Accidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 04

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Alexis Ren

I’d fucked my mom, but now I needed to make love to her.

“Mikey,” mom said, “I love it when you fuck me, it’s always so good. You’re always so much better than your dad,” she said, before passionately kissing me. Then she pulled off my cock and slid down my body, kissing every inch of flesh as she did so, her eyes glued to mine, before finally arriving at her goal, my hefty, thick, hard, bulbous, glistening, throbbing, wet shaft. Taking my cock into her mouth, her eyes glued to mine all the time, it was heavenly as her hot mouth enveloped the head of my cock, sucking on me, licking it up and down, loving every part of its wild length.

It was the first time mom had spoken to me while I fucked her. That had been the rule, never talk, during or after sex. But now, here I was, my hands caressing her beautiful big breasts as she sucked me off. Now I could have her all, not just fucking her from behind like a tool to satisfy my sexual wants and needs. Now, she was my everything, now we could do and say everything.

I’d wanted so much more for so much longer. I’d wanted to taste the insides of her vagina, to kiss her bulbous breasts, lick her round nipples, have her suck me. But most of all, I wanted to kiss her sensually, erotically, explicitly.

“Mikey, wake up,” mom said, “you should take your shower, it’s nine already.”

Shit! I thought, waking from my erotic dream. For weeks now I had wanted to tell her that I need so much more than to just fuck her, now I was dreaming about it all the time. But should I try to close the gap?

“Are you ok? You seemed miles away. What were you thinking about?” She asked.

What was I to do? Should I finally tell her? Should I finally cross the line and risk everything we had? Should I risk fucking my mom whenever I wanted? Should I risk never being able to fuck her again? Should I risk never getting the chance to screw both her and her sister together again? But I knew what I wanted now, and the need to do it had been rising within me for a long long time and I was close to bursting point. I couldn’t hold in my desires anymore.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I can’t help myself anymore. sivas escort I want to kiss you, lick you down there, I want your all. I can’t continue as we are. I can’t use you like some sex doll anymore. I want to make love to you, I want to talk to you,” I admitted, finally.

I didn’t know what she would think or say. I was risking everything we had. I was her son, she couldn’t be so free in the things we did, we’d needed a barrier to hide the incest that had become our greatest secret. A secret, that by not talking about it, was also almost a secret to ourselves.

“Mikey,” she began, before a long pause. What would she say, what must she think of my needs? Was this the end of everything we had? Did I gamble and loose with the best thing I had had in my short life so far?

Within an instant, her true feelings were revealed. Stretching out her arms, she closed them around me bringing me closer to her. Crushing me against her huge breasts for the first time, her hands running everywhere in an instant. Roaming down my back to my ass, around the front to my cock, then to my stomach my chest, my face, feeling me, touching me. It was if she were touching everywhere that she could, as quickly as she could. Maybe she wanted me too, but she knew she couldn’t have me, and so she was feeling everything in a split second before she needed to reject her own desires and needs.

“Mikey,” she repeated. “I want you too. I’ve been wanting so much more, for so long now. I’ve been wanted to suck you and hold you, and I’ve been wanting you to taste me too, to lick me there,” she said, her eyes dropping to her vagina. “I’ve been wanting you to fuck me and look me in the eyes and kiss me when you do it. I’ve been wanting it for so long.”

Now I needed to be strong and take the lead again. In an instant I took off my t-shirt, then I unzipped my pants and within seconds I was naked before her. Taking her in my arms again I kissed her passionately and deeply. My cock, already wet and dripping pressed against her skirt, my hands clutched onto her ass, I knew now, that she was fully mine.

Pulling away from her, sivas escort a string of my pre-cum still attached to her skirt, building a bridge between us both, I proceeded to undress her. Like a present, I slowly unwrapped her, until she too, was completely naked before me.

Her arms clutched around her naked breasts, still ashamed of our incest, I hugged her, her breast covered arms pressing into my chest as I kissed her again, my arms flickering over her wonderful shape, her neck, her back, her ass, her everything. Slowly, as her trust in me grew, her defences lowered, her arms slipping away from her breasts to her sides, before slowly rounding my ass and starting to feel my naked body again.

I knew now that I needed to lead, and I did. Taking her hand in mine, I led her to my bedroom and laid her out on my bed. Climbing atop her, my waist hovering over her stomach, I fondled her breasts before lowering myself onto them and kissing them, fondling them with my tongue. Then, I slid down to kiss her between her thighs, deep inside her ocean of love.

Love lost, deep inside her, my tongue flicking, in and out of her, and flickering across her clit, I felt her roll me over onto my back as I hungered for the pleasures of her pussy. Now atop me, my tongue still deep inside her, she did a 360, working herself around to the origin of her desire. Taking me in her fist, she then swallowed my cock whole, sliding it deep into her throat.

It seemed like an eternity that we were lost in each other. Twisting her over, so that she was now underneath me, she continued to suck my cock. In turn, I started to plough her pussy harder and harder as if my tongue were a rigid hard cock.

Now I was ready to make love to her. Doing a 360, I now lost my tongue in her mouth again, kissing her passionately, I slid inside her, my thick, hard, wet cock, filling her up inside.

“Oh yes Mikey, I’ve wanted you for so long,” she whispered in my ear as I entered her. It was the first time she had spoken to me when we did it, it was heaven.

“I’ve wanted you for so long too mom,” I replied, not caring that I called sivas escort bayan her mom, I wanted to. I wanted her to know that her son was inside her now, making love to her.

“Yes baby, fuck mommy, fuck me hard, you deserve me, baby,” she said as my pelvis started giving her the action she so desperately desired.

Kissing her and fucking her with everything I had, my tongue slipping down to her breasts with every chance I had, I dug deeper inside her. Eagerly, I powered into her, my hands now grasping her ass as I power fucked her.

“Oh fuck me, Mikey, fuck your momma as hard as you can baby, I want my son to fill me up with all his seed and make me flower again like when I was a teen,” she screamed as I neared climax.

“Oh yeah mom, I’m gonna cum in you. I’m gonna shoot my seed so deep inside you so that even though you’re on the pill, you’re gonna get pregnant. That’s how hard I’m gonna fuck you, mom,” I screamed, as I fucked her harder and harder, our bodies now sweating.

“Oh baby, I stopped taking the pill as soon as we got together,” mom whispered. For some strange reason, knowing that she was open, receptive, made me feel all the more hornier, and I power fucked her even harder.

“Oh fuck mom, that’s so hot,” I screamed, powering down into her wet vulnerable vulva. “Mom, if I got you pregnant, that would be the hottest sexiest thing in the world,” I confessed, admitting to probably the wildest most taboo fantasy I had ever had.

“Oh daddy,” mom said, strangely changing her title for me, in the split instant, I guessed she must be speaking dirty to me, trying to get me even hotter. But then she said more.

“Mikey, I’m pregnant, and it’s yours,” mom admitted, “I didn’t do it with your dad since we got together. You’re gonna be a daddy hun.” Mom whispered into my ear as my hard wet cum laden cock was getting ready to shoot another load of baby-making juice deep into her.

“So right now, you’re fucking just where your child is. But more than that, your brother or sister.” With that I couldn’t help myself, I shot my entire load deep inside moms vagina. As I released my load, all I could think was that my sperm was shooting their way to meet my brother-son/sister. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

As my white hot cum filled up my moms pussy, spilling out onto my thick cock, I knew now that I was no longer just a son. I was a daddy.