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It seemed strange to be in the house alone. It seemed like there had always been someone else there, but suddenly Addie felt alone.

Her daughter, Shannon, had moved into the dorm this past semester. Presumably so the time she had spent commuting could be devoted to study. Her GPA was exceptional and Addie had no idea how much any more study time could improve on that. But she was a junior and twenty-one years old, and her father had died leaving them with all the money they needed to do those things necessary to keep them alive and happy.

Brent, Addie’s nineteen-year-old son, worked in Daytona and came home most weekends. He called every couple of days and when he was at home they spent a lot of time together. She wished he could find as good a job closer so he could still live at home.

Before Hal died, the house never seemed quite this empty. Addie guessed it’s because she always expected him to be home soon. And the kids were always around. If it weren’t for Janet next door, she wouldn’t have a soul to talk to all day. Then there’s the other problem, that big empty bed all night.

At first, she just sat and cried. Sometimes it lasted for hours at a time. But the grief councilor from the church, assured her that it was normal to bawl like that. And after weeks and months, the tears stopped coming. But it’s still hard. Addie and Hal had been married for seventeen years, had the two wonderful kids and then suddenly, one heart attack and Hal is gone forever. ‘It’s just not fair,’ she thought.

They had married young, that happens in small towns in the south, and the children came early. Addie is thirty-eight now, and Janet says she is still attractive. But could she ever start over again?

She hungered for the attention Hal had given her. He had been caring and loving, and when they made love, it was wonderful. Addie would lie awake at night sometimes and remember how it felt when his long thick cock would penetrate to the very depths of her soul. She could still feel his hands on her tits and his tongue on her clit. She recalled the sensation of his hot seed filling her pussy or her throat when he emptied himself inside of her. She gets wet every time she thinks about him.

‘My God,’ Addie thought, ‘my pussy is absolutely flowing right now.’

Addie squeezed her thighs together in an effort to make the feelings go away. But she knew that they would only come back if she didn’t make herself cum. The ache would come back regardless, but cumming would help for now.

She went into the family room, in the back of the house and sat on the sofa. She pulled the hem of her soft sundress up to her hips as she sat. Her fingers slipped between her legs and moved over the smooth shiny satin of her panties. Looking down, she could see the dark spot her wetness had caused. She drew the thin strip of satin to one side and pushed a finger deep into her cleft, rubbing her thumb over her extended clit.

A shock went through her body at first contact, sending her soaring into a hard orgasm.

‘Geez,’ she thought, ‘it only takes a few seconds to get off. Hal would keep her going forever.’

Addie opened her eyes, after several moments, and saw Janet standing outside the sliding glass door. Janet was staring at Addie’s hands, which were still firmly in place between her outspread thighs. Janet slowly slid the heavy door open far enough to squeeze through, and entered the room. She closed the door behind her and crossed the short distance from the door and the sofa. Addie’s eyes were locked on Janet’s. Neither of them even blinked.

Janet sank to her knees in front of Addie, pushing her knees even farther apart. Taking Addie’s hands in hers, Janet pulled them away from Addie’s drenched opening. The blue satin slid back across Addie’s sandy brown fur. Janet placed Addie’s hands on the sofa beside her and reached for the thin strips holding the blue thong on Addie’s hips. Slowly, Janet drew the damp satin down Addie’s legs. Their eyes remained connected.

Janet let her gaze drop to Addie’s center. Her hands moved ahead and her fingers gently parted the soft hair covering the feathery folds, which lay beneath. As if in a trance, Addie watched as Janet’s face closed the short distance into the V between her legs. She watched as Janet parted her lips and extended her pink tongue, sweeping slowly up from below and dragging it across her inflamed love button.

Once, twice, three times, Janet thrust her tongue along Addie’s smoldering lips, sweeping over her raging clit. Then Addie closed her eyes and let the sensations fill her, mind, body and soul. The orgasm overtook her and she screamed. It had been three long years since anyone had touched her. And it had been another woman that had taken her to the heights again.

‘Have I become that desperate?’ she thought to herself.

But the sensations were undeniable.

“You all right, Addie?” Janet asked, softly.

“I don’t know,” Addie gasped. “Why did you do that to me?”

“I’m not quite sure,” Janet answered. tekirdağ escort “I was coming over and when I looked through the door and saw you doing yourself, I couldn’t help myself. You looked like you needed someone to help you.”

