Aching For My Sister Pt. 02

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Please be aware this is a story about consensual, adult brother and sister incest. If this is not your thing, please enjoy another story from the many talented writers on here.

All characters are at least 18 years of age.

I believe reads as a stand-alone, but if you are new to the story of Ryan and Abby you might consider starting with Part 1.

I would like to thank as usual Eva_Adams and Redheaded Wonder Woman for their beta reads, editing and invaluable proofreading.

The Next Day:

I was flying through the air. It was an amazing thing. I didn’t need wings, I could float in mid-air like a superhero, but I wasn’t one. I was just me.

I could change my speeds and altitude at will, but right now I didn’t want to go anywhere but the cloud I was laying on because an angel had my hard cock in her warm, wet mouth.

I looked down at her, wings tucked behind her back, long flaxen hair, and a halo above her head that sparkled in a scintillation of white light and a rainbow of spectral-colors. Occasionally her wings would flap sending her long blonde hair flowing into the wind or slapping against me.

Her mouth was rolling its tongue around the head of my cock and taking me in deeply sucking harder and harder drawing more blood into my erection making it even more rocklike.

The angel’s hand was lovingly sliding up and down my shaft and then stopped at her lips, formed a tight circle under the head of my cock and created a vagina with her fingers and lips, and started to fuck my penis with her mouth.

I was laying there knowing that I was in heaven. I didn’t know if I had died or not, but I had never had a blow job like this before and started realizing that I was going to cum. Oh my, I was going to explode into the angel’s mouth in the largest orgasm of my life as the head of my cock became even more swollen, desperate to pop my load.

The angel must have been sent to me by God because she was speeding up her motions on my cock urging me to cum. “Cum,” the angel said. “Cum. I want you to cum. I want you to shoot all of your hot jizz into my mouth. I need it. Fill my mouth with your cum.”

I grabbed hold of the angel’s head ready to shoot my full load into her mouth. My hips starting to thrust rapidly in and out.

“I’m going to cum!” I shrieked to the angel.

“Yes, yes, yes! Cum for me Ryan! Give it to me. Give me all of your sweet, creamy cum.”

Ryan? I woke up! The head in my hands was Abby’s and the mouth that was sucking my cock was Abby’s, and the hands on my ass forcing me in and out of her mouth were Abby’s.

I woke up abruptly screaming, “Abby what the fuck are you doing?!”

As my balls started erupting, shooting stream after stream of my boiling, morning cum into my sweet sister’s mouth.

I could feel her suctioning harder as she swallowed every shot. One, two, hell must have been six or seven shots until I was spent.

Abby kept her mouth on my cock licking around it, holding it in her warm wetness as I slowly got soft. She kept licking me and massaging my shaft milking out every last drop until I slid out of her mouth.

“That was great!” she said still swallowing and gulping.

I laid back trying to collect myself.

“What the fuck was that? For Christ’s sake?!”

“You wouldn’t let me do that last night, and I really wanted to taste your cum big brother,” and she leaped up, grabbed my head, and gave me a long, deep kiss. My younger sister shoving her tongue coated with my own spunk into my mouth, finding my tongue and rolling it around with hers.

“Good morning. What do you want for breakfast? I’ve already had mine,” and she gave me a devilish smile.

“I’ll have words for you later. That was underhanded and not okay,” and I padded out to the bathroom to pee and shower.

I was standing under the hot water with my eyes closed, shampooing my hair and trying to wash my sins down the drain when I heard the shower door open and Abby’s soft breasts pressing into me. She grabbed my dick and started to grind her pussy against my ass.

“Abby, stop! We can’t do this.”

“But I want you again.”

“Abby this has got to stop. It is not normal.”

“Well, it’s normal between us, now. We are both adults. We both wanted to do it. And I want to do it again.”

I pushed her away with soap in my eyes.

“Please, can we just shower, get dressed, and eat a quick breakfast. I’ve got an early class and then practice later.”

She grabbed my cock and gave it a tight shake.

“Okay,” she said with a pout.


Sometimes I think I know what love is all about.

We are taught about it all of our lives. When we are young through our parents, aunts and uncles and their friends. Sometimes it is true, but frequently it is a myth.

Our friends teach us what love is all about, as do our teachers and our faith leaders.

Many of us learn through the arts. Nowadays that is movies, TV and for those of us who read, books. (Even though I don’t think Shakespeare’s alanya escort sonnets teach many about love anymore.)

