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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend After Graduation Chapter 37 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 37 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. If you can, Nifty would really appreciate a nice donation to keep their fine site running for all of us to enjoy!!! ***************** The winter blues had really set up on us. Over the past two weeks, Corey and I had both had nasty colds that caused us to miss a day of work at different times. It didn’t help that it was really winter here with very few sunny bright days. On this Friday at the end of January, our sickness seemed to be behind us with Corey feeling much better yesterday and reported that he had felt fine during the day. Corey walked in the door just before six. He greeted me with a kiss but it was more out of habit than a show of affection. “Do I have to even ask how your day was?” “Oh it was okay. Things are beginning to slow down just a little bit at work,” he said and reached in the fridge for a beer. “Damn, I really need about 10 of these tonight.” We hadn’t drank at all over the past two weeks and been chugging orange juice by the gallons. “I take there’s no progress as far as Eli is concerned,” I said. Eli didn’t take it well at all that his brother was gay and according to Phil called his brother a faggot. “It’s really starting to piss me the fuck off too,” Corey said and took a drink. “I told you that right now there’s nothing we can do…” “We can get in the car and show him that we’re not what he thinks.” “Yes, we can go down there and shove down his throat that he is to like and accept us just because you’re his half brother. That would really get him to see the light and fully accept us,” I stated as sarcastically as I knew how. “Alright fucking Einstein what’s your solution?” Corey asked. “For one, drop the tone with me,” I stated. “I’m not going to stand for that.” “I’m sorry. I want in the worst way for him to love me just as I do now without ever meeting him. It sucks that he is that way,” Corey said. I put my arm around him. “Corey, we’ve been beyond lucky in our life. We’ve been so shielded from the pure hatred in the world that it’s not even funny. What more than anything have we done to change people’s views?” “I don’t have a clue. I guess be friends with Kris,” Corey replied. “We’ve never shoved being gay down anyone throat’s like you suggest that we do. We’ve let people form their opinions by our actions. We first need to let the newness wear off a little bit where it may not be the first thing on Eli’s mind when we do finally see him. That may not work since he is just 14. I imagine the peer pressure is monumental on him at this stage in his life just like it was at that stage in our lives.” “Dad is trying his best to talk to him,” Corey said and took a drink. “Maybe it will sink in. Corey, you were worried sick about your dad accepting you…us but he did. Be thankful for that,” I said. “I’m thankful. I want us all to be happy.” “It takes time. Hell, two months ago you didn’t really know that he existed. I know you want this in the worst way but give it some time.” “I knew you’d calm my ass down. I guess that’s why I married you in the first place,” Corey said and really gave me a kiss. “We’ll let it ride for a while and rely on Phil when’s a good time to visit,” I said after a long kiss. “That’s about all we can do right now,” Corey said. “Do both of us finally feel okay for a change?” “I do and it seems like the gunk is gone from you.” “Finally. It sucked being sick and not feeling well.” “The weather needs to hurry and get better. I’ve been looking at some really hot swimsuits…” “What did you buy now?” Corey asked and took a drink. “Nothing yet,” I replied. “Just keep in mind that most of the time I see us with nothing on,” he said. “Ummm… damn you’re so right. I needed to hear that before I went crazy. See that’s why I said yes,” I smiled and laughed. Corey finished off his beer and reached for another two so I could enjoy one with him as well. We moved over to sit on the couch to discuss possibly grabbing something to eat. I heard my phone ringing in the distance and raced to grab but missed the call. I saw it was Cale and called him back quickly. Immediately there was great excitement in his voice for he wanted us to come over. He wouldn’t tell me why but I sensed it was big news. “Who was that?” Corey asked. “It was Cale. He and Daniel are begging us to come over. They want to tell us something,” I replied. “I hope it is good news,” Corey said. “I have a strong feeling that it is,” I said with a smile. “We’ll just grab something on the way unless Cale has cooked,” Corey said. “We’ll grab something,” I said. Corey changed quickly before we left. We drove by and got something relatively healthy in keeping with our diet. We ate what we could in the car and went to the front door. They yelled it was open so we walked inside. They were nude and requested that we join them. Our arms didn’t need to be twisted before our clothes were off. “He said yes!” Cale yelled. “Damn right I did. We’re getting fucking married!” Daniel yelled as well before giving Cale a big kiss. He extended his hand to show off his ring after the passionate gaziantep escort kiss. “Look at this.” “We have you two to thank,” Cale said. “I called because we wanted to celebrate with you.” “Man I’m happy for you two. The best news I’ve heard in two weeks,” Corey