Aidans training

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Aidans training* Post Date – 4/17/2011* PDF Download -Rate This StoryOutstanding Pretty Good Average/OK Could be Better Hated It Story posted with author’s permissionRead User Comments (2)I started out with a pretty happy life, but I screwed things up. I was the king of my castle, but now I’m not even the queen. More like the maid. So I guess you could call it a riches to rags story. How did it all happen, well let me back up and tell you.My name is Aidan, and I started life with a plus, because my family was pretty well off. When I turned 21, I got my share of the family trust fund. I never needed to work in my life, and I would have been very well off. But what fun is it to sit around the house all day? I went to college, then got my MBA, and got a job at a high powered accounting firm downtown, where I pulled down a six figure income.I married my college sweetheart, Sarah. She was pretty, intelligent. Everything you could want in a woman. She loved me with all her heart, and I loved her in return. Yeah, sure, I had a few flings on the side when I traveled on business, but they didn’t mean anything. They weren’t love, just sex. I made sure to be careful though, so she would never find out about them. They weren’t what got me into trouble though, it was my other thing I liked.You see, I was turned on by wearing girl’s clothes, ever since I could remember. The only people who knew about it were my mom (who threatened to kill me), and my shrink, who tried to change me, and make me stop wanting to dress up like a girl. I was good at hiding it, but inside me, the urges were always there.A couple of times, Sarah had said some things that made me suspect that she might know about it. A typical conversation might go like this.”This skirt is so loose on me” she said.”You must be losing weight, like you’ve been trying” I replied, knowing it was loose because I stretched it out by wearing it the other day while she was gone.”No, I’m on my period, and I feel so fat. I’m all bloated, and it still feels loose. I wonder how that happened?”After enough incidents like this, I was really scared that she would connect the dots, and they would lead to me. I was trying to plan on how I could tell her nicely, and make her part of my fantasy, instead of having to hide it. I kept on wearing her things, and I left her a few little clues here and there, hoping she would pick up on it.So imagine my surprise and delight one day, when we were talking on the phone. She called me all the time, and today was no exception. She was at the mall, and telling me about what she had been buying.”And then I was at the lingerie store,” she said, “and I got myself a few things I needed, because some of my stuff is getting old and stretched out already. I also got something very special. A pair of panties. They are white lacy thongs, and they’re just the prettiest things you’ve ever seen.””Uh-huh” I said.”They’re for *you*” she whispered.Wow! She bought panties for me? She had figured it out! She understood! My wife was buying me panties! This was the happiest day of my life. My wife was going to put me into panties, and start being a part of my secret desires. I was so excited!Almost a week passed, and she still hadn’t made me put them on. I saw them in her panty drawer, and I had touched them, and help them up to me for size. I just couldn’t wait to get them on. So when Friday rolled around, and we were going out for dinner, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got changed before she did, and I put them on myself. They were tight, and they rode up in back, as thongs do. But I was ecstatic about wearing them.Sarah came up, took off her work clothes (she was a lawyer now, working for the second biggest firm in town). She got out a sexy outfit, and laid it out on the bed. She took off her comfortable bra, and put on a white lacy pushup bra, that made her outstanding boobs look even *more* alluring and sexy.I smiled as I watched her. She was so perfect. And I was also smiling, because as I watched her dress, I was wearing the pair of panties that she had bought for me. She went to her panty drawer, and I felt myself twitch between the legs, as I wondered what she’d choose to go with her bra.She kept digging and digging through the drawer, looking puzzled.”Aidan” she said, “this is strange. Where are the new panties I bought?””The ones you bought for me?” I asked, full of anticipation.”Yes” she replied.Now was the time. I would show her. I loosened my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled them down.”I’m already wearing them” I said, showing them off proudly.”What the h*ll do you think you’re doing wearing those?” she said, obviously stunned. Her reaction made all the blood drain out of my face. Oops. I did something wrong here.”You said they were for me…” I said softly, my voice trailing off.”They *were* for you!” she said, now obviously very upset. “I was going to wear them for *you*. Something extra sexy, to turn you on. They were for you, but for me to wear. Why in the world would you think that I would by my husband a pair of panties to wear?”She glared at me, then the look on her face changed. She covered her mouth with her hands, and gasped.”Oh my god. You’ve been wearing my things all along” she said.I nodded.”You’ve