An amazing first with friend and her cousin … Pa

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An amazing first with friend and her cousin … PaWhile they were catching their breath I was busy fondling and caressing them both. After a few minuets Amber asked what I had in mind next and I reminded her that she had told Amber that she needed to suck my cock!!! Amber blushed and said she would love to but had never done that before and Jamie said that she guessed she’d just have to teach her then. She told Amber to lay down next to me, pay real attention and watch closely. Jamie got between my leg and reached out and wrapped her hands around my rock hard shaft. Then she bent down and kissed the head of my dick before licking all around it. She told Amber that it was always best to have the shaft lubricated before going very far. Amber asked what was a good lube to use at which time Jamie just lowered her eager mouth down onto about 1/2 of my dick and just let the saliva run out of her mouth onto me. Next she reached down and began to gently caress my balls. She told Amber to always start out being very gentle with a man’s balls. Then she told Amber to give it a try. Amer switched places with Jamie and started to work on sucking me. Well I was loving every second of this and trying not to cum in her mouth. I’d found that if I could hold off shooting my first load for a while that I was almost always able to shoot several different loads before I finished. Jamie asked me how Amber was doing and I told her she was very good and with a little practice would make a fantastic little dick sucker. I could tell that Amber was getting hornier by the minuet so I motioned for Jamie to come up near my face so I could talk to her. I asked if she had thought about what we wanted to next with Amber and she said not really. I suggested that she have her go into another room so we could plan what else to do with her. She did and I told her to try and relax a little before we came to get her. She said she’d try but all three of knew that she’d spend the time fingering her cunt. Jamie asked me why I had sent Amber out of the room … was I upset? I told her that there was no way I was upset …. that I wanted to see just how “good” we could make things … especially Amber as she was still a virgin. I asked if it had hurt when she got her cherry popped and she said it had. I asked what it was like and she told me it hurt pretty bad. I told her that I thought I knew how to kep from hurting as much … she asked me how. I told her that I wanted to make sure Amber was already cumming when I took her cherry. Jamie gave me a look and said that tuzla escort she’s never thought about that since she’d already had hers popped. She also asked me if Amber had done a good job sucking me. I told her that it was wonderful. What she told me next about floored me. She said that that was the first time she had ever sucked cock!!! I told her that she had been wonderful at it and so had Amber. Then I asked her if this was her first time with another woman and she said it was. I asked her how she liked it and sh told me it was better than she had imagined. I asked how she liked eating pussy and she said it was fantastic and she hoped to eat a lot more. Then I asked if she would like to help me provide a wonderful surprise for both her and Amber. She said she would an asked me what I had in mind. I told her that in order for it to work like I was hoping that I would need a lot of help from her. She told me that she would do whatever she could … but wanted to know what I was planning. I kissed her and smiled and told her that it was very, very special and and hardly ever happened because of the unique circumstances that needed to happen for it to work. She again asked what I was talking about.Again I took her face gently in both my hands and kissed her and asked her if she’d ever thought about how rare it is to have a chance to actually lick a load of cum out of a still virgin pussy? She looked at me as if I’d lost my fucking mind. I told her that I was serious and she said to go ahead an explain. I told her the reason it would require so much help from her was that I just didn’t think I could/would have enough control to do it myself. I told her what I was thinking was that when Amber came back into the room we should both seduce her together. I told her that I wanted to be able to taste Amber’s cumming pussy while she still had her cheery and after that what I would need would be for her to get Amber to ride me cowgirl while she was licking and playing with her. I said that I would be playing with Amber’s nice tits at the same time. But the most important thing … in fact the thing which would let it happen at all was that she, Jamie would need to, before Amber ever got me inside her, to wrap her hand around my cock about 1/3 to 1/2 the way down and make sure she kept her hand there until I had finished cumming in her. I suggested that what she could do was to tell Amber that you want to help make this as easy and nice for her as it can be. So while you’re getting her into position to ride me you can be kissing and tuzla escort bayan licking