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Chapter 035 � Disaster Strikes Again



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Brigadier General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

Jason Allman: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Matt Longdick: First Lieutenant, U.S.Army (Alpha Zulu Headquarter Staff) (Partner of Jason Allman)

Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Allen Gregory, Colonel, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Jamison Miller: Colonel, U.S. Army (Head of Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security Alpha Zulu Program)

Frazer Sullivan: Colonel, U.S. Army (Head of Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69 Program)



POTUS (President of the United States) had arranged for Steven and I to address the General Assembly of the United Nations to lay the groundwork for “Crimes against children to effect political change” becoming an International War Crime and any individual indicted could be prosecuted by the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague. Steven and I were flying in from different parts of the country and by chance my plane arrived first. Our limo had a motorcade to the New York Marriott which sure made it easy getting through the traffic congestion. As we pulled up in front of the Marriott without warning and not hearing any sound, the windshield of our Limo exploded and a bullet hit the head of Captain Manning throwing brain matter throughout the car covering Aiden and me.


I threw myself over Aiden”s body as the Limo raced to the nearest Trauma Center. I knew from seeing combat injuries the wound Captain Manning received was fatal but Aiden needed to know everything that was possible would be done for his partner.


Thinking “five steps ahead” I brought up Ops on my wrist com and had a general alert issued for all Alpha Zulu protection sights. Within minutes we were at a Trauma Center and Captain Manning was wheeled into a trauma suite and Aiden and I were taken to an exam room, helped to strip and had a head to toe exam to assure everyone we didn”t have any hidden injuries. As our clothes were totally covered with blood and brain matter the staff graciously gave us “scrubs” to wear and bagged our clothing.


Within minutes (which seemed like an eternity) a doctor entered our room and told us Captain Manning had died from his injuries. When asked if he was an organ donor Aiden said “yes” and we hoped someone could benefit from the loss of this wonderful young man.


Steven arrived a short time later under heavy police and FBI guard. All three of us were devastated. When I asked where Hayao and Noah were, they were taken to the Marriott under heavy guard. I gave the hospital staff the number for Luke to make arrangements to transport Captain Mannings body and his funeral arrangements. Now Steven and I had to face the trauma of telling Hayao and Noah that Captain Manning had been killed. Noah had experienced enough trauma with the near death of Hayao we both hoped this death wouldn”t traumatize him back into a mental state requiring medication and/or therapy. We needed to do this quickly before the two of them heard it on the TV.


With an unheard police presence, patrol cars, SWAT, helicopters, snipers, guards at every door and a motorcade that proceeded through every intersection without stopping as the police had blocked them for us. We entered the Marriott and the manager quickly escorted us to our suite. Seeing the bag of bloody clothing he graciously said he had a cleaner that specialized in excessively stained clothing. He would have him attempt to clean my uniform and Aiden”s suit if we would let him. We thanked him graciously but I doubted if it was possible.


I knew POTUS would understand if we rescheduled our presentation at the United Nations but if someone considered what we were doing such a threat to attempt assassination then we needed to bring home our message without delay.


We let Aiden take a shower first and suddenly we heard a scream of terror and the flood gates of tears opened. The reality of losing his partner in life finally set in. He was uncontrollable. Hayao and Noah were with him immediately getting drenched by the shower head but consoling their “brother”. Captain Manning had no living relatives so Aiden was his “next of kin” and when his mind became rationale we would have to discuss the funeral arrangements. I sincerely hoped Aiden could survive this trauma without any lasting emotional trauma.


I contacted Colonel Gregory on my wrist com and recommended all personnel be confined to base until the shooter was apprehended. I didn”t want an “off the books” Alpha Zulu “black ops” team tracking down the shooter and taking their revenge for killing one of their “Band of Brothers”.


Steven”s and my presentation to the United Nations took on a higher sense of urgency considering the attempted assassination and the killing of my staff member. Within weeks the United Nations approved the motion and harming a child to effect political change was now an International War Crime. Whatever happens to us we couldn”t have left a better legacy.