been into my panty drawer from day one. You are the reason so many of my things are stretched out and ruined.””I’m sorry” I said. “I just love how it feels. It is so exciting to wear something that *you* wear. I love you, and….””Just shut up!” she said, cutting me off. “I need some time to sort things out Aidan. I’m going to have to go to a motel tonight, or stay at a friend’s house or something. I can’t look at you, and think of the man I love dressing up as a woman. I just don’t believe you lied to me like this, by not telling me.””I’m sorry, I…””Shut up!!!! Get out of my sight. You disgust me. I’ll call you in a few days, after I decide what to do. You better not even *think* of touching any of my things when I’m gone. If you want to do your perverted thing, you can go out and buy your own dresses and panties. I’m leaving, and I don’t know if I’m coming back.”She was crying now, tears really gushing as she started to grab some things and pack her overnight bag. I realized what a terrible mistake I had just made, and I wished I could take it back, but it was too late. I had really hurt her feelings, and she was just devastated.Maybe in a couple of days, she would come to her senses. I decided the best thing to do was to give her some space for now, and let her get herself together. I went downstairs to my home office, to stay out of her path. I heard the door slam, then I saw her black BMW drive away, speeding into the night.I sweated as for three days, Sarah made no contact with me at all. I was half expecting to have a courier show up with divorce papers at any moment, but thankfully that didn’t happen.I looked online, and saw that she was using my credit card, and doing a lot of shopping, as well as paying for dinners. I was sure she was treating her friends, on my credit, paying for dinner and drinks. If I was a real jerk, I could have closed the account, or I could have gone to the hotel that was charging her room. But I didn’t. I just hoped it would all blow over.I was rewarded the next day, when she returned home. She had a cold, sober look in her eyes that was actually frightening. I felt like a defendant on the stand, as she grilled me for an hour, asking all sorts of questions.”Aidan, I really need to know something” she said, after I had explained why I liked to dress up as a woman so much, how it made me feel, and why I couldn’t stop doing it.”What’s that?” I asked.”I need to know: do you do this because you like men? Do I need to worry about you leaving me for a man? Its bad enough that you sleep with other women when you’re on the road, but do I need to worry about men too?””Other women? What are you talking about?””Don’t play dumb with me” she said, letting out a loud sigh. “After the third time I smelled perfume on your shirt after you got back from Miami, and it was always the same scent, I had my suspicions. Or when you took off your wedding ring for me to clean it, and there was no tan line. It all added up. So I sent a PI to follow you, and he brought back some very interesting pictures of you and *Maria*.”She knew! She hadn’t said anything, but she had known about my affair all along! I wanted to die. I felt sick.”Now you’re evading my question Aidan. Do you like guys?””No!!!” I said. “I told you, I love to dress up as a girl, because it gives me a special feeling I never get otherwise. It turns me on a *lot*, but I have no desire to ever be with a guy. I want to be with you. I just want to be a woman sometime of the time too.””Thank you for being honest” she replied. “In response, I’m willing to play your little game. I did some research while I was away, and talked to a friend of mine who knew someone who was into the things you like. So I am going to turn you into a woman today. But you will be *my* woman. You will give yourself over to me completely, you will be my absolute slave, doing whatever I want, whenever I want, without question, without hesitation. Remember, I already have grounds for divorce from your affair. So I can leave you at any time I want. I don’t have to do this. I’m doing you a favor, by allowing you to become my *slave*.”I was trembling, I was so excited. I wanted to be her woman so much! I just hadn’t ever thought about being a submissive. But if that was what it took to not only keep Sarah, but to have her actively participate in my feminization? Well, that seemed a reasonable price to pay.”You can do one of two things” she said, pulling out piles of paper from her briefcase. “I’ve had two sets of documents drawn up. On the left is our divorce papers. You will give me 75% of all your money, and I get to keep the house. You will also agree never to come within 100 yards of me, never call me again, except through my attorney, and to stay out of my life forever.”I looked at the pile of papers, and I felt weak in the knees. There was no way I wanted to sign those.”The other pile, which you can start signing, has other legal documents. The first one gives me full financial control of all your assets. Sign it, and everything you own becomes *mine*. You will no longer have any say in any financial matter. I own it all, as I own you.”I picked up my Mount Blanc pen, and signed away everything to Sarah.”Very good” she said, flipping over to the next document. “This one is a release form, which states that you consent to whatever I