Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 07

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Alice awoke to the chirping of birds and the feel of sunlight, though it seemed to be a rainbow of color against her eyelids as she shielded her eyes before opening them. Looking up she could tell she was in a new place. The room was immaculately decorated in a Victorian style. The ceiling that must have been 100 feet above her had crown molded shapes where it met the wall all around the room. The wallpaper was a rich blue color that seemed a mix of her sea blue eyes and the powder blue of the dress she’d been wearing before the witch had stripped her down to her nylons.

With a shiver, she continued looking around trying to keep the uncomfortable, yet sexually intoxicating memory out of her mind. There were rich oval shaped chairs with thick cushions and padding. Rich warm wooden dressers and tables, enormous mirrors with silver frames, carpets of an unimaginably complex weave a grand bed that was as big as an Olympic size swimming pool, to Alice, and multiple doors with golden knobs leading to closets or other unknown rooms.

Looking down at where she was lying she noticed she was still naked, but had been covered with a fleecy soft blanket that was wrapped around her miniature body. She was on a bed that was more her size. Nearby was an ivory porcelain tub with steaming water and bubbles, as well as a large chest and wardrobe situated around the bed like she was in her own little bedroom with no walls amid the other giant furniture. She had been shrunk by Glinda in order to flee the confines of the witch, and Gwen had carried her away, obviously to this place.

Sitting up, her wavy golden hair spilling over her shoulders, she blinked in the colored light noticing she was in the sunbeam from a stained glass window on the far wall of the monumental room. Standing on the wood floor, she quickly realized she wasn’t on the floor at all but rather the top of a smaller wooden dresser where her own personally sized furniture and bed had been placed.

Staring around, spinning 360 degrees to take in the entirety of the grand room that should have been the bed chamber of a queen, Alice stared at the articulated ceiling and shouted with a somewhat hoarse voice, “Gwendolyn!! Where are you?!”

“I’m right here silly Alice,” came the supple yet booming voice of Alice’s lover and Wonderland guide.

Turning around suddenly towards the edge of the dresser where she stood, Alice saw the telltale blue smoke wisp into existence, grow and eventually take the solid shape of Gwen. As the blue smoke wafted its familiar jasmine scent towards Alice, she saw the beautiful emerald eyes blaze from the center of the cloud and take on the lovely, lightly freckled, chestnut hair framed face of Gwen.

“There you are darling,” Alice said with a gleaming white smile she didn’t bother to hide. She felt amazingly safe and confident in her companion’s care and seeing Gwen’s face smiling back at her without worry or fret was even more empowering and reassuring.

Gwen’s head was gigantic to Alice in her shrunken form. Alice could stand on her shoulders and barely be as tall as the top of Gwen’s head.

“You’re finally awake my darling,” Gwen purred pleasantly, her eyes aglow as the blue smoke finally faded leaving a solidly formed Gwendolyn. Alice could see Gwen had changed her clothes again. She was dressed rather elegantly, matching the room nearly perfectly. A lovely mint green paisley topless dress that was tight against her petite demure body that was slit up the sides to show off her lovely legs that floated slightly off the ground. On her feet she wore deep spruce green high heels that had pearls woven onto the satiny fabric with silver chrome metal tipped heels. On her legs she wore gray green sheer pantyhose that were flawless and gave off the faintest sheen in the setting sunlight. Her shoulders and arms were bare showcasing her creamy skin, while a lovely silver chained necklace, holding an Emerald the size of Alice’s head and shaped like a heart, was around her supple neck.

“How long have I been asleep?” Alice asked, wrapping the snuggly fleece blanket tighter around her body to mirror Gwen’s stance.

“Sweetheart, you’ve been asleep for two days,” Gwen said with caring eyes. “That must have been some ordeal you endured with the witch,” she added.

Recalling her entire adventure along the yellow brick road and the time spent as a hostage in the witch’s castle, Alice found a sudden pang of frustration work its way to the forefront of her expression as she turned on Gwen with a puzzled, yet angry thought.

“Why did you let that happen, Gwen?” Alice asked. “I was helpless and scared and couldn’t get free….”Alice paused holding back a tear that was starting to choke its way into her voice. “…and I needed you…” she ended with a tiny sob.

“Awwww silly Alice, you still don’t understand. I didn’t let that happen… you did,” she said with stern finality.

