Ami Gattson’s Slave Stable

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I reported to the home of Ami Gattson as I had been ordered to do. I had a nervous feeling of anticipation as I approached my new situation. Just earlier today during lunch I learned that Susan Russo had “sold” me to Ami for the price of a lunch and a slave girl Susan was getting for me.

I understood that Ami had another male slave and a female. My role in all of this was unclear but having seen her beautiful feet I was anxious to serve as commanded. As I walked onto the porch the door opened and a young lady waved me inside. She was dressed in a bikini. She was very thin and pale. Her feet were bare and I had dared to catch a glimpse. They were quite attractive.

I was led into a large living room where Ami was sitting comfortably on a large couch with her male slave serving as a footrest. He was dressed only in gym shorts and was kneeling on hands and knees and offered no gaze my way.

Ami was dressed in work out gear and looked extremely sexy. She was powerfully built. She had her sneakers off and was in ankle socks propped up on her kneeling slave.

“Introductions are in order.” Ami proclaimed. “The kneeling slave is Sissy Andy. You’ll learn a lot more about him shortly. The young lady is Plain Jane. They speak when spoken to as you will do as well. And this is the last time you will approach me in this house standing. So get to your knees and crawl into the bedroom behind Jane and change into what is laid out for you.”

I dropped to my knees as Jane had done. I crawled behind her and was led into the bedroom. On the bed was a pair of red panties only!! I had not expected this. But I shed my clothes and folded them on the bed and slipped on the panties.

I crawled behind Jane again and when we returned to the living room Andy was kneeling as before but in pink panties only. Jane quickly peeled off the top of her bikini and crawled to put her face inside of Ami’s sneaker on the floor.

“Join Jane and get your face inside my other sneaker. I know sniffing them is something that should excite you. While you take in my scent I will explain some of your duties for the evening and assign you a new name.” Ami casually explained.

I groveled alongside Jane and took in the scent from Ami’s sneaker. It was not strong. A slight sweat scent and a regular shoe odor not at all unpleasant. I could feel the effect of the situation and my cock began to become erect.

“I’ve decided that since I can already see your cock reaction from just my shoe scent you’ll be Toetony for our purposes.” Ami taunted.

Once we had sniffed her sneakers to her satisfaction we were ordered to crawl into the nearby bedroom where I had undressed. I followed Plain Jane and as she bowed at the foot of the bed I did as well. Soon we were joined by Ami climbing on the bed on her stomach and Sissy Andy crawling behind.

“Sissy Andy slip off my clothing except my socks.” Ami ordered.

Sissy Andy climbed onto the bed on his knees and did as he was told.

“Now spread my ass cheeks and get your tongue in there as a reward for your footstool duty.” Ami commanded.

“Now I want you two slaves to take my ankle socks off with your mouths. Do it slowly and as you do look up and watch Sissy Andy worship my asshole. He loves to lick it deep especially after my workouts.” Ami proclaimed.

I saw Plain Jane take Ami’s left foot so I serviced her right foot. We used our mouths slowly to remove the ankle socks from Ami’s feet. Having already had a look at Ami’s bahis şirketleri beautiful feet following our lunch earlier today I was extremely excited to bare her foot and glimpse it again.

As I removed the sock I didn’t know what to do with it and I saw Plain Jane keep the sock in her mouth so I did the same. Plain Jane had the glazed look in her eyes that betrayed her submission and excitement. I’m sure I looked the same with the sock in my mouth. Ami’s soles were long and slender. Her toes were long as well and perfectly shaped.

“Now I want the two of you to worship my left foot and make sure when you suck the toes your tongues touch. While you do that I want Toetony to check between Plain Jane’s legs and feel the wet cunt. Plain Jane you can feel Toetony’s hard cock and get some of the pre cum on your fingers.” Ami commanded.

The two of us went to work on Ami’s left foot. There was some sock fuzz on it from her workout and I just took it in my mouth. As we licked and sucked the foot our tongues did meet at the toes. As they did I reached between Plain Jane’s legs and felt an extremely wet cunt. I slipped two fingers in to get them soaked and heard a mild moan from Plain Jane. Plain Jane followed her instructions and not only felt my rigid cock but collected a specimen of pre cum from the head of my cock.

