Adam’s Apple Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Christine glanced out the window at the sandy-haired young man mowing her lawn and licked her lips with a little shiver.  For the last week, she’d found her thoughts almost completely consumed by sex, and two people figured very prominently in those frequent fantasies.  One of them – stripped to the waist with a sheen of sweat glistening on his muscular torso – pushed a lawnmower around the various obstacles in the yard.Seeing that Adam was nearly done with the yard work, Christine turned down the air-conditioning another notch or two, even though her nipples were already pressing hard against the bikini top she wore.  Her fantasies consumed her, and her array of vibrators could no longer contain them.She planned to begin fulfilling them today.Christine stroked her hand between her legs, knowing that she probably had a damp spot on the bikini bottom beneath the short-shorts she wore.  A quick glance in the mirror revealed her nipples poking out provocatively, the stiff buds and darker circles surrounding them impossible to miss in the tight bikini top.  A quick tug down on her shorts revealed a plainly visible cameltoe, prompting her to offer the mirror a coquettish, crooked smile and toss her dark tresses.  The vision was making her mouth water, and she had no doubt that it would have the same effect on Adam.She let out a hungry moan as she heard the sound of the lawnmower sputtering to a stop, and pulled up her shorts.  A quick check of her pocket revealed that the hundred-dollar bill was still there.  Finding out that Adam needed money for concert tickets had made the means to bring him to her house quite easy indeed.The doorbell rang and Christine answered it almost before the sound of the chimes died away.“I’m all done, Aunt Christine.”“Come on in,” she responded, then pulled the bill from her pocket, the second he’d earned today, and handed it to him.“Jesus,” Adam exclaimed as he walked into the frigid house.  “It’s like an icebox in here.”“I probably should turn it down.  I just couldn’t afford to keep the air at a comfortable temperature for too many years, and I’m overcompensating.”  She had a hard time hiding her smile when she noticed Adam’s eyes straying to her nipples, stiff from a combination of the cold and her arousal.“I was going to tell you to sit down and cool off a while, but maybe it would be better if you just came out back and took a dip in the pool.  That’s what I was about to do.”“That sounds great.”Christine nodded toward the back of the house and then walked that way.  Once again, she had to fight down the urge to grin when a glance in a mirror revealed Adam watching her bottom swaying as she walked.  She knew it wasn’t her imagination this time, and that swelled her hopes about what she wanted to happen today.She stripped off her shorts without preamble as soon as she reached the pool, revealing her barely-there bikini bottom.  A quick kick sent the shorts sailing off toward a deck chair, and then she executed a perfect dive into the water.Christine surfaced and floated over onto her back, giving her nephew a good look at her.  Now wet, her suit revealed even more than it had dry.  She passed off her moan upon seeing him stealthily adjust his manhood as one of satisfaction with the water.  He tucked the hundred in his shirt pocket after pulling off the sweat-dampened garment, and then emptied the pocket of his shorts atop it.She slowly floated on her back to clear a spot for him to dive, kicking her legs extra wide to accentuate the bikini bottom clinging to her nether lips.  She let out a purr as he hit the water, his dive just as graceful as hers.“This is great,” he sighed as he surfaced, escort beylikdüzü and then sputtered as his aunt splashed him.“Got you,” she laughed, and then splashed him again.He splashed back, prompting a short water fight.  When he dodged a double-handed splash from his aunt and turned back around, he didn’t see her.  A second later, she revealed her location by pulling down on his legs to dunk him.  Before she surfaced, she tugged at the knot holding her bikini top.  The water did the rest.Adam’s eyes went as wide as saucers when she broke the surface to laugh at him.  She feigned ignorance as a breeze kissed her bare breasts to ask him, “Are you okay?”“Your… Err…  Uhh…” He stammered, and then finally summoned up enough presence of mind to turn away from the vision holding his eyes.“Oops,” she laughed as her top bobbed on the surface right in front of him.  She swam over and plucked it from the water, taking her time to tie it back on.  “Oh, come on now.  It’s not as if you’ve never seen breasts before, I’m sure.  You’re a handsome young man.  I’m sure there are plenty of girls who’ve showed you theirs.”Adam mumbled something unintelligible, shifting in the water.  Christine was certain that his movements were designed to adjust a swelling between his legs.  