as much of her cunt lips as you can reach. Then when she’s dripping wet …. or better yet, already cumming take and rub the head of my cock all over her cunt lips and actually gently shove the head of my dick into Amber’s eager, waiting cunt!!! Well I could tell that Jamie was getting wildly turned on just thinking about all of this. She said she could hardly wait I reminded that for it to work she had to be sure and keep her hand tightly wrapped around my shaft and that when she felt me start cumming in Amber she might want to jerk me off without doing letting me go any deeper inside Amber. She asked me what would she do then and I smiled and kissed her again and said “think about it …. what do you think the chances are that you’re likely to ever have the chance to lick a load of sperm out of a still cherry pussy? I could tell she was about to go crazy just thinking about it. In fact she reached out and grabbed my hand and told me to rub her cunt. I did and in no time at all her wonderful little tight cunt was cumming like crazy. We both went out and got Jamie and brought her back in the bedroom. She asked what she needed to do and Jamie asked if she would both of us eat her at the same time. She said sure but she didn’t know how we’d be able to do that. We said for her not to worry … we wouldn’t have a problem figuring it out. Wall we had Amber lower that fantastic, sweet, hot, sexy, horny little virgin natural red bushed pussy down onto my face while Jamie played with her tits. In no time at all her cherry cunt was just dripping cunt cream all over my face. Jamie helped her get ready to go for her very first cock ride. As we’d planned she was licking her cunt and rubbing the throbbing head of my dick all over her quivering cunt lips. When Amber started cumming again Jamie put one hell of a grip on my cock and gently shoved my throbbing cock head inside her. Amber just naturally tried to lower her cunt all the way down my shaft but Jamie told her to wait just a little longer and it would hurt so much less. As soon as Jamie could tell that Amber was cumming and I was ready to cum she started jerking me off inside Amber’s cumming, still cherry cunt. I can’t begin to imagine how big a load I was shooting as Jamie jerked it out of me, into Amber’s wildly cumming cherry pussy. We hadn’t talked about it but it just seemed natural for Jamie to keep jacking me off all over that lovely natural red bushed cunt and inside her own mouth. escort tuzla She had Amber get up off my and lay on her back with her cute little ass right at the edge of the bed and crawled between her super sexy legs and started lapping all that thick, fresh, hot, slimy fuck juice. I went over beside Jamie and started playing with her tits and cunt and almost before I could even slip my fingers inside her she was cumming. So I helped her get positioned where she could still lick the fresh fuck juice from Amber’s still creaming cunt and fucked her from behind. I was still so hot that in no time I was pumping a huge load of cum inside her. Jamie got up and sat her fresh fucked sperm filled cunt on Amber’s face and Amber started licking it up. Jamie was bent over still licking Amber and I got between Amber’s thighs. I placed her sexy legs .. fuck juice and all, on my shoulders and stated rubbing the swollen head of my dick all over those slimy quivering red bushed cunt lips. After just a couple of minuets Jamie grabbed my cock and shoved the head inside Amber’s cunt. I was slowly stroking in and out and finely when Jamie was sure Amber was cumming she told me to “take her”. As gently as I could I slowly shoved my dick inside her and slipped in and out a few time to get a “feel” for her cunt. Then I slowly shoved inside her all the way. By now Amber’s cunt had been cumming for nearly 10 minuets when Jamie and I both heard her moan and softly scream ass I felt her cherry giving way to my cock. I then fully thrust all the way inside her and she was screaming and crying out saying how amazing it was. That she had never guessed having her cherry popped would/could feel so good and begging me to please, please keep fucking her. I must have fucked her absolutely amazing cunt for another 15 or 20 minuets Somewhere in all this Jamie got off Amber’a pretty, just totally cunt cream soaked face. I mean there was even lots of Jamie’s sticky, sweet cunt cum in her hair!!! Some how we all managed to crawl into bed and snuggled together while still playing with each other. I whispered o Jamie that we should put Amber in between us. We did and in just a very few minuets they were both asleep. It took me a while to unwind from all that had happened and when I finely did fall asleep i had Amber facing me with Jamie reaching over and around her and both of them in my arms. I don’t know how long we slept but when we did awaken we all got in the shower and helped clean up before we got out and kind of dried off before climbing back into bed and fucking for a few more hours!!!!This was and still is one of if no the wildest, most erotic experiences of my entire life. It lead to several absolutely wonderful experiences … but another time and story for those!!!!