An apple without an apple tree would just be a bit

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An apple without an apple tree would just be a bitGive me what she had. This story happened in the winter of 2010-2011. This was the year of the “big freeze” in the uk. It was a few weeks leading to christmas.I wanted to cut the story short but without the back story it wouldn’t have been a good read so hope you enjoy every bit of this story. I had taken then train from london bridge where I used to work to Catford. I was on my way to see a friend, Glen, who ran a Caribbean styled coffee shop\ cafe right outside the station. I hadn’t seen him for about a month after I helped him in the shop on week ends the first couple of months the coffee shop/cafe was opened. It was a friday and I was looking forward to catching up and having a laugh with Glen. I arrived at Glen’s cafe just in time because just then the snow started falling. We talked and as the evening went on the snow kept falling and settling. And it was apparent that london’s world famous transport infrastructure had once again ground to a stand still. Trains were cancelled and local buses were parked as the roads and streets became covered in snow and ice. My friend had things to deal with concerning the shop so he often left me for short periods of time by myself. It was during one of these moments when something caught the corner of my eye. I looked through the window and walking past was a young girl. I didn’t catch her face but something was drawing me to her. Her clothes were tom boyish. She had a sporty hoodie and blue baggy jeans. But even under all that layer of coat and hoodie and jeans , my dirty mind had already built a mental vision of how her curves and ass fitted in those clothes. “Hey, who are you checking now?” Said Glen when he returned and saw me wiping the condensation on the window to have a better look outside. I turned my attention back to the cafe. As we talked there was a low constant buzz in the shop. Cups and spoons clinging together and the occasional outburst of laughter when a good joke was shared. I looked outside again and she was still out in the snow. It seemed she was waiting either for a bus or someone to pick her up and she looked cold. Shifting from leg to leg and blowing on her hands. As I watched her she pulled out a lighter from her pocket and a box of cigarette. She tried lighting up the cigarette but her lighter just wouldn’t spark. I needed no urging to seize this opportunity. I had to see her face. I got up told Glen I was going outside for a cigarette. I went outside and walked right over to her. “Hi I. You’ve been struggling with that lighter for a good minute or 2 now. Here use mine” I said offering her mine. She looked up from under her hoodie and I was pleasantly surprised at her face. She was gorgeous. She had a full round face with luscious lips that gently held her cigarette as her light hazel eyes looked me over. She smiled took the cigarette out of her mouth with long slender fingers. “Thank you. Just what I needed. “She lit her cigarette, handed back my lighter and drew a long breath on the cigarette and blew it out. The cold made her breath condense immediately as she blew the smoke out and it hid her face for a split second. When it cleared the first thing that struck me were her hazel brown eyes. “Are you waiting to be picked up?” I asked her, ” Cos if you are, then why not come inside and we can wait together over a hot drink. You look like you need something warm in you”. This made her smile, “Aww thank you. But my mum is picking me up. She should be here soon. We won’t have time to finish the drink” I smiled, “Ok. No problem. It was nice to meet you anyway ” And handed her my lighter, “Keep it. “She smiled and thanked me. I went back into the shop but went straight over to Glen and asked him to make me a large cup of tea with no sugar to go. He looked at me looked past me to try and look out the window and said ” I can’t believe you are using my cafe to pick up sluts. ” I gestured for him to hurry and fix me my drink. “Just hurry prick.” I said and grabbed a handful of sugar cachets as he grabbed a disposable cup to make the tea. Soon as he handed me the cup I walked out the shop and back to where the girl was still waiting. I approached her and offered her the cup and said ” here I know you didn’t want to come in but I won’t be happy till I know you are warm and the least I can do right now is bring you this. ” She smiled and politely refused. I refused to accept a no for an answer and eventually she pulled her hoodie off her head took the cup . She had her hair tied back in a pony tail and it was jet black. I told her