A very good view 4 :-P

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A very good view 4 :-PVery good this video http://xhamster.com/videos/awesome-upskirt-470303 very thanks at who that has loaded it, a similar situation, i must say similar, is happened also at me, with my sister. It was a nice sunny day of a sunday of end summer of september i remember :-P, i and my sister we’re at home (without parents :-P) and we lunch, she’s with a nice clear tunic of color yellow-white cream (more or less like the skirt of the girl in the video above :-P) and legs nude with low clogs and feet nude 😛 and i’m sat beside her (not frontally :-P), she is a bit angry after be exited with her boyfriend during the morning, so i not chatted much with her :-P, at a certain point she, on her chair, bends herself of side and toward me :-P, but not there is the downblouse :-P, for to touch her foot nude on the low hoof or the nails of the foot and so she bends the foot and she does the calf nice tough and powerful and i throw the eye there :-P, then, when i finish eating, i get up and i sat on an armchair near the table (front her position :-P) for to peek her a bit under the table without however to get a lot :-P, then also my sister finish of eat and, in the corridor i (behind to her :-P) i can see a bit, from the tunic clear, yellow-white-cream, her nice fleshy ass, then she enters in her room leaving the door open 😛 and she put herself on the bed with frontal-view to her to front at the door (open :-P) and extended of side and with the bare legs bended and closed and she reads a book 😛 and so i, with the excuse of settle the kitchen, i walk ahead and istanbul escort back for the corridor for 7-8 times approximately i don’t remember well 😛 for to pass front at the door open of her room in the hope of see a bit of opening of her legs, but she remains always motionless namely with the initial position that i have said before, then at a certain point, i hear her cellular to sound, i think it was a friend, at hearing her words joking among girls :-P, when i arrive near her door open, for put myself like a sentinel for to do the spy :-P, i had a nice surprise, she was always extended of side on her bed with the view frontal of she to the door open and with the elbow placed on the bed for to talk at the cellular while the legs were always bended but, while one it was extended on the bed, the other was, with the foot placed horizontally on the bed and the knee in the up, open wide for well and the bottom of her tunic that it was retireds toward her waist, and then with hand she scratches herself a bit on the thigh and behind at the femoral of that leg bend and open wide for well toward the up, and then, also when finished the conversation to the phone, she, continuing to read the book on the bed with her head bended on the book :-P, she remains for a bit with that position with her legs nude completly open, i don’t know if she had did of purpose (? :-P) that position because she had noticed that i looked always her, anyway she remains with that position with her legs nude completly open avcılar escort namely spread apart completly like a ballerina 😛 and therefore i have could to have the pleasure of to see her beautiful panties white, at triangle, and with the extremes embroidered, and with a piece at the center a bit trasparent (more or less like the girl in the video here above :-P), and it was not too small but not even too big :-P, let’s say a nice triangle enough medium-small and adherent, and so, given also that such opening of legs :-P(as i’ve descripte indeed :-P) around that panties there was almost completly the spillage of her bush very bushy 😛 and nice square and wide and so right away i saided myself “My goodness! .. what a wood that has my sister! 😛 (and right away it comes myself to mind a previous happy episode recounted in a previous story of mine “A very good view :-P” in which, while i and she we were sitting at the table, facing each other :-P, and we were at read some sheets of computer, i was rushed with the head under the table finishing excactly ahead the center of her legs nude and, accidental or for an her distraction : -P, who were remained uncovered :-P) for wich i was had a rather big knockout 😛 (while that time there in wich i was rushed with the head under the table i was even scared :-P), at the consequent masturbation after some hours 😛 i have had a cum let’s say enormous 😛 thinking at these two very happy episodes 😛 namely at this last and at that other in wich i was myself rushed with the head under şirinevler escort the table that, in both cases, they had given me the possibility of to see her pussy 😛 (that time under the table right for entire :-P, and in this last case also, almost for entire, let’s say it was lack little at the integrity :-P, also if at a bit more distant compared at that nice time under the table 😛 but anyway i could not certainly not to be very glad the same in this last happy episode :-P), and then also a bit of time before this last episode for a my casual 😛 opening of the door of ours bathroom at home while she maked a shower 😛 recounted in the my previous story before of this “The best season 2 ” :-P. returning at that very nice moment of her above her bed 😛 she, after a bit, obviously, she re-close 😛 her legs and remains with her initial position namely extended of side with her legs nude nice white and fleshy bended and she re-covered them putting the bottom of her tunic pulling it slowly 😛 to the center of her thighs, then i, that was still there behind at to spy :-P, i am due 😛 re-to pass (for the umpteenth time ahead at her door open :-P), and she was always with the head bended on the book :-P, then when i re-passed for to re-see 😛 from those parts of her door open :-P, she had ended of read the book and she was normally extended 😛 for to sleep a little, and then after a while before of re-to pass again :-P, i hear that she was gots up and closes the door of her room, maybe she not wanted to be disturbed too much from me :-P. http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/8341293/150048616 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/8987597/165281304http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7609754/134193573 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6487846/112644345 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9059549/167101730 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9314290/174118028 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9795878/189037823