A Vice Admiral’s Wife Ch. 02

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Part 2.

Further Adventures with Able Seaman Miller.

Following on from the first three day trial of Dusty Miller as the Admiral’s Residence watch keeper, I was able to persuade Ripper, that of all the defaulters that had been trialled as watch keepers the ideal in every sense had been Able Seaman Miller.

Of course it was far from ideal that Miller should have to be a defaulter in order to be able to fulfil the role, it would not have been good for his service record.

A few words whispered in Ripper’s ear when his mind was in fact, sorry, when his body was in fact otherwise engaged, yes, between my thighs, resulted in Admiral Sir Raymond (Ripper) Nicasov-kwic having a quiet word with the Master at Arms, the result of which was that Able Seaman Dusty Miller was assigned the post Special Duty, (Residence Watch Keeper).

Every evening he arrived with the duty watch as the watch were marched in and posted to their various duties. That is, until such time as the watch cabin was extended at which time the watch keeper was messed at the residence.

At that time the watch keeper became messed at the residence there was a slight change in the duties and personal driver (local) was added. The Government Car Service provided the service when the Admiral was away. The local car was available for my personal use.

When Ripper was at home, we saw nothing of Dusty except for his necessary and regular duties at other times…

At other times, when Ripper was involved with his official duties, at the M.O.D. or aboard ship either in the UK or overseas he was generally not at home, and I made good use of the watch keeper.

HMS Alfresco was along side and Captain Dickson was holding a reception and dinner aboard. As Senior Officer in the area, Ripper and I were to be guests. I personally could have lived with out that sort of engagement.

As a formal mess dinner, The Admiral was in full dress uniform, with sword, I was in a mid blue Brocade full length gown not too tight, moderately low cut and strapless, worn over a new corselette, fully fashioned nylon stockings and with a contrasting white satin cape.

Dusty, in his number 1s delivered us to the pier. The Admiral was piped aboard. Dusty stood by my side until the formalities were over when I took my place with my husband on the Quarter Deck. Dusty was asked to wait, quite usual, and as soon as we had cleared the Quarter Deck he parked the car and made his way on board for leisurely refreshment until required to return us to the residence.

The meal was well prepared and immaculately served, the company was passable, except for the fact that it was all male. This not being the ship’s home port there were no other wives and the conversation inevitable turned to matters nautical, and while sometimes that is tolerable, the tedious talk and the ribald humour wore very thin quite quickly. Not helped I may add by a distinct lack of the essentials over the past few days.

I excused myself and spoke to Ripper, crying that old favourite, migraine. He immediately sent for Dusty, and I was ushered to the car by a sick berth attendant with a couple of aspirins. I told the attendant that I would take them when I got to the Residence. He left me in Dusty’s care.

The car moved swiftly from the dockside and into the darkened dockyard…

“Dusty, Dusty,…”


“Are there any quiet corners you know where we could park for a bit of peace for a few minutes?”

Dusty didn’t answer but a few minutes later the car slid silently to a stop in a darkened corner.

“Do you want to sit quietly Fanny?”

“No, a little fresh air would be the order of the day I think.”

“Very good.”

Dusty opened the door and took my hand as I stepped out. I took his arm as I got my bearings in the darkness. I shivered in the chill night air.

“A hug would perhaps warm me.” I suggested.

“You told me we should not know one another outside of the residence.”

“Are there many about round here at this time?”

“No, the Shore Patrol won’t pass until midnight.”

“Then please do my bidding, hug me.”

He took me in his arms, and I sought his lips, hugging him close. His hands, softer now, having been a while on the lighter duties started to caress me. My buttocks were squeezed then he sneaked his hands between us to reach up and fondle my breasts.

He teased the creamy flesh above the bodice of the gown, then pulled the fabric down to expose my now naked breasts. The fabric was so firm I concluded that a brassier would be unnecessary. He lowered his head and suckled upon them, teasing the nipples with his tongue but releasing them to enjoy a pleasing fondle, his manual dexterity left little to be desired.

My loins ached for the satisfaction of copulation. I was pleased therefore when I felt my gown being lifted. Slowly bit by bit the gown and my under slip were shimmied up my body, his hands gently easing it to my knees. My thighs would willingly tuzla eve gelen escort have parted had the gown been full enough, as it was I could but savour the movement of the fabric as it slithered up along them.