She finished tying her top and said, “Okay, it’s safe now.  You don’t have to worry about seeing my old lady boobs any more.”“You’re not old,” he responded hesitantly as he turned back to her, shrugging with apparent discomfort.“I’m pushing thirty.  That’s ancient for an eighteen-year-old.”His face turned bright red, and Christine couldn’t hide her smile this time.  “What’s this?  Have you been with an older woman?”  She asked in conspiratorial tones.“Yeah,” he answered.“I bet you learned a lot.”  She winked and laughed as she finished.His blush deepened, and he turned away a little.“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t tease.  I can’t help it.  I was never a stick in the mud like the rest of my sisters.  I think it’s because I came along when they were all at least ten years older than me.”  She floated around next to him and leaned into his field of vision to smile.  “If you ever need to talk about anything like that and don’t feel comfortable talking to your mom, you can always come to me.  Nothing embarrasses me.”“It’s kinda weird.”“Not as weird as asking your mom?”He chuckled.  “I guess not.”“It’s better to ask questions than to find out the hard way.  You almost look like you want to ask me something right now.”  She paused for a moment and caught an unmistakable look on his face.  “You do, don’t you?  I tell you what, I’ll guess.  If I hit the right one, you let me know.”Adam just shrugged, his face still bright red and his eyes darting to her nipples of their own volition.“What do girls want in a man?  No?  What’s big enough?”He glanced at her, his expression changing just enough for her to notice.“That’s it, isn’t it?  Don’t worry so much about that, Adam.  If you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t really matter all that much.  Bigger can be better, but not always.  A man with a big cock can really hurt you if he isn’t gentle.  If I have to guess from what I’ve seen so far, I’d say you’re more than big enough.”He unconsciously let one hand drift down in front of his crotch while his eyes filled with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity.“Oh, come now, Adam.  Just like you’ve seen breasts before, I’ve seen cocks before.  Are you hard?”“I…  Aunt Christine…”“Relax, Adam.  You’re young, and it doesn’t take much to make your little friend there swell.  You did just see my breasts, after all.  It’s natural for you to be nice and escort akbatı hard when you’ve just seen a woman’s breasts.  I’d be worried if you weren’t.  I think you’ve always been a little sweet on me, too.  I know you were looking at me when we brushed our teeth that night at your house.”  She paused and smiled when he nodded his head almost imperceptibly.  “You are hard, aren’t you?”He nodded and answered, “Yeah.”“See now, that wasn’t so difficult.”  She tugged him toward the shallow end of the pool, and he didn’t resist, which she hoped was a good sign.  “Here we go, now just stand up.”Adam took a deep breath and stood up out of the water, revealing the ample bulge in his shorts.Christine let out a little moan of approval.  “You don’t have anything to worry about, Adam.  I’ve seen bigger ones, but you obviously have a nice cock.  I’m sure it would make any woman feel incredible when it’s buried deep inside her.”  She let hints of sensuality creep into her voice, trying to lead him down the path she wanted him to follow.This was the moment of truth.  Either she was going to fulfill her fantasies, or she was going to alienate her family forever.  She couldn’t stand to live with her desires any longer without acting on them.“Really?”“I wouldn’t lie to you.  From what I can see, it looks nice and long and thick.  Do you want me to look closer?”  Taking a risk, she reached for the waistband of his shorts with one hand.He didn’t answer, but his eyes did come to rest on her breasts without flinching away.  Christine then took the next dangerous step and tugged his shorts downward.  She smiled and twitched her eyebrows as she revealed his stiff manhood, continuing to tug until his shorts were down to his knees.“You have nothing to worry about.  You have a gorgeous cock.  Any woman would love to have it in her mouth or her pussy.  There are other ways to make sure she enjoys it too, though.  Have you ever gone down on a woman?  Have you eaten pussy?”“Yeah,” he answered, unconsciously glancing down at the silhouette of her labia pressing against the material of her bikini bottom.“Did she tell you what felt good?  Where to lick her?  Did she come?”“Not really.  I just sort of had to figure it out.  I think she did,” he answered with a shrug.Christine pushed the water with her arms as she stepped backward, and then she hopped up on the edge of the pool and made a beckoning gesture.  Adam’s eyes locked on the V of her legs as he moved to answer that call.“Let’s make sure there’s no question next time.”  