decide to do to you out of your free will. It says canlı bahis you can never file charges one me, because anything we do is out of mutual consent. This gives me the right to torture you, make you take pills, keep you without food, or whatever I might choose to do if you need to be punished for not obeying me. But that’s not going to happen, is it? You are going to be a good obedient submissive for me, aren’t you? You are going to do everything I say, and I’m never going to need to punish you, am I?”With a trembling hand, I signed away my rights to her. She smiled, flipped that page over, and went to the next one.”Now Aidan, I’m sure you’ve got a female name for yourself, once you are all dressed up. What is it?””Allison” I said.”Very good” she replied, writing on the legal form.”Sign here, and her, on the bottom by the X, and initial over here” she said.”What is this for?””A legal change of name. You are going to be a woman, and the name Aidan just won’t do. We are going to file for a fully legal name change, so that now, and forever, you will be Allison.”Now at this point, I was getting scared. Being a woman was supposed to be for fun in bed, not a full time thing. But I had already signed away all my money to her, and given my consent to let her do anything she wanted to me. Even if I decided to leave now, where could I go? What could I do? I couldn’t just tell my folks that I had nothing left because I let Sarah start turning me into a woman, and then I backed down. I was stuck now. I signed the papers.I then signed a bunch of other forms, in which I basically gave her everything she needed to completely own me. I signed commitment papers, so that with one phone call, she could lock me up in a mental hospital if she wanted to. I signed a sworn statement about my affair with Maria. I signed a document conceding that she owned me, and I was her slave. That particular document she told me, would be filed with the legal system in some small island country I had never heard of, where slavery was still legal. She said that she now owned me.( link opens in new window )There were other papers too, so many things to sign that it all blurred together. My hand was sore from signing them all, and I was glad when it was all over.”Allison, you are my slave now. Get on your knees.”I got down on my knees, and looked up at her. I felt so weak and powerless, while she seemed powerful.”As my slave, I am going to turn you into a woman. You will obey me in all things. Tell me you are my slave, and that you live to serve me.””I am your slave Sarah. I live to serve you” I replied.”No Allison, I don’t think I will allow you to call me by my name anymore. That would imply that you are a peer of mine, but you are not. You are just a lowly servant. But I won’t have you calling me Mistress either, since that makes it sound like we’re having an affair, which we are *not*. No, from now on, you will address me as ‘My Goddess’ if we are alone, or ‘My Lady’ when I have friends or family come over. You may only call me by my name, if I explicitly grant you permission. You will answer all commands by telling me ‘Yes ‘. Do you understand?””Yes, My Goddess” I said, as my mind raced. When she had friends and family over? She was going to show me off, once she turned me into a woman? Again, I had never thought of that. I wanted it to be in bed. But it was too late now. I really was her slave, and I had signed away everything.”Very good Allison. You’re beginning to understand your new position. Now go take a nice hot bath. Get rid of all that body hair, and meet me in my room. Shave your genitals too. You will be naked and kneeling when I see you there.””Your room?” I said, not sure what she meant.”The room I used to sleep in with my husband. But he is gone now, and I have a slave girl in his place. *You*. I will set up another bedroom for you dear. We’ll give it nice feminine decorations, so you’ll feel more at home in it. But enough girl talk. Go shower now, and report back to me, naked and kneeling.””Yes my Goddess” I said.An hour alter, I was getting sore from kneeling so long. I was naked, and cold. There was no sign of Sarah yet, so I kept waiting. Finally, mercifully, she arrived.”Ah, Allison, I’m glad to see you know how to listen to my instructions. That is good. I would hate to have to discipline you, because my punishments will be quite severe. Now lets get you ready to being your service to me. We’ll start by making you look pretty.”Okay, now we were getting somewhere.”Let’s start with these” she said, showing me a pair of huge breast forms. They were really realistic looking, including a huge nipple. She glued them onto my chest, and had me cup my hands over them to keep them in place while the glue dried. Once that was done, and I let them go, they stayed in place. I could feel their weight on my chest. It looked like I had boobs. Wow! I had never thought of this, just wearing her bra. This was wild, and I was so turned on.She gave me a white lacy pushup bra, like the one she had worn the night that she discovered me in panties. I put it on with a trembling hand. I wondered what she had for me next. It turned out to be something frightening and exciting all at the same time. It was sort of like a men’s athletic supporter, like I wore when I played football. But instead of being white, it was flesh