After Arguing With His Wife Pt. 02

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It had been almost 2 weeks since Dan met Kenny, Dan’s wife went to visit her sister leaving him alone with nothing but a throbbing desire in his loins to suck his new friends cock again.

Dressed in his nicest tight jeans and polo shirt, Dan looked in the mirror admiring how his cock bulged stretching the material to it’s fullest. Then spinning around he was shocked at how good his ass looked in those pants, as he stared admiring himself he thought, “mmm I’d fuck that ass.”

Arriving at the bar he noticed there were maybe 7 or 8 people inside but no Kenny, disappointed he sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

As the bartender brought his drink he said, “hi I’m Zeke, you were here like a week or 2 ago, glad to see you back again. Would you like me to run a tab for you?”

“Hi I’m Dan, no thanks I’ll just pay for this one,” Dan said handing him a twenty.

After finishing his drink Dan got a bold idea, he was going to go to Kenny’s home to see if maybe he was in. Leaving a fiver on the bar Dan said, “Zeke that’s for you my friend have a great night.”

“Thank you very much have a great night yourself,” Zeke answered.

Driving past a few houses he found Kenny’s after parking he went to the front door and rang the bell. After what seemed like minutes but was actually more like seconds the door opened.

“Dan oh my God, I was hoping you would go back to the bar but was losing hope, come on in,” Kenny said.

As Dan entered inside Kenny noticed the jeans admiring the bulge that appeared to be growing even bigger. “Very nice pants Dan they leave nothing to the imagination,” Kenny said as his hand brushed against Dan’s bulge.

“I was hoping you would notice,” Dan said as he reached for Kenny’s face planting a kiss trying to show his new friend how happy he was to see him.

Parting from their kiss Kenny said, “I guess you like what happened last time, I assume you want more?”

“I have been dreaming of doing things with you every night since I met you,” Dan answered.

“Oh and just tell me what you would like to do?” Kenny said with a sheepish grin on his face.

“I want to suck your cock again and I hope you would suck mine too,” Dan said.

“So is that all?” Kenny said reaching Dan’s lips before he could answer forcing his tongue inside.

Dan relaxed allowing Kenny’s tongue to dance with his, once fully relaxed he reached for Kenny crotch and began rubbing his friends cock through his pants.

Pulling away Kenny said, kayseri escort “shall we go to the bedroom?”

“Yes yes let’s go there please,” Dan said.

As they stood by the bed Dan pulled his pants off and out popped his rock hard cock twitching with desire hoping Kenny would suck him off. Kenny responded by dropping his pants, then falling to his knees began kissing Dan’s shaft his lips sliding up & down his shaft. Pushing Dan back onto the bed Kenny continues jerking his friends cock off with his lips, then opening wide buries Dan’s cock deep inside his mouth until bottoming out as the shaft slid down his throat.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” Dan said as he tried to push his cock even deeper which was futile as his pubes were pushed forcefully against Kenny’s face.

Kenny then began pumping his mouth up & down Dan’s shaft, it didn’t take long since Dan was so horny when his cock started filling Kenny’s mouth with his hot salty cum. Kenny let not a drop of his cum be wasted swallowing every last tiny drop.

After releasing Dan’s cock Kenny said, “wow that was a mouthful, guess you haven’t shot your load in a while.”

“No I haven’t, now lets see what I can do for you,” Dan said as he spun to face Kenny’s cock.

Dan used his hands to play with Kenny’s cock & balls admiring how sexy his throbbing cock looked. As he played he thought to himself, “wow I never would have thought I would like cock,” then opening his mouth he swallowed the tip sliding his lips down until he felt the tip push against the opening of his throat and paused there for a moment. Taking a deep breath Dan pushed down on Kenny’s shaft pushing it as deep as possible until he felt his nose flatten out against his pubes.

“Hold it there, yeah fuck hold it inside you,” Kenny yelled out.

After allowing the cock to remain in his throat for what seemed like an eternity Dan finally started slowly moving his mouth up & down his shaft allowing the tip to stay inside his throat as he pounded his friends cock wanting him to fill his mouth with his cum.

A few moments later Kenny screamed, “fuck I’m gonna cum, suck my cock lover boy.”

Before he finished speaking, Kenny’s cock shot a huge 1st stream of hot salty cum, Dan forced the shaft deep inside his throat allowing it to slide down as he felt a warm feeling filling his belly. After 4 more huge streams Kenny’s hips relaxed as he fell back his body pushing him deep into the plush mattress.

As kayseri escort bayan his body spasmed as he lay on the bed Kenny said, “Dan you are very good at this, you sure you never did this before?”

