A Week in Brighton

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This story contains mild lesbian BDSM and female adultery. Please feel free to comment and contact me. Please enjoy.

Part 2.

When she awoke the following morning Lisa was immediately aware of where she was and what she had done. Lauren was still pressed against her and still held her, although her hands now rested on Lisa’s arms.Reaching out to the bedside table she looked at the time on her mobile phone, it was ten thirty, later than she usually slept, but then she had had a late night and a busy one at that. She had set her phone on silent and now checked to see if she had missed any calls. She was both relieved and disappointed when she saw that John hadn’t tried to get in touch. She also realized that this was the first time since she had come here that she had thought about her husband. She felt guilty but tried to push it away, but then she felt guilty for trying not to feel guilty. She thought about calling him, but what could she say? And besides he hadn’t called either, and this hurt her, did he not miss her? Suddenly she realized that she missed him, and was about to phone but she felt movement in the bed, and she turned to see Lauren looking at her, and all other thoughts fled.

“Good morning,” she said.

Lauren smiled “I love just watching you, do you want to make love?”

“Yes, please,” Lisa said and lay back down to move into the waiting arms. On the few occasions she had had ‘breakfast sex’ she had self-consciously hurried to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth, but not this time. This time she wanted Lauren to have the real her, and she wanted to feel and taste the real Lauren before anything was washed away.

The first time they made love had been slow and gentle. This time by comparison was fast and frenetic, even a little brutal. Hair was pulled, skin was scratched and slapped, and flesh was bitten and pinched. Lisa gasped at every small pain, loving every touch, marveling more and more at each new sensation. She watched with growing excitement as Lauren arched her back off the bed; she had three fingers buried deep in her lover’s pussy and her thumb moved fast over her clit. Lauren’s hand gripped the wrist, pulling Lisa’s fingers hard into herself. Nails dug painfully into Lisa’s back as she was pulled toward the woman’s waiting nipple. And as Lisa sucked the bud into her mouth and squeezed her teeth on the tender flesh Lauren stiffened and jerked in orgasm. Her arm snaked around Lisa’s neck and she buried her face into the soft shoulder, biting hard on the flesh as she shuddered into another orgasm.

Both women lay on their backs panting, a mirror image, Lisa’s left hand holding Lauren’s right.

“How many is that?” Lisa asked breathlessly.

“Six,” Lauren said.

“So, can I come now?”

“Soon, I still have to spank you yet.”

“Oh yes, I forgot.” It was a bizarre situation: talking about being spanked as though it was nothing more than discussing what they would have for breakfast. But ten minutes later Lauren sat on the edge of the bed, her body turned at a slight angle with Lisa lying face down across her thighs, her head resting on the mattress. She felt as though she was on display waiting to be examined and she couldn’t think of a more humiliating or exciting position. She expected a few playful slaps and maybe some teasing. But having been kept aroused and frustrated for twelve hours she was keen to experience whatever Lauren planned.

She yelped at the first slap, this was no playful spanking but a serious punishment. Lauren had slapped her hard, and her first reaction was to jump up, but a hand pressing firmly between her shoulder blades kept her in position. In response she swung her arm back in an effort to soothe her stinging bottom, but her wrist was grabbed and her arm forced painfully up to her shoulder blades.

“Ow, Lauren, that hurts!” she cried.

“It’s meant to, what do you think a spanking’s supposed to feel like? Now give me your other hand,” and as if her arm had a mind of its own Lisa complied. Lauren positioned the arms so that each hand held the opposite elbow.

“Keep your hands there until I tell you differently,” Lauren ordered. Lisa pushed her face into the bed, trying to muffle her moans of pain and of the pleasure at the way Lauren was dominating her.

She squealed at the second slap, by the third she started crying, and as the following slaps landed the pain began to blur into one burning sensation. Lauren swung her arm rhythmically, turning the snow white skin of Lisa’s bottom into a bright red. Lisa moaned and cried tears of hurt, but she neither struggled nor pleaded. She meekly accepted the pain that Lauren offered her.

