A University Sex Slave at 19! Ep. 01

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Here I was four hundred miles away from home, nineteen years old, nearly twenty if truth be known and into my second year at University.

During my studies, I had become friendly with several students, and a couple of my close friends (both of them girls) asked if I wanted to go away for a weekend Friday evening to Sunday night with them and three of the male students for a bit of fun. Well, I guess I had a bit of a crush on one of the guys as I thought he was a bit ‘dishy’ at the time, so I agreed without too much thought or hesitation.

As there were six of us, we agreed to take two cars. Somehow, and I am not too sure how it happened, I ended up taking only guys in my vehicle, and the two girls said they would come on in theirs.

As soon as lectures finished on the Friday in question, I packed a small case with my stuff and picked up the three guys as arranged. We drove out of the city and down the motorway, all chatting about Uni life, exams and what we might do over the weekend but nothing of a sexual nature. I remember gushing about how much I was enjoying my time away at University.

The place where we were staying was about an hour away from the halls of residence. It was out in the countryside and seemingly relatively remote. It was a large bungalow that did look like it needed a bit of work doing on it, but I knew it was cheap as we had all agreed to pay a sixth each for the weekend.

I pulled the car up on the gravel drive, and we got out. I said something like, “I guess the others will be along soon. Their lectures were not finishing as early as ours. Silence greeted this comment.

We got our stuff out of the car and walked towards the front door. I had thought it strange that no one had said anything about the key for the place but never thought to ask. One of the guys walked up and opened the door for me, and I walked inside.

It was a large bungalow with a massive lounge and wooden floors in most rooms except the bathroom and kitchen, which had tiles. There were five generous-sized bedrooms, and I chose one that had a view of the garden and the countryside beyond.

I shouted out to the others, “this should be great for us all,” to which someone replied from the doorway. “Yes, it really should.”

I turned around to see the doorway filled with male bodies. “What are all you doing here?” I questioned unbelievingly.

There was general amusement until someone said something like, “We thought you might like us to join you for a few days.”

As you can guess, I was very, very surprised and said rather naively, “What for?” This question brought a lot more laughter.

I was a little scared and also amazed at seeing all these young men. Someone said, “Come through so we can discuss everything over coffee.”

I went through into the lounge, and there were fifteen of them all looking at me. “Wow,” one said, “You’re fabulous!”

Then another exclaimed, “I expected a fat old hag, not a young fit sexy bird like this! It can’t be real.”

I said something along the lines of, “Hold on, what’s going on,” as I sat down at the table in the large lounge dining room area.

One of the guys who had driven with me then said that he had to be honest. He explained that they had set me up knowing about my various fetishes. He finished by saying that he hoped I would enjoy a weekend of fun with them all.

Well, to say I was surprised would be an understatement! I was cross and told them so and said I was leaving that minute.

Eventually, they calmed me down and said I was free to go now or anytime over the weekend. The guys added that it would be a real shame as they had so much planned for the time away from uni. As I looked around and saw some rather handsome hunks, a feeling of excitement came over me. I realised all had agreed to go away for the weekend with just me as the entertainment. I guess that this fuelled my decision to stay at least for one night.

As soon as I said I would stay, there were whoops of delight for everyone in the room.

Someone said, “Right then, let’s get started.”

They yanked me out of the seat onto my feet, and my arms were held fast behind my back.

Another added, “We have two lads here who have never seen a woman naked before, so we thought it only fair to give them the first opportunity.”

The two, who were both in their first year, were pushed forward and came in front of me. “What can we do to her?” one enquired.

“Anything you like,” came the reply.

“Why not start by ripping her clothes off,” someone suggested.

With that, one of them grabbed the top of my blouse and tore it open, popping its buttons. I was a bit staggered at this as it was a beautiful blouse. It was pulled off my shoulders and down my arms to between my shoulders and elbows.

Next, they lifted my skirt and ran their hands up and down my legs taking delight in feeling my pussy through my knickers. The skirt was elasticated, so it was down and around my ankles with a couple of yanks.