Pulling his mouth from Kenny’s cock Dan answered, “Kenny until that night with you I never have a desire to see another man’s cock let alone touch or suck one.”

“Well it seems it’s something you like now, so tell me what else did you think about doing? I am up for doing anything you want, you can be my man in training, I’ll be your teacher.” Kenny said.

“Well I was um dreaming of fucking your ass, I also dreamt about you fucking mine but I don’t know if I really want that though,” Dan said.

“I have no problem with that, I kind of hoped you wanted to fuck me. I’ll be honest I was hoping you were ready for me to pop your gay cherry but I can wait,” Kenny said.

Looking at the clock Kenny noticed it was getting late and said, “what time do you need to get back to your wife?”

“She’s away I don’t have a time, I would really like to see what it feels like to fuck another guys ass if your up for it,” Dan said.

“Let’s let you build yourself back up for a few and you can have a go at it,” Kenny said pushing his ass towards Dan’s face moving in a twerking motion, then backing off sits on the bed next to Dan & asks, “do you want to stay over, after we fuck your going to be wiped and when we wake in the morning we can continue?”

“If you don’t mind that would be great,” Dan answered.

“I don’t mind at all, to be honest I hope that maybe you’ll change your mind about me fucking you, no pressure I don’t want to push it but I do hope you change your mind,” Kenny said.

The 2 men lay in each other’s arm until Dan said, “I’m ready, can you talk me thru this?”

“You’ll figure it out, here us this,” Kenny said handing Dan a tube of lube.

Kenny knelt on the bed his ass high in the air almost begging for Dan to take it. Dan putting his face close kissed his left ass cheek then he separated them exposing Kenny’s dark hole. Pausing for a few seconds Dan took in the musty aroma, Dan wasn’t sure he would like it but was amazed the pungent smell actually aroused him as he felt his own cock grow in excitement.

Dan then without thought pushed his tongue against the dark opening, the pungent taste took him by surprise but after the initial few seconds he found it to be very pleasant. Next he escort kayseri pushed his tongue deep inside as Kenny moaned which turned Dan on almost pushing his own cock to explode.

“Fuck Dan you sure you never did this, you are a gay man in hiding if you haven’t,” Kenny said.

Pulling his tongue out Dan said, “no my friend I never have, but I’m liking what I taste, can’t wait to ram my cock up your tight little ass.”

Reaching behind him Kenny pushed Dan’s head back to his ass, as Dan began tongue fucking his ass he said, “Get back to work, I can’t wait for that hot cock of yours forcing it’s way into my ass too.”

Finally Dan pulled his tongue from Kenny’s ass, the opening the lube put some on his fingers and began slathering it inside Kenny’s opening and all over his own cock.

“You ready,” Dan asked.

“I am over ready, fuck me already,” Kenny snapped back at Dan.

Pushing his swollen head to Kenny’s ass Dan found some tight resistance and with one push forced his head inside, he could feel Kenny’s ass tighten around his cock as if almost trying to swallow it whole.

“Yes hold it there,” Kenny yelled then after relaxing he as if ordering said, “push it in fuck me, fuck my ass I beg you.”

With one quick hard push Dan forced his entire shaft into his new best friends ass, pausing as it bottomed out he then began ramming it in and out. Almost as if in a trance Dan pounded so fast and hard sweat pouring from his brow landing on Kenny’s back.

“Fuck, fuck me oh yes fuck me lover boy,” Kenny screamed.

Dan hearing his new friends plea for his cock to fuck him was almost too much for him to take. Finally after a few more minutes pounding Kenny’s ass, Dan’s cock tensed then he began shooting stream after stream of hot cum into his ass. Each time his cock pounded inside his cum was being forced out the sides squishing between their bodies. Finally after the last bit of cum drizzled it’s way out Dan pulled his cock slowly out of Kenny now drying ass the lube being worn down to nothing he could feel a tight friction as his head popped out.

Turning his head Kenny said, “I think you’ll like that cum dripping down my thigh, there’s nothing like ass fuck cum.”

Without thinking Dan used his tongue to taste this pungent smelling cum, he knew if he paused even a second he might not do it. As the 1st bit hit his tongue he noticed it was salty like when he sucked him off, but also there was a pungent almost unexplainable almost bitter flavor that was so arousing he couldn’t stop until Kenny’s ass and thighs were completely clean.

When he finished they both lay in each others arms drifting off to sleep, just before Dan drifted off he thought to himself, “what is tomorrow going to bring, will I got thru with it or not?”………………