“Now get those wet fingers in each others mouths and taste the juices I produced.” Ami taunted.

With that Ami instructed Sissy Andi to kneel at the foot of the bed as she rolled over to watch us suck the juices off each others fingers.

“Excellent. Now kiss each other with full tongue penetration to taste those juices.” Ami ordered.

We did as we were ordered. Plain Jane had a long tongue and i could feel it deep in my mouth. I was savoring the taste and kink intimacy of this act.

“Now its time for our new slave to get to understand how servitude can work around here.” Ami explained.

“So here is how we will get started. Plain Jane is going to service my clit while you two men will 69 each others cocks until I say otherwise. The only person allowed to cum is me. Any exceptions to my directive will be punished. Now get to it.” Ami commanded.

Ami sat up on the edge of the bed so she could watch and direct the action. Plain Jane crawled between her legs and went to work orally servicing her trainer. Sissy Andy laid down flat on the floor and I knew to mount him. He took my cock into his mouth and started slowly sucking. I took his rather small cock into my mouth easily. Since no cumming was allowed I sucked slowly as Sissy Andy did to me.

I dared not look but I could hear Ami slowly moaning from the attention her clit was receiving. I was excited from the technique Sissy Andy used on my cock. He was clearly trained bi and had talent. I had no problem taking his smaller cock completely into my mouth and could feel him twitch from my tongue swirling on the cock head.

After a lengthy period Ami had new commands for her slaves.

“Now I want to feel my new slave between my legs. And I want to see an ass licking 69 with you two. Sissy Andy deserves more ass to lick because of his servitude to me. So get to it.” Ami commanded.

I quickly crawled between Ami’s legs and felt her grasp my head and force my mouth onto her clit. I licked and sucked slowly at first and then more aggressively as she ground her clit against my mouth. She tasted delicious. Even after her workout she had a clean taste and while I preferred bahis firmaları other acts of servitude I got into servicing her. I could hear the licking sounds of the other two slaves ass eating but was in no position to see anything.

My cock was rigid from all this and I could feel the pre cum escaping the head of my cock. When I felt Ami’s grinding increase I hoped I would be able to make her cum. I took the chance to nibble the clit and it did the trick. She tightened her legs on my head and I felt her strong spasms. Her moan was light but the effect was unmistakable. I felt proud and desperately wanted her approval. She pulled my head away and rewarded me by letting me watch the two slaves penetrate each others asses with their tongues. They were aggressive in their performance and it excited me.

As I watched Ami explained some things quietly to me about the two of them. Both were trained bi. Sissy Andy had an ass fetish and loved rimming asses. Plain Jane loved oral servitude of men and women. Both were experienced sub slaves I had been brought into the mix as a usable cock for all three of them. Ami explained that I would be expected to fuck on command. If I was in her favor I would be allowed to lick feet while I fucked. If not I would be disciplined as i fucked. My performance was expected to be enthusiastic regardless. I nodded approval and understanding.

Cumming was only under Ami’s direction and permission. Failure to adhere to that was grounds for severe discipline. I was directed to nod my approval and understanding and I did so. The two ass licking slaves performed and each had periods of moaning from the ass attention.

After seeing this the next set of orders were coming. Ami had made it clear that I was obtained to be a usable cock to any of the three of them at any time.

“Lets put Toetony’s usable cock in action roughly fucking Plain Jane. She’ll be on her back with her legs on your shoulders. You can have your way with her and use her body for your pleasure. But I said I want it hard and rough. Don’t disappoint me. I will direct as I choose but the harder you fuck her and make her your slut the more you gain my favor.” Ami ordered.

Plain Jane crawled onto the bed and rolled onto her back. Ami sat in a chair beside the bed and had Sissy Andy assume the foot rest position. But he would be able to view the action. I mounted Plain Jane and penetrated her wet cunt and took hold of her slim ankles. As per orders from Ami Plain Jane earned her name by never wearing makeup in servitude. Her nails had no polish but were neatly trimmed. I started fucking her hard and moved her feet in front of my face. While I was pounding her cunt I took her dainty toes into my mouth. She squirmed as I licked between her toes and I learned her feet were very sensitive.