Eventually Lauren stopped, and resting her stinging hand on Lisa’s bottom, she was surprised and aroused at how hot the flesh felt. Sobs shook the body that lay across her lap and she leant down to kiss the tear-stained cheek. Lisa twisted her head away in a show of petulance, but Lauren smiled at the childlike bahis siteleri gesture and gently eased Lisa from her position on her lap. As she slid from Lauren’s knees Lisa sank to the floor, and she knelt with her hands still clasped behind her back. It seemed the right and natural thing to do.

“Come on,” Lauren said, and held out her hand. Lisa slowly stood, and pouting, allowed herself to be led into the bathroom. “Sit up there.” Lauren indicated a drawer unit off to one side of the large luxurious room, and with her head bowed Lisa felt like a chastised child as she obeyed the command.

The spanking had shocked and hurt her more than she had expected, but she had also become tremendously aroused. And the more dominant and demanding Lauren became the more Lisa fell into a submissive role. She was normally a very strong-willed woman, but this was a side to herself that she had never experienced. She had never been spanked before, at least not seriously, and she was unsure how she was supposed to react: she couldn’t pretend to feel outraged, but she didn’t want to appear too contrite; so she sulked and acted like a brat.

Balancing on the counter-top Lisa suddenly became acutely aware of her nakedness. Lauren sat on a padded stool, her face level with Lisa’s crotch and she spread Lisa’s thighs as wide as possible, Lisa felt her face flush with embarrassment at being exposed in such a lewd manor. Using a small pair of scissors Lauren snipped away the hair covering Lisa’s pussy. Her tummy fluttered in excitement when shaving foam was squirted onto her mound and gently massaged into the remaining stubble, and she gasped as Lauren teased her by dipping her finger into the soaking pussy. Lying back with her eyes closed she pushed her hips forward as Lauren worked with the razor. It was all too much. She had to come, she looked down at the picture of concentration that was Lauren and finally resorted to begging. “Please, Lauren, I have to cum. Please say I can. I’m begging you, please let me,” she was almost crying with her need to orgasm.

Lauren looked up with a smile of triumph; she scooped a finger through the soap on Lisa’s pussy and playfully wiped it on her nose.

“Just a few more minutes, my pet, and I’ll bring you to the biggest orgasm of your life.”

Lisa slumped back against the wall, she was disappointed but so excited in anticipation, she didn’t even wipe away the suds on her nose.

Using a warm flannel Lauren cleaned away the excess soap and studied her handiwork. Lisa looked down at herself and drew in a shuddering breath. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. Lauren had shaved her bare, apart from a patch two inches square just above her pussy. This she had fashioned into a heart shape and Lisa loved it.

“Let’s shower,” Lauren said and held out her hand.

The shower, like everything in the house, was a luxury, easily large enough to accommodate two people, with pulsing warm water jets from various angles. The two women soaped and washed each other, taking every opportunity to caress and feel and kiss and lick each other’s bodies. And as they kissed Lisa knew they would make love again, and that this time she would cum. She wondered what was happening to her? She loved sex and she enjoyed a healthy and exciting love life with John, but this lust she felt for Lauren scared her. It seemed as though she couldn’t get enough, she certainly had never had so much sex in such a short time before, and still she wanted more.

Standing with her back to Lauren, Lisa had her palms against the wall above her head. Her nipples rubbed across the wet tiles and she moaned in pleasure as Lauren kissed and nibbled the back of her neck. A hand slid around her body between her chest and the wall, squeezing her breast and pinching and twisting her nipple. She groaned at the pain and willed Lauren to squeeze harder. Another hand trailed down her spine and eased between her buttocks. The soapy fingers explored further, finally pushing into her pussy. Lisa screamed as her clit was massaged while fingers worked in and out of her. Her climax was fast approaching and she knew this time Lauren wouldn’t stop her.

With her lips touching Lisa’s ear Lauren whispered “Come for me now!” At the same time she pushed her thumb into Lisa’s arse and applied pressure to her clit. It was as though she had flicked a switch. Lisa arched her back, her head flung back and her mouth wide open. Warm water rained down on her face, but she didn’t notice. Her legs buckled and she began sliding down the wall, forcing Lauren’s fingers harder against her pussy. She shook and a continuous wail erupted from her mouth as her orgasm caused her body to spasm, her climax actually caused her pain, a beautiful pain that she wanted to go on forever.

