Alicia, Shelly , Maria

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This episode continues at the Log Cabin Motel where I, Alicia, 18, and my best friend Shelly, 18 1/2, had our first girl on girl sex experience. We were stranded at the motel because of a blizzard. The sex wasn’t planned, it just happened.


In the motel office coffee shop, we met an employee whose name was Maria, a good looking woman of Indian blood. She was about thirty, and very shapely. Her skin tight jeans and red knit sweater showed her figure well. We had a hard time keeping our eyes off of her, she was so hot. She kept an eye on us in a very friendly way, seeing to our needs.

“Wasn’t that some snowstorm we had last night?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, it was, but we don’t mind,” I answered her. “I love this motel, I’ll really hate to leave here.”

“It’s good to hear that,” she said. “The news says that the roads will be closed all day today and should be open tomorrow by noon. You probably should stay another night and not try to drive just yet. By the way, my name is Maria. I’m the cook, waitress and maid around here. So, you’re enjoying your stay here?”

“Yes, we are, very much.” Shelly answered. “Our stay here has been just wonderful, as Alicia says. By the way, I’m Shelly and this is my girlfriend, Alicia.”

Maria shook hands with us, not in a hurried business like fashion, but a long, sincere handshake like you would give to an old friend. Her hand was warm and friendly; I held on to it as long as I could, enjoying her touch.

“I’ll sign you in for another night then,” Maria said.

We went back to our cabin and sat and watched TV, mostly cartoons that early in the morning, and just snuggled together.

“Are we lesbians now?” I asked Shelly.

“No, I don’t think so, though I know that I’ll always want you. I’ll always need you, need you in the way I needed you last night. I don’t ever want that to stop.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way. But I still love Travis and still plan to marry him.”

“Well, I feel the same about Collin,” she admitted. I guess we’re just bisexual now. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I feel so free and happy.”

“Me, too. I feel like I can have the best of both worlds.”

“What did you think of Maria?” I asked. “I thought she looked sexy as hell in those skin tight jeans this morning.”

“Yeah, me too. I wanted to slide my hands over her round butt, but I was afraid she and you would be mad if I did.”

“Shit, no, I wouldn’t be mad,” I told her. In fact, I’d love to watch you with another girl. It would turn me on so much.”

“Really?” she asked, kind of surprised. “Yeah, – I think I’d like to watch you with another girl, too. It would be exciting.”

“Well, it’s warm enough in here now, I’m going to go for a shower. Wanna join me?” I asked her devilishly with a big grin.

“Yeah, I’ll join you. You can scrub my back just like you do in the school locker room. Only this time we won’t have the other girls around to bother us.”

We undressed there and walked naked into the bathroom. I patted her playfully on her naked, tempting butt cheeks as I followed her.

In the bathroom Shelly turned on the water to get it hot while I snooped in the medicine cabinet. I found a tube of toothpaste, a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream in there, probably as part of the motel service for the hunters. On another shelf was a first-aid kit with gauze, adhesive tape and scissors,

“Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s shave!” I blurted out.

Shelly looked up at me holding up the razor and scissors.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m serious! Let’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri both have naked pussies. Wouldn’t that be daring?”

“Yeah, it sure would be. We’d look like porn stars and you know how the girls at school like to talk,” she mused.

“Well then, we’ll give them something to talk about,” I dared.

I sat and put the trash can between my feet to catch the falling hair. Then I took the scissors and began to snip off the locks of curly hair from my pussy. Shelly watched me intently as I drew some water in the sink and wet the now very short stubble of cunt hair. I squirted some shaving cream in my hand and spread the foam all over my pussy.

When I sat back down with razor in hand, Shelly kneeled between my legs.

“Here, let me do that.”

Shelly took the razor and shaved me all over my pussy. I spread my legs and held them high in the air to make sure she didn’t miss a spot. I stood up and rinsed the foam off of my now totally naked pussy.

“My god, you look like a little girl,” Shelly said with a husky voice.

She knelt in front of me to give my bare pussy a kiss. I spread my legs as I felt a bold and daring tongue enter the deep recesses between my labia. She worked her tongue in me expertly and lovingly until she brought me to a shuddering orgasm and drank my pussy juice.

“Your turn now,” I suggested.

