All Blacked Out.

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All Blacked Out.The wife Sue and I have just got back from holiday in Spain and she has had so much fun with the lucky lucky men, if you don’t know what I mean by that they are the black men who walk round the beach selling sunglasses/watches/t-shirts ect ect. our 1st day we walked from our apartment to the beach which is a minute walk as we are just off the front. we paid for our sunbeds and we just got settled and our 1st lucky lucky man walk over to us, sunglasses good price he said, I replied sorry mate not today. 5 minutes later the 2nd one walked up to us sunglasses/watches again I said not today thanks. it went on all day.our 2nd day again we walked over to the beach paid for our beds and the same bloke walked over, I said look mate what is your name, he said Jamal, well Jamal if I buy a pair of sunglasses will you fxxk off and tell your mates, he laughed and said yes of course. I laughed and said I bet. Sue was looking him up and down I could see her through the corner of my eye, I said to Jamal give me a pair of sunglasses and that’s that. ok. i bought a pair and he walked away, I said to Sue did you like anything? she said i didn’t look i said not the glasses i seen you look him up and down. Sue said i did like his big frame he was a big lad, i said to her i noticed his bulge was a decent size, i will have a look next time he walks past she said. we laid out in the sun with our cooler box full of wine and food, we sat getting tipsy and watching the world go by, Jamal kept walking past and smiling, he must have told his mates not to bother us cos all day we had a free day from them. the following day we got the same beds and just got laid down and Jamal came over, you like watches then he laughed, i said you can fxxk off and we both laughed, his English was very good i asked him where was he from and he replied Africa, we all came over a few years ago to work but this is all we can do. he was sat for a while talking to us and asked where we were stopping i pointed out our apartment, there it is there just off the beach so its easy for us to get here and leave if we wanted an afternoon nap. Jamal said that looks a nice place is it yours, no my friend its my mates he rent it to me. he said i better get back to work or the boss will be over, ok mate i said don’t forget to tell your friends to leave us alone, the end of the week Jamal was our friend he was coming over every morning and sitting with us and chatting about his life and getting to us, Sue was really friendly with him by now, Sue is a big girl size 20. big tits and arse, she normally covers up on holiday but she sivas escort was laid out in her bikini not bothered what people think, Jamal was always looking at her tits and her bulging pussy, i said to him you have a girlfriend over here? no he said he was to bizzy for them he just had flings, i said with people off the beach or on a night out, he said he didn’t have time to socialize it was always with girls off the beach who wanted sex with a black man. Sue was listing to this conversation and when he left to sell his stuff she said ask him if he wants to come to our apartment after work for drink! i said a drink she said yes with a smile.the next morning as per he came over sat down and said hello my friend you have a good night, yes mate we went out for a meal and went home to bed and had sex, he smiled and said to Sue did you enjoy it, what the sex or the food, Jamal laughed and said the food of course, Sue said the food was ok but the sex was over to quick, Jamal didn’t know what to say, he stood up and said see you soon. i looked at Sue and said you scared him off. she said he wasn’t scared he just had to go in case his boss was about, he’ll be back. she was right he walked past and said i had to get up the boss was watching. Sue said Peter wanted to ask you something, i looked at Sue she said yes drinks, right. i asked Jamal if he wanted to call in on his way home for a wine or beer at our apartment. he said if he had time he would call in. ok mate.we left the beach early and had some food, i was chilling out when a knock at the door, Sue was in the shower, Sue must have just got out the shower and when she gets out she walks round naked to dry off cos in the apartment we aren’t looked in or over by anybody else so she walks round free as a bird, i answered the door and it was Jamal with his friend, i said hello and who is this, this is Sol he gets a lift with me so i brought him along for a cold beer, that’s ok come in. Sue hadn’t bothered to put a towel round her she just walked past them and i seen Sol’s face he grabbed Jamal’s arm and they just looked at each other. its ok i said she does that all the time.we went into the kitchen and i could see Sol looking around for Sue, Sue didn’t let him down she walked right in to the room stood there and said pour me a wine please Pete. mouths wide open i laughed, come on lads you must have seen a naked woman before, Jamal said yes but not in these circumstances. Sue said i have to air off. we went out on to the balcony and Sue went and put on a robe, well that’s what i thought she come out in a silk teddy suit tekirdağ escort black see through and crotch less, she sat down facing