But most learn about love through life and experience and trying it on.

That can be joyous, painful, wonderful, the greatest thing that has ever happened, and many times devastating. But what is love?

There is the natural love between a young child and their parents, but that is not what I am talking about. There is the love of a rock star or movie star — I suppose nowadays, maybe an influencer or someone on TV or your computer — but that is also not what I am talking about.

Is adult love “till death do you part?” Does it require sex to cement it? If not, why is having sex with another called “making love?”

I know that in my few short years of sexuality, when I feel love for someone I wanted to fuck them. Excuse me, make love to them.

Sure there are times when I saw some chick, she got me hot and bothered and all I wanted to do was fuck her. But I know that was lust and not love.

Nothing wrong with that. I like fucking a hot babe as much as the next guy. As Jalen always says, “That’s what cheerleaders are for.”

And yes, it is true about really tall guys and cock size. It’s large. I’m not as big as Jalen. He is 7′ tall and I am only 6′-5″ but yeah, I’m never embarrassed in the locker room, and it helps with the cheerleaders who are enjoying the show when I’m running up and down the court. I’ll admit it.

But what is true love?

I suppose that is the eternal question that has fueled many a fight, and rom-com.

As I walked down the quad heading to my next class I was pondering all of this because as troubling as it was, I was thinking that I was in love with my sister and not in a brotherly way.

And that wasn’t good.

And I was getting a hardon thinking about it and that really wasn’t good.

Practice was at 4:00pm. We were suiting up and Jalen said, “Hey bro, too bad you weren’t fucking some hot, breakup pussy last night.” And he smiled a shit-eating grin.

He had no idea.

“Yeah, I figured you and Jeanie had fun. Did you nail her ass too?”

“Nah. She said I was too big. But I fucked her pussy all night, and came in her mouth twice,” and he smiled.

I flipped him the bird. “So fuck you. I lost to Abby at ‘Call of Duty’ and went to bed with my hand. Asshole.”

“Hey! If you’re not black, you don’t fuck a hot crack,” and he put his hand down to his crotch and shook it up and down.

“Yeah, let’s see what that big old cock of yours can shoot on the court and not in a pussy, dickhead,” and I headed out.

We were practicing our outside game. It was on me to hit from way-downtown for a three at the big moments in the game. Coach had Jalen guarding me to make it more challenging. It was up to me to figure out how to shoot a winner over a 7′ footer and it was his job to shut his best friend down.

Jalen came charging hard up to me, stopped, and said, “Hey isn’t that Kelly the cheerleader we DPed over there?

I looked and the fucker knocked the ball out of my hand and drove in to dunk one for two points sticking his tongue out at me the whole time.

“Stevens! That is no way to handle the ball. Good job, Jalen, Take five.” screamed Coach.

I trotted over to our bench looking at Kelly. She was one hot blonde and her firm C-cup boobs looked mighty fine in her white tight sweater. I was sure she was sneaking a glance at me since Jalen and I had DPed her last year on the night of the victory party.

Kelly was one sexy babe. Short, a spinner — you know spinner, right? A girl so short you can put her on your cock and spin her around on it without her hitting her head on the floor. And at 5′-4″ compared to my 6′-5″ she didn’t hit my shoulder standing and I could have spun her, totally.

Speaking of totally, she was totally over-sexed. Her hormones were pumping, and thanks to the numerous glasses of beer she had at the party they were pumping for Jalen and me that night.

We went back to our place together. It wasn’t the first time we had double-teamed a girl.

The three of us made out. Jalen and I loving her up taking turns caressing her breasts, pussy, and ass.

“I’ve been watching you guys all season on the court,” she said. The two of you are fucking great and hot. Are you as big as you look in your shorts?” And she put her hands on our cocks.

“Shut up! You really are. Shit! Stand up both of you.”

We did, and suddenly our pants and underwear were on the ground.

Kelly’s hands were in an instant all over our cocks that were getting harder by the moment. I looked over at my buddy and he was sporting a shit-eating grin.

“Shit,” she said again. “I’ve never seen so much cock. Shit! I don’t know where to begin.”

We helped her, eventually taking turns with oral top and bottom, I ate her sweet, young pussy as she sucked his big cock, and then we switched.