“HOW!!!!?” Alice shouted, her entire little body trembling at the giant, güvenilir bahis elegantly dressed green beauty. “HOW THE FUCK DID I LET THAT HAPPEN???!! I was strapped down to a GODDAMN table, humiliated in front of that green psychopath wearing ruby slippers that YOU put on my feet!! In what way did I put up my fucking hand and say, ‘strap me down and nearly fist fuck me out of my mind so you can get some red shoes!!!!'” Alice ended sitting back down on the tiny bed she had awakened on; her voice even more hoarse from shouting and crying at the same time.

“Darling,” Gwen began with the patience of a mother trying to teach a child. “This is a place…”

“….Of my own making…. I KNOW… You keep saying that!!” Alice interrupted with a shout and a huff of folded arms and pouting eyes.

“Yes,” Gwen continued, kneeling down in front of the dresser so she was eye level with her little blonde lover. “Instead of looking at what has happened, have you even tried to ask yourself why these things are happening to you? I don’t know what your mind makes I am only a guide to help you through it. Everything that has happened has happened for a reason.”

“So you say,” Alice replied a little more calmly as she wiped away tear streaks from her face.

“Why don’t you take a bath to calm your nerves and we’ll talk some more over dinner, my sweet dear Alice,” Gwen suggested kindly.

Nodding idly, Alice stood up, dropped her blanket without a thought and stepped over to the tub while Gwen watched patiently. The water felt good, as if it were somehow relaxing her body and her mind at the same time. The more she’d been wracking her brains to try and figure out what all of her days here in Wonderland had in common, or could possibly be telling her, the more her thoughts became a tangled knot of confusion giving her a headache.

Now, her mind was as calm as an untouched pool, serene and free of worry or anguish. She thought about how nice the water felt against her naked body, and set to washing herself everywhere savoring the sensation of being clean from head to toe. The lavender bubbles were therapeutic and she let the smell fill her nostrils as she washed her hair and her privates last.

After 15 minutes of quiet soaking, Alice looked at Gwen who was still kneeling in midair nearby with a smile on her face every time she’d looked at her. “Okay, that feels much better… I think I’m done with my bath,” Alice said, a smile returning to her lips.

Looking around she couldn’t see a towel, or anything nearby to dry herself with. “Gwen, do you have any towels for me? Anything my size that is..?”

“Oh, I’ve got that taken care of,” Gwen said with a slight twist of her head as she held her hand out at the base of the tub like a floor mat.

Standing up, the water and bubbles sloughing off of her beautiful athletic body, Alice wrung her golden hair out as the remnants of the lavender bath dripped from her erect nipples, full breasts, down her long lovely legs and off of her immaculately clean puss.

Stepping out onto Gwen’s hand, Alice looked up curiously in her shrunken wet nakedness into those lovely glowing emerald eyes curious what was going to happen next.

“This might tickle, dear sweet, silly Alice,” Gwen said as she puckered her lips to form an “O”.

With a quick, gentle, yet powerful exhaling of her lungs, Alice was instantly engulfed in blue smoke that made her shut her eyes tightly in the warm, tickling jasmine breeze. A second later, the cloud dispersed and Gwen was standing as dry as could be, her hair lovingly dried and full of golden body as it hung around her shoulders and down her back.

“Would you like to put on your pantyhose now, darling Alice?” Gwen asked politely.

Smiling at the thought of sliding her silken garb back on after a nice refreshing bath, Alice looked up at her giant guardian with a glint in her eye, a nod of her head, and a simple, “Oh, absolutely my dear!”

Walking around the small dresser to the opposite side where Alice’s miniature dressers and wardrobe closets were set up, Gwen waved an open palm to the tiny furniture looking warmly at Alice as if she were giving her a gift.

Puzzled by the gesture, Alice walked naked and warm over to the furniture that was a rich red cherry wood that had been polished to a glowing luster and was adorned with golden hasps that bore engravings from a forgotten culture. “What’s this about?” Alice asked Gwen with a suspicious curl of her lips.

“Silly Alice… how can I present you with a gift in the future when it is intended to be given in the present?”

Scratching her head in confusion at the riddle, Alice narrowed her eyes with an even more curious and suspicious gaze, and with one hand idly running through her long golden hair, she opened the tall wardrobe closet near her that had full length mirrors framed by elaborate wooden historical scenes as a bas relief in the doors.

“Oh my God!” was all she could mutter güvenilir bahis siteleri as her face lit up.