Two escort of the students continued holding me tight, allowing the two newbies to enjoy looking at me and feeling me all over while in my underwear.

I remember someone saying, “Get on with it.”

In response, one of the young men pulled my knickers down as the other popped my bra, leaving me naked, and I have to say, greatly embarrassed being stared at by so many highly charged young men. I felt myself going very red. When my knickers came down, there were gasps from several and comments about how hairy my pussy was.

One pulled at the hair and another holding me said: “Don’t worry, we intend to shave that for her over the weekend.”

In response, I cried, “Oh no, please not that don’t do that, please.”

They answered, “If you behave, you may keep it, but if you do not do as you are told off it will come.”

They cupped my breasts in their hands and made comments about their small size. Then the suggestion was made that they could explore me more intimately if they positioned me over the table.

I was marched over to it by those still holding my arms. I waddled as best I could due to my knickers being still around my ankles along with my skirt.

Once at the table, I was bent over one end as they removed my skirt and knickers. I had to spread my legs, which I did, but not far enough for some who were standing behind me. Two came to me and pulled them wider.

One of the older students, who I think was about twenty-one, said he would show the two younger guys around. He commenced at my ankles and worked his way up my rather long legs making provocative suggestions about their possible exciting use.

At my bottom, he stopped saying, “This has many uses, and one of the best is for smacking, here have a go.”

With that, he moved over, allowing the two guys to give me several medium-hard smacks. When they had finished, I felt my cheeks pulled aside to allow a good look at my arse hole. Instructions were once again given about inserting fingers and other things into my back passage.

I could feel a hand moving round to my pussy and another guiding it and opening up my clit so that the other’s fingers could run inside. The instructor explained that this was a woman’s most intimate part, and if it was wet or damp, she was enjoying herself.

Suddenly the guy whose fingers were inside me said, “Hey, she’s wet.”

I was indeed, and some shouted encouragement at this point.

“There,” said the one showing the other around my body, “She likes you, so she should enjoy it when you finally use her.”

I had to stand then and turn around to face the older male and the two younger ones. Two guys continued to hold me upright while my breasts were pinched, pulled and given little smacks by the two younger ones, all under the watchful gaze of the leader.

Someone instructed me to kneel. I could feel several hands applying a downward force to my arms still held behind me as well as to my shoulders. I bent my knees and fell into a kneeling position.

“Open your mouth,” I was ordered. I did not straight away, so I was told again, “Open your mouth!”

This time it was said more forcefully, so I complied. Fingers ran excitedly around my lips. Explanations were given in some detail that this woman’s mouth had many uses, including licking, sucking, holding, drinking, kissing and eventually eating.

“Right,” the older one commanded, “She disobeyed the first time I told her to open her mouth. It’s time she learned here and now that this weekend she obeys every commandment given to her by any of us first time every time. Tie her hands together in front of her.”

My hands were brought round in front of me and secured with some homemade Velcro cuffs. Tied around the middle of these between my wrists was a blue nylon type rope which was thrown up and over a low beam of the room. This was pulled tight and lifting my hands above my head.

Initially, I was on tiptoes, but they were told to lower me as my legs needed to be apart. I looked at the older student who had taken the lead in my body exploration and asked him what he intended to do.

He turned to someone and said, “Horsewhip.”

A long whip, possibly three meters in length, was handed to him. “Well,” he said, “You disobeyed a command, and we don’t want that happening too often while we are all together. We need to remind you about being obedient to each one of us. These two lads are going to conduct their first whipping session.”

Suddenly someone said, “Cover her tits, or they will be no fun later on.”

My bra was placed over my breasts and fastened at the back but without wearing the shoulder straps. The command was given for me to spread my legs open, which I did.

I remember saying, “Not too hard, please,” to the first boy holding the whip.

Someone explained, “This takes a little practice and a flick of the wrist, so don’t worry if it takes a while to do it.”