We left New York and traveled directly to Camp Phoenix. Aiden needed Luke and John and there was much that needed to be decided by the family. Amid constant tears and emotions Aiden decided Captain Manning should be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with an immediate family only service and a Memorial Service for the men of Alpha Zulu to be held as soon as possible thereafter at Fort Connor.


When the last service concluded and everyone had returned to their normal duties Aiden became a basket case. Doc had to sedate him and everyone hoped it wouldn”t be needed again. Better than anyone present I knew the feeling of losing the man I loved and it doesn”t change overnight. I have to make certain Aiden isn”t left alone for even a minute. I knew I had the urge to “eat my Glock” and I wasn”t going to allow Aiden the opportunity regardless of the state of his mind.


Colonel Gregory had an unending list of volunteers and Aiden had two friends with him 24/7. He had no privacy and Colonel Gregory ordered mandatory counseling with the Chaplain and with Doc if the Chaplain felt it was necessary. A few weeks later, Aiden made us all fear for his safety when during one of his counseling sessions with the Chaplain he asked if he could do something in memory of Captain Manning. He handed the Chaplain a check for over $3,000,000.00 USD and ask him to have R.A. invest bornova escort the funds for him and only the Chaplain would have access to use the money at his discretion to help any member of Alpha Zulu and/or their family as he saw fit. As the Chaplain tried to explain Aiden would need the money for his future. Aiden informed the Chaplain he had a trust fund which would provide him with more money than he could ever spend in his lifetime. Everyone was concerned if this was just the start down the road to self-emollition.


I was surprised when the family member with the least education came up with the idea that we of the “brain trust” hadn”t even considered. Had Aiden even been touched by another person sexually since the death of his lover. As he had never been alone the answer was unequivocally “NO”! Billy Bob ask me to talk it over with the Chaplain and Doc and see what they thought of taking him to the Vance Farm for some “maintenance work” and see what happens when the frisky hillbilly brothers and friends see such a hot young stud. He”ll soon find out his life isn”t over it is just beginning again.


Doc and the Chaplain were at the point of recommending to Luke to have Aiden put in a long term care psychiatric institution. Whether this would help or not they didn”t know but it sure wouldn”t hurt. They both needed to be assured all firearms were secure and Aiden would never be left alone. Billy Bob assured that could be done. Just send a four man security team and hopefully when Aiden returns we will see a different person.


The starting point would be Andrews AFB and they would take Worthington One to Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. Then rent a 4 wheel drive dual cab truck for the drive to West Virginia. Luke had been busy these past months and had a friend who owed him some favors. He convinced the local cell phone provider to install a tower near the Vance Property. A plug in ready home cell phone was delivered to the Vances. Billy Bob had some long conversations with his brothers before he ever left on this trip letting them know what was happening and how he hoped they could help Aiden. Of course the Vances would do most anything to help the family which had done so much for them.


Even with the installation of a cell phone on the Vance Property I insisted they take a Sat Phone just for my piece of mind. I expected a daily email report as to any changes (good or bad) in Aiden”s behavior and/or attitude. We all hoped this radical suggestion helped to bring back the young loving man we all loved and held dear in our hearts.


Steven and I realized with Captain Manning death and Aiden gone Hayao and Noah were picking up the “slack” and working long hours with little personal time. This couldn”t go on forever. Time to see how good our new Human Resources team is when it comes to an immediate need. We needed another Aide for me and I”d appreciate five candidates to interview personally and then make the final selection.


Within a week our new Human Resources team had five highly qualified candidates ready for me to interview and they needed to know “when and where”. Luke, John, Steven and I would do the interviews at Worthington”s Executive Offices next Monday starting at 8am sharp. Have them fly in on Sunday and billet them at the Washington Marriott. They can take the limo to and from Worthington”s as needed.


The four of us had the information on the five candidates by secure messenger the next day. We reviewed it individually line by line remembering the fiasco of Liam which could never be repeated again.


It was a difficult interview for all of us as Captain Manning was dear to my soul and more of a son to me than an Aide. I had to be professional and look at the candidates as a potential Aide and not a duplicate of all Captain Manning did without being asked. At times I regretted ordering Colonel Gregory cancelling all leaves and locking down Fort Connor. I would have cherished the thought of our Alpha Zulu team taking their revenge on the sniper that took the life of a man I loved as my son.


