Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 10

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It has been 11 months since Alene’s life changed for the better. A year ago, her life was so meaningless, so sad, and now it was so very much better.

‘Amazing how life can turn around so fast,’ Alene thought to herself as she entered her new house in Bristol. Since Jen came into her life, she and Nadia decided her little flat is way too small. And so. the girls took themselves to the nice and quiet Bristol and bought a new house with nice neighbors. With Alene having so much money they didn’t even bother selling her old flat.

The new house was a true monster. It was built on a field of 3 square miles had a big garden surrounded by a high brick wall, the girls had all the privacy they needed. The house had 2 Floors and a wine cellar as big as the house itself.

At first as they walked through Bristol Alene and Nadia looked for a lot to build on but as Jen laid eyes on this place she insisted it was meant for the girls. And so, after some encouragement in the form of sex with Jen, Alene walked straight up the front door and told the owner to name his price for the place. Jokingly he said it will cost her 30 billion euros and as he named his price Alene pulled her checkbook and wrote 30 billion, asking him how many zeros should she write, after going to the bank with her check he left the house in less than a week, leaving all the furniture behind.

Jen waited for her balıkesir escort in the lobby, the girls started walking to the kitchen.

“So, did you think about it?” Jen asked in a tempting voice.

“The answer is still no.” said Alene, ignoring Jen’s voice.

Since their first fuck, Jen fell in love with Alene’s cock. She asked her for a spell to give Jen a cock too, said it’s a fair trade for her services to Alene, part of the deal between them. Alene refused, claiming it will ruin Jen’s life. Jen insisted.

“Alene, it’s not fair of you, please, you said I get one wish for all this.” Jen demanded.

“Jen for the last time, NO damn it! all the good I’m giving you should be more than enough. Stop asking or ask for something else.” Alene said.

“You broke our deal, but damn, I still can’t get enough of you!” Jen whispered and kissed Alene. “Do me again,” she asked as she broke the kiss and undressed.

Alene knew Nadia won’t be home until later and she needed some relief. Jen was as good looking as ever, her huge breasts and shaved pussy called her and she didn’t mind having some fun.

Slowly Alene took Jen’s left breast and started sucking on it, massaging her right one with her free hand, enjoying the soft texture. At the same time Jen played with Alene’s pants, feeling her monster gaining in size, it was already as balıkesir escort bayan thick as her fist, Alene was really in need of some relief. As she got closer to her full size her pants stretched and the fabric screamed from the tension. Alene took the breast out of her mouth and tried to open her pants but it was too late and with an audible sound her pants tore from the zipper all along her cock, revealing her right leg.

“I hope for your own good you are ready for me.” Alene said and helped Jen climb on the kitchen counter where she spread her lags, revealing her wet pussy.

“Always ready for you.” She taunted.

Alene placed the head of her snake at the waiting pussy entrance and started shoving. it was clear to both girls Alene has grown a lot since their first encounter. Now she was at least two feet long and as thick as Jen’s thigh. But Jen had no problem with her size, she actually liked it a lot.

Slowly Alene entered head first, then the shaft. Towards the middle of the monster Jen felt her orgasm taking over, pulling Alene in the rest of the way. After 5 minutes of pulling and Coming Jen was full with Alene’s shaft, and the goddess started pumping, in and out, moving a foot of her monster to the depth of Jen’s womb, she felt her balls growing, she was so full of cum, she had to release, and Jen was more than happy to accept.

“Ohhhh escort balıkesir god, I’m close,” Alene said after 30 minutes of great fucking. First her balls inflated heavily, the sound of cum was clear to Jen. Then the veins along Alene’s cock busted out, letting the girls know this was a massive one.

“I’m Coming!!” Alene screamed.

“Will you grant my wish?” Jen interrupted just as Alene was getting ready to blow.

“NO!” Alene screamed in ecstasy.

“I warned you,” Jen whispered. Her voice disappeared in the sound of cum pumping, a clear ‘whoosh, whoosh,’ sound was heard but then Alene started screaming in pain.

She pulled out of Jen, the voice of cum subsiding but not even a drop of cum left Alene’s cock, Alene was utterly shocked.

“What the fuck? it hurts, I felt like I’m Cumming into myself”

Jen stood up and dressed, “that’s what you get for not keeping your end of the deal,” she said in a harsh voice, “call me when you change your fucking mind.” With those words she left the house.

***later that night***

Nadia walked to her house, wanting to hug and love Alene after a long day. As she entered the lobby she was greeted by a weird sight.

On the floor Alene set in a puddle of lube with not a drop of cum, her cock huge with veins nearly exploding, her balls larger than life and her face full of tears.

“God, are you ok? Where’s jen? What happened here?” Nadia asked as she rushed to hug the weeping Alene.

“She left, she did something to me Nadia. A revenge for not granting her wish for a cock.” Alene busted into tears, “it hurts so much Nadia, no matter what I do, I can’t get relief, I can’t cum…”