A Very Merry Christmas

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A Very Merry ChristmasBeing the last day of November, I was looking forward to the following day, retiree payday! The one day of the month where I feel a bit more…” normal”. Till I start paying all the bills. Oh well, at least the company notified me of a lil bonus coming soon. Part of something is certainly better than nothing. I was in a better mood of late, since I finally started some Christmas shopping, making the gifts a lot more meaningful this year. Little did I know how far this was going to go?!Marie even mentioned that she liked how I was in a better mood. “ Yeah, well, it’s Christmas time, & I got to do some shopping for the k**s. And I need a list from you my little love!” “ I’ll have to work on that babe. Comin’ upstairs soon? Gonna join me for some TV?” “ Yeah babe, I’ll be up in a minute…” I tapered off. Heading upstairs, Marie was just walking out of the Master bath, in her PJ’s & tossing me a washcloth & towel. “ You’ll need these this evening. We gotta talk about us!” “ Uh…OK?” I stammered, thinking the worse & hoping for the best. Heading into the bathroom, I stripped naked & washed up, thinking maybe, if I gave the right answers to what I was sure was coming, She’d want some intimacy?Finishing up, I wrapped the towel around my waist, hoping she’d appreciate a sexy gesture? I stepped out of the bathroom, closing the bedroom door as I did so & locking it. Dropping the towel, showing a thick, uncut erection & my big balls. “ Woo Woo! Oh yeah, baby!” She said with that characteristic big, glamour smile. Walking over to the bed, I crawled across it to her side, my erect cock waggling around stiffly. I laid on my left side, facing her. “ OK, two can play at that game!” she said playfully. She sat up & pulled her top over her head, that new fancy bra making her 38D tits look great as they rose up with her arms. Then she reached around her back & unclasped that fancy bra. Those big round breasts bursting free at last. Her nipples were already erect as she arched her back to pull down her PJ bottoms & bikini panties. Her nude form making my chubby far more erect! My balls got that tingly feeling as they swelled up even larger. “ Still think I’m prettier naked?” she queried, playing with her large tits & rolling her already hard nipples. “ I really think you look a lot prettier nude, baby, honest. I wanna be close to you again, to your warm, soft skin. To feel your big tits squeezing against me, feelin’ your heart beating faster. I love you & wanna fondle, lick, suck & fuck you!” I admitted freely. “ Not so fast, Mel! We need to talk first. I just thought we should be naked first. I thought it’d set the mood better for what I have to say. Do you still like the thought of sucking another man’s cock? Letting him cum in your mouth? Still wanna get fucked in the ass?” “ Why? Something wrong, babe?” “ No…I’ve just beenthinking things over.” Aw, shit, incoming! This is where she hits me with the bunker buster. Gotta be! Fuck, I thought. After milking the moment a bit too long, I felt, she spoke. “ I’ve been thinking about how we haven’t had any sex in ages. Then I realized all the religious stuff I’ve been into lately was sorta…getting in the way, so to speak. I believe in God & all. But we are no longer as one flesh, as the Bible says. We need to be as one again, just like you said the other day. It seems like your being bi-curious hasn’t changed you for the worse, or any of that. If anything, you seem to want me real bad again? So, then I thought, if you can suck cock, I can at least try to eat pussy! I did like watching the lesbians & bisexual women in our video collection. And I do like the taste of my pussy juice on your cock & face. And you know I love soft pussy fur!” “ So…You wanna try being bisexual with me? Are you bi-curious?” “ Yes, I guess I am? I thought it’d be so hot to get together with a bisexual couple. Where they lie down next to each other, & You pull his pants off & start sucking his big cock, while I pull her pants off & bury my face in her furry little pussy! You like the thought of that?” “ I love it babe! I know that once you lick & suck your first pussy, you’ll see it’s not such a big deal. Quite natural, in fact. I felt that way when I sucked my first dick. I think you’ll feel the same way? Then you’ll get to liking licking a wet pussy with mine or her husbands big dick in your pussy or ass from behind while you eat her out!” “ And your big uncut cock up his ass! I think I’ll put in one of our bi sex DVD’s for us to jack off too!?” Oh fuck, was I looking forward to seeing her jack off her hot little pussy again! And the way she used to get on all fours, one finger up her ass, And two others deep in her juicing little pussy. Oh yeah. She came back to bed, & hit run on the remote. A guy sitting on the closed toilet was sucking his buddy’s thick cock. Just sucking & sucking. Then a woman walks in, to which Marie instantly, a bit drunk, complained, “ Oh sure! He FINALLY sucks his cock hard…& SHE walks in!” I was surprised when she said she wanted the hard-on guy to bend the sucker guy over & shove it up his cute little ass & fuck him hard! That’s my baby girl, always the hottie!I noticed about then that she’d been jacking off her little clit pretty seriously. She saw me looking, & slipped a finger all the way into her wet little cunt & smiled as she finger fucked herself. Grabbing my hand with the other & putting it on my stiffening dick. “ C’mon baby, pull the skin back so I can see that big, wet head while you play with yourself! And play with those big balls with your other hand…I wanna see you get off on playing with yourself, you hot cocksucker you!” “ OK, you pretty little pussy licking cum swallower!” I replied playfully. She seemed to like that, saying, “ I bet you just can’t wait to watch me sucking & licking my first pussy, can you? Ooooh, yeah….ooooh that feels good! I wanna eat a juicy pussy while I watch you suck a dripping wet, big fat cock! And I want both of you to double-fuck me!” “ You mean, double-dick you? That sounds hot! Then you can suck us both off all over your lips & in your mouth, you pretty little pussy licking slut!” “ And you with a face & mouth full of thick cum you handsome, cock sucking faggot!” She shot back, smiling & half moaning. She moaned louder as she made herself cum, her juices running & lady cum squirting all over her hand as she pumped her soaking wet little cunt. I felt like I was about to cum, so I rolled over & squirted my big, warm load all over her hand & pussy! She sexily raised her hand to her face & licked & sucked her fingers clean of all that cum & pussy juice! Swiping up the rest of the cum, she rubbed it all over my lips, then rubbed her face in it as she passionately kissed me, both of us getting cum & pussy juice on our faces. She then started sucking my half limp dick, lapping up the rest of my cum that dripped out.What a good girl she’s been to me, I thought. Taking good care of the house & k**s…and still the hot little minky in the bedroom that jacks off for me, swallows cum, licks pussy juice off her fingers & begs me to fuck her in the ass while getting on all fours! After finally sucking my fat dick hard again, she got on all fours, legs spread & said, “ Shove that big cock up my ass & fuck me hard!” I did just that, her asshole opening up for me. I pumped her tight, pretty ass but good, making her moan as I fucked that pretty ass. She pushed me off her, then turned around & sucked my dick for awhile, then guided me into her wet little pussy. Fucking me back as I fucked her little pussy deep & hard. As we both started moaning, She pushed me off again, then knelt on her knees, making me stand up so she could suck me off. Some 5 minutes or so of this, & she made my spewing cock shoot thick cum all over her 38D tits. Sucking the rest of my cum outta my twitching cock, she raised a tit to her mouth & sucked & licked all my warm cum off it. I did likewise with the other. Her nipple got hard as I enjoyed the taste of my cum all over it. “ Mm, that tasted good again. It kinda felt good sucking my own tits.” With that, she started sucking the other tit I’d just cleaned of my thick cum. Messaging her other tit with her other hand, she continued sucking her big, round tits. I slid a finger into her wet cunt & started finger-fucking her as she enjoyed sucking her big beautiful tits. She moaned with a mouthful of nipple as I fucked her steadily with my finger. After having enough of that, she said, “ did you like watching me suck my tits, baby? It felt good to suck my own tits! Now get on all fours, time for you to get some cock too!” I did as she asked, & she put a rubber on a 8” long, 2” thick natural dildo & lubed it up. She spread my butt cheeks with the other hand as she slowly worked the huge cock head into my tight asshole. Then all 8 inches of that huge dick into my ass, fucking me slowly at first. “ Damn, that feels good! Give me all of that big dick! Fuck me baby, fuck me!” I begged, half moaned in pleasure. “ I knew you’d love a big cock up your ass, baby! You love a man’s big cock fucking you in the ass, don’t you lover?” With that, she fucked me deeper & harder, making me moan with each stroke of that huge cock in my tight, wet hole. Fucking me & fucking me for I don’t know how long? “ Oh, damn, that big fat dick feels so good, baby!” “ And you moan so sweetly as you get fucked in your cute ass with a nice, big dick! You really needed some cock, didn’t you lover? It’s OK, baby…I know you love cock too!” Relaxing at last as my asshole opened up, I smiled at her, “ Oh baby, you fuck me so good! I really needed some dick too!” She fucked me for a little while longer, then pulling it outta my wet ass with a little pop. “ OK lover boy, my turn!” she said with a naughty little smile. She laid down on her back, legs spread wide. Taking the condom off it, I sucked it down my throat a few times, just so she could watch me deep-throat such a big fat dick. “ Suck it baby, suck that big dick!” I said, pushing the large head to her pretty, full lips. She parted her lips & began sucking it, about half of that 8” she got in her mouth, looking so damn pretty with a big fat dick in her mouth.I pulled it out & she made a popping, sucking kiss on it as the head popped out of her mouth. Getting it nice & wet from her sucking it, I shoved it into her eager, wet little pussy. Giving her all 8” of it, back & forth steadily. “ Oh yeah, give it to me baby! Fuck me with your huge cock! Ooooh, I love your big cock!” She moaned & cooed in ecstasy. I fucked her harder still as she fucked it back. “ Oh, I love big dicks! Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!” She looked at me & turned red, realizing only now what she just said. Hey, I’m not that big, & I don’t mind sharing that big dildo, being real looking, but it made me wonder about the past? She made me pull it out, putting it to my lips to watch me suck. And liking big dicks myself, I really showed her how much I liked sucking dick. I even deep-throated most of it a few times. It felt good to be free to enjoy sucking a big fat dick in front of her, since she enjoyed the same thing. To share sucking & fucking a big, handsome dick together was very special to me. Still is. “ We’re going to have to find a bisexual couple to go to bead with! You need to lick your first pussy, my little love. Please share being, or at least trying bisexual love with me?” “ Oh yeah, as long as she licks my pussy first. Then I’ll eat her out but good! I just don’t wanna suck her off, then not get her to lick & suck my aching little pussy. I wanna feel what it’s like to have another woman suck & lick my little pussy till she makes me cum!” “ Maybe you’d like me to fuck both of you in the ass as you both take turns eating each other’s pussy’s?” “ oooo, yeah, it’d feel good to get fucked in the ass as I lick my first pussy, baby. That’d make me feel better…if you don’t mind?” “ If you don’t mind us men sucking each other hard & double-dicking both of you while the other watches while jacking herself off & such?” “ Oh, that’s hot! And you know I always liked jacking off!” After that session, I got on my computer to show her the bisexual site I’d been on for awhile. “ So this is what you’re doing while I’m playing video games & cleaning? And there’s girls, guys & couples on here?” “ Yeah, couples, singles, all kinds.” I showed her how to sign up, adding her profile to mine. Then we both used our computers to look around the forums. When the rest of the group noticed she was on there with me, we started getting messages from other couples, & singles looking for a couple to do a threesome with. She found some with pics she liked & pointed me to them. “ This guy has a fat, smooth cock that looks good. And his blonde wife looks good. I like that she has a little pussy like mine. Nice looking tits too! What do you think, babe? Should we send them a message..they’re in Cleveland?” She said, looking at me with that hopeful look. I agreed, & she sent them a message. (*)They must’ve been on-line at the moment, because they messaged back with some pics & asked for ours. It was a pic of her going down on a furry pussy while her husband was sucking off her man’s thick dick. Other pics of him getting fucked in the ass while he fucked his wife in the ass as she ate the other guys wife’s pussy. “ Look good to you? He has a nice, fat smooth cock & she has a cute pussy. His ass isn’t bad looking for you to fuck either! Wanna go for it baby?” She said, rather excitedly at that. “ So, you like his big smooth dick AND her little pussy? He does have a handsome dick. And I’d lick & fuck her pussy & both their asses! You too?” I queried. “ She does have a pretty ass. I might lick her ass a little if I enjoy licking her cute little pussy? I hope she’ll lick mine too. That really feels good!” “ Wanna suck his dick with me? Maybe while you sit on her face, getting your pussy licked?” “OK, let’s g for it & set up a date!” She agreed happily. So we got out my camera, set it up on the tripod & set the timer for 10 seconds. We both stood in front of it, my dick about half-hard, & Marie turned toward me a little, just to show her womanly figure a little better. Then, hitting the timer again, we turned around & bent over, showing her asshole & pussy, while my asshole, balls & chubby, uncut dick showed nicely. For the next shot, I sucked the big dildo while Marie sucked my dick & jacked off. “ That should get them going!” she said with an impish little smile. We’d set up a date for the following Saturday night & sent the email to them. Waiting to see what they’d say in reply? The next morning, as Marie brought me some coffee, she sat down at the computer with me, asking to check for a reply.Going on the forum, a window popped in telling of a email notification. Opening the email, we read, “ Loved your pics! Love your hot little body, Marie! I can’t wait to get my face in your cute pussy! I hope you like my pussy, I really want you to suck me & lick me. Make my pussy wet, baby! Dan likes Mel’s cock & is looking forward to sucking him off. He said he wants Mel to fuck him in the ass too, hoping Mel will let him fuck him too? Want you to rube your wet pussy in my