Alone Again

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The divorce became final today. I’m forty-five years old, out of shape, overweight and horny as hell. Now I am also alone. Nobody around to solve even that problem for me. I could usually count on my no account man to fuck me when I was horny. He didn’t care about anything but the fact you were female.

The last of the customers finally left the store at six o’clock. I happily locked up and got ready to go home. I got into my piece of junk car, and went about four blocks when I heard a loud bang and the car made a loud thumping noise. I pulled into a mall I had never noticed before and got out to look.

I had a flat. I opened the trunk as if that would help. I had no clue how to change a tire. I picked up my telephone to call a service station and I was in a no call zone. Go Figure!

I looked around and there was only one store open, I walked toward the place and it wasn’t until I entered that I realized it was an adult bookstore. There was a nice looking muscular man behind the counter reading, who looked up and asked, “Is there something I could help you with lovely lady?”

I explained my situation and he smiled. “A good looking lady like you should be able to get some man to change her tire. I will make you a deal. You watch the place, while casino siteleri I change the tire, and then you give me a blow-job as a thank-you.” He picked the keys out of my hand and he was out the door before I could frame an answer.

I think he was kidding to see if he could shock me. He was going to be surprised because it sounded like a plan to me.

It took him about twenty minutes and I used the time to inspect the toys and other things that constituted the store’s stock. I laid aside two vibrators, and a large jelly dildo to take home with me along with some lubrication that said it tasted like strawberries.

He laughed when he came back inside and saw the stuff waiting to be purchased. He pulled down his jeans, no shorts and pulled me to him. “Let me fuck your ass lady when my blow job is done and you can take the stuff for free.

I asked, “Do I get some pleasure out of all this. He fisted his cock slowly and I watched it grow from its flaccid seven inches to almost ten as it engorged to the size of a small fist.

“Never mind” I said with a smile, “let’s try some of that lube.” He went and put out the closed sign, locked the door and put out the lights. Finished, he led me to the back. There we found a nice cot. This place was well prepared.

I canlı casino knelt down and softly grasped his cock. “Ever did this before with a stranger?”

I shook my head nope. “It’s sort of a divorce celebration for me. It’s Official today I am a free woman.”

He pulled back and looked deep into my eyes. “No shit, that husband of yours must be a jackass. You are one big fine looking broad.” That man got the premium first class no holds barred blowjob of his life.

When he was almost ready to come he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me over the sofa. Tits hanging down ass high in the air, I felt his fingers coated with lube push inside my ass one at a time, twisting and turning until I loosened up and he could comfortable push four into his second knuckle. He withdrew and replaced it with his cock.

He slide in slick as could be making me feel stuffed but giving me no pain. Now he pushed one of my new toys into my pussy and turned it on high and his hand found my throbbing clit.

“O.K. lady lets give those toys a workout.” We did too. He was like a jackhammer taking me higher and higher as his cock rammed my ass. The vibrator in my pussy that he was shoving back and forth gave me such intense feelings of pleasure it was hard not to kaçak casino zone out entirely into my own little world. When his thumb started working on my clit as he allowed the vibrator to rest buried deep inside me I lost it. I had an orgasm that made up for the years of almost sex I had endured.

He stiffened as I came and groaned, “I am coming to” he pulled out and sprayed his come all over my ass, the warm spattering on my cool ass pushed me over the wall again. He pulled out the vibrator and kneeling down licked and sucked me dry. I went higher and into a climax so hard, it hurt. I finally managed to pull away.

I turned around his juices dripping down my legs and pulled him up to kiss me. “Thank you for the best sex I have had in almost twenty years.”

He smiled and as he licked the vibrator clean for me said, “You know these things need batteries so who knows, what might happen if you drop by late at night. I just might give you a personal demonstration of any new toys I have and we can do this again.

I blushed, nodded, and leaned down to clean him up and tuck him away. “To bad that’s not for sale.” He grinned. “Lady with a body like that you can’t own it but you can borrow it any time you want.”

We walked to the front of the store. He bagged my goodies and kissed me good-bye. “Until the next time we meet sweet lady.” Smiling directly into my eyes, he whispered “and there will be a next time.” I floated home and slept well for the first time in weeks.