All grown up part 2

29 Ekim 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


All grown up part 2I woke up the next morning early on saturday morning at 6am which is unusual because i norally sleep until about 11:30am on the weekends but i felt completely refreshed so got up anyway. I felt a bit horny but the one thing my girlfriend doesnt like is being woken up for no reason so i went into the living room and got a porno out and started jacking off. I heard someone using the shower which i assumed was my sister so i looked back at the porno for the next 5 – 10 minutes.The shower turned off eventually and i heard the door to my sisters canlı bahis bedroom and i assumed that she had woken up early and i refocused on the video where i got lost in my thoughts. “not bad mate” came from behind me in a masculine voice as i lept up in surprise and turned around to see my sisters boyfrined standing there in nothing but his boxers.”guess we are even now we’ve both been caught out now…”,”yh i guess, you can get some breakfast or a drink we dont mind”,”thanks”,”i can turn it off if your uncomfortable?”,”nah go ahead jizz away lol”,”are you bahis siteleri sure?, it doesnt make you uncomfortable”,”no go ahead enjoy yourself its your house.”I sat back down and started jacking off again while making idol remarks to my sisters boyfriend about her tits or how tight her ass looks (video was weapons of ass destruction). A minute or two later he sits down on the sofa next to me as im jacking off which was kind of uncomfortable aswell as arousing at the same time when he said “you know when i said not bad, i wasnt talking about the video, i güvenilir bahis was on about your cock”.He then scooted over to me and leaned into me as he kissed me full on the lips and took my dick into his grip as he tugged me again and the sudden urge to cum became huge “im gunna cum, im gunna come.” We parted lips and he didnt put his mouth around my cock but took his pants off and shoved his ballbag under my cock saying “cum on my dick k**do”.I blew my load all over his balls and dick and couldnt help but wanna start sucking but he pushed me back. “oi i wanna have a taste of your jizz k**” as he scooped up a hand-full and said “tastes like your sisters alright” and then rubbed my cum all of his shaft and said ” get going k**do your sister will be up soon…”To be continued…..