn’t there I went over to the book shelf and stood up on my tippy toes as if reaching something from the top shelf. I had checked this move out in my room in front of a mirror and saw with glee that the globes of my butt tightened and strained as if trying to burst out of the flimsy material of my shorts as they rode a little higher up my ass cheeks. I heard his breathing become more ragged as I pretended to stretch and strain, my plump firm little tush wriggling with the effort.

For a while we were suspended there in space. I could feel myself getting wetter with the sheer naughtiness of what I was doing. Finally, with effort, Hank cleared his throat and suggested, huskily, that I might get a chair to stand on. I’m good I replied, artfully dropping the book I was reaching for. “Oh, darn!” I laughed and slowly bent over from the waist to pick the book up allowing Hank a long lingering look at my delicious behind. I knew the material of my shorts looked like it was painted on my delicious derriere (I was wearing a thong for extra effect). The silky fabric pushed up deeper into my ass crack as I stretched to retrieve the fallen book. It was almost too much excitement for me. I stood up, a little dizzy and with a faint “Got it!” rushed off to my room and closed my door.

Trembling, I lied back on my bed pushing my soaked shorts and thong down to my knees and; cupping my hot cunt, running my fingers lightly over my engorged lips and playing with my clit until I was rocked with a massive orgasm. I had to pull a pillow over my face to muffle my screams and moans.

After that I began to introduce playful ass slaps, sometimes when he was mounting the stairs ahead of me. I was nonchalant about them like it was nothing special and before long he was returning the favour, freely slapping my little behind when I would give him the opportunity which I did with increasing frequency. His hand began to linger a little with each love tap. Sometimes I would squeal: “Oooo, spankies!” (Just writing that word gets me hot!) Occasionally I was rewarded with the appearance of a lovely bulge pressing out against the zipper of his pants. Oh, how I wanted to cup and squeeze that zipper! After a while all I had to do was think of him, of how he would touch me, and my panties would begin to grow moist and hot. I was a wanton little sexpot!

Then Hank went on that business trip and I made my plans for his return. You’ll have to read that story for the details. We had just finished our rich juicy ‘desserts’. (I could still taste his delicious cum!) Now I was staring into his blissed out eyes feeling a smouldering burning desire rekindling in my smooth tanned belly. I’d had a taste but I wanted, as they say, the whole banana. Hank saw the shift in my eyes and began to pull back. “Cindy, no; this has to stop. We’ve already gone too far.”

I smiled confident, like a lioness about to devour her prey. Hank still had his robe half on and his shorts down around lotusbet yeni giriş his knees. I was completely naked and exposed. Rising up onto my knees I gave him a full look at my nubile hot body, hips thrust forward, breasts full and heaving, nipples hard and extended, blonde hair tousled; he couldn’t tear his eyes away!

I let my eyes fill with false tears. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to be bad.” The effect was immediate; he moved towards me to comfort me. “No, of course not, Cindy. It just…well, it just happened, that’s all.” He pulled his shorts up and sat on the couch beside me. I melted into his arms. “I just wanted you to feel better,” I whispered, my tears wetting his bare chest.

He held me tenderly, consoling me and caressing my shoulder, stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head. “It’s okay. Let’s just forget this happened and we’ll talk no more about it, okay? Put your clothes back on and we’ll go to bed.”

But I knew he meant separate beds and, while I was okay about not talking about what happened, I was not okay with separate beds.

“Okay, Daddy, but can you hold me in your lap just a little bit before I go?”

“Um, okay. But Cindy, I’m not your Daddy, I’m your stepdad. Now, please, don’t you want to put your pyjamas on first?”

Not really however I sensed that I needed to go slow and not frighten him off.

“Yes, D…Hank, alright.”