said with them standing. “I am too and had a feeling that was what it was,” I said and was grabbed by Cale. He hugged me and then kissed me on the lips. Next Daniel did the same with Cale kissing Corey. We finished and sat back down with Corey looking at me and smiling. “Matt, I finally just said fuck it. I’m asking him…” “I don’t know why he was so scared. He knew I’d say yes. I fucking love him so much,” Daniel said running his hand over Cale’s nice abs and down to Cale’s nice long soft cock. “I know exactly how you feel. The best part is it gets so much better,” Corey said with his arm around me. “I don’t know it can get better. This big fucking dick made hot love to my ass and was the best ever,” Daniel said holding Cale’s cock. He leaned over and kiss the head before taking some of it in his mouth. “Dammit Daniel, stop it,” Cale said and pushed him off his cock. “Ummm… maybe y’all need to continue then,” I said. “We will later. We’re just so excited and want y’all to celebrate with us,” Cale said. “I can see Daniel didn’t get enough though,” Corey said. “Corey, you know how it is to have a big dick slammed up your ass,” Daniel said. “Of course I do,” Corey smiled. “Before we get busy again, I’ll get us some drinks to celebrate,” Daniel stated. “Who cried?” I asked. Cale held up his hand with Daniel walking his bare ass to the kitchen. “I did when I asked him and he said yes. It is such a relief now to have that off my shoulders.” We waited until Daniel came back with our drinks. Corey took the beer while I took the glass of wine. “I know it’s all new and fresh but any thoughts on a date?” Corey asked. “We’re thinking maybe in fall or winter,” Daniel replied. “We really want to see if things change enough where we can get married here or back home.” “I’ll be happy to recommend the place where we got married,” I said. “Wait,” Corey said. “It was a lot of trouble.” “I’ll agree but we didn’t wanna wait…” “So, are y’all feeling better now?” Cale asked. “Can’t you tell,” Corey replied. “I can. You looked like shit when we saw you Wednesday,” Daniel stated. “I hope y’all don’t get it. I really thought I had the flu so I went to the doctor to be checked,” I said. “I’m glad to know y’all are feeling better. I’m really glad that you came over. Without hanging around you two for the past three months, we’d never even considered getting married. You’re such an inspiration,” Daniel said. “Thanks. I need you to talk to my brother then,” Corey said. “Hey, I told you that it just takes some people time just like it has my parents. Even today, it’s not perfect,” Cale said. “At Christmas and such, we still have to stay my folk’s place,” Daniel stated. “I know but it sucks,” Corey said. “I’ve already told him that to be thankful that his Dad and Beth were accepting and didn’t hold that against him. They could have very easily done so,” I said. “They could have. Matt also said we were so shielded too…” “You are. We’ve been around your friends. You two don’t know how lucky or how easy you have it. Cale and I are very envious of you on that regard as well,” Daniel stated. We sat around talking. They were full of questions and wanting ideas for their wedding and honeymoon. Without a doubt, Corey and I highly recommended our honeymoon spot as ideal for two nudists. Cale had thoughts of Key West which sounded just as good. We left them after staying a few hours. It was great to see their excitement and true love for each other. It did bring back nice memories of the night Corey and I proposed. I was startled the next morning feeling something cold at my ass while I had been sleeping on my side. “Happy Anniversary,” Corey whispered in my ear and threw off the sheet and comforter. “I wanna make hot fucking love to your hot ass and start our anniversary on the right foot.” “Please do baby,” I said now awake and seeing it was just after 8 on this Saturday morning. His cock was at my hole and wanting inside of me. I threw up one leg and let him penetrate me with his thick 6.5 inch man cock. His cock was filling up my hole and touching all the right parts. “I want to tell how fucking great the last eight months have been for me,” he said in one sexy voice. “It has been the best. Can you feel my love inside of you?” “OOO fuck yeah, I can feel it!” I said. “Feels so good!” Corey was running his hands all over my torso until reaching my cock. He kissed my shoulder softly. “I want you feel as good as I always do when your big fucking dick is in me. I always feel your love. My husband has been the fucking best over the last eight months.” “OOO you have too,” I eked out and was feeling so good at the moment. “I am so… fucking…lucky to call… you my husband,” he said slamming his cock deep inside my ass and breathing harder. “Not just to… tap this incredible…ass… but to see… your face… every…day!” “OOOO Corey… oh baby… fuck me!” I screamed and was so delirious at the moment. He grabbed my face and began kissing me. We shared quick sweet kisses that mixed with the sound of him nailing my ass. His hands were exploring my body while I was reaching for his. He pinched my nipple after we kissed and slowed the pace down. My head was spinning with morning sex and my cock so damn hard. Corey pulled me over where I was lying on top of him and his thick cock suriyeli escort in my hole. I reached down to stuff all of his cock in my ass. “Fucking ride your husband’s cock,” he said. “I will, baby. I love you so much. You’ve made the… fucking… happiest…man… in