After a moments eskort pause, the first one flicked the whip towards me, but it caught on the ground and just brushed the inside of my leg lightly.

“Try from the side, around her torso,” came a suggestion.

Everyone moved out of the way as he swung the whip around. It hit my flank and flew right around my tummy to my navel area. It was not very hard but still gave me a sharp sting as it struck. I gasped.

“That’s the idea,” came some encouraging words.

“Please,” I begged again, “Not too hard.” If, however, anyone had cared to look more intimately between my legs, they would have seen that I was now not just wet but soaking!

The younger guys enjoyed several ‘shots’ at me from the side before the second tried to get me between the legs. He seemed to get it just about right and caught me directly on my pussy and up my tummy and chest. It stung like mad, and I screamed out in pain for the first time.

The other one who had failed the first time had another go but was not as good, so only caught my inside thighs, which, although causing me some pain, was not as bad as up my pussy. They did not put full power into any of their swings as I guess they did not want to hurt me so much that I was no use for later on. After each had had about four strokes, I was let down, and my hands were untied.

I now had to lie on my back on the floor and was held in a spread eagle position while the ‘Instructor’ advised the two on different ways to take me.

He pointed out that I was now in the most common position called ‘Missionary’ but added that there was also ‘Doggy’ style where I would be on all fours. He enthused that this allowed access to all three available holes simultaneously: mouth, ass, or cunt.

The first student informed us that he could wait no longer, and so to some enthusiastic encouragement, he took his cock out and almost lept on top of me. He used one hand to position himself so that he slid his erection up and deep inside my expectant pussy.

He thrust me hard and fast while keeping up a jumbled running commentary about how wonderful it was.

I was full of anticipation not so much for these two but what was planned for later on and throughout the evening. I, therefore, tried hard not to climax at this time. I wanted to save any such pleasure until I would enjoy it even more with others.

Finally, he came with a great moan as his load was fired deep into the most intimate part of my body. He then collapsed onto me and started to kiss me around the face and mouth. After a few minutes, he rolled off me, and I was told by the other to get on my knees. I did.

He then told me to open my mouth and suck his cock. He undid his jeans and pulled them down, pulling his cock out from his y front pants. He moved around in front of me and inserted it into my mouth. As he did so, he grabbed the back of my head and began to pump me hard. Someone told him he had two choices to either make me drink it or squirt it over my face. It did not take him long to cum, and out came his cock from my mouth and out came his cum over my face. There was at this point a small cheer.

Now it became a free for all as another cock was thrust into my face and mouth. At the same time, my hands were pulled up to work on some rather stiff penises on either side of me. It was not by any means easy trying to do all three things at once, but eventually, the one in my mouth pulled out, and another load of cum splattered my face. The two on either side finished the job themselves and shot their load into my hair. There I was on my knees, naked and covered in cum within an hour of arriving.

Once I had completed the task of pleasing all who wanted to be entertained, I was allowed to stand up. The guys instructed me that I was to make tea for everyone. I asked if I could get cleaned up and dressed, but they said to carry on in the kitchen as I was, naked and with my face and hair covered in cum.

I decided to get on with this by asking what everyone wanted. The reply was simple, “You!”

There was a lot of laughter at this statement. One of the young men even pinched my bottom, making me shriek and jump. This added to the fun of those around me.

I walked to the kitchen and looked in the fridge, which was full of all sorts of food items, from sausages to bottles of pop. In the freezer were battered fish and fish cakes plus bags of ice cubes. There were also large catering size cans of baked beans as well as other items lying around the kitchen, such as twenty packets of biscuits. The guys had bought all the provisions necessary for the weekend.

The kitchen was not large; however, several of the young men came in to watch the proceedings. I decided on sausage and beans and started getting things prepared.

One of the guys said to me, “We have decided is that we eat the main course, and you get the leftovers.” Things had already developed so quickly that afternoon; I did not fully appreciate what he was saying.