colored. And instead of a cup in the middle to protect me, there was a latex molding of a woman’s genitals. It looked like a real pussy, including the right color, the right shape, even the muff of hair. If I put it on, I’d look like I was really a woman. Wow!She showed me how there was a tube that I would slip myself into, then tuck my manhood under my legs a bit. I followed her directions, and pull it up. Now I looked like I was a woman! It was unbelievable. I felt a little bit uncomfortable between my legs, as it forced my things into a position they weren’t used to, but it was worth it, because now I looked really female. Can you imagine what it’s like to see yourself in the mirror, and see a pussy between your legs and tits on your chest for the first time? There was even a hose, so that I didn’t have to take it off to go pee, but I’d have to sit down, just like a girl. It was all so exciting!”Now stand up, come here, and face away from me” she said.”Yes my Goddess” I replied.I stood up, facing away from her. I heard her doing something behind me, then felt her touching and adjusting the straps holding up my new fake pussy.”You might have felt,” she started to explain, “how there is a wire going through the straps. What you didn’t notice, is that there is also a battery inside the latex portion of your pussy, with other wires that run through the tube. In addition, there is a large capacitor, which is collecting the steady charge of static, as you move. I have just turned on the circuit. Any attempt to remove your pussy will result in a very painful shock to your little manhood, which is tucked up inside. There is already enough of a charge built up, so that if you were to take it off now, you’d be rolling on the floor in pain for hours.””You mean…” I started to say.”Yes. You are stuck with it Allison. You can never take it off, unless *I* decide to take it off of you. Also be warned that if you try to stimulate yourself through the latex, to make yourself come, you will find that you’ll hit the trip button, and you’ll get zapped. No more orgasms for you anymore, unless *I* decide that you are going to have one. Do you understand?””Yes my Goddess” I said.Inside, I was so upset that I was almost going to cry. She wasn’t going to do this so I could make love to her, and have the orgasm I had been dreaming about, with me wearing girl’s clothes. She was trapping me inside a fake pussy, and I couldn’t take it off, unless I wanted to get zapped. Now I was totally helpless.”I have a remote control” she said, “with a number pad so that you can’t use it unless you know the right control code. With this, I can zap you any time I feel that you need to be disciplined. You don’t want to feel the pain I can cause by pushing the button. Don’t make me have to use it.”Now she had the thread of pain hanging over me. As if I wasn’t enough in her control already! That made it a totally joyless experience to put on the thong panties, the dark silk stockings, the garters, the slip the maid outfit, the wig, the makeup, and the high heels. I just sat there, feeling flat, as the put on the long fake nails, and painted them red. She kept telling me how she was going to have me grow long nails for real, and long hair. I should have been excited by everything that was going on, but instead I felt a sense of horror and dread.The next two weeks were just terrible to live through. She made me quit my job. She never let me out of my feminine garb. A maid by day, a nightie to sleep in. I had to practice putting on my own makeup, until I got good at it. I had to shop with her online, to decorate my room in a style appropriate for a woman.Oh, and I was the maid, so I worked at least 8 hours a day around the house, if not more. And I was her total slave, serving her whenever she wanted *anything*. Any time I showed any resistance to her, or failed to act quickly enough, she did things to make sure I never did that again.By now, she had lots of pictures of me dressed as a woman, ready to send out to my family and the few friends she still allowed me to be in contact with. I was in her total control, and I had to say I resented it. But there was nothing I could do.After two weeks, I was just *aching* for release. I needed to have an orgasm so bad! But I had only been allowed to take off my fake pussy long enough to put on the backup one she had bought, so she could clean the other one. She never let me get aroused. But she made me do things to her.I had to watch as she did herself with a vibrator. I had to suck on her breasts, and tell her how I wished I was a real woman like her, as she gave herself pleasure. It was almost a welcomed things, when she allowed me to start going down on her, sucking her pussy, and making her come. At least I was touching her, and participating in her orgasm, instead of just watching jealously.So one day when she told me that she had a surprise for me, and we were going to make love that night, I was really excited. Finally! I’d get what I had been hoping for, after all this time.But when we got to my bedroom with each of us wearing our sexiest lingerie, it was nothing like I thought it would be. First, I had to go down on her, and I made her come a bunch of times. Then, she said she was going to go down on me. But she kept me bahis siteleri in my fake pussy.When I was licking her