there was no sugar in the tea but I’ve got cachets if she wanted it with sugar. She smiled and said “you’ve really thought this through haven’t you. ” Eventually we went inside and sat at a table. We introduced ourselves and she had a beautiful name too. Zara was her name.”I just have to say this. you are persistent, I give you that. . A sweetie but persistent.” She said looking at me. “Thank you.” I said back. ” Can I ask you a personal question?”Yes” she said sipping on her tea and cupping the cup to warm her numb fingers. “Where are you from cos you have an exotic look about you. ” I asked looking her over so she knew I was eyeing her up. “Well my dad is Egyptian and my mum is english”.As we talked and got comfortable with each other we forgot that she had been waiting to be picked up by her mum. When she realised that time had not waited for us even thought in her trickery, time had made us believe that it had stood still and we had only been in each other’s company for a twinkling of an eye. She phoned her mum and I excused myself while they spoke and went to have a quick word with Glen. I told him depending on what happens in the next hour or so I might be needing a favour from him. A favour that will be financially beneficial to him. He didn’t bother asking me what I was up to and said as long I paid he would consider what ever I needed from him. I returned to sit with Zara and asked her if everything was alright. She looked worried. Her mother was unable to drive down to get her because the roads were to dangerous and she doesn’t feel comfortable driving in it so Zara had to either get a willing taxi to take her home or wait till the snow subsided and the roads were safer to use. I knew this was my chance. So I asked her if she would be willing to tell her mum that she was able to stay at a friend’s place for the night and come back to mine? she twisted her lips and said she couldn’t and that we’ve just met. I knew she wanted to. If she truly didn’t then she wouldn’t have spent that half second to think about it. And even though she fought the urge to say no, the biting of her lips bursa escort had given me all the signs I needed. I did not push her. I offered her a different proposition. I said to her what if I got Glen to drop her home. She can tell her mom that she got a lift and was on her way but the only problem with that was I would have to stay the night at hers. I told her that was only because Glen wouldn’t drive across town to drop her and drive back to drop me home and she could txt Glen’s reg plates to her mum if that will make her feel safer. She looked at me and said “There’s that persistence again. I swear you are trying to get in bed with me.”This did not surprise me at all but made me chuckle’ “Well truth be told , that was the first thing I thought when I saw you but I’m not one of those guys who will beg for pussy. I love it and you are sexy as hell so yes but so far as tonight is concerned getting you home safely was my agenda. Even if it means sleeping on the couch. “She picked her phone up and with a seductive smile turned to me, ” Well I will speak to my mum. It should be alright but don’t forget its the couch for you. I hope you are not the type to go back on your word.” I crossed my heart and promised I will take whatever that’s offered me. I went back to see Glen who was closing up as it was now later than he was usually opened and we were the only ones left in the shop. I told him what had been discussed between Zara and myself and I would give him £20 for petrol. He agreed only because I had given him a reason with the money. . Soon as he locked the shop Zara jokingly took the reg numbs and sent them to her mom. We got in the car and drove for about 30 minutes towards Bromley. The road was treacherous so Glen drove slowly but luckily it was improving. When we got to her house we said goodbye to Glen and we walked in. Her mum was in the front room watching telly. Zara introduced us. Her mother was very attractive. She had a thick blue bathroom robe on. It was a short gown that rode up to reveal smooth knees and calves. she offered me a hot drink but I politely turned it down and we talked for a while till zara’s mother excused herself and went upstairs to bed. I had a quick sneaky look at the back of her knees as she went up the stairs. She was sexy enough for me to wish I could have threesome with her and Zara. As we sat there watching late night tv Zara kept saying how tired and achy she was. I took this a s sign to make a move. I offered to give her a massage if she wanted it and she accepted. She laid on the carpet and I knelt across the back of her legs. I massaged her neck and she said how good I was with