Adult Nudist Camp Part 11

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Adult Nudist Camp Part 11After showing Sara how we have fun at one of the dances, we now move on the next part. Arm and arm, we head over to the beach area. When we get there we find all of the men plus a few others all on their knees in a row. Across from them are a group of women who I guess are their wives. We were the last to get there, so now it was time for the party to start. Bonnie told Sara that since she didn’t have a pathetic loser in this group she could share Allen. Julie being the ring leader spoke for the group. She said all of you useless pieces of shit are her because 1 you’re un able to please your woman, and 2, you would rather play with and fuck each other than try to please us. Julie them asked them if they had anything to say. One of them, who I didn’t know, Asked, how is what we were doing any different than what you’re doing. Julie took me by the cock and took me in front of him, then she kicked him in the balls. She said look at that tiny thing between your legs and look at this, this is a real cock. Maybe you need a close look. She said daddy could you please fuck his pathetic loser. I sad yes baby I will. I walked up to him and put the head of my cock against his lips, but he wouldn’t open. Again, Julie kicked him in the balls and said open you mouth bitch or i’ll try to kick your tiny nuts into your throat.

When his will he opened his mouth enough to get my cock in and I shoved it as deep as I can in his throat. He gags and the other men look on i shock. The women Looked on in shock also, but only because this was the first time they have see a cock this big let alone a black one, a few of them bahis siteleri were playing with their tits or pussies. I pulled out leaving the tip at his lips. Julie asked him again, do you now see what the difference is and said yes mistress. Julie asked me to make sure he never questions us again. With that, I started fucking his hard as I can, he has tears running down his face, then I stopped and then he fell to his knees gagging. Julie then asked the other tramps, do they have a problem and all of them, at the same time said no mistress. The other ladies looked on and cheered. Julie said this is how this is going to work. You losers are going to have your own orgy right in front of us and any dick that we see is not being used will get kicked. Not a drop of your cum or piss had better hit the sand. The best part of it is that we are going to film it and everyone here is going to have a copy of it. If just one of you get out of line, the video will end up online and emailed to all of your friends and bosses. Do you fucking understand me, all say yes mistress. Also, all everyone of your wives are going have some of my daddy because they need it and can handle them all at once, better than any of you can at one time. Now get to fucking and I mean hard. While Julie was giving the end of her speech I already had one the wives sucking on my cock and another playing with my ball. Julie pulled Bonnie and Sara aside, lets let them have fun, we can have him whenever we want and we all know he will plenty left for us. They agreed and figured we can all play with each other.For the next hour I was sitting on a bench having canlı bahis siteleri about twelve different women sucking my cock and balls or riding me with the wet tight cunts or asses. the first time the made me cum, they were fighting to see who was going to get in their mouth and by the second time I ended shooting in a wife wife a big ass and the others were licking it out of her. Meanwhile I tramps were all over the place, a few time some of them had to be kicked in the balls not obeying Julie’s orders. By the time Julie let them stop, they were all covered in cum and piss. It was easy to see that more that a few of them had cum running out of their asses. Now Julie gave them their next order of the night. They are to return to their sites and do whatever their wives tell them to do and I promise you it won’t be nice. Now on your knees, follow you wives. Allen Jim stay here because we are not done with you. Bonnie ordered Allen to get on his hands a knees and Jim get behind and fuck him hard and you better cum in him. I took him a while to cum and Julie ordered them to switch do the same thing. We are all so loving this. First Sara was riding my dick while Jim was fucking Allen, and when they switched, Bonnie and Sara switched. After Allen filled Jim’s ass Julie made them get into a 69 and clean out the loads they just left plus whatever was left from before. Then it was Julie’s turn, she slid her hot tight ass onto my cock and was bouncing on it as hard as she could. Sara asked Bonnie, how do I keep up with all this fucking and sucking. She told her that she has no idea but not going to say anything about it, canlı bahis don’t want to jinks it, She said I have never been fucked in my ass and pussy in my life and I can say the same for Julie. I am sure we are not the only one to have fun with his cock, but we don’t care be we know we come first and anyone else has to wait for us.From the way Julie is moving moving, we can tell she is ready to blow her load all over me. I have cum so much in the last few hour, for now I would be shooting blanks, One more bounce on my dick is all Julie can take and has a major orgasm.When we all calm down,Bonnie tells the tramps to crawl back to there sites. Well ask Sara to lead them to there areas. Me and girls take about Sara. We all think she a great part of our group. I asked where do we let her sleep, because I’d hate to have her to drive back and forth everyday. My wonderful sluts agree that because they still have the tramp with them, even though they will be sleeping out doors or on the floor, it wouldn’t be fair to her. They said the she should stay with me. I asked them aren’t they afraid I’ll be fucking her without out you two there. They told me that even though we don’t talk about it, we know we all love each other and we have nothing to be jealous about. They know my cock belongs to them.We catch up with Sara and the tramps and tell her about her plan and if it works for her, it works for us. She Gives us all a big wet kiss and hug and thanks the girls for excepting her and sharing me.Julie is first to get to her site. I move in for a big hug feeling her huge tits against my chest and then I pull her ass into me. and kiss her good night and tell her I love and lust her lots. We get to Bonnie’s site and do and say the same thing. So Sara and I arm in arm head to my camper to call it a night. as hot as she is, if she just want to sleep that’s OK with me