clit and touching her nipples, it caused her so much pleasure! But her licking my latex clit did nothing for me. I couldn’t feel a thing. And her touching my fake nipples also brought nothing to me. My real nipples were hidden beneath a large mound of latex rubber as well.”Mmmm, that was good” she said.Good for her, but not for me! But then she told me there was more, and again I grew hopeful. But when she opened the red satin bag she had brought with her my hopes faded and crumbed.She pulled out a ‘strap on’. A large dildo, shaped just like a man, along with straps so that a woman could wear it. She had me put it on.”We need to get it wet first, so it slides in easier.”She went down on me, but again, I couldn’t feel a thing! My real manhood was safely tucked back inside my fake pussy, and here she was going at it with this plastic thing I had sticking out in front of me. It was way bigger than I ever was, but it felt so *wrong*. She never gave me much head, but she looked so into it now. And I got nothing out of it!”I’m ready baby” she said. “Stick it in me. Do me.”She laid back and spread her legs wide. I almost cried as I pushed it up inside her, and saw her get that smile on her face as I started to thrust in and out. She told me how deep to go, how fast, what angle to use, and everything. I brought her again and I again. I was having sex with her, but in a totally pleasureless way.And of course, with the strap on, I never came, so it never went soft. I could do it as long as she wanted, which was over half an hour. I felt so upset when she was done using me. But then she said the magic words.”Do you want to come too, Allison?””Oh yes my Goddess” I replied.By now, I was used to calling her Goddess, and it came pretty much without thinking. I was so excited. I’d finally get my own pleasure. But once again, my hopes were crushed, when she reached inside the bag, and brought out another strap on. I watched in horror as she put it on herself.”You need to get it all wet first, so it slides in easier” she said. “Suck me, baby.”She stuck it right out in my face.”Don’t you want to come Allison? Then suck! This is a command from your Goddess!”I opened my mouth, and let her thrust it in.”Act like you want it! Act like you mean it!”I tried my best, but I really was crying now. She dragged things out for ten or fifteen minutes, then mercifully pulled it out, before I puked from gagging.”Now if you want to come, lean over the side of the bed, and I’ll do you. Or if you’re satisfied already, I can put this away. Don’t you want to feel me up inside you? Don’t you want me to hit that special spot you have inside, and make you come?””No” I whispered. I just couldn’t let her do that to me.”All right, I’m tired too. We’ll try again tomorrow.”I did cry that night, as I lay in bed with my nightie on. My life had become a nightmare, and there was nothing I could do. I was her slave, and I had agreed to let her rule my life. Now I was stuck.Here was a typical day for me. Sarah worked the mornings in her office, then the afternoons in her home office.5:30: get up, shower, shave, get dressed up.6:30: make coffee for Sarah, start cooking her breakfast.6:45: wake her up, fetch the outfit she wanted7:00: serve her breakfast7:30: clean the kitchen7:45: go to the garage, warm up her car for her8:00: see her off, have my own breakfast, from her leftovers.8:30 to 11:30: clean the house, make the beds, clean the bathroom( link opens in new window )11:30: start making lunch for Sarah.12:00: server her lunch.12:30: clean the kitchen, have my own lunch, from her leftovers.1:00: vacuum, dust, clean the windows, water the plants, do the laundry3:00: crawl under her desk, go down on her while she sat in on conference calls4:00: clean more, start dinner.5:00: server dinner to Sarah, stand at attention for any little thing she needed.6:00: eat from whatever scraps she left for me, then clean the kitchen6:30: give Sarah a foot massage, backrub, shoulder massage, or whatever she needed.7:00: change from my maid’s outfit to a casual dress or skirt7:30: plan my next day’s activities with Sarah8:00: do whatever chores she might come up with9:30: prepare her bedroom for the night10:00: make her come using my tongue, the strap on, or whatever she chose11:00: free time to watch TV, or go to sleep.Then repeat it all again the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that.After doing this for a month, with her constantly urging me that she wanted to do me with the strap on after she was done coming, I finally gave in, and let her go at me. She explained that she was using a small one, but she had several larger sizes that she would move up to, as I progressed. It felt terrible the first time, but hey, some pleasure was better than none. And if that was all I could get, well then I’d do it.I thought that she was done with me, that she had made me her total slave, and that I was stuck like this for the rest of my life, which was a depressing thought. But in fact, she was only just beginning. She had a lot more planned for me.The first thing she started to add to her routine, was that it was no longer good enough for her to dominate me and make me serve her in private. She said that I was properly trained now, and that it was time to start showing me off to her friends.”I am having company tomorrow Allison” she