Jalen’s cock is larger than mine. Longer, but mine alanya escort bayan is wider than his. We had a continuing argument over what was more important length or width. I contended that at 7″ and three fingers wide I won. He contended that at a normal two fingers wide, but over 8″ with a really big head he won. Go pick ’em.

He ate her and she sucked me off struggling to get my fat cock balls deep. I gotta say, Kelly had mad skills.

So apparently did Jalen as she came in a shattering orgasm happily with her mouth locking down on my dick as she vibrated in ecstasy driving me crazy.

We then took turns split-roasting her with Jalen in her cunt and my cock in her mouth. Then we switched. I shoved my thick cock into her pussy, she was dripping like she had just stepped out of the bath, and Kelly did her best try to get Jalen’s long prick down her throat.

As the night went on it became obvious that Kelly was horny for BBC, and Jalen was more than willing to provide it.

Hey! You can’t blame him, but I was starting to feel like the third wheel just along for the ride. A nice ride, but the ride.

Since I was playing second fiddle, I suggested we DP her. It was something I always wanted to do. I think every guy’s fantasy if you watch enough porn.

Kelly thought it was a great idea, but she was adamant that she wanted Jalen in her pussy.

“I want to look at him while he fucks me and shoots his black sperm up into my womb. Look at those balls. I bet you have a huge load of black babies in there waiting for me.”

“Whoa, wait a minute girl. I don’t want to become no daddy.”

“Don’t worry. I have an IUD. I just want to be able to tell my stupid racist parents that I had a big black guy shooting his sperm deep inside their precious white daughter’s vagina.”

That’s all it took! We DPed her. Since Kelly wanted Jalen in her pussy, I got her ass.

In a different circumstance, I would have told her that since my cock was a lot wider it was better in her pussy, and more challenging for her backdoor to take it, but if that was what the girl wanted, I was more than happy to fuck her ass!

Kelly wisely thought I should penetrate her first. She believed it would be easier that way for her to take both. I ate her ass. Licking around her sweet rosebud on the ring that surrounds it and then lapping at it like a dog in heat. When she seemed open and ready, I smeared on a wad of KY and slowly worked my cock in.

It hurt her. My cock really is thick. She winced a bit, and yelped once or twice, but had game. Eventually, I got inside through the inner sphincter and moved in and out a few times so that Kelly got adjusted to it until I was balls deep. She looked Jalen in the eye and said, “Fuck me!”

And he put his big black cock in her very small white pussy.

It was amazing. Two big cocks inside such a small-bodied girl.

Laying there with my hard cock up her ass, I could feel his big one slide up her pussy. We were only separated by the small and tender membrane in between vagina and bowel and I could feel the huge, engorged head of his cock caress up my shaft until he was all the way in and our heads were basically kissing each other, next-door neighbors. The head of his cock was so wide it was stretching her pussy open and forcing my cock backward against her spine.

“Oh my God!” She screamed. “I’ve never felt so full. Fuck!”

We started to move in sync. Our cocks moving in and out together in her cunt and her ass as Jalen was fingering her clit. Kelly was moaning so loud, I thought we might wake the upstairs neighbors.

“We picked up speed and staying in sync. Our balls were bouncing against each other, and I’m sure the head of my cock was stimulating the head of his cock too because I could feel it expanding wider as it engorged with blood.

Assfucking is always the tightest sex, but when there is a huge cock in the pussy next to your cock pushing down on it and you are simultaneously assfucking and being whacked off by the cock next door, your cock gets really aroused, and my balls were churning. It wasn’t long until I was shooting my gigantic orgasm up her ass shooting rope after rope of my hot, milky cum deep into her bowels. Easily eight or nine gigantic spurts.

And Jalen followed almost immediately shooting unprotected with his big cock shoved all the way up into her cervix shooting his sperm deep into her womb. I could feel his balls expand, and spasm with his orgasm as Kelly came screaming for Jesus, and actually started crying as she spasmed over and over and over again.

Shit, I had an erection thinking about it. That was a bit embarrassing.

I looked at Jalen, He was licking his lips too.

Practice went well, but now it was time to go home. I looked at Jalen and said, “I’ll see you later. Abby wants to grab a burger and pick my brains over her math homework.”

And I split.



We decided on take-out and sat at the table escort alanya chowing down on cheeseburgers and fries. I was having a difficult time eating because Abby kept rubbing her leg against mine or trying to sneak her hand on my cock and my hands were busy defending myself rather than holding a burger or picking up a French fry.