my hands. unknown to her I’ve watched porn videos of sluts going to the massage parlor and fucking the masseuse so I had picked up lots of tricks and techniques. She kept complimenting me on how good it felt so I said to her, “why don’t you take a shower and If you have any massage oil I can give you a more satisfying one in your room.” She didn’t think long about it and agreed. She skipped upstairs knowing where this was leading. She returned 15 minutes later wrapped in a blue towel and damp hair. I wanted to skip the massage, snatch the towel off her body and fuck her right there on the stairs. She walked over her thick firm thighs still damp from the shower. Water droplets would occasionally run down the front of thighs and over her knees. I was getting an erection. We went upstairs hand in hand. She was leading me to her room. Her room was large and tidy and things were neatly put away. It looked like it has always been her room from c***dhood. It had recently been decorated. There was a picture of a tattooed girl topless in a bikini on the wall. She turned and locked the door. She laid on the bed and asked me to start. I sat by her and massaged her. Started with her temples. Then moved to her neck and shoulders. When I started massaging her back I could see her left breast squashed under her caramel skin. This turned me on and got quite uncomfortable as I had no room for my bbc to fully erect in my jeans. So I got up and straddled her. That’s when she turned and said “you can take your jeans off if its more comfortable. I did not need a second offer. I took my jeans and shirt off. I was fully erect and this made my tight boxers bulge out. I straddled her making sure my cock rested between her thighs and just short of the edge of the towel under the cup of her ass. I massaged her back and the sides of her ribs. Her ass was so tempting under the towel. I started massaging her thighs and calves. That’s when I parted her legs. I pulled the towel off with no resistance from her. I massaged her all over exploring her hot curvy body. And to see her ass curve up from her back was so sexy. I quickly but attentively finished massaging the rest of her body by rubbing her feet. All this time I had occasionally ventured near her cunt but never touched them directly. I wanted her to crave my cock so much that slut deep in her will bubble to the surface like how her pussy was bubbling with juices at the anticipation of it being fucked. That’s when I lifted her waist up so she was on her knees. Ass up, head down. I spread her ass cheeks and her pussy was staring me in the face. Her clit was erect and pink with arousal. I sucked on it and just held it with my lips. I dint lick nor did I move. Just held it and felt every little throb of her pussy as she got hornier and hornier. Zara couldn’t help but want to start grinding her pussy and as in my face , but I would squeeze her ass tightly to the point where they are turning red and sore to stop her moving. It wasn’t time for that yet. Her clit was so hard in my mouth and feeling it throb was turning me on so much that my bbc was throbbing uncontrollably. Juices started flowing out of her pussy and I couldn’t help but to fiend for it. It smelt sweet. So I released her clit and she gasped. I licked her pussy and her gasped turned into a squeal and a chuckle, “oo I wasn’t expecting that. You are so fucking hot. Please don’t stop. ” I spread her pussy even more to expose her pink clit. I sucked on it. Rolling my tongue over it in one continues unchanging rhythm. Then I stopped and just forcefully pressed my tongue tightly against her clit and slow dragged my tongue across it. She was moaning now and pushing back against me. “You are good. I want your cock. “I knew she meant it but I wasn’t going to give her the cock. I licked and sucked her clit. I gently bit and pulled her pussy lips increasing the pressure and pulling harder and harder till her moans and groans quietly turned into squeals of pleasurable pain. I stopped biting and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. It bursa escort bayan was warm and wet. I felt ripples and textures on my tongue that only a good sweet pussy could give. I raised my head and took my boxers off. I ripped open a condom which I had quietly taken out of my jeans earlier. I told her to rub her pussy for me cos it turned me on. Zara was so turned on at this point that she was sticking her fingers in her slutty cunt. I slapped her ass hard and slid the condom on. I slipped my cock in her deep. I didn’t want to give her pussy time to loosen up and she squealed. I felt the back of her pussy and the slit in my cock was rubbing against the back wall of her tight cunt. I