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Chapter 230 – Kidnapped



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Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Billy Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Johann Emmanuel – Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

John Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Kichōna Mono Hashimoto � Grandson of the head of the Japanese Yakuza

Luke Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

Melech Leib � Adopted son of Uri Leib and younger brother of Michael Leib

Omoikane Kinugasa Ito � Adopted son of Tokugawa Kinugasa and Akihiko Ito

Omoikane Ryujin Hashimoto � Partner and lover of Tony Worthington

Ricardo Mendez � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Administration

Ricardo Mendez, Jr. (Junior) � Son of Colonel Ricardo Mendez

Rod Landry � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Tatical

Richard Rod Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Robert Berrill � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Administration)

Shawn Walsh � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Tactical)

Stephen Johnston � 5 Star General � Medical Director of Alpha Zulu

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R this was a national disaster in the making. Has POTUS been notified? HELL YES! He has every law enforcement agency in the country on high alert for her.


Finally, the “general” in me kicked in and I started asking where, when, who, how? Mama Bear travels with a large security contingent of Special Op soldiers. Abducting her was next to impossible.


Luke gave me a thumbnail overview of what had happened. Apparently, an I.E.D. exploded under her Limo causing it to roll over numerous times before it came to a halt resting on all four wheels. A mass of insurgents with automatic weapons rushed the two security vehicles and either killed or seriously injured every man. When they opened the passenger compartment of the limousine, they found Mama Bear had fangs and teeth. The first two insurgents to put their head inside ended up terminally perforated by Mama Bear with her 9mm Glocks.


Then they opened both sides of the vehicle and one of the assailants was successful in using a taser to subdue Mama Bear. It sure looks like they currently have no interest in harming her or they would have shot her and left her body as a warning for us.


Omoikane has Mama Bear”s chip and is tracking her. From the path and speed she is traveling it appears she is in a slow transport and headed toward the Canadian border. Canadian Mounted Police have been notified and POTUS will authorize a rescue mission by United States forces regardless of how the Canadian Government feels.


Within 15 minutes of receiving the information from Luke, Alpha Zulu Actual was in the air and afterburners blazing as we followed the directions provided by Omoikane to locate Mama Bear. POTUS had the Pentagon Sit Room operational to support us if we needed to violate Canadian sovereignty. Mama Bear was to be rescued at all costs. I had no problem with that order.


To our surprise, Mama Bear”s chip showed her landing in the middle of Lake Superior on a desolate part of Isle Royal National Park. As we landed our VTOL Alpha Zulu Actual in a clearing far enough away to assure we were undetected, Omoikane advised us the Worthington Satellite only showed one person in the desolate cabin. Feeling confident Mama Bear was alone we burst into the cabin to find Mama Bear restrained in a chair.


“Sure in the hell took you long enough!” “I need to talk with POTUS… NOW!!!” Providing security and getting Mama Bear to Alpha Zulu Actual both Luke and POTUS were breathing easier when I advised them, we had Mama Bear on board and were returning to Washington. You”ll need to resolve the problem with the park ranger we had to restrain and keep from destroying our op. He was not a happy camper!


Mama Bear asked to talk with POTUS… Mr. President, I need to talk with you immediately. Advised he would be available to her and just meet him in the Oval Office after you have recovered from your ordeal. “I just need a shower and a change of clothes, and I”ll be there.”


Asking Luke, the status of her security detail… Luke had the unfortunate task to tell Mama Bear six men died and the rest were seriously injured but will recover. True to form Mama Bear told her son: “Take care of them and their families regardless of the cost.” “They died protecting me and that is a debt we can never repay.”


Mama Bear was met at Andrews by her armored Range Rover and two security Land Rover which we packed solid with Alpha Zulu men. We wouldn”t take any chance of a second abduction.


A fast trip to the Marriott and a massive show of force as Mama Bear made a quick entrance and immediately into the Penthouse elevator for a nonstop lift to her Penthouse home. After a quick shower and a change of clothes we knew Mama Bear must really be stressed as she poured herself a shot of the Vance”s “Primo” Moonshine and then we headed out for our meeting with POTUS in the Oval Office.

