Abigail’s Massage

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Abigail collapsed on the couch in her purple robe and turned on the t.v. The softball game earlier today had been rough, and had left her with more than a few aches and bruises. She stretched feeling the muscles pull as she tried to loosen them. She had hoped a hot shower would help her relax, but it didn’t seem to ease her pain at all. She looked around feeling a little unease about being alone in the house for the first time. Her parents and sister decided to go out after the game, but she just wasn’t in the mood. After a little convincing her parents agreed she could stay by herself.

It was so silent that when she heard a knock at the front door it shocked her. Steadying her beating heart she made her way towards the front door. She didn’t know who she expected but it sure wasn’t the person on the other side. The red hair and scruffy beard that greeted her was David, her sisters friend.

“David, what are you doing here?” she asked puzzled yet somewhat excited as she pushed her highlighted brunette hair behind her ears. Her voice was somewhat soft and meek a she spoke to the older boy.

“Erika asked me to come check on you, make sure you were okay. Heard the game was a real killer.” His concern was apparent which made sense since he had always thought of her as a little sister.

“Yea, it got pretty hectic out there at times, but I’m doing okay just watching some t.v. and trying to relax.” She subconsciously crossed her arms feeling that his eyes could see through her robe and straight to her naked body underneath. For as long as she had known him she had always found him attractive, only now she felt somewhat self conscious about being alone with him.

“Sounds fun, care if I join you? I brought food.” he raised the pizza box he was holding giving a friendly smile along with it.

Abigail noticed the empty feeling in her stomach and realized just how long it had been since she last ate. She agreed and moved aside to let him in. She closed the door and led him to the living room. While walking she couldn’t help but feel as though his eyes were taking in every part of her body through her robe. An idea that made her both nervous and excited.

As they walked David noticed her backpack lying in the hallway. Papers and books spilled from the top due to the way they were crammed inside. Sometimes he forgot that she was in highschool. He had known her for so long it was hard for him at times to break the illusion of her not being a kid anymore. Though as his attention was drawn to the outline of her shapely ass, he realized just how much she had grown.

They had barely sat down before Abigail had grabbed a slice of pizza and ate half of it in no time. The cheesy slice of pepperoni was exactly what she needed to complete her relaxation. She enjoyed every bit as it filled her stomach and once she had devoured the last piece, eagerly started on her second.

“Perhaps I should have brought two pizzas.” David teased her with a smirk as he ate his share.

She felt embarrassed for a moment, but then grabbed a pillow and hit him on the shoulder. He feigned defeat as he shielded himself from the oncoming blows. She was determined to knock him from the sofa when a sudden pain in her shoulder made her tense.

“What’s wrong?” David asked noticing her discomfort.

“It’s just some tight nerves, I’ll be fine.” she answered as she massaged the abrupt pain.

“If you’d like I could help you out.”

Abigail looked at him, a little shocked by his suggestion. He paid her expression no attention as he continued eating his slice of pizza.

“Mmm seriously” he said as he licked the greasy residue off his fingers “Erika says I give good massages. I could give you one real quick.”

“As good as that sounds I’m not exactly wearing anything under my robe.” she ducked her head slightly canlı bahis as a light blushed formed on her cheeks.

“That’s not a problem.” he said matter of factly. “I’ll turn around and you can get ready. What do you say?”

“I don’t know.” she replied softly pondering his offer.

“I promise I won’t try anything. Besides, you seem to be in quite some pain.” He gave her a caring look that amplified the reassurance in his voice.

Abigail thought it over for a few more seconds and then agreed. David stood and turned his back toward the girl giving her some privacy to get in position. From the reflection in the window he could just make out her toned form as she stripped off the robe covering her. The muscles in her arms and stomach were toned perfectly, and her legs seemed to go on forever. He stared more intensely trying to make out as much as he could. Her breasts were rather small but that only made her puffy nipples stand out even more. David wondered what it would be like to play with them in his hands, and even more so what they would feel like on his lips.

His thoughts were broken by Abigail telling him he could begin. He turned around and saw that she had covered her ass with her robe denying him the pleasure of that wonderful view. He felt himself grow as his eyes trailed along her smooth legs. He so badly wanted to lift her robe and peek at what was underneath.