said. “Three of my girlfriends are coming for dinner, the ones I stayed with when I found out about my husband.”She always referred to me as ‘my husband’ when she talked about the past. That was kind of disconcerting, like she was talking about someone other than me. And now, she was going to show me off to her friends.”I don’t know if I can do that” I said.”You will, because I am ordering you to. You’ll get used to it soon enough Allison. You are going to show them all what a good girl you are, and just how obedient to me you can be. I am going to make you do some things to show your complete and total obedience to me. They are going to test you, to make sure that you have given yourself over to me 100%. If you pass the test, then we’ll have a treat for you.”I didn’t want to do this! I wanted to die. But I had no choice. I sat there, as she planned the menu. I had learned to cook fairly well by now, and she was asking for some more complex dishes. It would take me all day to prepare for her big party.I was scurrying about getting out the good dishes, the fancy table linens, folding the napkins, and all that. Then decorating the table, putting out candles, cleaning, cooking, chopping, preparing.When the three women finally arrived, all was ready. Now they all knew that I was really a man, and that she had forced me to become her slave. But they all treated me like I was really a girl. I took their coats as they entered, and hung them up in the doorway.”You look very pretty this evening” said Jenna, her first friend.”My, what a lovely young serving girl you have” said Lily to Sarah.”Your hair looks very pretty tonight” said Wendy, “even nicer than in the pictures that Sarah has been sending us.”That sent a chill through me. She had been sending them pictures?”Thank you Ma’am” I replied, as I had been instructed to. Tonight, I was to call Sarah “My Lady” instead of “My Goddess”, because we were not in private. This was terrible. Just terrible.”Yes” said Wendy with a smile on her face. “She has been emailing us the photos, so we could measure your progress, as she feminized you more and more. I must say that at first, you looked like a man. But now, I just see a little girl. A weak and submissive little girl. You’re really a girl, aren’t you Allison?””Yes Ma’am. I am really a girl” I said.Sarah had instructed me to do whatever they told me. She reminded me that they would be testing me throughout the night.”You’re right” said Wendy to Sarah, when I showed her into the parlor where the others were sitting, and sipping their wine. “Allison is a very submissive little girl, very feminine, very willing to do whatever a woman tells her.””Yes” agreed Sarah. “Her progress has been remarkable. Would you like a demonstration?””Oh yes!” said the woman.”Allison, come here, an kneel before me” she said.I walked over, and turned bright red as I kneeled in front of Sarah.”Allison, kiss my feet.”I did as she asked.”Allison, tell me that you are really a woman.””I am really a woman” I said.”Tell me that you want to meet a man some day, who you can fall in love with.”She had never asked me to do anything like this before! And not in front of others. But I couldn’t *not* say it. She had the remote on her lap. I’d get zapped.”I want to meet a man some day, who I can fall in love with” I said, looking down towards the floor.”See ladies?” she said, “Allison is completely mine, and will do whatever I tell her. She is completely tame and docile.””Lets see just how submissive she is” said Lily. “Allison, come here, and kneel down in front me.””Yes Ma’am” I said, complying with her orders. She pulled a large dildo out of her purse, and told me to suck on it. I was used to that now, after all of the nights with Sarah’s strap on stuck into my mouth. I put it in.”Now go at it. Act like you want to make it come” she said.I did as ordered, feeling totally humiliated and embarrassed.”Ooh, she’d good” said Jenna. “Now it’s my turn. Allison come here.”I walked over to her. She was wearing a white skirt, made of a very light material. She pulled it up, and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She spread her legs wide apart.”Suck me” she said.I looked over to Sarah, who nodded. I turned back to the lady in front of me, and did as I had been ordered. It tasted kind of funny to me, and it smelled a lot stronger than Sarah did the night before.”I’m spotting a little” she said, as she held my head down between her legs. “I’m just starting my period. You might get a little bit of my discharge on your face, but you can go wipe that off when you’re done. Now make me come, slave!”Sarah had never made me go down on her when she was on her period. This was a first, and it was terrible for me. But I did as I was ordered. When she was done with me, I went to the bathroom, and wiped my face off with a towel. Then I fixed my makeup, and returned for the next round of ‘testing’. This was terrible.And I was filled with dread. The others had been somewhat kind to me when they arrived, whereas Wendy, the last one left, had been the cruelest. I feared that her test would be the most harsh and severe. And it turned out I was right.”Come here Allison” she said.I walked güvenilir bahis over. She pulled something out of her purse. It was disk shaped, and about half an inch thick. Through the clear plastic cover, I could see that