Amber , Jaime (The Lesbian Start)

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Walking in a parking lot, on the way to my car, a man started renouncing his religion saying it was pointless to “believe” in something that he didn’t believe in. It got me thinking later that night lying in my bed, what’s to stop me from renouncing my sexual orientation? I’ve never been with a woman, so how do I know for sure I’m not a lesbian?

The next couple of weeks made me look at women in a different way. I started trying to grasp their attention to see if they responded to my subtle invitations. Not much luck at first, but once I went to a club with a few of my friends, a fish baited my hook. Surprisingly enough it was my roommate. Her name is Jamie. Jamie and I had been friends since we were in high school. Never had we looked at each other in any other way than friends and never had we expressed these feelings of curiosity to each other before. Once we did though, we never looked back.

That night at the club was the start of it all. The club had an “alone section” if you will and we were sitting there talking about other fethiye escort guys and how we used to love sleeping with them all but after a while plain old sex can get old and uninteresting. She said, “You know Amber, men aren’t the only thing we can get with” and I looked at her with a sudden quirk of relief in my smile and now very red face. The minute she saw that smile she gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Before we’d try other women we should try each other to be completely sure. We kissed and made out at the club for a while until we were ready to try it back at our apartment alone.

When we got to our apartment, we didn’t hold back! Not an ounce!! We barely even unlocked the door before we started tearing off each other’s clothes. I could smell in the air she was enjoying my company and her nipples were so erect, they could’ve cut ice! We didn’t even make it to the bed. We ended up on the floor and she was already starting to cum when I was sucking and gently biting her oh so beautiful nipples. I licked my way down to her navel and escort fethiye immediately shoved my face so deep into her pussy that I could hardly hear her loud moaning screams echoing through the apartment. I gently stuck my tongue deep inside her and then bit the side of her clit to make her moan louder. That moment was when I realized that pussy was better than penis any day! Although I was still attracted to guys and I still got off riding cocks, pussy was my favorite meal!

After I had finished giving her, her first orgasm of the night, she gave me mine. It was so incredible! She threw me on the bed and basically did to me what I did to her, but with a little twist. She was so grateful to me for giving her an incredible orgasm that she didn’t stop giving me mine for at least an hour. Hearing me moan started getting her off and this continued for hours into the early morning.

We both skipped work the next day to be with each other. We talked about how that was the best sex we’d ever had and that we needed that more often. For the next fethiye escort bayan week straight, the second one of us would walk in the door the other would jump on her and we’d do it there against the door, in the shower, wherever it happened! The following Saturday we started talking about multiple partners. We scammed one hot looking blonde chick that looked of the same characteristics as we did. She was about 5’6, with tan skin and big boobs, but best of all her ass was amazing!

You wouldn’t believe how banging she was! And you wouldn’t believe how banging she was, if you know what I mean. The three of us together at the same time made it heaven! Jamie and I have had foursomes, threesomes, one-on-ones, & then of course our own special mixture: masturbating in front of the other, to get the other off and then having sex. We still sleep with guys once in a while, but not as much as sleeping with each other. To sum it up, we sleep together Monday through Friday right after work until we can’t cum anymore and once a month or so we’ll hook up with a guy, but we’ll hook up with at least one girl once a week. We have tons of fun together and used to post our “love sessions” on the web, but after a while we liked keeping our privacy. Let me just say this, pussy rules!!!