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POTUS rose from behind his desk as Gloria entered the Oval Office. “Are you certain this needs to be done today, you need to rest after your ordeal.” Assuring POTUS she was fine and if her kidnappers wanted her dead, she would already be dead. I am/was just a guaranteed conduit to provide a message to you.


The Illuminati are responsible for my abduction, and they have a message for you. Considering that Billy was accidentally killed in their attempt to kidnap him, they have no motivation to continue an assault against the United States Military. As a show of good faith, the Grand Council of the Illuminati is returning the Mossad agent who had penetrated their inner sanctum and he is currently on a Jet back to Israel without any injuries.


POTUS tried to remain calm as he told Gloria the only terms, he would consider was the unconditional surrender of every member of the Illuminati worldwide. They have attacked the United States Army, they have killed American Soldiers, they have bombed an American church, they have killed American citizens. Considering anything less than a total unconditional surrender would be a betrayal of the oath I took as the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our military. You can relay that message to them any way you want. My decision won”t change.


Returning to the Penthouse, I sent the majority of the remaining Alpha Zulu soldiers back to Fort Connor and decided to stay with Gloria in the Penthouse so we could discuss future security with Luke when he returned home that evening.


Mama Bear rose from a few hours of stress induced sleep in time to greet Luke as he returned home that night. Luke wrapped his arms around his mother and he wept without embarrassment. Security will change and change immediately. It will take 30 days on a rush order for a new Armored Limousine. This one will have both an automatic and manual feature that will lock the doors and bar the windows of the Passenger Compartment to secure the occupants. It will take a few hours to cut through and access the passenger if attacked again. In the meantime, Executive Services is doubling your normal security detail and I don”t want to hear any arguments.


You raised me and protected me and taught me how to be an adult and a leader of business. The only person you have to blame for me being overprotective is yourself. If you fight me on this, I”ll have Doc put you on a 30-day psych hold and believe me you won”t enjoy it.


Now, let”s enjoy a wonderful family dinner and thank God for bringing you safely back to your family unharmed. Oh, was Luke going to get an earful the morning Mama Bear woke up and found a furry mutt of a War Dog in bed with her. Fortunately, Luke put a box of Doggie Treats on the nightstand, or he might not have survived the wrath of his mother. Mama Bear now had a dedicated Wolf War Dog whether she liked it or not. Who can”t fall in love with those beautiful green eyes and that “poor me” act? It only took a few days, and her four-legged best friend went with her everywhere except for the Oval Office. The Secret Service Informed Mama Bear her Wolf War Dog didn”t have the proper security clearance.


Mama Bear told the head of the Secret Service she would leave her furry friend with the agent in charge at the private entrance but he best have a large box of doggie treats or be ready for a face off against one very upset War Dog. POTUS had to laugh when Mama Bear shared with him the Secret Service action regarding her Wolf War Dog. “The poor rookie assigned to the private entrance is going to have a hard time living it down to his peers that he lost a battle with a War Dog.” Mama Bear only quipped it is better to lose the battle than to lose one”s reproductive organs. Our War Dogs are trained to fight dirty and win every time.


At Fort Connor John was adjusting to life with the Soldiers and getting to know how lucky he was to have two such fine men as the Generals for fathers. The Generals woke to the loud verbal warning of INCOMMING as a little imp launched himself into the air and attempted to land between his fathers in bed. HE FAILED!


As General Mendez requested the Mess Staff that he and his family would be enjoying Breakfast in Bed this morning and please include a large ice pack with our meal. The entire base was laughing hysterically that John had put his father on the sexually disabled list from jumping into bed and playing with his fathers.


Ricardo never complained although he did a lot of grimacing as he hugged and kissed his son. He accepted he wasn”t the first or last father who had to teach his son proper trajectory and he would survive this ordeal and rite of passage of fatherhood.