them and opened her legs, she was playing them, i knew what she wanted and when she wants something she gets it.Sue said to Jamal on the beach the other day you said you have sex with women off the beach? he said yes mainly girls of about 20 to 28 around the same age as me, well how about a lady in her late 40’s, no never, Sue smiled at him and said well what about me being your 1st. he looked at me and i said if she want’s it she can have it. Sue said does your mate want to join in he can if he want’s. Sol smiled at Jamal and he said ok.i went and got a refill for Sue and another few beers for the lads, Sue got her glass and said follow me, Jamal walked behind her and he touched her bum, Sue said you like, he replied i like bbw, well you will like me then. i followed them into the bed room, i put the fans on to cool the room and Sue laid down on the bed opened her legs and said Peter warm me up whilst the lads get freshened up, she told them to go and get a quick wash whilst i eat her out, she was already wet at the thought of 2 black cocks fucking her, i could taste the cum.Jamal walked in 1st naked and Sue said Pete look up and see what he’s got, i looked up and God was he packing, Sol walked in and he was hung to but he had foreskin, Sue said bring it here, Jamal knelt on the bed and held his 6 inch soft cock placed it into Sue’s mouth and she started to suck him off, Sol stood there i said come on over here and eat this, i will watch. Sol went down on Sue and she was lapping it up, i could see Jamal growing in her mouth he was now about 10 inches hard, his pink cut head was glistening in the light, Sue was working his balls and shaft, Sol was eating that pussy for fun. Jamal said move mate i’m going in, Jamal walked round Sue opened her legs wider ready for him, i was stood over her watching him place his pink head into her pussy lips, he worked her lips and clit with his cock teasing her, he finally slid it in and Sue let out a sigh then a YES. Sol was stood playing with his cock and i said how big is yours on the full, about the same 10 inches, i looked and Sol’s looked fatter. i was tempted to say can i have a feel but i didn’t know how he would react, it looked so big. Jamal was pounding Sue i could see her pussy was dripping she must have cum 10 times she was that wet, Sue’s tits were rocking all over they looked awesome banging about, Jamal said to Sue get up and stand on the bed, he said Sol come here, i will lay escort bayan down and when she is on top you come in from behind, Jamal laid down and Sue sat on his shaft, she slid down it and Jamal pulled her towards him leaving Sue’s arse up in the air, Sol stood above her and he was pulling his cock getting it hard with one had whilst fingering Sue’s arse, Jamal was slowly fucking her and Sol was stretching her arse hole with his fingers, he spat on her and he had 3 fingers in her, Sue was moaning like fuck, finally he was hard, he pulled his foreskin right back and spat on his cock and her ass, he slowly put his head into her arsehole, Sue shot forward but Jamal pushed her back and in one movement Sol was in.Sol started to slowly go ball deep, Jamal was holding Sue down as Sol was hitting her arsehole hard he was now ball deep and really fucking it, Sue was crying with joy, telling him to go deeper, Sol must have been a quick cummer cos he was only in 5 minutes and he said he was done, he had filled her arsehole with his seed, Jamal had full reign now he held her close to his chest and he fucked her pussy hard, i could see Sol’s cum dripping out of Sue’s arse on to Jamal’s cock it was making some noise. in one movement even thought she is a big girl he flipped her over so she was on her front and he went in from behind but still in her pussy, he grabbed her pulled her close and he went to town on her, he said he was coming and did she want it inside her, she yelled yes cum in me, Jamal went tight on her back and i could see his ball empty in her. he pulled off and his hung cock was covered in his and hers cum. Sue rolled over and opened her legs and said do you want to have a go Pete, i was waiting for this a fanny full of cum and i get to fuck it, i pulled my 6 inch cock out and it was already hard, it was pre cumming ages ago. i put it in and it didn’t touch the sides, i was only in for about 2 minutes and i had cum, Sue said now lick me out, i went down on her and i licked and chewed her clit till she said she was done. Jamal and Sol just stood and watched us, when i was done Sue said just leave her there on the bed, i asked the lads if they wanted to shower and then join me for drink but they said no thanks they were up early for work and needed to get back, i said thanks and i would see them in the morning, Jamal smiled and said i will be there selling you watches/sunglasses, i said yes and i will be telling you to fxxk off, lol. i told Jamal if at anytime he wanted to come over and ask to use our apartment for anything he could but we would have to come and he would have to pay with his black cock, he laughed and said he will be coming over every night till we leave, we had a full week to go and we got our weeks worth of him and his mate Sol, it was Sue’s best holiday ever we have booked up for next year, hopefully he will ask some other friends!!!