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AMSTERDAM MADE LISA MARIA MINE – 1AMTERDAM MADE LISA MARIA MINE 1 — APPLICATION AS AMSTERDAM SEX STUDENT AT ‘EEII”EXPERIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE’ IS AN AMSTERDAM ACADEMY FOR SEX A blue-eyed blonde beauty at the Baltic coast with boyish bums & B-cup, both firm, attracts my attentionMaria not only has the proper age (only 22) & looks (slender and sexy) but also the right mindset for meShe trusts my wisdom & erotic experiences in disciplining great girls during their stay at my sex studioThe way she dances in short public videos makes me long to try her tits hold her hot bums by my handsEvery erotic detail of her presentation & initial intimate inspection — immediately after arrival Lisa knows Ready to meet my demands she rings at the right antalya escort time at my private place for her Spring of SubmissionDressed in a simple shirt & short skirt she shivers excited expectation of which will hotly happen to herAmazed by my galant hand-kiss she lets me take her hand to lead her to the centre of my studio stageMy freshly found female on film for the fun of all of us although she doesn’t realise all that at this instantMaria presents herself for intimate inspection right in front of me at centre of stage with her legs wideAt my command she lifts her skirt to show her vulva to spread her love lips to let me look inside of herDear turn around now & bend over for me I want you to show your love lips e lov& get wet just escort antalya for meEvery time you orgasm here right in front of me I will demand more satisfaction in submissive slaveryLisa is an eager Sex Student who uses every minute of her Spring hot holiday to experiment in eroticsImmediately she understands that slutty submissiveess is secret key to Professor Peters main interestSeduction is to lovely looking Lisa-Marie what food & drinks are for mre mortal human beings on earthAmsterdam awakes her instincts to be succesfully bred by him for dear daughter as he explains to herMake Maria a beautiful blonde baby – please Professor Peter & we will both sexually serve you all liveAnal canal is that what you demand of me on the days & nights I antalya escort bayan am not fertile for being bred by you?Ready to be taught how to be open for any of your painful penistrations in our begging Baltic backdoorI am prepared to pay any price and ven move in with you temporarily to be sure I am carrying our dodAre you accepting my proposition to be a submissive sex slave as long a it takes to breed me please?Maria is correct in her intuition — she is immediately accepted as our Sex Student as soon she has timeInterested in such a study for shorter of longer times in Amsterdam for any teen over twelve? — Just ring!New applicants are first invited for ‘Intimate Inspection & Interrogation’ about any past erotic experiencesEXPERIMENTAL EROTICS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE’ invites your mails to peterdijkema@gmail.comACROSTIC FORMED BY THE FIRSTLETTERS OF EVERY LINE SPELLS:”AMSTERDAM MADE LISA MARIA MINE”COPYRIGHT AMSTERDAM D.D. 23-3-20BY PROFESSOR POET PETER A’DAMADDRESS OFTASMANSTRAAT 43-HA