Pulling the doors open wide, Alice took a step back admiring the enormous amount of clothing in front of her. Literally hundreds of outfits stretched out in front of her in an impossibly long walk-in room that was at least 100 feet deep. At least 100 of her feet, Alice thought with a giggle.

“Oh Alice?” Gwen chimed playfully as she leaned forward, placing her elbows on the wooden dresser and tapping a forest green fingernail on the miniature dresser next to the tiny wardrobe that went on for an unbelievable distance.

Walking over to the dresser, Alice pulled the top drawer open and was amazed yet again. “Oh my God Gwen!” Alice exclaimed wildly.

In front of her was a drawer filled to the top with over a hundred pairs of various styles, colors and patterns of pantyhose that Alice had ever seen, worn or heard of in her life. Opening the other drawers she found one full of silky tights ranging from thin and sheer to thick and incredibly opaque. The next drawer had stockings of every sort, style, make and denier, while the last drawer held underwear and bras.

“Tonight you get to dress yourself for dinner, darling Alice. And I get to watch,” she closed with a smile.

Smiling like a kid in a candy store back at Gwen’s lovely face, Alice ran up to Gwen’s lowered face throwing her tiny arms around her face. With her golden head nuzzled up against Gwen’s cheek, Alice lovingly squeezed her tiny naked breasts against Gwen’s nose and cheek with a boisterous, “Thank you, Gwen.”

Closing her eyes at her tiny princess hugging her face, Gwen simply puckered and planted a large moist warm kiss against Alice’s belly which was right in front of her lips.

“Your welcome honey,” Gwen said with another loving kiss planted on Alice’s supple breasts that bobbed lightly from the gentle attention. “You’d better pick something out my dear as dinner is almost ready and we can’t be late for this very important date.”

Smirking at the reference to the little white rabbit with a waistcoat and pocket watch that Alice had been chasing in her dreams, she simply gave a sexy salute to the smiling Gwen with a “Yes, ma’am.”


It had taken about 15 minutes before Alice had finally settled on an outfit to wear for dinner. She loved how Gwen had dressed her in the past, with kisses, groping hands and magically appearing nylons that ended with an orgasm, but picking out from the cornucopia of silky and elegant choices was every girls dream. She found it funny that after spending so many hours of her young life playing with Barbie’s and dressing them up in all their little clothes, that she was now the Barbie doll. To punctuate the point, she idly flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder as she carried her clothes out of the enormous wardrobe closet over to the pantyhose dresser that beckoned her naked legs like a siren song to wayward Sailors.

With one hand holding her outfit on a silver hanger; a pillowy white beam preventing the dress from falling off, she opened all three drawers of the pantyhose treasure chest leaving the one at the bottom with the bra and panties closed.

As her eyes scanned the three full levels of nylon and silk, Gwen, who’d been patiently kneeling in the air in front of the dresser and watching Alice’s every move as she’d sauntered up and down the two long isles of the walk-in wardrobe, inquired a bit playfully, “Not picking out any underwear, are we?”

Slumping her beautiful blonde head to one side as she gazed over at Gwen’s larger than life, but prettier than a flower face, Alice replied through half shut eyes that were practically mocking with sarcasm, “Why should I bother with panties and a bra? For the last few days you’ve had me running around in the wilds, through tea parties and into the fields with nothing between me and the world but a couple layers of pantyhose, if that!!” she ended with a coy smile.

“Why start now?,” Alice chimed smugly. “Besides I’m enjoying not wearing underwear with my pantyhose. Feels quite a bit better and it saves time when you’re around too.”

Smiling simply with a genuinely happy expression, Gwen returned her gaze down to the tiny pantyhose dresser as Alice resumed her search for what would be the most important part of her outfit for dinner.

“I can’t decide…” Alice said in bewilderment. “I really can’t. This is like pantyhose overload!! I know I have a lot of hose in my apartment back in New York..” the words making her a little sad, but just for a fleeting instant. “… but I’ve never had this many!”

Biting her lip in concentration, Alice’s face lit up with a devious grin. “Let’s let fate decide shall we?” Alice asked boldly to Gwen who was furrowing her eyebrows in curiosity at what her tiny, foot-tall living doll was up to.