“Jesus, Janet,” Addie whispered, “have we become lesbians now?”

“Oh, I don’t think we have to worry about that,” Janet soothed. “Is this your first experience with another woman?”

“Yes,” Addie confided. “And it was wonderful. Have you done it before?”

“I have, lots of times,” Janet answered. “But there’s nothing that can beat a hard cock filling you up.”

Addie wept. Janet held her close for a long time, until the sobbing stopped.

“You really miss him, don’t you?” Janet asked.

“Some days much more than others,” Addie replied, collecting herself and standing up. “Thanks for what you just did. It was wonderful. But I don’t think I’m ready for a long term commitment to a relationship with a female, right now.”

Addie bent and kissed Janet on the lips, softly and tenderly.

“But I enjoyed that and I want to do it again,” Addie said sweetly.

Janet kissed her back. Addie swirled away and went to the kitchen to fix them each a glass of tea.

Janet was ten years younger than Addie. She had fluffy blond hair and an hourglass figure. Her soft puffy breasts were constantly on display regardless of what she wore. Addie estimated that she was at least a 40D, but on her 5′-10″ body, it looked good. Janet was proportioned nicely and Addie envied the younger woman’s splendid looks.

Addie was 5′-7″ tall with flowing fawn colored hair, firm 36C boobs and the classic good looks of a southern beach bunny. She regarded herself in the mirror as getting a little thick, here and there, but she was still a handsome woman.

Brent told his mother she was a stunner whenever she started up with the ‘I’m getting old and fat’ routine.’ He had encouraged her to find herself a man and get out of the house. But Addie wasn’t ready for that yet.

Shannon was constantly on her case to find a job and go meet some people. But she didn’t want to do that either. Hal had left them financially secure and any job would only be for the purpose of getting out and she felt that jobs should be left to those people that needed them. Besides, she didn’t have any skills other than being a mother and housewife.

Addie returned to the family room with two glasses of tea and sat across from Janet.

“When’s Brent coming home?” Janet asked.

“I never know when to expect him,” Addie answered. “He comes home most weekends but lately, it’s been less frequently. I think he’s seeing someone I Daytona.”

“He is such a hunk,” Janet said, between sips of tea.

“Easy, Girl,” Addie said. “He’s only nineteen years old.”

“That’s legal in every state in the country,” Janet said. “Besides, young meat is harder and lasts longer than the older stuff.”

“You are such a slut, Janet,” Addie gasped.

“Tell me that if you had a chance to crawl between the sheets with a nineteen year old stud, like Brent, that you’d pass it up,” Janet wailed.

“I’ve only been with two men in my life,” Addie admitted.

“Hal, and who else?” Janet asked, her interest piqued by Addie’s openness.

“It was a long time ago,” Addie whispered, her eyes seeking the floor. “And I’ll never forget how dirty I felt.”

It got very quiet in the room. Janet stared at Addie and waited.

“So?” she searched. “Who?”

“My mother’s second husband,” Addie said, finally. “It was awful. A couple of years after Hal and I were married, I went to help ma get a bath when she had a broken leg. Shannon was two, and Brent was a little over six months old. I had both of them with me that afternoon. I had just put them down for a nap. I was helping ma get her bath and I was soaking wet. I guess that Dale got turned on because I didn’t wear a bra in those days and my nipples were showing through my wet blouse. Any way, he made a snide comment and I stepped up to sneer in his face and he grabbed me and started to kiss me. I didn’t know any better and before you know it, I’m on the floor on all fours with his pecker in me from behind. I just kind of went wild because he was so big, but after I got home, I got sick to my stomach for fucking my mother’s husband and cheating on mine. God, I felt like hell for years.”

“Did you ever tell anybody?” Janet asked.

“You’re the first,” Addie explained. “And I’m still ashamed of it to this day.”

“Why?” Janet asked.

“Because I enjoyed it when he fucked me,” Addie snapped. “And I wanted him to do it again, but he never did. Thank God!”

“Well that’s old news, Sweetie,” Janet said. “You’ve got to get back in circulation. You’re too hot to keep yourself off the market. Besides, you might find some hung young stud, like Brent, to tickle your fancy.”

“That’s just what I need,” Addie said.