Before the interviews began I asked Luke, John and Steven to please keep me in check and not let me get too personal. We all knew no one could fill the “shoes” of Captain Manning and I knew there would always be a void in my heart for this special man.


Our initial individual discussion with the five candidates went flawlessly. They all seemed equally qualified and our new HR team had done a great job in making the their selections. As Steven and I returned to Camp Phoenix that night I asked John if I could use his video conference. I wanted to talk with Hayao and Noah.


My “sons” were happy to see us and I asked if they had time to discuss an important matter. (Of course they did!) I”m not trying to get rid of you two but Hayao you have put your life on the line twice and I want you and Noah to have a long fantastic life together. Would you be offended if I transferred you to support staff instead of being my “Aide”. This would give you more time together and I wouldn”t worry about Steven or me losing all of our family if anything happened again.


They understood where I was coming from and they assured Steven and me they would understand if we made the changes. The look of shock on Steven”s face at the thought of having FOUR new aids at Fort Connor and traveling with us. As the evening progressed and the 20 year old Scotch flowed Luke and John understood my concern and truly we had very equal candidates. Time to hit them tomorrow with the shock of the job and see if any cries “UNCLE”.


No one flinched when being asked if they were gay and were pleasantly surprised to find we had a gay friendly post which even allowed skinny dipping in our pool. Two man room, completely new with state of the art equipment everywhere on base. If they were interested the next step was a very invasive physical and if they passed Colonels Miller and Sullivan would discuss the salary and perks of the Alpha Zulu program. We asked them again to confirm they understood the long hours and travel requirements of the positions and they would be aides to the only two six star generals in the United States Army. We are asking for a five year extension of your existing contract with no more than a total of five years.


If all five of you make it to the final stage we will be forced to cut one of you. It won”t be an easy decision for us but there are only four openings. Does anyone wish to drop out now? (No takers, damn! That would have made it too easy on everyone.)


It was late afternoon when Aiden, Billy Bob and their security team reached the Vance property in West Virginia. Compared to Camp Phoenix it was strictly “bare bones” with no frills but to the Vances it was absolutely luxury they never dreamed of having. Pa Vance greeted everyone and offered them time to clean up before dinner. Dinner was served early as there was no TV or Video Game addiction to be had. The Vance”s worked from sun up to sun down less a few breaks to enjoy the pleasures that two men can enjoy. Their moonshine was the best in the county and was always in demand. Now with Worthington buying all they can produce they were kept continuously busy at the still.


Dinner was tasty and nourishing even if Aiden knew better than to ask what he was eating. Billy Bob had made it perfectly clear to his brothers that Aiden was hurting from the death of his partners and he needed love and romance and not a hillbilly fuck as with previous visitors from Fort Connor. Billy Bob”s youngest brother understood how Aiden felt losing his best friend last year. He whispered in Aiden”s ear “Come with me, I”ve got something to show you” taking his hand and leading him outside. The security team looked concerned and Billy Bob guaranteed them there wasn”t anything lethal in the barn except what his brother was packing between his legs.


Aiden had heard rumors about the “hay loft” of the Vance”s barn and now he faced the decision on whether to climb the ladder or retreat back to the house. As the Vance Brother wrapped his arms around Aiden, held him tight he kissed him passionately and all the tension of the past weeks exploded as he orgasmed, cum soaking through his BDUs. They smiled at each other and Aiden quickly climbed the ladder to continue the adventure with this young man.


A blanket was thrown over the hay and our two young lovers held each other tight as they kissed, touched, tweaked, stroked till they could hold back no longer and dove into a 69 position as their mouths were immediately filled with the thick cream of their youthful seed. They rolled onto their back and looked up at the barn beams totally exhausted and sated. Both youth were still rock hard and our young Vance simply asked what would you like to do now. Aiden got on all 4″s looked over his should and quietly asked his young friend to fuck his brains out. Aiden quickly got initiated as to the feeling of a dry hillbilly fuck which produced a scream that was even heard inside. They all smiled and knew Aiden was in no danger but damn would he be hurting in the morning.


