Adventures at the Lake

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To the literary purists — This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.


This story takes place 15 years ago when I was in my mid-forties, with a wife and a pre-teen boy. We used to head to a lake place every weekend in the summer, enjoying jet skiing, wake boarding, boat and pontoon rides, but not the mosquitos. We had good lake neighbors, some from our current hometown and some from my wife’s original hometown. The closest neighbor had two daughters, both having graduated from high school in the last two years. This story involves the oldest one.

She was a true blonde, 110#, 34C, 5’7″ and ditzy as they come. She was awesome in her bikinis. Now my wife is an inch shorter, about 140# with 34D. Also awesome in a bikini, which she rarely wore. So when the eye candy showed up, I was there to get a bagful. I’m sure she realized the attention she got and her father frequently reminded her to go put some clothes on.

It all starts at a bonfire in their backlot with four cabins of people sitting around. Eventually, the crowd thinned because of commitments the next day or sheer exhaustion. My wife took our son to bed with a quick peck on the cheek, then both of other neighbors left to put kids to bed. Her parents decided to call it a night and warned us to make sure the fire was out before we left. We flirted and I dared to lean in for a kiss. Wow, did she respond and attack me. Remember I’m 40 something and she is not even twenty yet. We douse the fire.

It’s obvious we can’t go to either cabin, so we sneak in the side door of the garage on the backlot. As soon as we are inside, she attacks me again. Gotta love young inexperienced women. I move her against the vehicle in the garage, pinning her arms above her head. She is now panting. I slip my hand under her hoodie, pulling it up and off, exposing her bra. She starts to fumble with my belt, and shorts button, again showing her inexperience. I deftly drop her shorts around her ankles, unsnap her bra, take a step back to look at her in the casino oyna moonlight entering the garage windows. I pull my shirt off, drop my shorts to the floor, ready to go.

Somehow we find some foam floating cushions and spread them on the floor. She kneels and takes my 6″ cock in her mouth and starts to suck. She is not good at it, but you have to like her attitude. I lay her down, rotate around her, push her thong down and dive in with my tongue. It is mere seconds before she quits sucking, thrusts her hips and cums wildly, thrashing about. Her eyes are dreamy, she is spent for the moment. But the younger they are, the quicker they recover.

She now wants dick and is on a mission to get it. I spin back around and line myself up with her sloppy cunt. I enter her easily and shift to give her maximum pressure on her clit. She doesn’t last, cumming hard, her muscles squeezing around my cock. This just makes her more wild. She continues to slide on my cock, which at his point is doing little for me. I turn her onto all fours and re-enter doggie style. This takes her to another level and as she reaches her third orgasm, I unload as deep into her as I can. We roll apart, exhausted.

We try our best to put the cushions back where they belong in the dark, climb back into our clothes and sneak back out of the garage. We make out passionately as I caress her breasts and roll her nipples with my fingers. She is on fire again. I drop her to her knees, sliding my cock between her tits. Just before I cum, I bring my cock to her mouth and feed her my seed. She greedily swallows it all down, not missing a drop. We make sure the fire is out and return to our own cabins. Not sure where this is all heading, but you have to love young, tight, moist pussy.

I sleep in a little later the next morning and awake to the sound of cartoons and the smell of bacon and eggs. I wander to the bathroom to relieve myself, then head into the main part of the cabin for breakfast. There is light banter accompanying the morning spread. I look out to see if there is any activity next door, but it is still quiet there. I am content with a full stomach and morning cartoons.

Shortly, canlı casino the lake starts to wake up and boats and water skiers parade by. I take the jet ski for a trip to warm it up. When I return, my son is waiting with his life jacket on and I sit him up front and we head back out. We come back and my wife is ready and takes a turn. When she returns, I innocently ask last night’s conquest if she would like a ride. She is quickly on behind me and we head out, as I find a secluded section of the lake.

We slip off into the water as I pull her bottoms to one side and slide into her. Her eyes roll back into her head as I reach down and rub her clit at the same time. She doesn’t last long and as she clenches down, I can’t control myself any longer and cum in unison. We hop back aboard and return to the cabins after concocting the story that we had fallen off the jet ski to explain why we were wet.

The afternoon is spent with family activities and I watch from behind sunglasses as she frolics with her siblings, swimming and splashing in the water, tenting my swim trunks on more than one occasion. Her parents stop over for a drink and invite us to another bonfire tonight. Not to act too anxious, I let my wife accept on our behalf. Do I dare hope this will turn out in a similar fashion to last night? I grill us some supper, we eat and clean up.

As dusk falls, we hear voices and look out to see the glow of the fire starting. We toss some beer in the cooler, strolling to the crackling blaze. We watch as the younger kids perform their version of a war dance around the fire. Pretty cute actually. The night tracks similar to last night, with family groups slipping off to bed. My wife has had more beer than is normal for her and apparently feeling frisky. She insists I accompany her back to the cabin with sexual promises. I tell her I need to toss the empties away, stopping for just a second at my young lover to tell her I would return in a bit.

Back at the cabin, we hustle our son off to bed and quickly strip ourselves. She rolls me onto my back and straddles me, sliding her dripping cunt onto my stiff pole. She works away for awhile before I roll us back over, kaçak casino slide up to create better contact with her clit, causing us to both cum as she writhes beneath me. I roll off her and in seconds she is softly snoring, the result of both the sex and the beer. I slip back into shorts and a sweatshirt and return to the fire.

Everyone is gone except for my 19 year old nymph. She quickly jumps into my arms and passionate kissing follows. Not shy, I slide my cool hands under her hoodie and find bare breasts, no bra. I have an instant desire to suck them, but she has other ideas. She asks me why I left and I answer to put my family to bed. She asks me if I screwed my wife and my hesitation answers that question for her. She tells me she wants to know what we taste like, drops to her knees, drops my shorts and envelops my still sticky dick with her mouth. She does a wonderful job cleaning me up and I am as hard as I have been in years.

We douse the remainder of the fire, which is mainly embers now. We return to the garage and dig out the foam floaters again. She wants to reenact the session I had with my wife. I pull off my sweatshirt as she pulls her hoodie off and sheds her shorts. I lie down on my back and she straddles me, easing her tight pussy onto my throbbing cock. In a little variation, I reach up and play with her tits, eventually bringing them close enough to suck her little nipples. I’ve never known a female that could move as quickly as she was on top of me. I tell her it is time to roll over, then pile drive her as I suck her nipples. She cums, but she is not done this time. She continues to buck and I am only too happy to continue driving into her. She shakes and clamps down on me as I send a torrent of cum into her. The bonfire is out and my fire is out as well.

To my surprise, she is not finished yet. She crawls up, placing her dripping snatch over my mouth and declares she wants me to taste our mixed juices. I start to lick and slurp and she begins delivering the creampie. She is rocking and soon she is more interested in cumming again. As she does, I realize that I have managed to make her squirt, a first for me.

We dress, stir the fire to be certain it is out and silently return to our cabins. I ease into bed, careful to not wake my wife who is still lightly snoring. I am starting to look forward to the remainder of the summer at the lake.