Amazing foursome

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Amazing foursomeMy ex wife Emily and I had dabbled in the swinging lifestyle for most of our relationship. We had threesomes with men and women, gone to a couple swing parties and had some group sex experience. I was 24, she was 21, and most of our extra partners were significantly older. We were very excited when we met another young couple online and began chatting. Kimmy and Steve were both 23, and had been together almost as long as Emily and I. They were new to the scene, they had both had threesomes before, but not with each other.We met after chatting online for some time at a place called the Economy Shoe Shop and chatted over some nachos and drinks. They were great, very nice, average couple much like us. We were very excited to meet younger people. Kimmy was about 5’6″, dark hair, brown eyes, thick framed glasses, very pretty face, curvy body, and eye catching big 36DD Breasts. She wore a snug sweater giving us a nice view of her shape. Steve was about 5’8″, small build, brown hair, glasses, some facial stubble, a good looking guy.We made small talk from work, to sports, hobbies, and as the drinks flowed it of course turned to sex. We were all a bit nervous with this meeting, but made it pretty clear that everyone wanted to experience this. We asked Kimmy about her desire to be with other women, she had a MMF threesome before, but craved another woman to experiment with. She confidently flirted with Emily which was well received and given back. Emily curled her long blonde hair that night, nice light make up, her lips red and popped. She had a white blouse over a tank top coving her small 36B breasts, and had her lulu lemon yoga pants on which was pretty much a black paint job over her nicely shaped legs and gorgeous ass. The 3 of us enjoyed when she got up to go to the washroom. Steve said WOW! as Kimmy bit her lip smiling.. We were in a corner booth in the pub, and when I went to the bar, Emily klasbahis yeni giriş switched places with me and sat close to Kimmy. I came back and they were holding hands under the table and would touch each others legs teasing each other. Steve and Kimmy both said no sex on the first date, I thing they regreted saying that come the end of the night. We were outside on Argyle St saying our good byes and making plans to meet the next weekend. Steve and I shook hands, I hugged Kimmy and then very naturally Kimmy and Emily shared a deep kiss right there.. They both wanted this so bad. Em and I went home and got naked and fucking so quickly. Her smoothly shaven pussy was dripping wet. We both shared out fantasies about Steve and Kimmy. Both of our main fantasies revolved around Kimmy’s huge tits. I sucked the long nipples on Emily’s tiny tits, and pumped my cock deep in her tight pussy until I blew my load, filling her up. We both just layed, breathless, wanting this so bad!We realized we missed a few texts from our new friends, we realized they were probably off fucking like mad too! Having already shared a few lingerie pics of the girls, I grabbed my phone and took a pic of Emily from her flat belly up. Showing her erect nipples and the look of satisfaction on her face. We sent it to Kimmy’s cell phone, saying we wanted the two of them to put this look of satisfaction on Emily’s face.Within moments they replied so excited and complimenting Emily’s body, infactuated by her suckable nipples. We then got a pic that we both just jaw dropped. It was Kimmy who looked like she was riding Steve at that moment.. Her big tits hanging slightly, but still looked very firm. Her arms were up holding her hair up while riding Steve, giving the camera a naughty, horny look.My cock instantly spring back to life. Emily’s mouth was around it sucking hard bringing me back for another round. She got on me klasbahis giriş and said, take the same pic. So we returned another, and then another of my cock in her pussy.. My first load glistened on her lips and my cock. They loved it and sent a few more, of her pussy, his cock, and her ass. I pulled out and covered Emily’s breasts in cum, and took a pic of that..sent it off and I was thrilled to get one of Kimmy’s huge breasts back just covered in a suprisingly huge load of cum from Steve. Emily loved seeing that..We made plans to meet sooner, only 2 days later we had them over for dinner at our apartment in Dartmouth. They arrived, him looking similar as the other night, but she has a tight revealing top on, with a skirt and heels. Emily came out of the room also in a skirt and a nice sweater. Once I broke the tension in the room with a comment about the pics, things started flowing again. We drank some wine, I make a pork tenderloin dish, and we enjoyed each others company. We moved to the couch after dinner. Steve and I sat at the ends, Kimmy in the middle and Emily sat on my lap and it didnt take her long to put her feet up across some laps and Kimmy was teasing her legs again. Without even really talking, we began touching and exploring each other. Kimmy was running her hands up and down Emily’s legs, spending time up under her skirt touching her thighs and rubbing around the edges of her panties. Steve and I were both focussed on Kimmy, touching her legs, and her breasts. I had my hand down her top and under her bra feeling her pillowy big tits. The girls were both moaning and squirming in pleasure. Steve reached down and before I knew it Kimmy’s shirt was off, Emily reached behind her and unhooked her bra expertly, and her big tits fell out in front of us. Emily and I were both mezmorized. I reached in and squeezed them, Steve was clearly fingering Kimmy under her skirt. Emily got klasbahis güvenilirmi up, leaned in and sucked Kimmys nipple making her moan, then gave her a deep kiss and excused herself for a moment. Steve and I took Kimmy’s skirt off, leaving her completly exposed on my couch. I kept working her tits, just in heaven, She was feeling both of our cocks and getting fingered. Emily came back in the room having changed into flowing, see through white lingerie and high heels. We all stopped as she came into the room just working her body head to toe. Her nipples were fully erect and we soon found out that she was soaking wet. Kelly got up and looked at Steve and I and said, just watch for a bit. She walked over to Emily, tits bouncing, and they embraced, kissing, hands exploring, and Emily moaned loudly and shook as Kimmy worked her nipples. The lingerie was soon off and the girls were still kissing, taking breaks to go down on each others tits sucking. Emily sat on the table and spread her legs wide, revealing her glistening wet, bald cunt. Kimmy moaned and dropped to her knees and just went in licking and kissing, no teasing her legs this time. Steve and I were both stroking our cocks while we watched out girls taste and explore each other. They both came a couple times and then just layed together in a chair in the corner, cuddling and kissing. I have seen Emily with other women, but never like this. She was so into it. We got the girls apart after a few minutes and I took Kimmy back to the couch and she began sucking my cock. Steve went to Emily and Started eating her pussy. Before long I looked over and saw Steves thick cock filling my girl. I re focussed on Kimmy. I stood her up and bent her over standing over the table, and entered her from behind. I was fucking her hard and could see her big tits swinging and bouncing below her as she moaned. Apparently Steve had cum because they just sat there watching the two of us fuck. I pulled out and came on her ass while she tried to catch her breath. Emily came over and licked up all my cum off Kimmy. We all fell back onto the couch. Hands all over each other for a while longer yet. We became very good friends for a few years to come…