Lisa cried, she sat in the corner of the shower, her knees pulled up to her chest and her head resting against the wall. She held tight to Lauren’s hand, and not knowing why, she cried.


I canlı bahis siteleri awoke the following day feeling like death: I was back in the hotel, though I had no idea how I got there. I felt nauseous and my head was throbbing with an ache never before known to man. It took me a few minutes to realize that Lisa wasn’t with me. I assumed she had gone out somewhere and I went back to sleep. I awoke again just before noon, I was feeling only slightly better and Lisa still wasn’t back. I tried to recall what had happened the previous night, and as it slowly came back to me I grew more and more concerned.

Lisa, my lovely innocent wife, who had told me in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no chance of her having sex with another woman, had spent the night with a lesbian. There had to be a simple explanation: They had gone on to a club, and Lisa had stayed over rather than coming back to the hotel by herself. She had slept on the sofa. That’s what I told myself, but then I remembered that kiss, and Lauren’s hand down Lisa’s pants and I knew in my heart I was wrong.

Of course there was an easy way to find out. All I had to do was phone her. Simple! But it still took me twenty minutes to find the courage. I was terrified that my fears would be confirmed, but even so I dialed the number and waited. No answer! I tried again with the same result. Now my imagination went into overdrive. I assumed she was with Lauren and I thought of all the things they might be doing together. I had no idea where she was or how to find her. But I felt more than a little guilty, because despite all my worries, just the thought of them together excited me, and I felt my penis become erect.

I tried her phone twice more, but still didn’t get a response. So I showered and ordered food. More details of the night before came back to me, and I recalled how the two of them had disappeared for a while. I wondered again what they had been doing, and I now thought it was something other than just fixing their makeup.

It was four o’clock when I walked into the bar. Having heard nothing from Lisa and having my calls unanswered I was very worried. I began to imagine her lying in a ditch somewhere. I even convinced myself that I wouldn’t mind her being with Lauren as long as she was safe. Not knowing what else to do I walked into town, thinking somebody at the bar might know Lauren and how to get in touch with her. I was in luck: the first person I saw was Stephanie, but I was surprised to find her working there.

“Oh hello, how are you today?” she asked cheerily. She obviously remembered me and appeared genuinely pleased to see me.

“Hi, I’m fine,” I lied. “Well, not really, Stephanie, I’m looking for Lisa; she didn’t come back last night. I remember she left with Lauren. Do you know how to contact her?”

She looked away and polished the counter, paying just a little too much attention to the chore. It was obvious that she knew something. “Please, Stephanie, I’m worried, she’s not answering her phone. If you know where she is please tell me?”

When she looked back there was sympathy in her eyes and also, I thought, a small amount of pity. “I’m sure she’s okay, she just needs time.” She must have seen my look of puzzlement as she placed both hands on the bar and said, “She’s with Lauren, she’ll be back. You just have to give her space, let her find herself. She’ll be a bit confused, trust me I know how it feels. Let her work it out herself.” She wore a t-shirt and as I looked down I noticed she also had words tattooed on her forearm just like Amelia, only this time I could read them. ‘Lauren’s girl’ and seeing this I realized that they were all in this together.

“What the hell is going on here? Just tell me where she is, Stephanie.” I was growing angry; it wasn’t a familiar feeling for me.

“How would I know? I’m not her keeper.” she answered.

“Don’t give me that shit, I know you know, just tell me where she is.” I thumped the counter, rattling the glasses, I was rapidly losing my patience and she jumped back in alarm.

After a moment’s consideration she came to a decision. “Okay, just let me make a phone call, wait here.” She said something to a young woman at the other end of the bar who took her place behind the counter. A beer that I never ordered was placed in front of me, and I waited with a thousand thoughts running through my head, I drank half of the pint in one go and stared at the door that Lisa had gone through with Lauren the night before. Again I wondered what they had done in there.

I walked around the town center hoping against hope I would spot them. But I knew it was useless, so I made my way back to the hotel. What Stephanie had told me only confirmed my suspicions: Lisa had spent the night with Lauren, in her bed. Though Stephanie hadn’t confirmed that last part I’m not stupid and I put two and two together. Worse was the fact that she didn’t want to return to me canlı bahis or even speak to me, at least not until she had ‘sorted her feelings out,’ her words apparently. I left the bar after Stephanie told me that Lauren would try to persuade Lisa to phone me that night. It was almost five o’clock and I knew this would be the longest night of my life. I just hoped it wouldn’t be the worst.