Janet departed and Addie returned to her casual housekeeping. She didn’t have to tekirdağ escort bayan work hard to keep the big house clean, but she did a little each day and stayed caught up. Brent would be coming home this weekend, she presumed, and she decided to give his room a little extra-added attention.

She entered Brent’s room, standing in the doorway and surveying the whole scene. Brent was a neat kid. He prided himself on his appearance and his tidiness. This trait was reflected in the way his room always looked. The books on the shelves were all arranged neatly in rows and standing straight up. His shirts and trousers all faced the same direction on the hangers in his closet and his things in his drawers were folded and stacked uniformly.

Addie knew she wouldn’t find a lot to do in his room, but she busied herself with pulling his laundry from the hamper in the bathroom and stripping the sheets from his bed. As she pulled the top sheet away from the bed, she noticed several crusty stains on the bottom sheet. She stepped closer to the bed and let her fingers slide over the dried remains of some wet dream on his sheet. Addie sat on the bed and let her hand rest with her fingers on the tell tale spots on the sheet.

‘How could he have grown up so fast?’ she asked herself, trying to imagine what her son could have been dreaming about when he discharged such an amount of semen on his sheet. Here mind reeling, she continued to strip the bed. She lifted first one pillow to pull the case off and then the other. As she lifted the second, a pair of red lace panties, which she recognized as hers, fell out of the pillowcase when she pulled it off the pillow.

She recalled that she had worn them the last time he had been home. It was her recollection that she had dropped them into the hamper in her room the night she took them off. ‘What on earth would they be doing in Brent’s pillowcase?’ she wondered.

Gathering the sheets, Addie went to the laundry room and started the washer. She held her panties in her hand, carefully checking to see if they could have gotten mixed up in the laundry. She could see that she had not laundered the panties, for they still had soil in the gusset. Her heart beat faster as she envisioned her son, with her panties in his hand, relieving himself in his bed.

Her thoughts raced in her head as she made her way back to Brent’s room. She stood just inside the door and looked around the room again. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Addie hated herself for inspecting his room, but she just had to know if he had anything else of hers there. She looked under the bed but found nothing. She scanned the rows of books and the neat piles of folders and items on his computer table. Nothing indicated that he had pilfered any more of her underwear. With trembling hands, she pulled open the top drawer of his dresser and looked down at the orderly piles of his clothing.

The third drawer down contained his socks and belts. She was about to push the drawer closed when she saw a wisp of nylon peeking out from under the carefully rolled socks. Addie moved the socks aside and revealed a pair of discarded panty hose. A long runner appeared in one leg so she assumed that she had thrown them away and Brent must have retrieved them from the trash basket in her room. Again, the white gusset patch, at the juncture of the leggings, was soiled from her discharges.

Addie carefully returned the panty hose to the drawer and replaced Brent’s socks to their original position. She placed the clean sheets on his bed, returning her red lace thong to its hiding place inside the pillowcase.

Returning to the family room, Addie lifted a bottle of Cognac from the shelf behind the small bar. She poured a small amount into a thick-bottomed rocks glass and walked to the kitchen for some ice cubes. She placed the glass on the breakfast bar and pulled a stool out upon which to sit. Contemplating the amber liquid in the squat glass, Addie reflected on the events of the past hour and a half. She lifted the glass to her lips with both hands and sipped. Replacing the glass on the counter, she closed her eyes and let the strong liquor slide down her dry throat. She could feel it burn as it traveled from her lips to the bottom of her churning stomach. She’d not taken a drink since Hal died.

Addie tried to rationalize Brent’s thoughts. Had he taken her things for some special reason or was he just turned on by her lingerie? Maybe he had turned into some kind of a panty freak. Addie sipped from her glass and dismissed her thoughts. Maybe he was just drawn to her. The Cognac was not the only thing causing her to feel warm inside.

Brent would be home tomorrow night. Maybe she could find answers to her questions then.


Sleep was elusive for Addie that night. She tossed and turned, her thoughts constantly returning to her son. Why, all of a sudden, had she become so obsessed with Brent? Brent was tall, 6′-2″ and muscular. He weighed in at 205 lbs. His hair was exactly escort tekirdağ the same color and texture as Addie’s. His azure eyes sparkled and his teeth were straight and white. Addie was positive that he could have any girl that looked his way. But he never seemed to have a girlfriend, or dated much. Instead, he preferred to spend his weekends with her. She wasn’t complaining, mind you, it just seemed strange.