I moved to obey him sliding my pyjama shorts up my long tanned legs, turning my eyes away so that he could feast on my forbidden teenie flesh. I bent over to pick up my pyjama top feeling my full breasts swaying as they hung down; delicious fruit waiting to be cupped and fondled. I slid the top on leaving it unbuttoned, my hard nipples enticingly making points in the light fabric, the curve of my breasts partially revealed.

I slipped back into his lap and nestled into his arms, my left hand resting lightly on his bare muscled chest, my fingers describing small circles.

“You’re not angry are you?” I whispered.

“No! I think it’s best if we just forget about what happened and exercise more caution in the future.”

He was tender and caring and concerned for me and for my mother (the bitch) but all I could think about was the size of his hard cock as it fucked my hot warm mouth and how much I wanted that engorged meat inside my wet, dripping pussy!

I moved in his lap, my hand going up to the back of his neck, tilting my head so that my warm breath caressed that tender spot near the ear and jaw. When I shifted, my pyjama top opened more; now only the hard nub of my nipple held the fabric over my right breast. I paused not wanting to scare him off.

“You’re so good to me. Do you still love me?” I knew that would distract him from cutting this cuddle short.

“Of course, I still love you! Don’t be silly. You’re my little Cindy.”

He leaned down to kiss my forehead but I anticipated his move and lifted my face towards him feeling his warm soft lips kiss the side of my nose. I giggled and slid my cheek up against the roughness of his, my warm steamy breath now softly caressing his ear.

“Do you really love me?” I whispered in a little innocent girl voice; just a little girl asking for reassurance.

“You know that I do, honey,” giving me a little squeeze, his voice becoming deep and raspy.

I could feel him start to stir and I knew that I was close. I shifted again causing my top to slip completely off my right tit. Pretending not to notice, I rubbed my smooth soft cheek against his.

“You’re so good to me,” I whispered again as I gave him a tender kiss at his jawline.

“Cindy,” he croaked.

“Yes, Daddy?” I cooed as I began to plant tiny kisses along his jaw, making my way towards his inviting lips. His cock was hard now pressing into my hip.

“Cindy, we mustn’t,” he said, feebly.

“Mustn’t?” I echoed as my lips teased the corner of his mouth.

“Cindy.” He practically whimpered.

“Yes, Daddy,” I purred, pressing my warm yielding lips on his, my left hand snaking up into his hair pulling his head towards me. Hank hesitated only a fraction of a second, then, with a deep groan, he began to return my kiss with increasing passion. My chest was heaving with excitement as my moans mixed with his and my tongue slipped between his teeth and down his throat. Hank’s right hand began to stroke my back underneath my pyjama top. Tenderly I dragged my teeth across his lower lip. He moaned and slid his hand around to cup my large firm tit. He was mine!

I felt the hardness of his cock pressing with increasing urgency against my hip and slipped my tiny hand down between us to cup and squeeze his engorged shaft. We were both heaving like dogs in heat. Hank lifted my swollen excited breast to his lips, raining kisses on my firm flesh, tweaking my hard nipple before taking it between his lips, sucking and pulling. Oh, God!!!

I moved so that I was straddling his lap, shucking off my flimsy top and presenting him with my heaving bosom. His hands lotusbet giriş came up to cup both of my full glorious orbs, playing and tweaking the hard pointy nubs of my nips, his hot wet sucking mouth moving from one to the other like they were the last meal of his life. I was going out of my mind with ecstasy rubbing my hot steamy cunt up and down his rigid cock, pulling his head deeper into my breasts. Yipppee-kay- ay, motherfucker!

Now Hank began to take over, rolling me over onto my back on the couch and sliding my shorts down my long luscious legs before removing his robe and his own shorts. His hard thick 8 inches sprang free and I had to stop myself from grabbing it and jamming it into my wet willing mouth. Hank was in charge. My pyjama shorts hung enticingly off my left foot as I lay back exposed and vulnerable to his advances, my blonde hair spread across the cushions. Even I would want to fuck my brains out! There was no turning back.