Aiden got hammered doggie style for what seemed an eternity only to be flipped on his back, ankles raised and his ass piston fucked till he screamed for mercy and his balls erupted coating his face with a massive load of a thick hot seed. The sight of Aiden coated in his own seed sent our young Vance over the top and he started what seemed like an unending orgasm that bostancı escort seared the tender flesh of Aiden”s love tunnel. As the young hillbilly cock was removed from the tender ass it had just conquered, the cum exploded from his ass till it shot past the edge of the blanket. He curled up cuddling with Aiden and asked if he liked being fucked hillbilly style. Aiden only smiled at him and said he hoped he would do it all night for him. (His wish would be granted!)


In the morning he had to be helped to the breakfast table and no one said a word about his condition. Aiden knew he hurt more at the moment than he did after his week of honeymooning with his deceased partner. He might hurt but he felt fantastic. He never wanted to go back to civilization. His mind was starting to heal. (Now only if they made a med that worked as well on his mind as lidocaine gel does on his ass.)


All day long it seemed like a never ending line of young hillbilly boys visiting the Vance barn and finding their way up the ladder and naked with Aiden. Aiden couldn”t believe how romantic and loving these uneducated mountain boys were but were more sincere in showing emotions than any person he had met other than his first love Captain Manning. The cum was streaming down his legs as he carefully descended the ladder one rung at a time. His young Vance friend helped him to wipe off much of the cum at the watering trough so he wouldn”t be too embarrassed when he went in for dinner. (Like, everyone within 5 miles of the barn knew what he was doing!) Billy Bob and his security team were happy and Aiden, other than hardly being able to walk, was a new person, his mind had started to heal and he was feeling love again in his life.


Later that night as our young Vance brother was in bed with Aiden his other brother slipped in the room and asked if he could join them. Aiden looked at his lover and they both nodded yes. As they made Aiden a cuddle sandwich the massive pieces of mountain wood were obvious between their legs. Aiden knew what to expect and he just got on his hands and knees inviting them to enjoy themselves. The two Vance brothers alternated fucking his ass, 5 strokes, pulling out, switching and then repeating for over an hour. His ass was on fire but Aiden never felt more alive. Finally, one brother lay on his back with his erection standing straight at 90 degrees to his body and Aiden didn”t need a road map to straddle his pelvis and lower his sore ass down every inch of his hardness.


As Aiden was pulled forward his lips meeting his partners and as they kissed his balls erupted spraying our young Vance brother till cum was dripping from his chin and ear lobes. As Aiden was held tight to his chest the older Vance Brother proceeded to force his cock in with his brothers and Aiden had the first double fuck of his life which was a special treat the Vance brothers provided for special guests. Aiden was screaming in pain and pleasure never wanting them to stop but suddenly both brothers balls erupted and he felt like a fire hose burst in his ass as the cum flooded his gut. He thought he might never walk again but this night was fantastic.


Fortunately, Billy Bob slipped quietly in Aiden”s room and threw his brothers a tube of Doc”s super lube and they had been told to squeeze the entire tube into Aiden”s ass and then massage it as deep as possible up him. The relief was immediate and Aiden fell into a sexual chasm of exhaustion and sleep till the sun streamed through the window the following morning.


Both brothers had to help Aiden to the breakfast table and out of respect neither Billy Bob or his security detail said anything. Aiden needed a few more hours of sleep and his security detailed hoped the Vance Brothers had enough stamina left to treat them to the pleasures Aiden had received. By lunch the “grapevine” was alive that Aiden was back in business and the hayloft was again ready to take on all cummers. They all knew this young man needed love and romance even more than sex so there were no quickies and the young hillbilly studs took great pride in giving Aiden the pleasures he deserved. After all the young visitors left this afternoon the youngest Vance brother climbed up the ladder and curled up cuddling with Aiden. Aiden looked into his eyes, kissed him gently and thanked him profusely. “I so appreciate what you have done. Will you do me the honor of fucking me again before we have to go in for dinner?” That comment got the blood flowing south and with all the cum that had been packed into Aiden”s ass that afternoon there was no problem going balls deep on the first thrust. Aiden held his lover tight and said I need a hard fuck from a horny man. I know you care about me and I certainly care about you so let me pleasure you with my ass. Take me, take me hard, take me deep and stretch me wide. Shoot your hot ball juice in me and don”t stop till you are totally spent. Aiden was not to be disappointed.