face, honey. Wanna eat you out while I watch you suck both hard cocks! güvenilir bahis And don’t worry you two, we’ll make your first time as bisexuals a great one! Love & kisses, Anna.” “ Well, what do you say baby, like what they said?” Yeah! Tell them we’ll be there!” She typed our reply, then we googled their address to figure out the best way to get there. Hm, Lakewood too… Winchester Avenue at that! At least I know how to get there. We couldn’t wait for the week to go by, but at last, it was Saturday. We both showered & washed everywhere…had to make sure we were ready for such a momentous occasion! Getting dressed in some cloths to fit the occasion, we got our overnight bag ready. She wore a black lace bra that showed her 38D tits magnificently, & a string sort of bikini panty that showed her ass & hips so well. Then some tight jeans & a button up blouse in white with blue stripes. I wore some loose fitting patchwork jeans I had from years ago, the smaller patchwork showing my bulge well. & a flannel shirt, seeing as how it was winter. No snow yet though. Just cold & blustery. In the overnight bag was the usual toiletries, for in the morning. Make up & all for her. But we also included a box of condoms & a bottle of lube, the 8” thick natural dildo, And a foot long, double-headed jelly dildo for the ladies, just in case? Being ready, I slipped the boys $30 for dinner & we got n the car & set out for Cleveland. It took a little over an hour to find their house. The old two story houses I remembered from decades past on Winchester Avenue. Walking up to the door, overnight bag in hand, I rung the bell. I could easily see we were both nervous & excited, not knowing what our actual welcome might be? Anna answered the door, dressed in a short skirt & tight fitting blouse that showed her 34C breasts to best advantage. “ Hi you two! C’mon in, it’s chilly outside!” She guided us to what looked like a den, that had old-school double oak doors to close the archway to the room. Wood floors, fancy rugs & a fireplace with the usual painted walls. Old wooden tables with lamps, flowers on all of them. “ This is my husband Dan. Dan, this is Mel & Marie. Have a seat you two. Can I get you a drink?” She queried. Looking at the bar setup, I asked for a bourbon & ginger ale. Marie asked for Tequila & soda with some lime juice. Making themselves a drink, they sat next to us on the couch, the fire making the room warm & cozy with the lights turned down low. “ Well,” Anna said at length, “ are you two ready for tonight? We hoped that we could all share equally? We liked that you mentioned that right away. You have very nice tits, Marie. Very full & inviting…if you don’t mind my saying?” Marie blushed, but smiled while squeezing her ample breasts with her arms. “ Thank you. I’m glad you like my big 38D’s Anna! You have some perky tits yourself. Nice little butt too.” She blushed again at being so forward. “ Aw, aren’t you the cutest?! Don’t be embarrassed, honey. It’s OK to say what you feel around us. After all we’re bisexual, &…It seems to me you’re both bi-curious?” Glad for the opening, I replied, “ Yeah, we’re both bi-curious, I came out to Marie first. I guess it got good to her after a while? Dan, is that a cucumber in your pants, or are you happy to see me? Looks like you have quite a big, handsome dick in your pants?” I said, taking a chance. “ You have quite a bulge yourself, Mel. It looks like you have some big balls in those old jeans. Where did you find those? They make your package look good enough to eat!” Dan admitted. “ I had them from high School in the closet all these years. I thought they’d show off my dick & balls nicely for you two.” “ They do at that, Mel. I’m glad you two came over. We’ve been looking for a safe couple of bisexuals to be with.” “ I don’t mind telling you all that I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before. But I eventually thought, if Mel can suck cock & get fucked in the ass, which I like too, then I can try licking & sucking tits & pussy! Mel seemed to love me, care about me & wanna be close to me after he admitted he was bi-curious. I warmed up to the thought of it eventually, since he seemed the better for it toward me & us. And since we drifted apart, well, I thought I had to try something positive for a change. Then it came to me, that since I liked watching lesbians & bisexual girls in our videos, And how they seemed to still like guys, then it might not be so bad, making love to another woman?” Marie explained, a little shy & embarrassed.“ And to be honest, I’ve never had sex with a grown man before. Just as a teenager with my old buddies. We sucked each other’s dicks, swallowed a little cum, licked up love juice out of our dicks, that sorta thing. Then Marie & I went to a sex shop & got some toys, lube & condoms. I just new, the first time she fucked me in the ass, that I was going to like it. I even sucked that big, thick natural dildo in front of her. I tried real hard to get good at sucking it. Fucked her with it too. Nothing like a big fat dick inside you, we found out. So she decided to try it too, & here we all are!” finishing our drinks, Anna got us another. So We drank & talked for awhile longer, just getting to know each other & get a little more used to the idea. 2 more stiff drinks later, & Anna moved closer to Marie. Dan did likewise with me. Running her hand over Marie’s right breast, Anna said, “ Marie, honey, I just have to feel those big tits of yours! They’re lovely, honey…” she trailed off, both her hands now messaging Marie’s big full tits outside her blouse. Dan had started running his hand over my left thigh to my crotch. My dick sprung up way harder & my balls swelled quickly. “ Looks like you like how this feels Mel? “ Look at this big bulge Anna honey…I think he’s hiding a big cock in there for us?” I blushed a little at that one. Anna was really going to town on Marie’s tits, slowly going in to kiss Marie’s full lips while Dan insisted on trying to kiss me as he started jacking me off slowly through my pants. We both just sorta let them go ahead, all four of us kissing a same sex partner, us for the first time ever. “ Oh, yeah, kiss her passionately, Marie baby! Enjoy her playing with your big tits?” I asked between kisses. “ Oooh, baby, that feels good! Yeah baby, I like how she’s playing with my tits. She kisses good too. You like us kissing baby?” “ Yeah, baby, you look good kissing each other while she plays with your big tits!”/ With that, Anna slipped her tongue between Marie’s full lips, & Marie let her, slipping Anna the tongue as well. Suddenly, Dan’s tongue went in my mouth, so I tickled the tip of his tongue with mine as we kissed more passionately. He broke the kiss & moaned nervously. “Damn, Mel, you made my dick hard as a rock flicking your tongue on the tip of mine like that!” with that, he started undoing my jeans, & Anna started unbuttoning Marie’s blouse, removing it & pulling her bra over her head. Marie’s full tits popping free, her nipples already hard! Dan pulled my pants & shorts down to my ankles, removing my shoes, pants & shorts. My big dick & balls exposed for all to see. Anna, Dan & Marie all stopped for a moment, eyeing my big package hungrily. “ wow, Mel, that’s some beautiful cock you have there! I never saw balls that big on a man before!” “ Marie honey, you have the loveliest big tits I’ve ever got my hands on! Mind if I lick & suck’em now? Huh baby?” Anna said with a kiss. Marie pulled her face into her tits, & Anna started making serious love to Marie’s large, full tits. With that, Dan laid down & started sucking & licking the head of my dick but good. Then he started those long, full strokes, sucking it hard. Then squeezing my balls as he sucked my achingly hard dick. It got harder & thicker as he sucked me. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, that Marie & Anna were stealing glances at how big Dan was making my cock get as he masterfully sucked me off. It was about then that Anna slipped a hand down between Marie’s legs & started rubbing her little pussy. Letting out a moan at how Anna gently stroked her pussy through her pants. Marie was, at this point really getting into it, as she started playing with Anna’s tits. Then unbuttoning her blouse & pulling her tits out of her bra. Squeezing them, then rolling her nipples. Anna then stopped sucking Marie’s ample tits, and Marie stared at Anna’s tits as she played with them. Her thick nipples sticking out, Marie began sucking them in earnest. Gently flicking her tongue over the tips of her nipples, then gently sucking them. She sure knew how to suck a woman’s tits, because Anna started laying her head back, then side to side as Marie sucked those perky, firm tits. Anna went back to jacking Marie off through her pants, then unbuttoned & unzipped them. Then her hand went inside Marie’s panties, rubbing her smooth, soft pussy that she found was already wet. Marie moaned as she tried to keep sucking Anna’s tits. But Anna was really jacking her off but good.Dan had started kissing his way lightly down the shaft of my rock hard dick, kissing, licking & sucking my balls. Swirling his tongue over each one as he very gently sucked them. Sucking & licking & sucking & licking…It seemed like forever as he sucked them so deliciously, making me moan louder & more often. He popped my other ball out of his mouth, & licked his way up the shaft of my cock, once more sucking the head. Hard. I then felt his finger tip tickling it’s way into my ass. I let out a little gasp as I jumped a little at this intrusion into my tight asshole. But fuck, that felt so good, finally, to have another man so lovingly, gently, making love to my dick, my balls, & now my ass. Just tickling my asshole as he so firmly sucked my ridiculously hard dick. I never saw it get so damn big! “ What a wonderful cocksucker you are, Dan! My dick never got so big that I remember?! Not like this…” I trailed off, letting out a moan at his pleasuring. “ Thanks Mel, I love sucking your uncut cock! You have a beautiful cock & nice size balls for me to suck. I bet you cum like a horse!?” By this time, Anna had Marie’s pants & panties off, tossed on the floor. Marie had done likewise with Anna’s. They were kissing & fondling each other passionately now. “ OK, Marie honey, lay back & spread your lovely legs. Mamma’s gonna give you a good pussy licking!” Marie eagerly did as she was asked, & Anna buried her face between Marie’s thighs & started sucking her pussy lips. Then running her tongue up Marie’s slit to her clit, which was already swelling up & flowing her love juice. With that, Marie loudly moaned, suddenly, as Anna gently sucked her clit after flicking her tongue over it. Marie grabbed the couch as Anna sucked her off gently, thoroughly. Just then, Marie squirted her lady cum into Ana’s hot, wet mouth. She sorta smiled as she kept sucking & licking, letting Marie squirt lady cum all over Anna’s lips. Moaning, grabbing the couch, squealing as Anna really sucked her off. Marie made Anna switch positions with her, Putting her face close to Anna’s spread-eagled furry pussy. Just looking at it, taking it all in. Knowing what she was about to do for the first time ever. “ OK baby, Time for you to suck Dan’s big cock! I wanna watch you suck his big cock & balls while I lick & suck Anna’s furry little pussy! Join me in giving some head, baby?” “ OK with me, my little love! Suck & lick that pretty little pussy but good! I’m gonna get a big cock down my throat! I hope y’all like watching me suck off Dan’s thick cock!?” “ Make him cum real good baby! I wanna see you swallow all his man cum too!” Marie encouraged me.(*) With that, she started sucking Anna’s pussy lips, gently & repeatedly. I took Dan’s smallish cock head in my mouth & sucked & licked it wet & hard. The shaft of his thick cock must’ve gotten some 2 1/2” wide as I sucked his cock head. Odd how he had a small cock head, but such a thick, manly 6”? Kinda reminded me of when I sucked her dad’s huge cock!? But his was some 10 1/2”, easy. I then started sucking the shaft of his thick, manly cock all the way to the back of my throat, sucking even harder as I sucked my way back to the rim of his cock head. Sucking in long, slow strokes like that, Dan moaned as his cock started oozing love juice for me. I loved the taste of his cock, & how natural it felt, once again, to have a buddy’s hard, wet dick in my mouth! “ Mm, yeah baby! Suck that big fat cock! Suck him off baby!” Marie said, coming up for air, as it were. “ Eat that sweet little pussy but good babe! You like the taste of pussy so far?” “ Yeah! It’s not so bad after all! You were right, it does seem natural to suck & lick someone the same sex as yourself. I’m gonna make you cum now, Anna baby! Enjoy!” Marie said enthusiastically, Gladly going down on Anna’s wet pussy once more. I started sucking Dan’s big cock faster & harder than before. He began moaning uncontrollably, so I knew he’d cum soon. After a bit, I began sucking his engorged cock head while jacking him off firmly. I wanted a mouthful of his thick cum!I wanted a grown man to cum in my mouth! No more teen stuff. He soon arched his back & started blowing long, hot loads of thick, creamy cum into my mouth, almost gagging me. But I swallowed as quick as I could. He just kept squirting load after creamy load of sweet cum into my mouth. I sucked & sucked & jerked & sucked until he was finally spent. It was about then we both noticed Anna squealing And moaning like crazy as Marie finally made her lover cum. Hard.“ Damn, Marie, you really sucked her off! Good job on your first pussy licking babe!” “ Oh yeah, Marie honey. You really ate me out but good. Wow, that was great honey!” Anna exclaimed, kissing Marie passionately, enjoying lapping up her pussy juice off Marie’s face. “ Thank you sweety. I’m proud of you for doing such a great job of sucking me off your first time!” Marie just blushed, smiling for a moment. “ I just realized licking pussy wasn’t so bad! So I decided to go all the way & make you cum but good! I hope you liked it?” Marie said, blushing shyly. “ I sure did honey! I’m proud of you for trying. Now let’s help your hubby get off. It’s his turn for a good cum!” Anna insisted.