Shelly sat down and I trimmed and shaved her pussy to made it look like mine. I wiped the excess foam away and looked at her gorgeous slit. It was so beautiful I gave it a loving kiss . I stuck my tongue in her pussy and licked her every nook and cranny of that delicious pussy until her legs clamped my head in a convulsive orgasm.

She stood and slid her hand down her tummy to where the hair used to be, sliding her fingers over her now very bare pussy lips.

“Oh, how absolutely erotic,” she observed.

“I’m keeping mine like this. Are you?” I asked.

“Yes, I love it! It feels so different.”

We jumped in the shower together and washed the back of the other, caressed each others ass cheeks and felt up each others smooth pussies.

Satisfied that we were clean enough and horny enough, we got out of the shower, grabbed a towel to dry our hair and went giggling into the room- where we stopped dead in our tracks.

Maria was making the bed and stood there with a knowing smile. We stood there motionless, holding our towels on our heads, naked as the day we were born. Recovering from the shock of finding Maria there, we wrapped our towels around ourselves. Maria finished the bed with a broad smile.

“Maria! I – ah, – we didn’t hear you come in,” I stammered,

“It’s okay, I’ve seen naked girls before. Oh, don’t be embarrassed, I love girls, too,” she explained.

Maria went to her buggy and produced a bottle of wine and three clear plastic drinking glasses, setting them on the table. She opened the bottle and poured some wine into the three glasses. She was wearing the skin tight jeans and tight fitting knit sweater which really showed off her curves. Even in work clothes, Maria was stunning.

“Please, sit down and join me, won’t you?” motioning to the table. “I feel the need for some compatible company.”

She got some cheese and crackers and put them on the table also.

“Besides, it’s lunch time,” she noted.

Recollecting what we said earlier about Maria, we sat down at the table and thanked her for her thoughtfulness. The wine was a delicious red wine that went well with the cheese and crackers. Maria kept our glasses full.

“So, did you girls enjoy yourselves güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri last night?” after the wine had sufficiently warmed and mellowed us all.

Shelly and I looked at each other, wondering what to say. I nudged Shelly’s leg with my knee to get her to speak.

“Except for it being so cold, we had a wonderful night, thank you,” Shelly finally replied.

“Yes, it was cold,” Maria agreed. “Was it your first time?”

She gets right to the point, I thought. The buzz from the wine loosened my tongue and made me bold, so I answered truthfully:

“Yeah, for both of us. It happened unexpectedly though, we hadn’t planned on it. – But how the hell did you know?!” I asked, feeling my forehead for the word ‘lesbian’ stamped on it.

Maria took my hand to hold it gently. Her hand was warm – and soft – and so gentle. I was starting to get turned on by her.

“Oh, Dear, when a woman is into women, she picks up certain tell-tail signs from like-minded women that straight, heterosexual women don’t give off. Girls who like girls can’t help sending signals even if they try not to. You’ll see what I’m talking about someday.”

“You could tell just like that that we were, well, into each other?” I asked.

“Oh, the way you two act toward each other, a blind person could see it. – – I noticed a difference in you this morning from last night and knew it could only be one thing. And the way you were looking at me, looking places only a man would look, I knew for certain.”

“We’re sorry, Maria,” I apologized.

“No, you didn’t offend me, you were turning me on,” she said, squeezing my hand. – – “So, please tell me your story how you got started. I’d love to hear it.” she requested and kissed my hand.

We told Maria the whole story from beginning to end. I don’t think we left out even the smallest detail.

“So, do we turn you on, Maria?” It was Shelly’s turn to be blunt and to the point.

“Yes!” Maria said without flinching. “You have my pussy juices flowing so much my panties are wet.”

I downed the wine in my glass and walked over behind Maria, placing my hands on her shoulders. I slowly slid them downward until I had a breast in each hand.

“You have a very nice body, Maria,” I said just loud enough to be heard.

I felt her hands slide up my legs under the towel but they could only go so high and stop. I reached down and got hold of the hem of her sweater and began pulling it up over her head. She lifted her arms high in the air as I pulled the garment off her.