Hanging her outfit on the nearby bedpost, iddaa siteleri Alice ran naked, golden hair trailing behind her like a veil at a wedding, back to the dresser, pulled the drawer full of stockings out of the dresser, went back to the bed and dumped out the multitude of colored single legged hose across the mattress and her rumpled up fleece blanket. Setting the drawer down she went back and grabbed the second drawer and repeated the same act of dumping all the pairs of tights on the bed, shortly followed by the top drawer that was full of pantyhose in every shade, color, sheen and softness.

Returning to the bed after setting down the third empty drawer, Alice flung herself laughing into the mountain of pantyhose, tights and stockings and began writhing around in the luxuriant pile of silk hosiery that began to bury her as she wiggled and flexed her arms and legs.

“What are you doing?” Gwen asked, a laugh escaping her lips as her eyes lit up briefly with her chuckling.

“mmmmmmm, letting fate decide.. Let’s see what should I wear with my outfit?” Alice asked herself more than Gwen. Rolling onto her belly and pinching her legs together so that a huge wad of pantyhose was snuggled up against her womanhood, she pulled a hundred more pairs up under her breasts like a pillow and gazed with a raised eyebrow at the outfit on the silvery white hanger at the end of the bed.

She had a hard time picking out her dress from the wardrobe. When it boils down to what you want to dress up as, every school girl fantasy of playing dress up in your mother’s clothes or being invited to a dress up party where the rental van has every princess dress in it since the beginning of time starts rolling through your head as to which one you want most. Ultimately it had boiled down to one final delightful dream. Something she’d seen as a young lady when she understood what sexy was and knew that elegance and sexy could exist in the same beautiful woman. Funny enough, it had been a cartoon.

Gazing at the dress again as her fingers idly pulled a pair of blue tights across her knuckles, Alice closed her eyes and rolled over onto her back again, and with her arms, legs and almost all of her torso under pantyhose tights and stockings she made fists with her hands grasping something in each greedy claw and held it up above her head.

Opening her eyes she saw a pair of rose colored tights that were somewhat sheer and not completely opaque, while her other hand held a pair of ivory, sheer to the waist pantyhose. “HA!” Alice cried out incredulously at what she had picked out at random. “See that!!! Tell me that isn’t fate working for me!” she cried out in giddy joy at Gwen who she could swear might be close to crying but for the enormous smile across her face at seeing Alice so happy.

“Gwen are you okay?” Alice asked somewhat concerned.

Blinking heavily to hide whatever emotion was beginning to flood her giant green eyes, she just laughed out loud despite herself, as if she’d been tickled, shaking her head idly. “I’m fine, sweet silly Alice,” she replied still smiling. “Now would you please get dressed? We’ll be late for dinner!”

Sitting up abruptly on the side of her tiny Barbie bed, crossing her legs conservatively, toes pointed and holding up the two pairs of nylons to hide her lovely breast, Alice flipped her hair forward dramatically to cover one eye, looking slightly like Marilyn Monroe as she arched her naked back and with a sultry Catherine Hepburn style voice said, “Oh… you want me to get dressed, do you darling? Well maybe I’ll do just that,” she retorted with a haughty jerk of her head making her golden locks bobble in a sassy Diva-esque fashion.

Standing up, Alice put the two pairs of pink and ivory hose over the footboard of the bed, before going back to the side, grasping the sheet and throwing it up in the air sending nearly 500 pieces of woven silk and nylon flying. Whipping around in a powerful pose, Alice threw her head back again showing off a sexy look of her sea blue eyes as she slowly, sensually sat back down on the side of the bed, one leg bent up, the other pointed out straight.

Gwen, who’d been enjoying the show, began to swallow hard as she watched her tiny performer entertain her, making her fidget slightly on her floating knees. Her smile was fading slightly and being replaced by a look of longing and lust.

Holding one arm across her breasts to hide her nipples, Alice reached over with slow methodical movements to draw the pink pair of tights off the end of the bed. Looking up with a twitch of her eyebrow at her green eyed mistress, Alice said, “pay attention, Gwen; this is about to get good.”

Sitting upright again, she rolled up one silky pink legging of the tights and while looking directly into Gwen’s eyes, bent her right thigh up to her bosom, scantly hiding her puss as she felt her toes slip into the tip of the long nylons.

Alice felt the sheer softness cover her toes with a familiar energetic sensation that almost made her shiver. As she looked at Gwendolyn, who was now speechless by her dressing display, she began working her fingers and thumbs back and forth against her shaven smooth legs as she drew the pink tights up her legs.