“ OK Dan honey, it’s your turn to swallow her man’s cum load. Get on your knees & show us how well you can suck a man off! Marie honey, what kind of goodies do you have in that bag of tricks you brought?” Anna queried. They began searching our bag of toys as Dan once again took my big dick in his mouth. It was mostly hard & dripping love juice all this time. I guess I really did enjoy sucking off that fat dick of his? He took my tapered cock head into his wet, warm mouth & sucked it hard. My dick rose to new heights of length & girth as he began those wonderful, hard sucking strokes on my big wet dick. In the meantime, Anna had taken the 8” long, 2” thick natural dildo & put a rubber & some lube on it. She eased it up her husband’s ass, then started fucking him slowly with it. Marie saw how Anna looked on all fours as she fucked her husband in the ass. So she lubed up the double-headed jelly dildo & inserted it into Anna’s wet, furry pussy. Then stuffed the other end in her own pussy & started fucking güvenilir bahis siteleri Anna, as well as herself, with it. It was the most amazing, loving sound as we all moaned at being sucked, fucked, fondled & generally feeling really good at all of us making love to each other at once. Dan moaned with a mouthful of my achingly hard fat dick, sucking & moaning as he got that big fat dick in his tight ass. Anna & Marie moaning as Marie fucked Anna from behind, grabbing her pretty little ass as she fucked her. Watching all this made me even bigger, thicker harder than before…if that was possible? “Ooohhh oohhhnnnn Danny, suck me harder, suck my big hard dick!” I moaned & gasped as he did just that, moaning himself as he got butt fucked with that big dildo. He seemed to really enjoy sucking my big, uncut cock. It was sensitive, which really made me moan like crazy as he really started sucking me even harder. I grabbed the couch as I grunted, groaned, moaned & grunted as he finally made me cum! I groaned as a long, thick squirt of cum shot outta my achingly stiff dick into his willing mouth. Another groan, and a long thick rope of cum shot into his mouth, squirting out of his lips onto my pulsating member. He kept sucking while getting ass fucked & I kept cumming, seeing all this happening at once. It was too much, apparently, since I started cumming a 2nd time! I went wild groaning, moaning & bucking as he sucked my really big, stiff dick down his throat, letting me blow my 2nd load straight down his throat! When I eased off cumming, he sucked it a while to finish sucking down all the rest of my sweet cum. Letting it cover his lips. He got up as Anna pulled the big dildo outta his wet asshole. Marie pulled the double ended dong outta both their pussy’s. Anna & Dan started kissing, sharing my cum on his lips. Marie slid up next to me & kissed me with wild passion, …like I don’t remember her doing for a very long time! “Hi, my sweet little pussy licker. Having fun? Did you enjoy it?” “ Yeah, I actually did. And you’re such a wonderful cocksucker, making him cum like that! And I love how you came twice when he was sucking you off! You must love having your big cock in another man’s mouth, baby?” she wondered aloud, praising me at the same time, with that big glamour smile of hers. “ yeah…I guess we both need this. You’re a bisexual after all, just like me!? I love you, baby. You’re such a good girl to try!” I proclaimed lovingly, kissing her back. We all then sat back for a bit, getting our second wind, as it were. ]“ Damn, Mel, you really came like a horse when I sucked you off! You sure pump a lot of cum with those big balls of yours!”“ You came quite a bit yourself, Dan. I enjoyed how it felt when your fat dick started throbbing between my lips right before you blew your load of hot cum in my mouth. I enjoyed the taste of all your thick, creamy cum! And it was really hot watching Anna fuck you in the ass with that 8” dildo while Marie fucked Anna’s pussy from behind with the double-headed foot-long one. Did you enjoy fucking Anna babe? How was it Anna?” I wondered. “ It felt really good, having Marie fill my little pussy with all that dick. She’s a good fuck, Mel honey!” “ It felt good to me too! Every stroke in her tight little pussy was like getting fucked myself. So I fucked her harder & harder, cumming all over that dildo fucking myself too! Damn, that felt good getting all that dick in my little pussy!”“ Whew. I think we all need a joint & some drinks. Tequila & soda with lime all around!” Dan insisted as he got up, slowly. As he mixed some drinks, we all sorta just eyed each other once more. Then Anna rolled a joint & lit it, passing it around. After that joint & a couple drinks, we were about ready for some more mind-blowing love making. “ Well, Mel, have you thought about Dan & you fucking each other? I think both of us ladies wanna watch you two suck each other hard again & fuck each other in the ass!?” “ I definitely would love getting a real, grown man’s fat dick up my ass! But I know we’d both enjoy double-dicking you ladies first?! So why don’t you & Marie do a 69 in front of us to get yourselves wet again. Passing the joint once again, they got on the floor in front of us, & started licking & sucking some seriously pretty pussy. “ Well, Mel baby, get to sucking that big fat cock! I’d love watching you suck a big cock!” “ You too Dan, do a 69 with Mel. I wanna see you suck her man big & hard again! I want those big juicy dicks fat & hard!” Anna insisted, happily going back down on my sweet little baby’s cute pussy.It was so hot watching Marie enjoy licking & sucking another pretty girl’s hot pussy! She really went to town on that furry little pussy, let me tell you! We were hard from thoroughly enjoying a mouthful of each other’s big fat dicks, getting big & hard again. “ OK Marie baby, which one of us do you want in your pussy?” I asked point-blank. “ I want you in my pussy, baby. I want Dan’s huge cock in my tight little butt! That huge cock will feel good going up my ass!” So with that, Anna put a condom on her husband’s thick hard dick & lubed it & Marie’s tight little asshole. Marie sat on my big, hard dick, taking all 7” of it. Bending forward, Anna spread her ass cheeks so Dan could get that really thick cock in her tiny asshole. Finally getting the head in, he smoothly shoved all really fat 6” in her willing ass. We then started fucking both her holes, & she tossed her head back & forth as she took those two big dicks at once. Moaning & groaning already at all that man meat fucking her even harder still. Anna sat there on the couch next to us, fucking her tight pussy with that 8” long, 2” thick dildo. Watching Marie get both holes pounded harder & harder by our big fat dicks. She kissed Marie passionately as she fucked herself, wanting to share Marie’s passions as she got seriously double-dicked. An hour or so later, we both pulled out, & motioned for Anna to give Marie the dildo & take her place on our throbbing cocks. I got to fuck Anna in the ass, so on with the condom, lubing it & her tiny asshole. She took all of Dan’s thick cock while I eased mine up her tight, pretty little butt. She gasped as all that dick went inside her. We started fucking her slowly at 1st. Then increased our speed as her asshole loosened up. Fucking her holes harder & harder, faster & faster & harder. She was juicing & squirting her lady cum as we pounded her hard. Marie was fucking herself steadily & deeply, watching her new lover getting pounded by me & Dan. While she fucked herself harder, she leaned over & started kissing Anna passionately, loosing herself in the moment. A big dick fucking her own pussy while enjoying her new lovers lips. Another 45 minute or so of this, & I was definitely gonna cum big time! I think Dan felt the same way, as he pulled out about the same time I did? “ OK ladies, keep up the kissing on the floor! You both got some dick to suck off! Your turn to swallow some big loads of creamy cum!” We stood up on either side of Anna & Marie, Dan more in front of Marie, I in front of Anna. They sucked & jerked, licked sucked slobbered & slurped our big dicks until they made us blow our sweet, thick loads of cum all over their mouths & in them as they tongue-kissed each other. Finally spent, we all sat on the floor for a bit to catch our breath.“ whew. I hope you ladies liked getting all that dick pounded in your pretty little holes? I loved fucking your tight, pretty ass Marie. It’s such a pretty ass to watch all my fat dick going in & out of!” Dan exclaimed. “ Thank you lover boy! I liked your big fat cock fucking the hell outta my little butt! Mel Honey, how was Anna’s tight little asshole to your big fat cock? She has the cutest little ass!” Marie pondered aloud. “ It was tight for sure, but it felt wonderful, since I’ve never had another woman but you?” I admitted, blushing a little.