Once well above my knees, he slipped his hand between my stockinged thighs his hand travelled upward to be greeted by the moist warmth of my soft curls. Pressed back against the brick wall I willed him to open my furrow with his fingers, to engage my tingling clitoris and excite me further. I had divested myself of my knickers in the heads, prior to excusing myself.

He did not disappoint, delivering the best cure for a migraine that I am aware of with his finger tips. My lips mashed hard on his as my tongue speared his mouth, the retaliation created a fencing duel within our conjoined mouths.

Pressed as I was against the brickwork I was well supported and well able to extract the satisfaction I desired first from his furrow ploughing finger and there after his rigidity.

I reached down between us, pulled up his tight navy jumper and unbuttoned the sides of his trouser flap, groping within his under shorts I found and grasped his erection, coaxing it from its protection. As I did that, his lips were once again teasing my erect nipples.

I was moist, very moist, and with a distinct ache in my vitals. The answer was standing in my hand.

Reaching under my bottom Dusty lifted me, I spread my legs then tucked them round behind his waist. I guided my torpedo home and relaxed down onto it, savouring the sensation of the glans parting my lips before sliding deep into me.

Pressing me hard back against the wall, I locked my ankles together then we sympathetically rocked gently together. Just sufficient movement to create the pistoning I needed to reap the harvest of a satisfying orgasmic copulation and I may add a very effective cure for the migraine…what migraine?

My mind, probably fed by the earlier generous intake of alcohol, was already sensually stimulated to a high level, and it took very little movement to trigger the orgasm, which was of great benefit, as my naked buttocks were rasping against the coarse brick wall.

“Dusty, let me down.”

He lifted me, without hesitation, his penis came clear of my orifice, my stringy secretions decorating his appendage. I brought my legs together my gown slithered back down my legs, I had need to raise it again to brush the grit from the wall from my backside and again the gown fell down my legs. Dusty meanwhile had encased his weapon within his uniform.

Taking a quick look around to check that the coast was clear, Dusty opened the vehicle door and handed me in. Quickly and almost silently we drove off, a short way from our tryst the vehicle lights were illuminated and we continued to the residence without further ado.

I remained in the vehicle until the house had been opened and illuminated, whereupon Dusty opened the door and handed me out of the vehicle. As I mounted the steps, I could feel the tops of my thighs sticky and cooling with the results of my earlier pleasure.

Dusty parked up the car and came into the entrance hall of as the telephone trilled. Dusty answered.

“Admiral’s residence. Watch keeper speaking”

There was a pause.

“Very good sir, I will report to madam.”

Dusty hung up.

“Ripper is going to sleep aboard tonight madam. I have to pick him up at 08.30.”

“Oh! Madam is it?”

He laughed.

“Unzip my gown please.”

He did so, not needing to be asked twice. Such an obliging Seaman.

“Now my slip.”

The waist slip was soon swathed about my ankles. I steadied myself by holding his shoulder while I stepped out of the encircling fabric. I now stood, at the foot of the staircase, clothed rather saucily in the open bottom roll-on seamed nylons and my heels. At least Dusty called the outfit saucy, I made a mental note to not dress that way if I was likely to be seen by Ripper!

I reached out for the front of Dusty’s trousers, yes, I confirmed there was still a substantial benefit to be had within his trousers, well, the benefit did depend on the weapon being extracted from the trousers a task well within my capabilities.

My soft auburn curls, greasy with my own earlier orgasmic juices, were now peeping curiously from beneath my roll-on almost beckoning him, tempting him to once again invade my person. Still he did not.

I unbuttoned his trousers flap and untied the waist restraint, allowing his trousers to fall. He stepped from them, turned them and as was his habit, folded them into their creases, before depositing them on the bottom stair. His undershorts were also removed and deposited with the trousers. There was something a little incongruous to see him standing naked to the waist except for his navy socks and deck slippers whilst above the waist he was still clad in his number 1s.

I turned toward the staircase, and bent over exposing myself crudely tuzla yeni escort to him.

“Take me Dusty, take me, finish the task we started earlier.”

I wasn’t to hunger for much longer, as he burrowed between my cheeks with his swollen glans, I reached down and guided it home. The knob, using the grease generated earlier eased between my lips, a pause, a thrust, he was to the hilt inside me.

