Amazing Sexperience With My Married Cousin

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Amazing Sexperience With My Married CousinShe had perfect round and firm boobs and a big juicy ass. Before her marriage two years ago, she used to live with us. But after marriage she shifted her house.I always had a fantasy to fuck her ever since I first saw her naked while she was bathing. But my fantasy could never be fulfilled. Until one day, I finally got into bed with her and ripped her apart.Her husband had to attend some conference in the United States. So she asked my parents if I could stay over at her house. Since even I was having a vacation then, I too agreed.So I went to stay there after her husband left. The first day we were talking about college and stuff like that. Since we were hungry, we decided to order some food as she was feeling too lazy to cook.The food arrived and we were watching a movie as we ate. There was a scene in the movie where the actors were sucking each others lips. I immediately got a hard on. I think she must have noticed it since she was grinning. We finished our food and went to sleep. She slept on the bed while I slept on the couch.At night I was completely going mad and my desire to fuck her was getting intense. I went to her room where she was fast asleep. Then I lay down next to her and put my arm around her. I could feel her bra strap.I was gently rubbing her back. She did not respond so I gained some confidence and placed my hand on her breast. It was nice and firm. I circled my fingers around her nipple. To my surprise her nipples became erect. I pulled up her T-shirt, revealing her glowing skin. I just sat there staring at my hot sister.Then I moved my fingers around her hot body. I then placed a gentle kiss on her lip. Since she was bursa escort sound asleep, I gained more courage and kissed her neck, shoulders and even her navel. Forcing her lips open, I put my tongue inside her mouth.I could feel her warmth and my dick had formed a tent below. Gently pressing her boobs, I kept sucking her mouth. I didn’t want to overdo things in case she wakes up. I just kept enjoying her soft body and never realised when I fell asleep. When I woke up, she was in the kitchen making breakfast.As she stood with her back facing me, I wanted to hug her and make mad love to her. But I controlled myself. I said good morning. She too wished me and asked me to get ready for breakfast. By the time I was back, she had put it on the table and was waiting for me. We sat down and began to eat. That’s when it hit me.She wasn’t wearing a bra and immediately my dick rose. As I ate I couldn’t help but stare at her erect nipples. She might have noticed it. She asked me why did I sleep in her room the previous night.I choked but soon found my voice and replied that it was very hot in the living room and that’s why. She told me I know what all you did yesterday night. I got a shock. I told her I didn’t do anything.She told me that it was normal for boys of my age to do such things. I said so you would let me do such things to you. She said no. Its not right. I am married and I love my husband.I began pleading to her saying that I have always loved her and stuff like that. She kept saying no. And then she had to hurry since it was getting late for office.That evening before she came, I bought some soft drinks and mixed alcohol into it so that I could get her drunk and seduce her. She came home bursa escort bayan and after a while, we sat for dinner. I gave her the soft drink. She took a sip of it and understood what I had done. At first she scolded me but as I convinced her, she agreed. I was overjoyed.We finished dinner and went to the bedroom. She went to the bathroom and came out after ten minutes. She had taken a shower and she looked fresh and sexy in a nightgown.Her loose hair was making me very horny. She came and sat next to me. She asked me if this was right. I silenced her with a light kiss on her lips. I began to lick her lip and she opened her mouth. We inserted our tongues into each others mouth and sucked like crazy.I took her melons in my hand and began to squeeze it. She was trying to moan. The intensity of our lip lock increased. As our closeness increased, we both were getting hornier.She removed of her top. Her heavenly boobs were making me go mad. I squeezed her left boob while simultaneously sucking her other nipple. She placed her hand over my bulging pant. Sucking her lovely boobs, I put my hand inside her pyjamas. She wasn’t even wearing a panty.Her pussy was clean and wet. I removed her pyjamas. She beautiful pink pussy was so tempting. I went down and placed a kissed on her pussy. She let out a loud moan.I started to kiss her pussy. The warmth of her pussy was amazing. With my tongue, I slowly entered her pussy. Her juices were tasty. Once I was done eating her pussy, I took out my dick and placed it near her mouth.She began blowing me. With each stroke, my dick was about to burst. After about ten minutes, I dropped my entire load on her face. She licked away every drop of my cum. escort bursa She was now begging me to fuck her. I bought my erect tool near her opening.After giving it a few slaps and strokes, I entered in slowly. She was moaning and I stood at a cross angle so as to get more pleasure. I kept speeding up and with each stroke, I could feel her warm juices oozing out. I kept fucking her in that position for some time before asking her to go on her knees.As she stood on all fours, her melons were hanging like a small balloon. I lubricated my cock and inserted it in her love hole. We kept fucking in that position until we were too tire. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked away my cum. We then collapsed on each other and fell asleep.Next morning when I woke up, she was standing naked in the kitchen talking to her husband. I went from behind her and caught her boobs. She let out a soft moan. Her husband was surprised and asked what happened. She told him that her neck twisted. He then spoke to me for a while. He told me to take care of her. I said I definitely would.As were talking she was giving me an amazing blowjob. Once the call and the blowjob were done with, we went to the bathroom for a shower where I took the shower gel and foamed it up. I then applied the foam all over her delicious body. We had a nice bath together.She had decided to take the day off. We again ordered some food and while we were waiting for it to arrive, we had a nice oral session. The food arrived and she went to pick it up only wearing a towel. The delivery boy was struggling hard not to look at her cleavage.After having our lunch, we went to the bedroom where we watched some hardcore porn and decided to try out all the positions they showed. We had amazing sex that day and for the rest of my stay there. By the time her husband arrived, she was looking more lively and plump. Ever since then, we have had great sex many times.