“ You were a virgin when you guys started dating? Wow….how about that?” Dan smiled. “ Well, it’s not for the lack of trying. But girls back then just didn’t seem to want average looking me? And guys seemed to love the bulge in my pants & my cute, round little butt?” I exclaimed, embarrassed. “ Oh, Mel Honey, don’t be embarrassed. It happens. And I’m sure Marie was flattered when she fucked you that first time & you came right away, like virgins do…” Anna comforted. “ Yeah, she did…She was surprised, looking up into my eyes, her arms around me as I panted, saying,” …you’re a virgin!” I hoped she wouldn’t leave me because I was a virgin, & not that great of a lover. But I was enthusiastic, already convincing myself that I’d do anything to please.” “ It’s alright, baby, you sure have done everything to please me. You sucked off his big fat cock right in front of me as I licked another girl’s pussy, sucked her tits & kissed her. Then letting Dan fuck me in the ass & cum all over my mouth. And yeah, I liked french kissing Anna with the taste of all that cum in my mouth. I liked fucking you too, Anna baby. You’ve got a tight, pretty little furry pussy! Now, I think it’s time we girls sucked some cock so these men can fuck each other right in front of us! Mel baby, you still want another man to fuck you in the ass? He’s got a pretty thick cock to force up your little round butt?” Marie cautioned. “ Yes, my little love, I do. I love Dan’s thick cock. It’s six inches, but nice & thick & he cums a lot. I loved the taste of your cum, Dan. Thanks for letting me suck you off!”“ You blew a long, thick load in my mouth too, Mel. I like the taste & consistency of cum myself. I liked the taste of all that big load of cum you shot in my mouth, lover…” he said, kissing me once more, with a smile. Marie & Anna kissed again, then Marie got on her knees in front of me, Anna in front of Dan & they started sucking us big & hard again. We both just sat back & enjoyed watching each other getting sucked by our own wives this time. I guess we just wanted to see what they looked like sucking there man’s dick? Getting us hard again, Anna put a condom on Dan’s big fat dick & lubed him up. “ Bend over honey, You’re getting my man’s thick cock up your cute little butt!” I got on all fours on the couch, leaning over the back with my legs spread wide. He tried to shove the smallish head past my ass opening, & finally got it in. Then he slowly shoved all 6 inches of thick, hot meat up my ass. “ ooohh, god, that feels so fucking huuuge!Oohhhhnnnnnuuuhhh!” I groaned, trying to take all that very thick cock up my tight asshole. He fucked me slowly at first, my tight ass being hard to push all that thick cock into at the moment. “ That’s it baby, take all his big cock! I wanna see him fuck you with every inch of that thick cock!” Marie teased me. “ Don’t hurt him with that fat dick honey! Just fuck him really good! Fuck him with that fat cock!” Anna insisted. As I got used to that big fat dick shoving in & out of my tight asshole, waves of pleasure washed over me all of a sudden. I must’ve moaned more sweetly, since he started fucking me a bit harder, steadier, deeper. God, that fat juicy dick felt wonderful fucking my little ass! He fucked me like that for I don’t know how long? I was too busy moaning & enjoying the most wonderful ass fucking I ever got. “ Man, I love your big fat dick! Fuck me man, oh yeah…just fuck me lover!” I moaned to him. “ Just keep fucking me with that wonderful fat dick!” I found myself fucking him back, wiggling my hips to make him enjoy it more…maybe get a little bigger & harder? “ that’s it baby, fuck him back! You love him fucking you with his fat cock, don’t you baby?” It was all I could do to shake my head yes. I was in love with his big fat dick at that moment. I just wanted him to enjoy fucking me as much as I enjoyed it. Oh boy Dan, am I gonna fuck you bowlegged when it’s my turn I thought. Suddenly, he started fucking me really hard & fast.” Oooh god, fuck, that thing is huge! Oohhh oh oh oh ohohooohhhnnnnghnnn” I groaned. “ Oh fuck, your tight ass is…oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he pleaded, moaning.Anna made him pull outta my ass, then ripped the rubber off him. His big cock pulsating, Marie made me kneel down & suck him off. And suck that big fat dick I certainly did! He exploded in my mouth, moaning & grunting wildly as load after big, long load of hot cum shot into my mouth. Squirting out the sides & down my chest on my nipples. I managed to swallow most of it. Sucking the last drop from his meaty dick, my lips spread wide over it, I sat back against the couch. Marie kissed me & licked the cum off me hungrily. Then she kissed Dan with cum covered lips, thanking him for giving me the 1st adult butt fucking I ever had!“ Wow baby, you really took that big fat cock of his! He didn’t hurt your asshole, did he babe?” Marie wondered concernedly. “ No, my asshole is OK. But damn, did he give me a wonderful ass fucking! I never thought a real dick in my ass would feel that good!? It was so damn huge, it really made me moan & cum!” I soothed her. “Well, let’s have another drink while Mel relaxes a bit. You really fucked him but good, honey!” Anna said, kissing him lovingly. “ You got a nice tight ass, Mel. It felt so damn great getting to fuck you! I like the curvy shape of your butt too. It made me harder just looking at your ass while I fucked you. Thank you for a wonderful fuck, Mel.” Dan said, kissing me long & hard. Then whispered in my ear, ” I love fucking you Mel. I wanna make love to both of you a lot more. But especially you, lover. You sucked my dick so sweetly, you’re such a wonderful fuck!” he kissed me hard, once more. Then got some drinks & rolled another joint.“ you two have been better than I ever imagined bi sex would be! I loved licking your furry little pussy for the first time, Anna. Your pussy juice tasted sweet as I sucked you off! And the way you licked my pussy & sucked my tits was wonderful, sweety!” Marie said, kissing Anna once more. Finishing another joint & drink, Both girls decided to get me hard again. “ Danny honey, we’re going to make sure Mel gives you as good a fucking as you gave him!” Anna said to him, kissing him as she went down on my dick. Marie got down & started sucking my balls & licked my asshole a bit, teasing it with her wet tongue. She even place a couple sucking kisses on my fucked asshole. “ That’s not so bad, baby. You like that?” “ Oh, baby, lick & suck my asshole some more, please?” I begged. She started sucking & licking my asshole, making me moan as Anna really went to town sucking my big dick hard. Marie went back to sucking my big balls, then trading with Anna sucking my big, hard cock. Anna went between sucking my balls & my ass. Damn, that feels so good to finally get Marie & her new lover sucking & licking my asshole. Just like I always wanted! Dan stood there watching us, jacking off as he did so. He jerked faster as they got me really big & achingly hard, what with sucking my dick, balls & asshole. I motioned him to come next to me & took his thick cock in my mouth. I loved sucking that fat dick of his, sucking the little head & very thick shaft of his manhood. The girls kept sucking my dick & balls, Anna now finger-fucking me in the ass as she sucked my big balls. I sucked Dan’s thick cock to where he came in my mouth iddaa siteleri again, the girls finishing sucking me in time to watch me swallow Dan’s tasty cum once more. The girls put a rubber on my