Holding my hips to stabilise the activity he started thrusting, each powerful thrust pushing me forward each push forward took me one step further up the stairs. Each step up withdrew his weapon from its sheath leaving me wanting until the next thrust refilled my cavity as he also moved up a step at a time.

Sixteen steps, sixteen thrusts, as we climbed the stairs, that girls is an experience to enjoy if you ever get the chance. It does however take quite a bit of co –operation. My position was decidedly undignified, my hands on the floor and my backside in the air, with Dusty’s weapon being the anchor point.

Slowly, he propelled me towards my bedroom on my hands as he supported my hips while I waddled stiff legged with his pin remaining in position. He very nearly slipped from me when he leaned over my back to open the bedroom door. I was propelled toward the bed which when reached I placed my hands on.

Oh god, the sensations that penis raised in me, were out of this world. Dusty again supported me as I raised one knee to rest on the bed. Whereupon we copulated vigorously, his thrusts lifting me clear of the bed as they stimulated my insides.

Of course, with the for runner of the partially, at least for Dusty, completed upright copulation, the stair climbing form of foreplay and now the high energy thrusting, this copulation was going to be fairly short lived.

Short lived indeed, short lived but very satisfying as a terrific orgasm hit ‘the’ spot as Dusty erupted and spewed his semen deep within me.

I was asleep when Dusty quietly took his leave of my bed to return to the watch cabin. I was asleep when at about nine o’clock Ripper came into the room and woke me.

First a Kiss. That woke me. The tray of tea which the steward had brought in was cold on the bedside cabinet.

“Good morning Ginny, are you feeling better?”

“Good morning darling, I had a good sleep, the migraine was bad, but once dusty got me settled with a warm drink things started to improve and I slept till you woke me.”

“I think I was inspired when I decided to get Able Seaman Miller assigned as a regular Watch keeper. Yes, I was inspired, good chap, good chap… reliable.”

I could barely conceal a smile as I thought of the manipulation I had put in to achieve that ‘inspired decision’.

“He is sooo helpful, and as you say, reliable, I don’t think I would have felt as safe with anyone else.”

“I fly to Malta this evening so you be good, won’t you. Any problems, I am sure Dusty can resolve it. There is lunch at the mess, a meeting this afternoon and I fly out in the first Dog watch.”

I pouted, hiding the lust for Dusty giving me a flutter in my tummy.

“Ooooh do you have to? I am going to miss you, how long must you be away?”

“Only about a fortnight this time sweetie. Now be a good girl and get yourself moving, the steward needs to pack my bag.”

I dressed in a robe and went down to the dining room, the steward brought me breakfast I was so stupidly excited at the thought of a fortnight with just Dusty for company, my lower areas damp, my stomach in turmoil, I could eat very little.

The morning dragged on, and on, the minutes ticking slowly by until at last the car drew up at the door. Suddenly it was hectic, the steward hurrying with Ripper’s bags, and his dress uniforms and hat box. (For ceremonial he had to wear a bi-corn hat.)

Ripper hurried from the office, I was in the hall way, a fervent kiss, as he donned his cap, and through the door to the car, the door slammed and the car pulled away.

I called the steward and asked that he inform Dusty that I would require the car in the afternoon.

I know you will think this silly, I went up and to the bathroom and into the shower, I was so worked up by the previous evenings entertainment, and the anticipation of the next fortnights promise that I couldn’t avoid it, I just had to.

My own fingers fumbling in my furrow was not as exciting as when Dusty ploughed the same furrow, my clitoris was stimulated as I closed my eyes and fiddled with my little bud, trying to feel Dusty doing it for me. Soaping myself, stimulating myself the shower cascading down over me. Orgasm was achieved, not as promptly as when the same activity was conducted by my Able Seaman but almost as enjoyable.

Sharp at 14.00 Dusty presented the car at the front door, announced himself to the steward and waited in the car. I was ready at 14.30, the door was opened for me.

“I will be dining out Jenkins, so no need for dinner, can you advise cook, and tuzla genç escort I will not be needing you or cook, you may secure when all is fine.”

“Very good madam. We will see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Jenkins.”

The barrier at the gate was raised as we approached and the car was briefly halted as I was recognised then waved on.