it was a container for some very small little pills, of various colors.”Do you know what this is?” she asked.”No Ma’am” I replied.”These are birth control pills Allison. In a convenient dispense, so you don’t miss a day. Today is the 5th, so let me take out five of them. Each day, you turn the dial one notch, and remove the pill for that day. That way, you never forget one.”I nodded.”Now these five pills here, I want you to take them. Now.”She handed them to me, while Sarah brought me a glass of white wine.”Do you know what is in birth control pills, Allison?” she said.”No, My Lady” I replied.”Female hormones, which trick your body into thinking you are pregnant. They do things to you, like make you skin glow, like an expectant mother. They make your boobs swell up, preparing you to feed your baby. These female hormones will really help to turn you into a girl. Think of it. With enough exposure, you’ll grow real boobs of your own, so you won’t need breast forms anymore. They will make you pretty. You’ll get a girlish figure.””Now take the pills” said Wendy, “so that you can start your transition into *real* womanhood.”My hand was trembling as I picked them up. Sarah was sitting back down, her hand on the remote. I closed my eyes, put the tiny pills into my mouth, and washed them down. I drained the glass of wine. Oh how I needed a drink.”There” said Wendy. “Now she has female hormones flowing in her bloodstream. Now she is really becoming a girl.”I felt so terrible! This wasn’t what I wanted, or how I wanted to live!”You will stay on the birth control pills” said Wendy. “Your Goddess, your dear Sarah, will monitor you, and watch you take the pill every day. Isn’t that right, Sarah?””Yes My Lady” said Sarah.I was shocked. Sarah took orders from Wendy?”Sarah, come here before me, and kneel down.”I almost cried, as I watched Sarah obey Wendy, and kneel before her.”Good girl. You are a very obedient servant for me. You have done a wonderful job of preparing Allison to enter my service as well.”I was stunned. It was one thing to serve Sarah, who I still loved deep down inside. But to serve this other woman, who I didn’t know? Sarah seemed so powerful to me, so in charge of me. If *this* woman controlled *her*, then she must be unspeakably powerful.”Sarah, take off your skirt. Take off you panties. Lie on the floor, and spread your legs wide.””Yes My Lady” she said, as she started to strip.”No!” I said. “Please stop this!””This is your fault” said Wendy. “Sarah loved you, but you hurt her, and she came to me. She was in a weak and vulnerable state, perfect for me to take advantage of, and to begin to dominate her. Now she is all mine, and it is all thanks to you, Allison.””No!!!” I said again.Jenna smiled, and pulled out her cell phone.”She’s ready” she said, then hung up.A few moments later, another person walked into the house. A young man. He looked rather wimpy, had a collar around his neck, and you could tell from the way he moved that he belonged to Wendy too. He went over to her, kneeled down before her, and kissed her feet. All without being told to.”Allison, I would like you to meet Michael. He is in a far more advanced state of servitude than you are. He can’t even think for himself anymore. All he can do is to blindly serve me. If I told him to jump off the roof, he would do it, without hesitation, without thinking. Isn’t that so, slave?””Yes Goddess” he said.”Notice how he keeps looking at my shoes. He is not even allowed to look upon my face anymore. He is totally mine. As you will be soon, and as will Sarah.”I started to cry. This was too much. Lily walked over, and handed me a camera.”What’s this for?” I said, gasping through my tears.”Pictures” she said.”I am offering you a choice now Allison. One way or the other, I am going to completely break down your resistance today. You can do one of two things. You can watch as I order Michael to make passionate love to your dear Sarah. I haven’t allowed him to come in six months, so he will be very eager to go at her. You can sit there, take lots of photos of it, so you can always remind yourself how I will make her available for all sorts of men. I could earn some good money off of her. I can make her lay down for any man. Isn’t that right, Sarah?””Yes My Lady” she said, licking her lips.”No!!!” I shouted.”Then you can take your other option. *You* can lie down on the floor, and make passionate love with Michael. He won’t care one way or the other. If you want to protect your Sarah, and keep her from a life as my personal prostitute, then *you* can go in her place. I’ll make *you* available for all sorts of men, and you can serve me by earning money for me, instead of her. It’s your choice Allison. Do you want your beloved Sarah to become a whore, or do you want to go in her place?”