She finally slept, not waking until after eleven in the morning. She lingered in the shower, luxuriating with the hot water streaming against her skin. She dried, dusted her body and brushed her long hair until it shone. She carefully selected a powder blue lacy bra that lifted and pushed her tender breasts together, creating more cleavage than she really had. The panties matched the bra perfectly. Her soft pubic thatch could clearly be seen through the thin lacy triangle covering her mound.

She decided against a garter belt, choosing instead a pair of black self-supporting thigh-high nylons with wide lace bands at the top and a razor thin seam up the back. Addie pushed her feet into a pair of navy satin pumps and stood to scrutinize her reflection in the mirror on the back of the bedroom door. Twice she asked her reflection what she thought she was doing and each time the woman in the mirror simply smiled back at her.

A gossamer white silk blouse with long full sleeves and a loosely fitting front, which left nothing to the imagination and a short navy skirt that fit like a second skin completed her ensemble. Simple two-inch silver loops dangled from her ears and no other jewelry. Again she surveyed herself in the mirror. The woman smiled back devilishly.

She placed candles around the bedroom. Their dinner would be simple. Grilled porterhouse and baked potato, with a light salad and red wine would do nicely. Candles at the table, of course, for atmosphere, and soft music on the stereo should get him in the mood. For what she was not exactly sure, she just wanted the mood to be romantic.

She wore a frilly blue apron while she readied her dinner and she also helped herself to another Cognac to stop the butterflies from fluttering in her tummy.

She heard the deep throb of the engine of his Firebird when he pulled into the garage. Pulling the apron from around her waist, Addie dimmed the lights in the dining room and lit four candles on the table. She stood across from the door as he entered the house. Addie could feel the dampness between her legs as her handsome son stepped through the door. His hair was tousled and his tie had been loosened. He held his jacket in one hand and a huge bundle of roses in the other.

Their eyes met. Brent pursed his lips as he examined his mother from across the room. A soft whistle filled the room as he made her aware of his approval. She took two steps closer to him, and then he took two. Mere inches separated them as she took the roses from his hand. Once freed, his arm encircled her waist and he drew her close. Her breasts flattened against his solid body. She lifted her face to his and he covered her lips with his.

They had never had a romantic encounter in the past. Addie had no idea what she was doing. Brent had a hunger for her that had been burning inside for many months. The kiss lasted for just a few seconds. But it was long enough for the flames to ignite in Brent. Addie felt weak in the knees. Until Janet had alluded to Brent’s desirability yesterday, Addie’s lust for her son had been dormant. Suddenly she craved his attentions.

Breaking the kiss, Addie said, “Pour us some wine, Sweet Heart. And I’ll start the steaks.”

They ate, and drank the wine. Brent savored the vision of his lovely mother.

“What brought this on?” Brent asked, finishing his wine.

“I just missed you,” Addie said, softly.

“Mother, you’re not dressed for a missing you party,” he said.

“I just wanted to look nice for you,” Addie said, blushing.

“Mother, you couldn’t leave the house dressed like that,” Brent observed.

“You don’t like it?” she asked.

“I think you are the most ravishing woman I have ever set eyes upon,” Brent said.

Addie stood up and moved around the table to stand next to Brent’s chair. He turned and placed a hand on each of her hips. Addie bent and placed a hand on each of his cheeks. Their lips met, passionately, with mouths open and tongues flaring. He held her steady. She straddled one leg and sat on one of his knees facing him. Her knee rested gently against his stiff manhood. With one hand, he flipped the buttons on her blouse open and pulled the thin white fabric aside to reveal her heaving breasts. His hand cupped her, gently kneading her. Then he paid homage to the other.

Addie’s nipples screamed to be free of their confinement and free to feel her son’s warm hand.

“Be gentle with me, Baby,” Addie whispered as she stood and pulled him to his feet. “It’s been a long time since I made love to your father.”

“I’ve waited for a long time,” Brent whispered, guiding his mother down the hall to her room.

Brent pulled his shirt off as she lit some candles. He helped her out of her blouse and skirt. Her hands tugged his button open and slid the zipper down. His slacks drifted to the floor. She descended with them, pulling his briefs down over his hips.