Her eyes were glazed and she panted and endured the fucking. I could hear the smacking sounds of my body against hers and could feel the beginnings of quivers in her legs.

“Now bite her sensitive toes.” Ami commanded.

I did as I was ordered and heard a strong scream from Plain Jane. She was writhing and thrashing now as my teeth clamped down on her toes. I was basically eating her toes and it was driving her wild. I felt the same and my fucking strokes increased in rhythm and strength I felt Plain Jane”s legs shaking and her moaning with eyes closed. Her legs were shaking to the point it became hard to maintain my grasp on her ankles.

“Great work slave. She cums kaçak bahis siteleri like a trained slut when used like that. Now lick her feet and suck her toes sensuously to reward her cum.” Ami ordered.

I devoured her feet and felt the softness of her soles and toes. I was now fucking her less severely but after a couple minutes of this the legs began shaking again and I felt the spasms in her body. Part of me wanted to cum from this but I knew better. I could feel the sweat dripping from me down on the bed cover and Plain Jane. Her body was moist as well from the pounding she had taken.

“Enough for now.” Ami commanded. “It’s time for the three of you to devote your attention to me but with some special rewards for your performances.”

I pulled out of Plain Jane and she smiled at me approvingly. Ami got on the bed on her back and stretched out her arms and spread her legs.

“Plain Jane and Toetony get to lick my armpits and Sissy Andy can lift my legs and taste my ass again. Get to it.” Ami ordered.

We followed her commands and I buried my tongue inside Ami’s right armpit. I am not sure why this excited me so much but tasting her sweat scent with my tongue this way caused my cock to twitch. Ami moaned lightly from the attention of three tongues but then I heard a buzzing sound. Ami had applied a vibrator to her clit while Plain Jane’s attention shifted to Ami’s nipple. Within a couple minutes Ami was grunting and writhing from the clit explosion.

This continued for some time as she experienced repeated strong spasms while receiving her body worship and vibrator.

When she had gained her measure of lustful satisfaction she order all three of us onto our knees on the bed. We were all ordered to masturbate

“Sissy Andi get your tongue into Toetony’s ass. Toetony lift my foot to your mouth and worship it. Plain Jane take my other foot and masturbate yourself with my toes.” Ami ordered.

We took to our tasks and I felt Sissy Andy lean down and spread my ass cheeks. He penetrated my ass with his tongue and I could hear him moan as he licked my hole and stroked his small cock. I savored Ami’s beautiful long foot. I watched Plain Jane rub Ami’s other tempting foot on her clit which had already cum strongly. Plain Jane was humping the foot like an animal in heat. It excited me so much to see this and feel the talented tongue probe and tease my asshole and feel the toes in my mouth that I wanted to cum badly. Ami was studying us and finally allowed us to cum.

I spurted first with a thick load that caused my body to spasm after all this commanded sex. I heard Sissy Andy grunt but I could not see his cum. Plain Jane’s spasms were strong as she humped the foot and moaned out her pleasure.

“Good work slaves.” Ami smiled at us. “Our new slave got a strong initiation and everyone performed as I wanted. “

“These are the types of pleasures he can earn if he bows down now and kisses my feet and requests to become my property.” Ami said.

I bowed down immediately. I couldn’t wait to beg for whatever Ami had in store for me.

“Please let me become your property.” I pleaded as my tongue lapped over the tops of Ami’s toes.

She let me linger in this position for a long pause. As my tongue never left its task I felt four hands begin to caress me. The light fingers stroking me made me twitch.

“If you continue to serve me as you did today however I order it and with whomever I command you will become valuable property. Today showed you the rewards you can get. It won’t always be this pleasant or easy. You’ll learn that soon.

But you’ll get the chance to earn my favor.”

And with that my initial session in Ami Gattson’s stable of slaves began.