Speeding away from the base…

“Where to madam?”

“Up to the moors, I need some fresh air. Oh… and I left madam behind at the residence.”

“Very good Fanny.”

“That’s more like it.”

We sped up onto the moors, through the narrow lanes, the hedges brushing the sides of the car. The lanes were deserted, the warm sun made for a delightful trip. Atop the moor, it took Dusty a very short order to locate a secluded gully in which the car …and us would be concealed from the casual passer by.

We were of course soon accommodated and the thoughtful Dusty retrieved a rug and a couple of cushions from the boot, to lay on the mossy ground.

Following Ripper’s departure, I had anticipated our outing, and dressed accordingly. I selected a very nice floral cotton day dress. A front buttoned bodice, with low square neck line and a wide flared skirt.

Yes I wore stockings, and suspenders, and I really do like wearing French knickers, they let a breath of air reach those parts which are so easily overheated. I quite felt like a naughty virgin again. Although of course, that part of the fantasy was purely, if such can be pure, fantasy.

Dusty, gently handed me from the car, and took me in his arms, a hug, so close, which I rewarded with a kiss so passionate that there was no way that he could mistake my intention.

He lead me to the rug, then lowered me to it, the warm gentle heather scented breeze caressed the very spot I hoped he would shortly be caressing. I lay back, resting my head on the cushion, my knees bent and parted, I relished the breeze as it cooled my moistening curls.

Lying beside me Dusty drew me into his arms, our mouths engaged and we kissed again, long and lingering, our tongues fencing, exploring the innermost reaches of that succulent orifice. Satisfying as kisses can be, I was hungry for far more than kisses.

While the kisses lingered, Dusty’s hands did not. The buttons of my bodice surrendered eagerly to his nimble fingers. My brassier clad breasts benefitted from the breeze, warm as it was it still stimulated the erectile nerves in my nipples, which strained against their delicate cover.

It wasn’t long before Dusty’s industrious fingers released my breasts from captivity they were free for just a brief time before his lips captured the nipples. I sighed with the longing, for the sensation of ecstasy, for the urgent want for this my lover.

The pleasure of his tongue as it swirled relentlessly about my nipples, combined with his manual stimulation of my breasts, and the chill from the breeze as his mouth left the wet nipple drove me headlong into a crashing orgasm. I squeezed my thighs together, to increase the pleasure as I rode it out.

My breasts were laid bare, exposed to the warm afternoon sun in this sheltered suntrap, my nipples, damp from the suckling were sustained erect by the chill of the light breeze which eddied about the gully.

Dusty relaxed as he held my hand and rolled onto his back, his jumper rolled up to his waist exposed the bulge in his trousers which suggested rather rudely to me that he too could appreciate a little attention. Should I deny him? No, I think not.

We rolled together again, this time his hand sought my knee. He caressed my stockinged leg, knee to thigh and onward in his march to conquest. I shuddered in anticipation as his hand crossed the thickened top of the stocking and I thrilled at his touch on my naked thigh above.

I meanwhile reached for his trousers and undid the side buttons, I untied the waist strap, and pealed the sides away exposing his undershorts.

While his hand was busied itself beneath my skirts, my hand found mischief within his shorts. His erection was as solid as I had known it. Much to my pleasure.

As he invaded my knickers and commenced fingering my furrow, I seized his rampant penis by the root and by pulling it clear of his shorts, exposed his glorious glans to the light of day. My mouth watered, I licked my lips in anticipation then ducked my head to engulf it.

My lips puckered as in a kiss, I snaked out my tongue and teased the eye of this turgid weapon. Dusty started to tug at my covering garment, rather unsuccessfully, I wanted to be rid of the knickers as much as he wanted to free me from them, so leaving his erection I turned to assist him.

He knelt between my legs, his penis standing proud as if watching the proceedings, he reached down and once more assailed my undergarment. I raised my bottom permitting him to free the part trapped beneath me, as he moved them up towards my knee he stood, my legs resting on his torso he took the garment to my ankle and thence removed them, casting them onto the mossy grass.

He gripped my ankles and spread my legs wide, my auburn curls, and my recently finger ploughed furrow exposed obscenely to his gaze. I should have been, I suppose, affronted at this assault on my dignity, but no, my lust was driven to new heights.