(Now if Rod doesn”t stop laughing, I may just tie his cock in a knot and let him have the experience of exasperating pain. I will get even with my partner for his flippant attitude of this morning, sometime in the near future when I can function without being in agony.)


John thrived on our PE program especially when he could work out with his dads. Our biggest problem was holding him back and only letting him attain what was recommended for his age and stature. We didn”t want him hurt in the process of keeping in shape.


Adela got smart when she got tired of running laps, she simply took a break and sat at the starting line waiting for John to do a few more laps before she started running with him again.


SCORE: Dog = 1 John = 0.


One day as John was running laps a shot rang out and John was struck in the shoulder by a bullet. The men present made a human shield around John and Adela took off running at a full gallop and jumped over an obstacle and landed upon the assailant removing a large amount of human flesh before we could get to her and issue the command for her to STAND DOWN!


John was rushed to Medical, and Doc assured us other than a painful recovery he would survive. When the shooter was brought before us, we simply asked WHY?


As the man who was a new private on base stood mute before us, I ordered him into confinement and to be turned over to Army CID to be prosecuted for TREASON which in a time of war is a Capital Offense. He could either TALK in exchange for the death sentence being taken off his prosecution or he could face lethal injection in the federal death chamber in Indiana.


Whatever happens with the shooter we needed a better way of screening new additions to Alpha Zulu to prevent this in the future. Omoikane to the rescue. Within a month our little imp had a new and improved polygraph which is 99.9% accurate and can detect the slightest of false information beylikdüzü escort given in an interview. It would become mandatory for all new additions to Alpha Zulu and for any existing men who had questionable actions.


Even with Rod and me having an aide assigned to help us with the mountain of paperwork the military required, there always seemed to be a pile of forms on my desk which required my attention and signature. I learned the hard way many, many years ago not to sign anything without reading it first. A simple typo can cost a soldier his career. NOT ON MY WATCH!


One day I got home from the office early and heard strange noises coming from John”s bedroom. Opening the door, I found a very red-faced embarrassed son stroking his meat trying to have an orgasm. Seeing his father enter the room he was mortified.


As he quickly covered his naked body and impish erection, I sat on the side of his bed and tried to explain to our son he wasn”t doing anything wrong. Every man in the world jerks off growing up and most adult men do also. It was totally my fault for not knocking before entering your bedroom. I ask your forgiveness!


As John wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged and kissed me, I could feel his small erection demanding relief. I commented to him I knew there was more than one imp who would help him resolve his hard problem… all he had to do is invite them over to his bedroom. DAD!!!


A short time later John raced out of our quarters to find his good buddies. When he returned in time for retreat John had a glow about him which confirmed he had some great sex. Neither Rod nor I expect John to be a celibate creature while he lives at Fort Connor. When the time comes, he decides to give someone his precious cherry both of us fathers only hope it is a moment he will fondly remember the rest of his life. Good or bad one always remembers the person who busts ones cherry ass.


Imps will be imps and the temptation to prank the men of Alpha Zulu becomes too great of a temptation at times. The imps learn quickly our Wolf War Dogs are OFF their list for possible pranks. (Our War Dogs have NO sense of humor.) Still, some of the good “oldie” pranks the men still fall for and the most common being clear plastic wrap stretched tight over the toilets and some very upset soldiers when they sit down to “meditate”. Usually within 24-36 hours a group of imps find themselves hanging naked from our flagpoles all of them with a proud smile on their face for the prank they pulled. The only time any imps were dumb enough to prank our war dogs, well… the punishment should fit the crime. They were assigned as the “practice dummies” for our Wolf Dog weekly training and even wearing pads they quickly learned this was not an experience they ever wanted again.


SCORE: Dogs = 2 Imps = 0


Overall, the vast majority of time the imps and soldiers had a loving and harmonious relationship and the men loved teaching the imps their skills as much as the imps loved learning skills they would actually use in life. Not every imp would receive a PhD from an Ivy League school or MIT.


Tokugawa seemed to be doing far too much traveling and recruiting new members of the Worthington Brain Trust for our R&D programs. He was excellent at seeing the potential in the young minds that would be of benefit to the Worthington Industries and our Military of the 21st Century.