I had nothing to do but wait for a phone call. I tried to read and I tried to watch T.V. but I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but the mental image of Lisa with Lauren. As I sat and stared at the wall more and more visions of them together filled my thoughts. In my mind I could see them naked in bed, kissing, touching, licking, sweating and coming. I soon had an erection and I lay back on the bed closing my eyes, picturing them making love. Without thinking about it I had my cock in my hand as Lisa licked Lauren’s pussy, then Lauren was fucking my wife with an enormous strap-on dildo. Then I was grunting and squeezing my cock as I came, sperm spurting over my shirt, as I imagined Lisa doing things I had fantasized about all my adult life.


Brighton city center was bustling. It was just a normal Saturday afternoon for most of the shoppers. Lauren led Lisa through the Lanes, a part of town where small designer shops mixed with bars and the more exclusive stores. Each of them carried shopping bags filled with beautiful clothes.

Lisa thought it was ironic, as heeding Lauren’s instructions; she wore just her skirt and blouse. It felt strange with her breasts bouncing and swaying as she walked, and the occasional breeze blowing across her naked and newly shaven pussy. She was sure everybody could tell she was naked underneath just by looking at her.

It had been especially embarrassing when Lauren had her try on outfits with the changing room curtains open. She said it was so she could have an opinion on each garment, but Lisa knew it was just another way to show her control and to shame and excite her new conquest. And it had worked. Lisa was continually aroused, and with each thing Lauren did she seemed to sink further under her spell.

The well-trained shop assistants took it all in their stride, they had already seen it all, working as they did in a city like Brighton. But that didn’t stop Lauren from taking every opportunity to place Lisa in humiliating positions. And to her surprise Lisa had risen to the challenge. She did everything Lauren told her to do, often in front of perfect strangers, parading naked or in revealing clothes, seeking their opinions, and even allowing the occasional caress or the more blatant grope of her boobs or arse. In fact Lisa became more and more aroused, to the extent that she could feel the wetness from her overflowing pussy coating her inner thighs. She was more embarrassed by the thought that people could smell her excitement than by anything Lauren did.

As they walked along the High Street Lauren’s phone rang and she turned away to talk in private for a couple of minutes, she didn’t look pleased when she rang off. “That was Steph, your husband’s at the bar, he’s looking for you. I told her you’d call him.”

“I should go to him,” Lisa said sadly.

Lauren had known this moment would come; she was surprised that it had taken so long. “Will you come back?” she asked.

Lisa looked at her. She thought of John, how worried he would be, and how unfair this was on him. But she knew there was only one answer and she felt tears forming in her eyes. “Yes… yes I will.”

“I don’t want you to go. I won’t share you,” Lauren told her.

Lisa pulled Lauren to her. They kissed passionately, in the middle of one of Brighton’s main streets, Lisa kissed another woman, and she didn’t care who saw her or what they thought. She stepped away and handed her bags to Lauren.

Without another word she turned and went to see her husband.


Unable to stand the waiting any longer I went down the road to a lively pub and quickly drank four whiskeys. I wasn’t in the mood to socialize and found it ironic when an attractive woman talked to me, she made it clear that she was available, but I gently turned her down and walked back to the hotel. My wife was God knows where fucking a lesbian, and I was making a point of being faithful.

But a surprised awaited me when I returned to my room. The lights were down and Lisa sat on the bed. She had her back to the door and was staring at the wall. I had so much to say to her, so many things to ask her, but I waited for her to speak first.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

I crossed the room and sat next to her leaving a foot of space between us. “Are you okay?”

“No!” Her voice cracked. I put my arm around her shoulder and she laid her head against my chest. I could hear and feel her crying softly.

“Why didn’t you answer my calls? I was worried,” I spoke gently.

“I turned the volume off, I forgot. I’m sorry, John, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She gave a small false laugh. “The crazy thing is, I only did it for you. I wanted to please you, excite you.”