She was wearing a black satin and lace brassiere which barely contained her ample breasts. I reached down to cup one breast while Shelly cupped the other breast to squeeze them tenderly. I stood by her side now while Shelly stood by her other side, her hands sliding up under our towels as she stroked our naked butt cheeks.

I reached around and unclasped her bra and let it fall away. Her breasts were amazing with dark brown nipples and firm, perky breasts, much like Shelly’s.

“Mmmm, I knew you girls would be good.”

My towel fell to the floor, leaving me standing there totally naked. Shelly took off her towel and put it on a chair. Putting just a little pressure under her arm, Maria stood and let Shelly and I work at getting her skin tight jeans pulled down. I unfastened the belt and Shelly unhooked the button and slid the zipper down. We worked the jeans slowly down her legs, exposing her black satin and lace panties.

When we got the jeans down to her knees, they just came right down and Maria stepped out of them. I planted güvenilir bahis şirketleri a kiss on the crotch of her panties and inhaled her beautiful womanly aroma. I put my fingers against the panty crotch and felt the dampness. Shelly was kissing her and playing with her breasts. I pulled the panties down and she stepped out of them, then I was staring at Maria’s beautiful mature pussy with her pouting inner lips protruding out to readily expose her hood and clitoris. I couldn’t help but give her a little kiss on the clit.

“Let’s get on the bear rug where we can get comfortable,” Maria suggested.

She laid down in the center of the rug and we joined her on either side. We played with her luscious breasts while she slowly masturbated. My hand went between my legs where my fingers busied themselves in my joy box.

I saw Shelly looking hungrily at Maria’s pussy. Soon, she was between Maria’s legs, kissing her and giving her some tongue. I kissed Maria’s breasts, having them all to myself now, and watched Shelly’s mouth on Maria’s pussy. It was really an exciting thing to see. I moved my fingers from my pussy to let Maria masturbate me. Then Maria inserted a finger into my tight little asshole which drove me wild. I fucked that finger in my ass for all I was worth.

“Let’s daisy-chain, do you know what that is?” Maria asked.

We said ‘no’ so Maria proceeded to show us what to do. Lying on our sides, she had Shelly lick my pussy while I licked her pussy while she licked Shelly’s pussy. I loved the feel of Shelly’s tongue in my bare little pussy, licking my clitoris tenderly. I guess because Shelly is my best friend, it’s always special for me to have her do that.

I loved the taste of Maria’s mature pussy as I sucked on her protruding labia, licked her big clit and drank all the pussy juice like a person dying of thirst. I enjoyed the way she moved her hips to guide my tongue to the right spots.

I loved the sight of Maria’s head bobbing up and down between Shelly’s legs as she sucked her pussy. I loved the way Shelly squealed with passion when Maria’s tongue would give her an orgasm.

After an orgasm or two we changed directions and I was licking Shelly’s sweet pussy while Shelly licked Maria’s pussy while Maria licked my pussy, I swooned with passion as I sank my tongue deeply into Shelly’s dripping wet pussy, savoring the taste of my best friend’s love juices. It’s always special when my mouth and tongue gives Shelly so much pleasure.

I flicked my tongue across her little asshole which made her squeal with delight, then worked tenderly but tirelessly with my tongue on her clit. I inserted two fingers into her love hole as my tongue slithered all around her clit to bring her to a convulsing orgasm.

I watched Shelly’s tongue flicker on Maria’s big clit and labia just as I had done. I knew from experience what a good job Shelly can do with her tongue in a pussy.

I swooned as Maria used her tongue expertly in my hairless pussy to give me numerous orgasms.

Exhausted and fully satisfied we finally just laid there and relaxed.

“The roads are still closed and I can’t get home tonight, so could I possibly spend the night here with you two?” Maria asked.

“Of course you can spend the night with us, Maria,” Shelly said. “You can sleep in the middle if you’d like.”

“As if you had to ask,” I added. “Maybe you could show us some more tricks to girl on girl love then.”

“I would be delighted to show you more.”

“I promise we won’t try to wear you out, Maria.” Shelly said coyly.

“I would like for you to try it but I don’t think that will happen,” she said.

The next morning the roads were open and we reluctantly said ‘goodbye’ to Maria, promising to stop by and spend the night as often as we could. We often go back to the Log Cabin Motel to remember our very first night there in cabin number one.

The End?