“Well, you gonna get started.” she asked a little nervously. She could feel herself getting aroused at the thought of his hands roaming her body. Her nipples were growing stiff and her pussy was heating up as she tried to keep from showing her discomfort.

“Yeah, just warming my hands up a little.” David rubbed his hands together in an attempt to lend credence to his delay. He walked next to her and placed his hands over her shoulder blades. He heard her give an almost inaudible gasp as he made contact. His palms rubbed deeply as he began the massage. Melissa tensed at first but eventually relaxed into his firm touch.

His fingers kneaded the muscles and caressed her skin. She felt her body heat considerably from just the short amount of contact. His hands traveled higher to her shoulders where she sighed in relief when he hit the spot with the most pain. He continued on toward her arms, his touch leaving a tingling sensation with each inch he covered. She squeezed her legs together hoping he didn’t notice her growing desire.

Once finished with her arms he started on her lower back. Her soft skin seemed to fuse with his hands and he lost himself in the warm flesh. Up and down he massaged. Alternating between slow, deep movements and long gentle strokes of pressure. He couldn’t help how aroused he was getting from touching her tender body. It was almost as if he was back in highschool experimenting for the first time. He felt he would cum right then from the thought until Abigail let out a soft high pitch moan bringing him back to reality.

“I told you I was good.” he teased as he continued. He looked down to see her cheeks redden slightly.

Abigail wish she could have disappeared. She didn’t mean to moan so loud it just came out. She had long forgotten about the nerves she felt being alone with David and the fact he was touching her so intimately. Now all she felt was extremely horny as every touch seemed to make her pussy burn uncontrollably. Her breathing was deep as her heart raced, she could feel her juices leak from between her legs soaking the couch.

She felt one of his hands work its palm deep between her shoulder blades, and the other grip her left calf and begin to massage. She didn’t know why he decided to do her legs, but at this point she didn’t want him to remove his hands. His other hand soon joined the work on her leg, and together they squeezed and caressed until it seemed his hands bahis siteleri were a part of her. It was when she felt them travel up the length of her leg that she grew nervous once more.

Her pussy tingled at the thought of being exposed to the older boy’s eyes, but her mind was frightened at him discovering just how wet she was. His hands moved slowly higher and higher up her thigh. Her ass tensed as he neared and she felt him stop momentarily then begin his descent. Her heart pounded in her chest from the close exposure. She was so conflicted between wanting more of his touch and being embarrassed from being seen in such a provocative way.

David reluctantly pulled away from covered ass. When he saw her ass jerk in response to him nearing he almost lost control. He could feel the heat radiating from her crotch as he grew close, and maybe it was just his hormones but he thought he could actually smell her sex drifting toward him. He returned his focus back to the massage and started on the other leg. She was moaning more often now though still barely audible. It was all becoming too much for him. He was about to hurry and finish when something happened that drew him back in.

He was massaging her thigh when almost imperceptibly Abigail widened her legs. He thought it was just his imagination so he went slightly higher and inside to check her reaction. She spread them just a little further. David swallowed hard, he knew he shouldn’t but he was so turned on that his desire overrode his reason. He pushed his hands deeper into the crevice of her legs, slowly rubbing in and out. A small whimper escaped her throat as he slid under the robe and neared the most private place of her body. The heat that had built between her legs was enough to make sweat form along her skin.

Eventually his hands were under her robe completely and resting just below the curve of her round ass. David ran his thumb along the crease of her ass, curving his hand around the outside and back. Deciding it was now or never he took a risk and pushed his hand over her firm cheek. He cupped it, holding still his hand gauging her reaction. After a few moments he started to squeeze and spread her ass as his other hand serviced the remaining side. The soft flesh felt wonderful against his palm and each time he pulled them apart Abigail would give a squeak. He looked at the girl laying on her arms with her eyes closed seemingly lost in the treatment she was receiving.