Tokugawa always flew under an assumed name and with a small security detail. Arriving in Texas to participate in the University of Texas Career Day on the way to their hotel their party was ambushed, his security detail severely injured and Tokugawa was taken captive by a splinter group of our old adversary the Biker Gang. As Red Neck a Homophobic Group as you will ever find in the United States.


How we ever managed to keep our implanted microchip program classified all these years is a mystery to me, but it always seems to pay for itself the few times it has been used. Omoikane and Akihito had a vested interest in optimizing the Worthington Satellite this time as it was a member of their family whose life was in danger.


The Satellite showed Tokugawa and his captors located in an old, deserted ranch complex out in the middle of the desert. Alpha Zulu flew in under a moonless night and positioned ourselves around the building.


As the satellite showed the position of Tokugawa and every hostile in the building, the minute Tokugawa was alone in his room any hostile that tried to reenter the room was eliminated with extreme prejudice. One by one the blips of the hostiles disappeared from the display provided by the Overhead Satellite. Finally, when the last hostile was eliminated, we could proceed to extricate Tokugawa.


The hostiles had planned for a frontal assault and had over a hundred landmines in place and the building was rigged with claymore mines on trip wires. One mistake and not only would we lose Tokugawa, but we would also loose a large number of Alpha Zulu soldiers.


It took us two hours to map a safe route to extricate Tokugawa from the building and left the bomb disposal to the regular Army, after all they need practice to keep their skills refined. The first question Tokugawa asked was the condition of his security detail. He was happy none had been required to make the ultimate sacrifice. His protection detail was as close to him as his partner, son and/or grandson.


We now had to consider that elements of our original foe the Biker Gang were still alive and functional with the goal of inflicting as much damage as possible on Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor. It was time for a sit down with Luke, John and the head of Executive Security for Worthington Industries and update our protection plans.


In the military, apathy translates into casualties. I was not only responsible for the men of Alpha Zulu as soldiers they were also my friends and I considered them as part of my extended family. The Worthingtons and the members of the Worthington Brain Trust save hundreds of lives of our military men and women every year through new technology and advancements in old technology.


Omoikane said it best when he held his son on his lap and with Junior at his side told his family and the Worthingtons this little bundle of joy represents the Worthington commitment to the Military of the 22nd Century.


Junior wasn”t a part of the Worthington Brain Trust and felt secure out and about with a small security detail. As he was shopping for new clothes for their young son, a biker rode through the mall, snatch my grandson from Junior”s arms and sped off and out of the mall after inflicting a couple of shots into Junior”s chest. bilecik escort Having the little imp in his arms made returning fire at the biker too great of a risk. Ordering an Ambulance for Junior they also advised OPS of the kidnapping. (Now, the Brain Trust is learning why we advocate them having their children chipped even if they have no intention of them residing at Fort Connor.)


Virginia State Police set up roadblocks and the Biker simply went around them. Again, no one wanted to risk shooting and the potential injury to our infant grandson.


Finally, as the Biker stopped at a police roadblock that he couldn”t bypass… An Alpha Zulu snipper put one .50 caliber round through the helmet of the biker removing the threat to our grandson. One very terrified imp with soggy underwear was taken from within the Bikers jacket. The biker felt secure no one would fire at his body and threaten his hostage. Little did he realize the skill level of an Army sniper and the destructive power of a .50 caliber round.


Although we required any member of Alpha Zulu who was forced to make a kill, to stand down from any duty until the Chaplain had a chance to evaluate them and determine they were ready and fit to return to active duty… This is one case where no one in Alpha Zulu or the Worthington World had any remorse over the loss of the abductor. Our only regret his death was so fast and painless. He was brain dead before his bike and his body fell to the ground.


I knew my son would overreact and lock our grandson into a protective bubble of their family compound. This isn”t fair to the little imp even if his father is doing it trying to protect his son. Rod and I stopped by the family compound after the dust had settled from the incident and invited our son to join us at Fort Connor and let our grandson have some freedom to be around people who would love and interact with him.