( link opens in new window )I stood there, crying. I loved Sarah too much to let that happen to her. As much as I hated what Wendy was about to make me do, there was just no way I could let them do that to Sarah.”Take me instead” I said. “I’ll do whatever you want.”Wendy smiled, and looked right at me.”Okay everyone, we’re going. Leave Allison to her Goddess.”I watched with confusion and wonder, as they all left. Wendy attached a leash to Michael’s collar, and walked him like he was a dog. They all left, and it was only Sarah and me now.”Take off your clothes, lay on the floor” she said.I quickly got out of my uniform, and laid on the floor. Sarah came over, and pulled off the fake pussy I had been wearing.”Close your eyes” she said.I felt something warm and wet wrap itself around my tiny shrunken manhood. It was her mouth! I immediately got bigger and bigger, until I reached full size. I felt her pull away from me, and then I felt her start to straddle me. She guided me up inside of her, where she was all wet and ready for me.”Open your eyes” she said.I opened my eyes, and looked up at her. She was so beautiful! She was on top of me, and I was up inside her! She took one gentle thrust, and I thought I was going to came, just from that. I ached, I wanted to come so bad!”Do you want to be Allison forever, or do you want to be a man again?” she said. The question shocked me! Be a man again? I didn’t think that was possible!”I want to be whatever you want me to be” I replied. I meant it. I loved her dearly, and I would do whatever *she* thought was best. My reply brought a warm smile to her face.”Tell me you are mine” she said.”I am yours.”That earned me pleasure, as she pulled up, and thrust down, plunging me deeper inside of her.”Again” she said, gently.”I am yours!” I said, earning another thrust. “I am yours! I am yours! I am yours!!!!!!”I exploded inside her, with all the pent up emotions and physical needs of the past month releasing at once. At that moment, I knew I really did belong to her. I knew I would do *anything* for her.”You were willing to sacrifice yourself for me” she said. “You proved you really do love me. You proved you really are mine.””I am yours, My Goddess” I said.”Yes” she replied. “You are. But now you have earned something. A chance to go back to your old life, in a way.””What do you mean, Goddess?” I asked, not believing what I was hearing.”You may go upstairs. Wash up, take off those female clothes, and sleep with me in my bedroom tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll get you back your job, and you can go back to your old life, but with a few changes.””Oh thank you My Goddess!” I said, now crying tears of joy. “What am I to do?””You can be a man. You can work, you can do all the old things you did, except now you belong to me. You will never have an affair, you will only do what I allow you to do. With time, and trust, I’ll give you more and more freedom. But you are mine, and you will obey me in all things still. If I tell you to become Allison again, you will not hesitate to put on your pussy, and become a girl for me. If I tell you to be Aidan, you’ll get into a suit. You are what I tell you to be now, and you are completely mine.””Yes My Goddess” I said.I loved her so! I would do anything for her!”You may call me Sarah again” she said. “You have served me well. Now, I will allow you go to back to being a man. Go shower, and meet me in bed.””Thank you Sarah” I said. “Thank you.”From then on, things were different. I had my normal life back, but I was so devoted to Sarah, that I didn’t even *look* at other women. Every now and then, she cracked the whip, and just the thought of going back to my life as her slave girl made me quickly straighten out my act.We have two c***dren now, and it is only in private that she makes me do things to show her I’m hers. If you saw us at the soccer game, you’d think we were just two regular parents, not a dominant woman and her totally submissive slave of a husband.Even when she revealed to me that the fake pussy I wore from time to time really didn’t have an electrical device to shock me, I didn’t care. It was just the threat of pain she had needed at that time in my training. I was okay with it, because I knew she loved me. I was so happy now, I would never be upset at her for anything.And then when she revealed that it had all been a show, and that Wendy didn’t really own her as a slave, I again wasn’t upset with her. It was all my fault, and she had needed to do that to break me, and put me over the top. I didn’t care. I was completely hers, and completely in love with her. Even the birth control pills I had taken, were the intert ones you are supposed to have when you’re on your period. But that didn’t matter to me. All that mattered was that I was hers.To this day, I would do anything she asked of me. If she told me to jump off of a 30 story office building, I would do it without thinking, without hesitation. She is my Goddess, and I love her with all my heart. I server her as best I can, and in reward, I get to still be with her. Sometimes she dresses me up as Allison, just to remind me of what she could turn me into.And so now, I am happy, I have a loving wife and two daughters, and I feel that I am the luckiest man in the world. I will serve Sarah, my Goddess, with all my heart, for as long as I live. She is everything to me, and I am nothing without her. You could call me her slave, but that doesn’t do it justice. I don’t serve her because I *have* to. I do it because I *want* to. I do it because there is no other possible way for me. If I didn’t have her to serve, I don’t know what I’d do. I really can’t make a decision without her, you know. I’m just so glad she is so smart, so strong, and that I am all hersThis is also posted on gaggedutopia wher you can find more of my stories under the name of stephanie1963.Happy readingxx