Soon my body was being covered with hot, probing, sucking kisses; Hank’s hands seemed to be everywhere as he caressed and licked and kissed his way across my belly, stroking my legs and my inner thighs. “Okay.” I thought, “You can eat me again before you fuck me…but you are definitely going to fuck me.”

However, Hank had naughtier thoughts in his lustful mind. Like I was his playtoy he flipped me over onto my stomach then paused, no doubt drinking in my sweet succulent curves. Soon his hands were lightly caressing my nakedness moving down my back, across my delicious butt, and down my legs. His warm roaming hand would move up, squeezing and fondling my vulnerable buns and my inner thighs, his eager fingers sliding down towards the inferno of my dripping cunt. I was writhing and moaning and whimpering at his expert touch.

His lips traced across my lower back, licking and sucking and gently taking the ripe flesh of my ass cheeks between his teeth. I was becoming delirious as my body shuddered with mini orgasm after orgasm. But Hank had a destination in mind. As his lips and tongue and teeth had their way with my willing buns his fingers began to part my ass cheeks and his tongue to lick its way towards my virgin rosebud.

“Oh my! What had I unleashed?”

“Ooohhh” I moaned as his hot tongue found my defenceless hole.

“Ooohhh, yes!” as he began to tongue fuck that hole with increasing fervour. So this was what rimming felt like! I LOVED IT! “Oooohhh! Ooohhh! Oooohhh!!!” I screamed as a massive orgasm rocked my body and I bucked and shuddered writhed from his delicious violation. Even after Hank backed off a little my body trembled and shivered with the aftershock. I was in a daze as he picked me up and lifted me off the couch.

I thought that he was going to carry me to his or my bed and continue his possession of my inflamed naked flesh but, once again, Hank surprised me laying me over the plush arm of the couch and sliding up in between my legs. My beautiful firm globes were pointing to the ceiling, defenceless; the heady aromas of my steamy juices were driving us both over the edge!

Hanks warm loving hands played across my ass as he rubbed the tip of his hard cock along my wet inflamed lips. I was breathing in gasps now as he teased my aching slit.

“Please!” I moaned, “Oh, please, Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me. Please!”

Hank let out a low dirty chuckle, he was transformed. He slapped my naked ass. “I’m not your Daddy, Cindy. I’m your Stepdaddy.,” as he proceeded to plunge his hard thick cock all the way into my steaming pussy. “Aaaaggghhh! Aaaaagghhh! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I burst into orgasm again with his first thrust and rocked and shuddered on his engorged shaft. Our grunts and moans intermingled as he pulled his sausage almost all the way out only to plunge it back into the hilt and began to give me the cunt pounding of my short life.

As Hank thrust into me I pressed back into him pushing my upper body off the couch cushions and allowing my pendulous breasts to bounce uncontrollably below me. Hank had been holding me by the hips to increase the leverage of his thrusts but now he reached forward taking my heaving tits into his hands and lifting me back towards him. My body arched and Hank pounded my hot tight pussy to the depths of my being. I moaned, I writhed, I screamed; the pounding was relentless.

I pushed against his ravaging cock matching him stroke for stroke, feeling his tempo increase and his thick meat expand within me. He was getting close to release so I helped him pick up the tempo using my tight pussy muscles to squeeze his hardness. I was prepared to milk every last drop of his cum.

“Aaaahhh!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!! OOOOHHH!!! OOOOOH!!! Stop! No, don’t stop! Oh, my God!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!! FUCK ME!!!

Hank was bursting into me and I was delirious, bouncing out of control on the end of his spurting hose. We were both screaming and grunting like tortured lust-crazed animals as Hank pumped load after load deep into my waiting cunt. He was holding me around the waist now allowing my lovely tits to bounce uncontrollably like I was sitting on a paint mixer. As the intensity began to abate he would thrust deep into me holding himself there like his cock was wanting to push all the way up and out my mouth. I clenched my muscles around his shaft drawing out every last drop of ejaculate, draining him dry.