dick, lubing it as they did so. Marie bent Dan over the couch, rubbing his spread-eagled asshole with lube for my big dick to enter. I knelt behind him, finally getting my cock head past his ass opening. I slowly, firmly shoved all thick 7” up his little round ass, moaned at taking all of it straight up his tight asshole. Anna sat Marie on the couch next to us, burying her face in Marie’s cute little smooth pussy & enjoying kissing & licking it. I fucked him deep & slow, loving the feeling of finally getting to fuck another man in the ass. And watching Marie moan & writhe as Anna sucked & licked her into moaning again. “ Ohhh, god baby, eat my little pussy! Suck me off baby! Suck…me…ooofff!” Marie moaned out loud. “ That’s it baby, relax & let her make you cum again!” I prodded her. Dan loosened up a little more, so I fucked him a little harder, still as deep as I could shove my big cock up his tight, wonderful ass. Damn, this feels almost as good as getting his fat dick up my ass! Fucking his tight, round ass was a real pleasure. So cute & tight, it made me harder looking at my big cock going in & out of his little asshole, spreading his ass cheeks as I fucked him harder still. Pounding my big dick up his ass all the way, again & again. I was beginning to like fucking Dan, his tight ass fucking me back now.Then he started wiggling his hips against the thrust of my big, stiff cock. That felt so good, I felt my dick oozing love juice up his ass, making my dick slide in-n-out even easier. “ Ohh oh oh oh oh ohhhuuuhhnnn… Oh Mel, fuck me fuck me oh, god yes, give me that big fucking dick! Fuck me with your big fucking cock!” he groaned as I really started pounding his tight little asshole harder yet. Slapping my balls against his, I saw Marie get up & slide under him. Sucking his fat dick! Laying down to suck him off, Anna Grabbed the double-ended dildo & stuck it in Marie’s wet pussy, the other end in her furry, hot little slit. She fucked Marie that way, while Marie proceeded to suck off her husband. She seemed to really love sucking his really thick cock, & how Anna was fucking her in earnest.Dan moaned even more while I pounded his cute ass & My wife sucked his big fat dick. Slurping sounds coming from Marie’s mouth on his huge cock as she enjoyed sucking off another man. Humping the dildo as Anna fucked her harder. Moaning with a big fat dick in her mouth. Dan moaned, groaned & grunted as his big, thick load shot into My sweet little wife’s eager mouth. She moaned as Anna kept on fucking her hard with the other end of the dildo. Anna cumming herself from getting fucked just as hard with the other end. “ Oh fuck..Mel, dammit, that dick of yours…is…getting bigger! Oh oh oh oh ohhhhuhhhnn…shit , fuck me with that huge dick! Oh yeah, fuck me harder! I love your big damned cock up my ass! Gimme that sweet fucking dick!” He moaned & begged. Well, I could take no more of all this, & groaned loud & wildly as My cum was torn from me & shot long squirts up his tight ass! About then he absolutely orgasmed as he shot load after long, thick load of warm cum into Marie’s greedily sucking mouth, those pretty, full lips wrapped around his really fat dick tightly as he came.He & I finally finished cumming, so I pulled out & took the rubber off, pouring all my cum down the crack of his freshly fucked ass. It ran down the crack of his ass, over his balls & down his dick all over My pretty wife’s face! She finished him off & slid out from under him, Anna trapping her in an embrace to kiss her passionately & lick all my sweet cum off Marie’s face, tasting some of Dan’s cum mingling with my own. He turned around, holding me tight & kissed me with more than passion. As if he loved me? So I let myself get into his passionate kissing, loosing myself in those kisses from my new lover. We all broke our embraces & sat on the couch. Marie next to me, Anna next to Dan once again. The girls instinctively grabbing our limp dicks & softly fondling & stroking them. “ Damn, you two were really getting into it! That was so hot, The way you were sucking my man off Marie, I just had to fuck you. That double-ended dildo felt good I was fucking you with! Did you like me fucking you lover? You look so pretty naked & moaning. You make the prettiest damned faces when you moan & cum. You’re such a pretty girl any way, but when you cum, you look even better Marie honey. I loved making love to you for your first time with a woman, my sweet little lover!” Anna stated lovingly, kissing Marie hard. “ Marie, Anna, I whispered to Mel That I love fucking him. I love the way he moans so sweetly when I suck him off, the way he cums those big loads in my mouth, & the sweet fuck that he is! He’s a great guy, Marie. Ladies, is it OK if I love fucking him too? I love sex with you, Anna my love. But I love sucking & fucking Mel too. He’s such a caring guy to make sure he does things gently & lovingly, so it never hurts. I love that about you, Mel…” Dan said, holding me tight & really kissing me hard. I let myself kiss him back, loosing myself in his new-found passion for me. “ Well, babe, you must’ve made great love to him to make him feel so strongly about you? Still love fucking me baby?” Marie said, worried. “ Of course I do baby, sex with you is great! But if Dan loves sex with me, that’s OK too?” I said. “ Oh, Marie honey, you’re a great lover too! I love how you lick my pussy, the way you fingered my ass & fucked me. Those full lips wrapped around my nipples & clit were wonderful!” Anna insisted, kissing Marie harder. I reached over & started jacking Dan off. As he got hard again, He started jacking off my big dick.(*)“ Girls, come over here & suck some cock head while we jack each other off! We want you two to swallow some more cum! We’ve swallowed more than you two…we wanna cum in your mouths too!” I said, motioning them to get on their knees & suck our cock heads as we jacked each other off. Marie started sucking the head of my dick, Anna on Dan’s. We continued jacking each other off as they sucked our engorged cock heads. Then they started jacking each other off as they sucked us. About 40 minutes of this, & we both filled their tender mouths with a double load of thick cum. They looked so pretty sucking cock & lovingly swallowing all we could give them. Leaving the last squirts of cum to coat their lips, they switched & kissed us, sharing some cum with both of us. We continued kissing for a bit. Then sat back on the couch, now in the wee hours & we all fell asleep naked where we passed out.I woke up around 7:30 AM & looked around. Dan, Marie, Anna & I were all nude. I have to admit, I liked seeing them sleeping while still naked as when we left off. I and Dan both had morning wood. And since I loved his very thick cock, I decided to suck him off as a wake up call. I knelt on the floor in front of him & without touching him or his dick, I took it into my mouth & gently began sucking it. It still tasted a little of cum, pre-cum and plain old man stuff. He rather quickly got erect, very sleepily moving his hips to my oral strokes on his thick, hard cock. I kept on sucking him gently, but firmly enough to arouse his stiffening dick & allow him to enjoy being sucked off while dozing.After about 30 minutes of enjoying sucking his fat dick, He sleepily moaned as he shot a few long squirts of thick cum into my mouth. I kept sucking the head of his fat dick with every shot of cum he blew into my mouth. Licking the drips of cum off the back of his cock as they ran down the thick shaft. When I finished sucking him off, I went & sat in a chair beside the fireplace so they could sleep as I watched. After several minutes, he