David decided to progress even further as he slid one hand over her ass crack, and with the other ran it along her waist, up her side, and just along the outer part of her tit that spilled from the side. He softly massaged her exposed breast while his other hand went deeper into her ass until his finger brushed just over tight hole. Her ass clenched against his hand from the contact, but he didn’t stop, rather he took the opportunity to tickle the spot with the tip of his finger. Abigail squirmed as he poked around making her robe ride up and finally revealing what he had desired most.

Her round firm ass made him grow even harder if that was possible. She was wriggling and groaning against his actions. So much so that when she arched her body he took the opportunity to reach under and fully cup her breast. Her tit didn’t even fit his hand but feeling her puffy nipples made up for it tremendously. Abigail lowered her body fully pressing her breast into his palm. David pinched her nipple between his index and middle finger eliciting high pitch moans from the girl as he dipped the tip of his finger into her ass. His heart was racing from excitement as he fingered and groped the young girl in front of him. Her eyes were shut tight and her breathing was ragged as she experienced pleasure like never before. David pushed deeper inside her ass driving his hand further between her legs.

“AHHhhh!” bahis şirketleri Abigail let out a choked scream as David’s hand made first contact with her wet pussy. The fingering her ass was receiving as well as the intense pleasure from her nipples had made her pussy extremely sensitive. Every slight touch, every thrust of his finger in her ass sent small shockwaves of ecstasy coursing through her body. She raised her right knee giving him unobstructed access to her most private place. He took the invitation by removing his finger and focusing entirely on her soaked cunt.

She pushed her hips back as he rubbed his hand along her dripping pussy. Her constant moans a sign that she was enjoying the treatment immensely. She was so close to cumming that she just wanted to reach behind her, grab his hand, and fuck it until she exploded all over. She could feel her juices drip from her when he spread her lips. His hot breath hitting her inside made her feel like she was melting. She thought for sure she would go crazy when his fingers entered her. They rubbed against her smooth walls and hit the spot deep inside her that made her hips jerk uncontrollably.

She could feel the pressure building in her lower stomach. Her breaths were short and her whole body tensed as she grew closer and closer to climax. Just a little more, a little more and she would be pushed over the edge. In and out. In and out his fingers went deeper and deeper until all of a sudden he stopped. The complete emptiness she felt and the loss of such pleasure made her whimper in despair. She could feel her pussy quiver as her orgasm receded. She was about to reach behind her and finish herself when she felt a new sensation.

David had released her tit and used both his hands to spread apart her ass to lick along the length between her cheeks. When he crossed her tight asshole she felt him dip his tongue in ever so slightly. The wet, warm appendage brought back her dissipating arousal with renewed vigor. He would rub his tongue flat against her anus making it pucker and her moan loudly into the sofa. She clenched the cushions tightly in her fists as she felt her pussy heat up once more. He was lapping at her ass like a thirsty dog moaning deeply while he did.

She pushed her ass out hoping he’d take the invitation. He did. His tongue drove inside her tight opening and once in she relaxed drawing him in deeper. His tongue massaged her inner walls, sliding around and making her squeal from the stimulation. His hand pushing inside her pussy only served to heighten her desire. Her cum was flowing freely once more and she could feel her thighs become numb as the pleasure drove out all other senses. David now had his face buried in her ass and she had her hand in his hair trying to force him even deeper.

Her mind was blank, unable to focus on anything except reaching the pinnacle of her ecstasy. It was when David flipped her on her side and placed his head between her legs that she decided she would reach that peak. Her thighs clamped firmly around his head while her hands pushed him deep into her. She screamed and moaned as he sucked and groaned with each passing second; his hands placed tightly against her ass. Abigail once again felt the tightening in her stomach and felt the pressure build once more. She was grinding forcefully at this point, using the older boy as merely a toy for her enjoyment. She felt her pussy squeeze his tongue as finally she reached what she had desired for so long.

Her vision blurred and her cries caught in her throat as her body exploded in a mind numbing orgasm. All thoughts vanished as she rode out wave after wave of euphoric bliss. Relief spread as she came hard on David’s face, to which he eagerly sucked in all he could. Abigail bit her bottom lip and moaned as she was brought to the peak and slowly descended. Her senses returned and she became aware of her body once more. Her eyes opened as she rode out the last bit of her climax. She stared down at the person looking up at her wondering just what would happen next.