A taste of my Aunt

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A taste of my AuntWhen i was 16 this time and my aunt was 32. This wasn’t something i planned. Since she lived with my grandmother, i would see her walk by after working out (she’s a personal trainer) to the kitchen and her ass would look so lovely while it was so sweaty and juicy, with half of her ass showing without her even noticing it. I followed her to the kitchen and on the side i saw a table that had pills on it. I grabbed the pill container and opened it quickly grabbed 3. After i placed it in my pocket, i saw my aunt mixing something to drink then started to cook. With her back turned to cook, i slipped the 3 sleeping pills into her drink. When i turned around my aunt was still cooking and her ass was still basically half out of her tights. Since she cooked with lot of motion, her ass jiggled so nicely. i unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick through the hole. I poked the part of her ass that still had the pants covering it and she did not react. I decided to try it out again, and surprisingly no response. my dick was stone hard at this point so i was afraid she would feel it faster. I decided to aim more up to where her as was grandbetting giriş revealed. When i did i got really scared and backed away, i Looked up and she was still cooking. so i tried again and it was the best feeling ever. i decided to make myself soft again because i could hear my grandmother approach the kitchen, there wasn’t enough time to put my dick away so i started to act playful with my aunt. She doesn’t know that my playfulness is actually my just being a pervert. So i hugged her from behind ultimately placing my dick in her pants and placed my hands on her boobs. My grandma walked into the kitchen and i started moving her breasts so that way they should would notice more that im playing around instead of getting a good feel.Me and my aunt were being funny when my grandmother was in the kitchen. Secretly in her pants i was cumming… a lot. when my grandmother turned around and began to leave the kitchen, My aunt still joking around not noticing that i was cumming on her butt, was shrugging me off, saying that she would get me when i least expect it. i let go of her and walked away, and she then grabbed grandbetting yeni giriş her drink and chugged it down. i returned to sit next to my grandmother and watch T.V. until my aunt returned to her room. my aunt then went to take a bath. She stepped out and walked to her room and closed the door. after an hour had passed, i returned to her room to find her asleep in her ultra tight shorts and tank top. i then closed the door behind me and walked towards her bed slowly.My aunt is a very heavy sleeper without the use of any d**g or alcohol. I still tested to see if she would wake up, i grabbed her breasts under her shirt but nothing happened. I dug my hand in her shorts to touch her panties and still no response. she then turned around sand i backed away, only to find out she was still asleep. I grabbed her ass very roughly and she didn’t react to it. so i jumped on her bed right next to her. i began to grope her outside her shorts to get my dick started again. then i took off her tank top and pants. I heard the sound of my grandmother coming to check on us, so i pulled the covers over our naked bodies. grandbetting güvenilirmi When my grandmother walked in she looked at me and asked what i was doing under the covers, i said i was cold. When she walked away and closed the door, my aunt had turned on her back and began to snore. I removed the blanket and spread opened her legs. I was in between her and began to fuck her pussy. She stopped snoring and started letting out little moans. i wasn’t wearing a condom so every thrust felt great. i spent about 2 hours just fucking her pussy. when I’d thrust harder she’d moan harder, but she still didn’t wake up. After cumming in her i decided to pull out and get some action in her ass. I turned her over and put 2 pillows under her stomach. i then put my dick in her ass and she let out a louder moan. I kept thrusting until she let out one more moan this one had caught the attention of my grandmother. Since i heard her footsteps again i turned off the lights with the controller and turned my aunt on her side, pulled the cover over our bodies and stuck my dick in her ass. My grand mother opened the door, to find me asleep in the same direction my aunt was facing. When she left, i actually fell asleep with my dick inside my aunt’s ass.The next day i awoke, to find my dick in her ass still.she was still asleep, so i pulled out and got dressedmy aunt woke up an hour after i left, confused aboutsleeping naked, she then agreed to sleep naked again.