As eskort bayan I was getting everything going, another man came in with a leather paddle and instructed me to bend over the work service which I obediently did. He whacked me once across my backside, saying “That is to remind you that over this weekend, you do as you’re told!”

Eventually, I cooked the sausages by frying some and grilling others. I heated the beans through in three large pans on the stove. I found the plates and commenced to dish out the tea to everyone. There were not enough large plates, so some had to do with smaller portions on smaller side plates so that all could eat together.

I plated up a part for myself and was about to tuck in when someone said: “I told you, you get the leftovers!”

The plate was taken away from me.

As they were eating, I cleaned the pans and grill as I knew I would have all the dishes and cutlery to do once everyone had finished. I knew I was going to be their slave, and I was determined to enjoy every moment.

Two of the guys, one being the one I had had my eye on before the weekend, came into the kitchen and said that I could now have my tea. I was led out and into the lounge. There, on the floor, was a large dog bowl full of sausage and beans from other people’s plates.

“Kneel and eat like a good girl,” I was told.

“But,” I argued, “Can I not eat at a table please,”

“Whoever heard of a bitch with table manners,” someone said.

I went down onto my knees. I am sure that many reading this will have fantasised about making a girl eat out of a dog’s dish but never tried it themselves. It is a tough thing to do primarily with messy food like beans and sausage. As my head moved towards the bowl, my bottom went high in the air, and some could not resist a pinch, a pat, a smack or just a little feel when it did so.

As I am sure readers can imagine, my mouth, nose, and chin were pretty messy when I had finished, and some food had dribbled down onto my chest when I had sat up. Another bowl was placed in front of me filled with water, and of course, when I drank from it, the mess around my mouth came off into the bowl, making the water turn an unusual pale orange colour.

Once I had finished eating, I had to clear and clean up all the plates everyone had used. Every time I changed the washing up water, someone whipped the bowl away and emptied it for me somewhere else, but I had no idea why. I eventually finished and was told to go into the shower room and have a good wash.

I was also informed that there were clothes in there that I should put on after I had showered. I went into the shower room and locked the door amazed that none of the guys had wanted to come in and watch me wash. Then I saw that the window was clear and that the curtains had been taken down. One after another came and stood by the window and stared in at me from the outside.

I washed in the shower and came out drying my hair, which was not as long as it is now, and body. I looked, rather stupidly, for the first time at the clothes they said they had left for me, and I found a matching bra and panty set along with a suspender belt and a pair of fishnet stockings. I put them on, but the bra was about a size too big for my tiny sized breasts and so was a bit baggy on me.

As I was putting it on, I noticed that each cup had a slight split down to allow my nipples to poke out. I put on the suspender belt and stockings and made my way outside of the shower room, wondering what would happen next.

Once outside, I was again surrounded by everyone and told that it was now “grope” time. It was explained to me that I would be placed in certain positions and that everyone would be allowed a turn to poke and grope me wherever and in whatever manner they wanted.

Again I was bent over the table, but this time my panties were pulled down to my stocking tops, and I could feel my arse cheeks opened as willing hands felt inside my pussy and arse hole as well as sliding along the full length of my long legs.

Once they had tired of that position, I was turned around and made to stand still with my hands in the air and my legs spread. My whole body was groped and explored by about thirty eager and willing hands.

I am not sure how long this took before I was again ordered, firstly onto my knees and then all fours. “You are going to have the pleasure of taking us all in any hole we desire,” I was instructed, “And we will not stop until we have all been satisfied, understand?”

I looked up at the one who was speaking and replied, “Not my arse please?”

There was a reasonable degree of laughter at this. Then I was asked: “Have you never been taken in there before?”

I explained as best I could that I hadn’t. Again this met with some laughter and a few whoops of approval.

“In that case,” someone retorted, “That needs to wait for an extra special occasion!”

My stockings were unclipped from my suspender belt, and my knickers were pulled down and yanked off over my stockings. My head was lifted up to face someone who had their trousers and pants around their ankles and their cock in their hand, ready for my mouth.