Aiden spent the night being tag teamed by the two younger Vance brothers while Brother 3 kept the security team well satisfied. (It is amazing how many orgasms these young studs can have without losing their erection. No wonder there is a waiting list of volunteers for the security details when visits to the Vance”s are required.)


After a night of non-stop fucking and sucking the two younger Vance brothers helped Aiden to get dressed for breakfast. Aiden held them both and kissed them passionately. Turning to the youngest Vance he asked: “Will you come visit me at Camp Phoenix if I send you the ticket?” The smile on his face assured Aiden he would never turn down such a wonderful offer. Aiden had four hours left after breakfast before lunch and then the returning trip back to civilization. Aiden took the hand of the youngest Vance brother, held him tight, kissed him passionately in front of everyone and led him off to his bedroom never to be seen again till the bell rang for lunch. Aiden smelled of sex and everyone was happy for this wonderful young man. He wasn”t healed but he was on the road to returning to be a loving member of the Worthington Clan and the “Band of Brothers” of Fort Connor.


Luke, John, Steven and I were not getting any breaks when it came to picking new Aides. All five men passed their medicals with flying colors. They were shocked and astounded at the salary and perks of the job even considering the travel requirement and hours greatly in excess of what they currently worked. No one was crying “UNCLE” and changing their mind. One of them had to be cut and none of us could see a fair way of doing it. We prefaced our selection by saying whoever was not selected would be given “first choice of refusal” by our HR team on the next opening at Fort Connor and we would personally put your information in the hands of the base commander Colonel Gregory.


Then we spread a deck of cards on the table and said low card loses. Pick a card. You are all equal and to say one of you is better than the other would be an out and out lie. Select a card going alphabetically by last name. I hated to see anyone of the five cut but sometimes command decisions can be difficult and this definitely was one. The men selected would spend more time with us than our family and would know us even better than our families. In time we hoped they would consider themselves not an “employee” but an extension of the good we bring into the lives of children throughout the world. The “low man out” was personally guaranteed by me I would deliver his information to Colonel Gregory with my personal recommendation as to the quality of the individual and that he would be an asset to the Alpha Zulu program.


As the other four remained they had one last shock to absorb. They were all non-commissioned officers and we informed them they would spend the next week in Washington being fitted for their new uniforms and being the Aide to a six star general comes with an increase in rank to that of a Captain. You could see and hear their jaws drop. Feel free to tell your families, loved ones, lovers, etc. about your promotion but all you can say about the Alpha Zulu program is that you are our Aides and the work is ultra-classified. Your selection was from a group of 500 candidates (Which is no lie). Steven and I will see you at Fort Connor in a week.


Four newly minted Captains stood to attention, said: “Thank you, Sirs” in unison and exited the room. I looked at Steven and said now we have to convince Hayao and Noah we did this to get them into a safer environment so they can start their family. I turned to Luke and John and ask if he had any pull in getting R.A. to find us some suitable boy(s) for our sons to adopt. Beaming from ear to ear they both said: “Consider it done”!


Luke and John returned to Camp Phoenix that night and Steven and I returned to Fort Connor. When Aiden arrived at Camp Phoenix Luke and John were astonished at the change in his attitude. He was almost the loving boy that fell in love with Captain Manning. They both knew it was going to take some work on the part of Doc and the Chaplain to make the changes permanent but from such a simple suggestion of an uneducated hillbilly boy he had the answer to a problem that was perplexing the trained minds of our two highly respected counselors. Aiden never missed a counseling session with Doc or the Chaplain except for asking a week break when Billy Bob”s youngest brother visited Camp Phoenix. Billy Bob assured both Doc and the Chaplain the two young men were spending quality time buca escort bonding and the only problem they were having is getting out of bed and attempting to walk to the table for meals. That good news only made our two professionals smile from ear to ear. (It won”t surprise me if Billy Bob isn”t the only Vance to join the Worthington clan.)