“You never told me if you like my new tattoo.”

She was referring to the flaming volleyball tattooed to the right of her vag.

“Very sexy.”

Her hand snuck back up again towards my crotch.

“You think it’s sexy?”

“Yes. It will drive the guys wild.” I swatted her hand away again.

“You think it’s sexy. What about me?”

“Will you stop it already!” I shrieked.

“OK. If you insist,” and she tweaked the head of my dick.

We ate in silence for a while until Abby said, “Ryan, listen to me. You are the love of my life and I want you to take me back to the bed and make love to me.”

“Abby, you are my sister and this is wrong.”

“No, it is not if it is true love. You are the only person who has ever loved me. You are my knight in shining armor, my Sir Lancelot. I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms.”

“Look, I know that right now you are having problems and for some reason think this is the right thing, but it is not. You can not spend your life in my arms. This is not natural or normal.”

“I can’t help it. It is for me. I want you. And I want you forever.”

I needed a drink and got up to make a martini. Yeah, that is what got me in trouble last night, but beer wasn’t going to cut it right now.

I mixed it, shook it, poured it, and sat down taking a sip.

“You going to give me some of that firewater?” Abby asked

I knew a mistake when I saw one but said, “Sure,” and she took a long pull.

“Blah! That shit is still gasoline.”

She paused. “But it does warm you going down. Doesn’t it?”

I let the vodka do its work with the hope that it might tamp down Abby’s libido.

Instead, she put her hand back on me.

“Ryan, I need you to fuck me with that big, thick cock of yours right now.”

“Stop it, Abby!”

“I know yours is bigger than most. Maybe the biggest I will ever have. I’m not a child, Ryan. I need it right now. I have been dreaming about your cock inside of me all day and I have been soaking my panties over it. I had to change them twice.”

“I want to suck you and fuck you, big brother, and I need it right fucking now!”

And she grabbed my cock so hard I thought she might yank it off.

“Okay, but if we do will you agree that this is it?”

Abby sat there quietly.

“We can spend the night, even the next morning in bed, and we can have sex however you want, wherever you want, and as often as I can get it up, but if we do, you will agree that this the last time.”

“If I have to.”

“Yes, you have to.

She looked at me. “Do you promise anything I want?”

“Yes Abby, I promise.”

“Okay,” she said. “I promise too,”

I chugged my martini, stood up, made another, gave her a sip, looked at Abby, and said, “Shall we go to bed then?”


We had barely walked into the bedroom before Abby started pawing at me.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“You know we can’t do what I want to do with our clothes on.”

My pants were off and I felt Abby reaching into my undies.

“That’s a very hard cock,” she said. “Let’s get it out. “

“Wait,” I said.

“Wait?” She asked, and didn’t stop.

“No. I’m not…”

“Not what?”

My boxers hit the floor and my hard cock flopped out and Abby’s hand moved over it.

“No,” I said.

“No?” she asked but started grabbing my cock firmly.

“No. This isn’t the way I planned it. “

Oh, I’m sorry,” she pined as she began to stroke my dick in her loving hands. “You want me to stop?”

“No. I don’t. I mean…”

“Don’t what?” and she jerked me a little more.

“It is so large and wide, brother,” and she started to stroke my cock faster as she looked into my eyes.

“How big is it?”

“It’s big enough.”

“Come on, Ryan. Tell me. How big is it?”

“A bit over seven inches.”

“But are most guys so thick?”

“No. Most are around two fingers wide.”

She put her fingers against the base of my cock.

“Fuck, you are four fingers wide!”

I removed her feminine hand and replaced her fingers with mine.

“Thanks for the compliment, but three fingers,” and I smiled.

“Wow! You are going to ruin me for any other guy. I told you that we love each other.”

“Stop it. Fantasizing over cock size is just sex. When you love someone the size of his cock doesn’t matter. When you love someone it is making love.”

“And I love you. Make love to me, Ryan. Please. Make love to me with your big cock. And do it right now.”

And she dropped to her knees taking my cock into her mouth again.

“Abby, please stop, please.” I was begging and moaning, but I’ll admit everything she was doing was good. Really good.

Her mouth was suctioning up and down my dick making me throb and jerk to the sensations in the head.

She backed off and began to stroke me again.

“You want me to stop? I’ll stop if you want me to,” she said with a smug look on her face. Shit, the girl always knew me better than I knew myself.