After a bad day…

28 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


After a bad day…You’re having a really shit day, it’s cold, rainy, dark and you’re still at work. You need cheering up. I come into your office wearing only boots and a coat. You get up to give me a kiss and I bite your lip and push you roughly back into your seat, flicking off the lights. Without saying a word, I unbutton your shirt and chuck it on the floor. I pull the silk scarf from my hair and wrap it round your wrists and tie them behind you. You’re at my mercy now and I’ve decided you’ve been a bad bad boy. I run my lips and tongue down your chest and stomach, biting you, making you hurt, then kissing it better. I undo your belt and trousers and you kick everything onto the floor. You’re naked and vulnerable and you love it. I gently run my nails up and down your thighs, while people Etlik travesti walk up and down the street outside, it’s too dark for them to see in but it’s still a turn on to think they maybe could. My tongue is still trailing over your torso, getting closer to your cock, but every time you think I’m gona take it in my mouth, I pull back up until you’re trembling in anticipation. I get up walk behind you, untie your hands, yank you to your feet then push you over your desk. I rake my nails hard over your back, following them with my tongue, up and down, until the pleasure and pain is so sweet you’re in ecstasy. As you moan, I run my tongue all the way down your back and swirl it round your arse, my nails cutting into your butt cheeks viciously. When you’re all wet with my saliva, Keçiören travesti I move my lips up your back and slide a finger slowly inside you. You are so horny you move your tied hands towards your cock but I push you down again. As my finger gets deeper and deeper you start begging for me to touch your cock…I tantalisingly run my nails up and down the shaft as you whimper with pleasure. I replace my finger with my vibrator as I start wanking you hard. My nails are digging into you as my grip gets tighter and you can really feel the sharp edges as I run my fingers over the tip. You tell me you can’t hold back much longer but that’s not allowed so I smack you hard across the arse…this gets you even more excited so I do it again and then again. I slow my hand, pull the vibrator Kızılay travesti out of you and push in some beads. You’re breathing’s ragged as I once again push you into your chair. I drop my coat, face away from you and lower my dripping wet pussy onto your rock hard cock. As I rise slowly up and down, you can feel how tight and excited I am; you grab my hair with your tied hands and yank my head back, pulling your cock deeper inside me. I feel you release my hair and am for a moment confused. Then you wrap you arms around me and dig your fingers sharply into my boobs, with the scarf still on one wrist. One hands moves back up into my hair whilst the other roughly pulls my nipples and circles my clit. You start bucking even deeper inside me as my hand moves downwards and my nails run over your balls. You feel me tighten some more and hear my breathing get shallow and you know I’m about to cum. You slam your cock up inside me, hard and fast, yanking my head back and biting my neck, and as I pull out the beads, we both explode.