the world… for the past… eight months,” I said riding his cock with my head next to his and my arm wrapped around his head. His hands massaged my abs before moving to my hard dripping cock. “My goal has been to love you more… each fucking day…than I did the day…before… ooo fuck, Matt!” he screamed while stroking my cock in rhythm with my riding his cock. Both of us were breathing so hard at the moment. “I love that,” I said and pulled his head for a kiss. My tongue explored his mouth while ass was milking his cock. He took over and began thrusting his cock in me. I broke the kiss and began moaning while he was grunting. “You close baby?” he asked between breaths. “Very close,” I said feeling his cock in me. “Let’s cum together,” he said. I pushed back hard and was squeezing as tight as possible. His familiar groan and the tightening of his hard body below me signaled that he was about to unload. I vigorously stroked my cock and felt the first wave. “OOOOO fuck!” he screamed. “Damn!” My cock erupted and began firing streams of hot cum on my torso while his cock was throbbing in my ass. I was shaking all over but it felt so fucking good. Blast after blast shot from my cock until no more would come out. Corey virtually collapsed below and spread out his muscular big arms. “Fuck,” I mumbled. “Thank you very much.” “What a great way to start our day.” “None better in my book,” I said and felt his wet cock slip from my ass with his cum seeping out. We lay together in our bliss with soft touches and kisses. We did get up and headed to our nice shower. The glow of sex was still on us in the shower. It was hard to clean up between kissing and playing with each other’s soft cocks. We dried off and did brush our teeth. Corey put his arm at my waist. “I wanna relax in our bed for just a little while longer. It doesn’t look very nice outside.” “Sounds good to me,” I said. We did wipe off some cum from our sheets before getting back in bed. He pulled me very close to him. “My great husband for eight months,” he stated. “Where did the time go?” “I know but it has been a very special time,” I replied. “Thank for being my husband but more importantly thanks for loving me the way you do.” “Hell, I should be the one thanking you for loving me…” “Really? I’m ten times tougher to live with than you are,” I said. “You might think that but you are so easy,” he said. “Speaking of living with, I think Daniel said last night that they had progressed as far as they could living with each other. I believe that we had too,” I said. “You’re right. I know we’d kept on loving each other but there’s something magical about saying I do.” “I agree. Kris and Colt are about to find in a few months what that means. Screw the financial benefits on your taxes. I believe… no let retract that… I know we’ve grown closer and stronger. I also feel like we’ve matured a little more,” I said. “We all have. It has been a great eight months,” Corey said. “Hasn’t it? Now, I’m kind of hungry. Should we go out or just fix something here,” I asked. “Fix something here. Tonight we can go out and celebrate… wait, why don’t ask Cale and Daniel over? They are always inviting us over to eat and we need to repay them. I can grill some steaks out on the grill if I don’t freeze my ass off,” Corey stated. “I like that idea a lot. We celebrated with them and they can with us,” I said. “We got lucky finding them.” “We have. Daniel says we’re gonna hit the links once the weather warms up a little bit.” “You need to do that. I’m really glad that Kris and Colt like them as well. I’ll be honest. We needed the year married before they arrive…” “We do. I’m really looking forward to them moving back closer. I miss seeing them on regular basis. Did you remember that it was Colt’s birthday earlier this week?” Corey asked. “Barely,” I replied. “I sent him a text.” We called Daniel to see if they wanted to join us for dinner and we were treating. He agreed and said that was nice of us as well as asking if we wanted him and Cale to bring anything. I suggested a salad if they had the ingredients. They said they would and would see us about 6. I finally got up and got dressed to head to the store. I did ask if he wanted to go but he said that he’d just mess around the house. It was okay since he didn’t enjoy it. While shopping, I did talk to Mom for a few minutes. She and Vince had had the flu and were just recovering from it like so many people in the area. I did my shopping at a local store that had nice meat and fresh veggies. I was able to get a special treat for Corey as well while I was there. On the way home, Kris called so I put him on hand’s free since I was driving. We were just catching up with how things were going and the latest with Corey’s half-brother. He assured me that things would work out and looked forward to meeting him and Corey’s half-sister. Returning home, Corey was doing laundry in his shorts when I entered. “Our sheets were a mess,” he stated. “For good reason,” I smiled. “I bought you a small gift.” “Dammit Matt… so what is it?” he asked. I handed him the heavy sack. “There’s eight of them,” I commented. “Sweet!” Corey said and pulled out the craft beer. “There are four different kinds for you to enjoy and see if you really like them. rus escort I hope you don’t since they weren’t cheap but a hell of lot cheaper than steaks. They are expensive!” He kissed me on the cheek and placed the eight in the fridge. I began preparing the steaks so they’d be