When both Doc and the Chaplain felt Aiden was well on the way to healing they both requested a meeting with Steven, Colonel Gregory, Aiden and me. As the Chaplain returned the $3,000,000.00 USD check to Aiden. He felt uneasy accepting the money from him when he was in such a vulnerable state. Aiden assured all of us it was given in memory of his partner in life Captain Bob Manning. He again asked the Chaplain to have R.A. invest the funds and the money would be available to him to use at his discretion for any situation that directly affected the men of Fort Connor and/or their families. There was no strings attached, it was totally at his discretion. No paper trail and if the Chaplain transferred from Fort Connor the money would then go to the next Chaplain with the same provisions.


The generosity of this young man was unreal and over the years with R.A.”s expertise in investments, the money helped many an Alpha Zulu “brother” who had a family emergency that fell between the cracks. The men of Fort Connor repaid his kindness by adding a meditation garden to the Chapel area in memory of our fallen bothers in arms. The first two names on the list we hoped would never increase were Connor Williams and Bob Manning. Aiden cried at the dedication. He knew the men of Fort Connor loved Bob Manning as much as I loved Connor Williams.


Steven and I returned from our human resources meeting to select our new aids and now we had to face our sons and tell them we had replaced them. We truly hoped they knew we did it because we loved them. It called for a family walk ending at the chapel, a sanctuary that would give Steven and me the strength and courage to handle whatever way our sons accepted the news.


As we settled into the serene surroundings we held hands and we both told them how much we loved them. Hayao spoke first saying: “Your firing us”. Guess there is no better way of saying it. Yes, your replacements arrive next Monday and I hope you”ll give us the courtesy of helping them get up to speed with their duties and responsibilities. You will still be our Aides, you just won”t be traveling with us. Steven and I accepted the risk of this job and if something should happen to us it is the risk we chose. I wouldn”t want to live if I lost Steven and the two of you at the same time. Besides, a little bird told me you two haven”t been using birth control and you knocked up your partner. Expect formal notification in the next few weeks and if you want to contest the paternity you can appeal to your Uncle Luke or Mama Bear. Our two sons just looked at each other and knew: “Resistance is futile”!


As we hugged and kissed uncontrollably we knew our sons accepted what we did was the best for everyone. We all knew the Alpha Zulu program far exceeded the importance of any one individual and only together, all 200+ men in this “Band of Brothers” can it make the impact to protect the imps we love and serve.


As we approached our quarters our sons asked permission to be excused for the evening: “Permission granted”! We heard them whisper as they left… “Well, if you are knocked up we can have sex all night and not have to worry about any pregnancy”… to which they both snickered as they ran to their quarters.


Our last stop of the evening was at Colonel Gregory”s residence. He was having a popcorn and movie night with the imps and we asked if we could meet with him after breakfast, we didn”t want to ruin his family time. (Another problem avoided for another day.)


After Colonel Gregory”s morning staff meeting I asked the Chaplain and Doc to stick around and bring me up-to-date on Aiden. They admitted the change in his outlook was totally reversed and they were seeing the exuberant young man that was madly in love with Captain Manning. Three days with the Vances definitely worked a miracle and Doc only smiled muttering: “Yeah, that also”. (Doc knew all too well Aiden got his brains fucked out non-stop for 72 hours!)


Doc and the Chaplain left for their duties and Steven and I sat with Colonel Gregory and I said: “I have to admit my sins”! I have some good news and some bad news which do you want to hear first? Good News: I fired Hayao and Noah as our Aides. Before you start trying to stealing them away I”m keeping them around to work for me but I”m not letting them travel with us considering the recent fiasco. Bad News: I have four new Aides arriving Monday. I pilfered them yesterday from the Pentagon Staff.