woke up, saw me in the chair & came over to where I was sitting. Whispering in my ear, “ That was great the way you sucked me off while I slept, Mel. Now be still & let me try that one…” He said, trailing off as he got down on his knees & spread my legs wide. Using his lips to pull back the foreskin on my big dick, he started licking & sucking my cock head without touching it. My dick sprang to attention almost immediately with the feeling of his lips on my dick. He sucked my dick gently, but firmly, just as I had his a moment ago. I laid back & enjoyed the wonderful blow job he was giving me. He really knew how to suck cock! He slobbered his way down to my balls, sucking each one for a minute or so. Then licking his way up the shaft of my hard dick to once more, taking the head in his eager mouth. Sucking me a little bit harder now, he really got my dick bigger & harder. Sucking & sucking, I was in heaven as he really seemed to love having a mouthful of my big, wet dick. What a buddy, to return the favor of relieving my morning wood! I always did enjoy a close friend sucking my dick & balls! Especially when they love swallowing my cum, the way I fuck them in the ass, the way I react to being sucked & fucked. He reached down to start jacking himself off as he sucked my big, achingly hard dick. Anna woke up slowly, finally noticing what we were doing. She came over & laid down in front of Dan, taking his hard dick into her mouth. She was sucking him in earnest as he made me cum in his mouth, Sucking me really hard with each squirt of thick cum. My dick was still rock hard, thanks to his expert cock sucking, so I got behind him & shoved my big wet dick up his tight ass. Anna kept right on sucking his very thick cock as I fucked him steadily. He moaned quietly as I fucked him & she sucked him. Marie finally woke up, saw us, & took over sucking Dan’s fat 6 inch cock. So Anna started licking Marie’s little pussy instead. Dan & I came almost at the same time, blowing long loads of thick cum into Marie’s mouth as I filled his ass with mine. Pulling my dick outta his asshole, & Marie sliding out from under him, Anna started licking & sucking my asshole while Marie started licking her moistening, furry little pussy. Dan sat in the chair watching as he jacked off that big fat dick of his. I liked watching him jack off his fat dick. Getting it hard, he held it to my lips, so I sucked & slobbered all over it, getting him wet & hard. He took over Anna’s position behind me & licked & sucked my asshole for a bit while Anna jacked him off enough to keep his massively thick dick hard. He then shoved that fat, juicy dick up my little ass, fucking me but good. “ Oohh, Mel, your tight little ass feels so damn good this morning. I love fucking you!” he said as he steadily pumped his fat cock in & out of my ass. Marie & Anna had gotten out the double-headed dildo & were fucking their cute little pussies in earnest behind us on the floor.They cooed & moaned so sweetly as they got into fucking each other with that 12” dildo. Dan Groaned as he shot a big, long squirt of cum deep into my ass again & again. I loved feeling every shot of his hot load squirting deep into my ass! When he finished cumming up my ass, he pulled out. “ Don’t move, baby! I wanna suck Dan’s thick cum outta your ass!” Marie said quickly, getting up off the floor. Kissing Anna, she said, “ Thanks for the morning fuck honey. I wanna take my turn sucking Dan’s cum outta my baby’s asshole!” And Marie actually seemed to enjoy licking & sucking my asshole, till finally all his cum ran out for her to lap up & happily swallow.She also made my dick big & hard again, & Anna seeing this, she wanted it. “ Oh, Dan honey…look how fast she made his cock hard?! Can I fuck his big, handsome cock one more time honey? Please? I want his lovely uncut cock in my wet pussy! Mind if I take a turn riding it?” “ Go right ahead, my love” Dan said as Anna jacked him off hard first. “ OK Mel honey, I want your big dick in my pussy. Right now! Dan, I’m sure you haven’t fucked Marie’s cute little smooth pussy yet? Marie honey, want my man to fuck you with his big fat dick this morning? You haven’t had him in your pretty little pussy yet?” Anna asked, sitting on the chair with her legs spread in the air.“ No, I haven’t yet. I’d love having my little pussy filled with your husband’s huge cock! Do you mind baby? Do you mind if Dan fucks my wet little pussy? I’d really love to fuck him…” she trailed off, as I nodded yes. She laid on the floor so I could watch her & Dan fuck, & Marie could see me fucking Anna. I slid my big hard dick into Anna’s lovely little fur-covered slit as I heard Marie gasp & let out a little squeal as Dan shoved that massive dick of his deep into Marie’s little pussy. She moaned with her head back, looking so pretty as Dan fucked her deep & sorta thoughtful like. Marie then watched with a smile as Anna & I obviously enjoyed fucking each other. Her furry, tight little pussy felt fantastic. Funny how Marie & I were dong all the moaning? I guess it made us hotter seeing & hearing each other getting such a wonderful fucking from other lovers? A real turn-on, I guess. After some 45 minutes of us fucking the opposite spouse, I pulled out of Anna’s beautiful furry pussy. o time at all, we were both cumming in each other’s mouths, swallowing all that thick, wonderful cum. I looked at Dan, he looked at me, & pulled his big fat dick out of Marie & crawled over to Anna & shoved it in her hard. She gasped at all that man meat going up her steamy little cunt so hard & fast. I did the same to Marie with my big, bone-hard dick! She gasped loud as I did so, & I started steadily fucking her deeply. Not too fast…I wanted to enjoy finally getting to fuck my soulmate in front of our new lovers. I guess we wanted to show we could still make our spouses feel good fucking them? We both fucked the girls pretty firmly for another 40 minutes or so. Then Anna pushed Dan off of her. “ Mel, Dan wants you & him to suck each other off one more time. And I want Marie’s wet, fucked pussy in my face again before you guys head home. She bent down & kissed Marie, “ You like that idea, lover? Want me to eat your cute little cunt one more time?” “ You know I love the way you suck & lick my pussy baby. Let’s do a 69 so I can get a face full of your furry pussy too!” Marie glowed. “ Come here, Mel. I need a mouthful of your handsome dick. I’m really gonna suck you off! I just gotta suck that big load of sweet cum outta your big dick again!” “ I love your big thick cock in my mouth too. Let’s do a 69 too, so we can get a mouth & face full of some more cum! I’ve really enjoyed sucking you off & fucking you in the ass, Danny. Now give me a nice mouthful of that handsome cock!” We laid down on the floor next to the girls & began sucking some serious dick. The girls were on their sides, eating their beautiful little pussies feverishly. Marie seems to really like being bi, & getting all that pussy in her face? In n. The girls were moaning loudly as they made each other cum orally. We all moved off each other onto our knees, closely. Dan & I with cum on our lips, the girls faces wet with pussy juice. We then kissed each other passionately, lapping up cum & pussy juice together. Showering together, one more suck off, & we got dressed. Exchanging emails & cell numbers, we all kissed one more time & parted. “ I’m glad we had such a wonderful time babe! You really seem to love making love to a woman now? I hope you still love & want me?” “ Oh, baby, of course I do! I love Anna for how well she makes love to me, but my heart is still yours!” She blew me all the way home…FINI.