ready to put on the grill later tonight. “Matt, I was just thinking. What are we going to do for our first year anniversary?” “Were you thinking of a trip?” “That and which week,” he replied sitting at the bar. “Here’s my thinking. Let me know if you don’t like it. Since we have basically four trips between now and then, I was thinking maybe we could stay here and enjoy our pool. As far as the week, both have their upsides I suppose,” I stated. “Good point. Maybe next year once everyone is married, we can all go somewhere together like a cruise or rent a beach house like we intended to do last year,” Corey said. “You decide the week this year. It is something we need to do so we can assure ourselves of the time,” I stated. “Let’s just do it after Kris’s wedding. If we do it the week before, we’ll be running back to work. I do like the idea of staying around here.” “You can find a big project…” “Yes, I can!” Corey said with a smile. “Maybe more than one.” We messed around the rest of the day. I was fully prepared when we heard a knock at the door just before six. Cale and Daniel looked so happy still. “Thanks for asking us over. We needed a break,” Daniel said entering. “We’re more than happy to have you over,” Corey said. “Matter of fact, we enjoy hanging around you two. Matt and I were thinking maybe we’d stay clothed until after we eat.” “Host rules,” Cale said with the salad and a bottle of wine in his hand. “First both of you want to apologize to you two. We realized after you were gone how inappropriate we were…” “I don’t recall anything inappropriate,” I said and took the salad. “He was talking about kissing you two. We overstepped our boundaries,” Daniel said. “Hell, we thought nothing of it. We’re used to it and are passionate people,” Corey stated. “We are and do it often with Kris and Colt. Besides, you were excited. We loved that you thought enough of us to invite us over,” I added. “Okay then. We were just a little worried what you thought,” Daniel said. “Think nothing of it. It may happen again,” Corey laughed. We started off with some drinks with Corey sharing his beer with Daniel. We sat at the bar while I brought out the steaks and Corey asked how they liked them cooked. Cale wanted his well done with Daniel liking his medium rare. “We want to know about last names. How did y’all decide?” Cale asked. Corey and I looked at each other. “Well… we haven’t ever thought about it really. We still using our original last names at the moment,” I said. “Matt, we haven’t ever done that. Have we?” “Honestly, when we signed for the house and took title, we used our original names. I did see where there’s a great possibility you could be married here,” I said. “We saw that too in looking around. I guess that had escaped us. See y’all should have waited,” Daniel said. “You were right when you said we’d progressed as far as we could by living together. You’ll see the growth with those magical words. There’s the sense of commitment and enormous love for each other since we did it eight months ago today,” Corey said. “I still wish we’d known you then. I can tell by the pictures what a nice wedding it was,” Cale said. Corey headed out to the grill and got it started. He came back inside and said that he was glad to be clothed with a cold wind blowing. He waited and took the steaks out with Daniel right behind him. Cale and I prepared the rest and waited for the steaks. Once the steaks were done with a little extra time for Cale’s, we sat at our dining room table that Mom had bought us. It was getting used more than I ever thought it would. Daniel toasted to our eight months and their upcoming wedding before we began eating. The steaks were great and so tender with Cale’s salad just as good. “We’re gonna miss this when Kris and Colt move here,” Daniel said after taking a few bites. “What the hell? I hope we still see you just as much if not more unless there is a problem with them,” Corey said. “There’s no problem at all. We’ve enjoyed meeting all your friends but we know you’ll want to hang out with them more and we understand,” Daniel said. I shook my head. “You really think that once they move here that we’ll drop you like a hot potato? If you do, you’re badly mistaken on that.” “We just figured once they were around, you’d want to do stuff with them,” Cale stated. “Corey, you did a great job on my steak.” “Thanks. We will want to do stuff with them but I’m sort of disappointed you think that we’re that way,” Corey said. “Kris’s motto is the more the merrier,” I said. “I’m with Corey. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t see ya.” “We didn’t want to be in the way,” Daniel said. “We’re just checking and didn’t want you to feel obligated to have us around when they were.” “I want you to. I hope you consider us your friends cause we definitely consider you our friends,” I said. “We settled that then, Daniel,” Cale said. “Actually we’ve really enjoyed it. Since we’ve been a couple, we haven’t hung around straight guys but you know, I’ve enjoyed it. It has been fun.” “It’s been a real joy since we’ve met you. I was thinking that we wouldn’t see Kris and Colt as much for being around you two. Melissa and Faith will not want to come around and see us by the pool,” I said. “True,” Cale laughed. TO BE CONTINUED… You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please put “Rooming” so it doesn’t get lost in my spam. Also, my ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted such as this one.