She tugged down her bikini bottom, and then parted her legs wide, right in front of him.Adam stared at her sex with rapt attention, his cock twitching between his legs.“I shave everything except this little triangle,” she wiggled her fingers over the curly little patch of hair as she spoke, “So you should be able to see everything pretty well.  Come in closer.”Adam moved forward as if a puppet on strings.  She knew he was over the line now, and he probably wouldn’t backpedal from this point forward.“It never hurts to lick a girl’s nipples and suck them first, just to warm her up and make her nice and wet.  Of course, she’s probably already going to be wet anyway.”  Christine parted her outer lips a little to reveal the pink interior, and then traced her folds with one finger.  “These are the inner lips, and you should pay attention to them.  You can tease them with the tip of your tongue, or lap them, or even suck them.  It’s all going to feel good, so you should probably just do it all.”Adam nodded, his eyes never leaving her pussy.Christine parted her legs and lips a little wider.  “Can you see my escort beylikdüzü vagina, where your cock goes?”“Yeah,” he answered in a husky voice.“Some girls like you to stick your tongue in really deep.  I know I do.  You’ll just have to see from the way she reacts, if she doesn’t tell you.  You can go back and forth between that and sucking her lips.  It feels good when you don’t know what to expect next.”“Okay,” Adam replied, and licked his lips.“Now this is the important part.  Up here at the top is my clit.  It’s as sensitive as the head of your cock, and it’s going to make me come really hard if you pay attention to it.”  Christine pinched her hood as she explained.  She then lifted the protective sheath, revealing the swollen bud beneath.  “Some girls can’t handle it if you actually touch their clit, so you’ll have to lick their hood.  If they like it, though, you can make a girl come really hard by actually licking and sucking her clit.  I love having my clit sucked.  Touch it, so that you know what it feels like.”He didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and reached out to rub his fingers over the stiff little bud.Christine let out a little moan and said, “Now feel my lips around it.  Just run your fingers over me.”Adam traced the lines of her folds, wiggling his finger back and forth.  He pushed it inside up to the first knuckle, causing her to arch her back and gasp.“That feels good.  You have soft fingers.  Show me.”“What?”  Adam asked in surprise, looking up into her eyes and giving her a good view of his cock again.She tugged him forward, her voice dropping to almost a whisper, and full of sensuality.  “Show me that you were paying attention.  Show me how to make a woman feel good with your mouth.”Overwhelmed by the sight and scent of her, combined with the sexy tone of her voice, Adam leaned in, his hot breath causing her intimate muscles to contract and her lips to quiver.“Show me,” she breathed, praying he wouldn’t back out now.Christine’s head lolled back as the tip of his tongue lightly brushed her nether lips.  She let out a long gasp and repeated, “Show me.”Adam grew bolder, caught within the web of her sexuality.  His tongue darted over her pink folds, pressing between them to drink in the intoxicating nectar flowing from her in abundance.  Her small sounds of passion drove him on, and her relationship to him vanished in his mind.  He only knew that he had a beautiful, sexy woman responding to his touch.He proved beyond doubt that he had paid attention as she instructed him in how to pleasure her.  He explored every part of her, lapping, sucking, and probing her with his tongue.  Christine writhed and moaned, a long anticipated orgasm building within her from her nephew’s ministrations.  He grew more ardent by the moment, until he was absolutely devouring her with hungry sounds of his own.“That’s so good, Adam.  Does my pussy taste good?  Do you like it?  Do you want me to come for you?”“Uh huh,” he quickly responded, the words muffled by her folds because he couldn’t bring himself to stop long enough to answer.“Do it.  Show me.  Make me…”  She paused to take a sharp breath as he sucked her clit between his lips.  “Come!” she squealed and pulled his mouth tighter against her needy sex.Adam sucked her clit hard, amazed by the writhing of her body and the sounds of her ecstatic gasps.  On impulse, he thrust two fingers into her hot depths, prompting a long squeal of delight from her.“Oh yes!  Don’t stop.  I’m almost there.  I’m going to come for you.  Make me come for you.”The strength of her orgasm surprised her, and it certainly surprised Adam.  Her thighs clamped down hard around his head, and she held him tight against her sex as her hips bounced to and fro from the electric pulses of energy coursing through her body.  Adam rode her bucking hips, continuing to suck her throbbing clit and swelling with pride as she came, leaving no doubt that he’d taken her to her heights.