AND… I hope you”ll see the following as trying to help you. We had five equally qualified candidates. That is one of the reasons we replaced both Hayao and Noah. We ran out of ways to determine which was the least qualified so we did it by “low card draw”. Not scientific but we couldn”t think of a better way. Prior to the card draw I promised the person drawing the low card and being eliminated I would personally give you their file and my strong recommendation for them to be considered for the next opening in the Alpha Zulu program for which they are qualified. (I then handed him the file as Steven and I made a quick strategic withdrawal.)


A few hours later Colonel Gregory called and thanked me for the information on the prospective Alpha Zulu recruit. He understood what I did and why I did it and didn”t blame me in the least. Other than, keeping Hayao and Noah for ourselves which he thought was extremely greedy. (To which I totally agreed!) The other option was to transfer him to Worthington R&D (Research and Development) and you know they would hire him in a Nano-second. Hayao has nearly died twice for the Alpha Zulu program, he has done his fair share. Besides, a little bird tells me he has Noah knocked up and a little one is on the way. It took less than 20 minutes for that juicy bit of gossip to make its way through all 200 soldiers on base. Our proud new parents were celebrated at the evening meal and they hadn”t even received the details of prospective sons from R.A. yet.


Luke, John, Billy Bob, Conor, Logan, Alex and Aiden enjoyed a fantastic meal after returning to Camp Phoenix. Aiden asked if he could talk to Luke in his study. Aiden shyly asked what it would take for him to get permission to invite Billy Bob”s youngest brother to visit Camp Phoenix for a few days (?). Luke didn”t see it as a problem, all of Billy Bob”s family had security checks we just had to make the travel arrangements. General Meat is going to be at Wright Patterson the end of next week. Get his brother to drive him up to the base and he can hitch a ride on Meat”s Jet back to Andrew”s AFB. He can chopper back to Camp Phoenix with us after work. He will need some form of ID for base security otherwise just come as he is.


He quickly called the new cell phone Billy Bob had installed for the family and they were shocked when it rang. The invitation was quickly accepted and the next call was to “Uncle” Meat to ask if he would play Taxi for our visiting guest. Meat was well aware of the budding romance and was always happy to give cupid a nudge. Our visiting young Vance was impressed with the power General Meat held and how everyone snapped to attention whenever he was present. Base security knew of his arrival and provided transportation to the General”s private aircraft. “Meat” introduced himself and welcomed his guest to his humble home away from home. He was introduced to the pilot and flight crew and settled back in the ultra-comfortable oversized chairs as the Jet proceeded to wait for authorization to take off. When they landed at Andrews and taxied to their private hangar Aiden was waiting with Luke and John. Billy Bob was at home preparing a welcome feast for their new guest with Connor. (It didn”t matter how many calories they consumed, Aiden would assure it being burned off by morning.)


The four thanked General Meat as he and his jet headed off to Fort Connor and a romantic weekend with the love of his life. As Meat, Steven, Hayao and Noah were enjoying a quiet private dinner there was a knock at the door… R.A. entered and was warmly greeted by all. R.A. turned to the Generals and quipped: “Didn”t you tell these two about birth control”? With a big smile he handed them the files on five young men who needed a loving and stable family. Let me know as soon as possible so I can get the ball rolling. You know where to find me. Now, if you will forgive me I need to see if I can get my partner to knock me up. Night!


Love abounded at Fort Connor this night. By morning Colonel Gregory and R.A. were so tender they didn”t look forward to putting on clothing. Steven and I knew we had to make flag raising or the “Jungle Grapevine” would go into high gear adding a new chapter to the ongoing “gay saga” of Fort Connor. Hayao and Noah just rolled over, kissed, held each other and decided that morning sex was far better than facing a shower and flag raising. They were going to make sure Noah was pregnant and they had a little one in the future to share their life. Four hours and many orgasms later they faced the shower together and knew they had to make an appearance for lunch or their fathers would be knocking at their door making certain no harm had come to us. Other than having two of the sorest asses on base at Fort Connor, all was well with their lives and they looked forward to selecting the young man who would share their lives and future.






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