Adela had a new imp to protect and spoil and didn”t even demand a large supply of doggie treats. She just knew it was the right thing to do and she did it with no expectations of anything in return. She truly was a member of Alpha Zulu.


Omoikane was informed by Luke and Mama Bear he WOULD take long weekends off and visit his partner and son at Fort Connor. This wasn”t option… he would do it or face the wrath of Mama Bear. The little imp knew when to admit defeat and spending quality time with Junior and their son actually sounded fantastic. It was almost like having a honeymoon every weekend. We Generals were happy to be the catalyst to renew the love between our son and his partner.


POTUS on a secure video for you Generals. Send him through, I can even handle him today. A smiling POTUS history has shown usually causes a major pain in my posterior. “How can I be of assistance Mr. President?”


SecDef advises your calendar is open for the next few weeks, so it is time for you two to get out and about and earn those six stars on your shoulders. I think a week at each of our military academies and the war college should help your public image. The Colonel and your aides can run Fort Connor without having you around to micromanage them. I know you”ll want to start at West Point and the Superintendent has already been appraised of your arrival Sunday afternoon. Pick your security team and remember you are on friendly terms, so you don”t need to travel with 500 bodyguards.


Also, take John with you… it will be good for him to see his fathers in action on occasion. Many thanks… DISCONNECT!


Mama Bear hearing of our junket assignment by POTUS insisted we take her armored Range Rover and two security Land Rover with us to use. Her new armored Limousine would be delivered in a couple of days, and she could mooch a ride off of Luke till it arrives from the custom shop.


We knew any argument was fruitless and we thanked her for her concern and for protecting our son. I brought the Command Sergeant Major up-to-speed and told him we need a small security detail of 13 individuals with three being trained in high-speed defensive driving. We will be leaving at 1300 hours on Sunday.


As the family gathered in our Great Room after a fantastic repast in our Mess Hall, I informed John POTUS had invited him to join us as we visited the military academies for the next five weeks. Just pack enough clothes and your computer so you can keep current on your homework as we are doing our lectures.


There was a knock at the door of our VIP suite and as John went to answer the door, I told him to relax and let me get it. The extra time it took to answer the door saved my life as a dozen 9mm rounds were shot through the door with the obvious attempt to remove me from this earth.


Why wasn”t I surprised after the Superintendent and the 1st Captain of the Corps of Cadets responded to the attempt on my life and apologized on behalf of the entire West Point Cadets and Faculty. I was surprised to find two different cadets every hour, 24 hours a day, volunteering as guards outside of the door to our quarters.


POTUS went ballistic when he heard of the attack… “Generals, I”ll understand if you elect to cancel your speaking engagement and return to Fort Connor.” Sir, you know us better than that. No one is going to scare us away from completing an assignment given by you. We will have a long chat with John tonight to see if he wants to continue or return to Fort Connor, but we are staying so don”t make us refuse a direct order. DISCONNECT (by us).


By the third week John was ready to jump ship… “How could you do this and be so enthusiastic every time?” This may be the only time in our lives we can meet and motivate some of these young men and women. These junkets aren”t a job they are a privilege. Wait and see what happens if you get invited on one of our around the world junkets. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet people of influence that can assist you regardless of your life work. But 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for a few months gets old quickly. Even Rod and I have a difficult time staying enthusiastic after a few months of meeting people.


But, if you ever get the chance to visit Her Majesty the Queen of England and visit Buckingham Palace it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Don”t turn it down!


When we offered John the option of returning to Fort Connor, he asked why we would even consider staying and risking our lives. We tried to explain to him in terms he could understand: Duty, Honor, Country! I was so proud of John when he told us fathers, we are a family, and we stand together especially when the times are tough. I”ll stand with you whatever we have to face.


Rod and I were so proud of our son and only hoped he wouldn”t be required to make the ultimate sacrifice standing with his fathers.


As John reminded us… “None of us know how long we will be allowed to walk upon this earth.”







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