pulled out slowly I began to rub the head of my cock on her clit and pussy teasing her. Her pussy was so fucking wet that I had to stick my cock in her again. I fucked her dirty little slut pussy so hard that her bed was soaked and we were both drenched in sweat. She sucked my cock but I refused to cum till I knew she was exhausted. She allowed me to lead and be dominant. When she was weakening from multiple orgasms I fucked her hard and rough and eventually while she was cumming again, her contractions felt so good. I let go of controlling my ejaculation and busted a nut. We laid there for a few seconds and I rolled of and she pulled the condom of and started to examine my cum. “Your cum is so warm. I wonder what it tastes like.”. “They are very nutty” I said jokingly. “Are they? Let me see.” She smiled as she emptied the condom on her breasts. She started rubbing my cum on her nipples and licked her cum covered fingers.”Mmm taste better than I expected. ” She said sucking her fingers. This turned me on even more and my semi erection turned into a full blown erection again but I knew she would be too exhausted to have another fuck. “God. After all that you want to fuck me again? ” said Zara while she stroked my cock. I rubbed her back and said, “I know I’ve tired you out but a blow job would a perfect ending”That’s when she took my bbc in her mouth and started sucking. Zara’s head game was amazing. Sucking my cock and fondling my balls. After she sucked and wanked my cock for a while I busted a nut in her mouth and she squeezed my balls as I busted in her mouth while she deep thorated my bbc. She got up to get a towel. She wiped the sweat and cum of me and we laid together and fell asleep.The next day I woke thinking I was in my bed but soon realised I was not at home. When my eyes focused I knew where I was and the events of the night before came rushing back and my cock was getting hard. I looked around but Zara was no where. I presumed she was in the shower. I checked the time on my phone and it was 10 in the morning. I needed the bathroom but didn’t want to just be walking about the house. So I waited. Eventually she was not coming back so I got up and put my clothes on. Slowly I opened the door and looked out unto the landing. I could hear the tv downstairs. It had to be Zara watching tv. She obviously didn’t want to wake me up and had left me to sleep. I looked behind me and luckily the bathroom was right there for me to see so I went in and freshened up. I was starting to wonder where Zara was. I went downstairs expecting Zara to be curled up under a cover watching saturday morning tv. When I reached the front room I was surprised to see her mum in the couch. She had the same robe she had on from the night before. I remembered what her name was. “Good morning Vicky.” I said with my most charming smile. “Oh good morning.” She respond smiling back, ” Zara had to go into work. She said she left you a note in her room and that make yourself comfortable and you can leave when you are ready” “Oh. Alright. I will be leaving soon any ways.” “Just take your time. Do you want a cup of tea? ” I wanted to turn her offer for a hot drink down. Vicky had both feet up on the couch, curled under her. She had smooth shaved legs and her toe nails were we’ll pedicured painted purple. From the way her bathroom room robe wrapped her body got me fantasizing about her and before I intended to say it I smiled at her and said ,”that would be nice. Coffee please. Thank you”She got up and as she did, her gown parted ever so slightly and I had a glimpse of her inner thighs. My heart beat sped up. My breathing got a little sharper and it was obvious that I was horny for her. . As she got up she adjusted her robe and tightened the belt. Her legs we’re shapely. And watching her walk bare footed on the carpet was really erotic to me and blood started rushing to my cock. It was a warming and tingly sensation at first. Followed by a throbbing that if I didn’t control immediately would leave me with a full erection and a ridiculous bulge in my jeans. I couldn’t take that chance. I didn’t know her long enough to be able to read her. Even though there were subtle signs I had enjoyed the night with Zara so much that I wanted to make her my slut. I could have so much fun with her so I didn’t want to ruin that by making a move on her mother only to be rejected. I dint mind rejection but it would be a shame not to fuck Zara again. Luckily for me she had walked into the kitchen and was making the tea. My bulge was starting to look out of place and my head was giving me ideas. My brain went into over drive. I was weighing pros and cons. Should I, Shouldn’t I, was she seducing me, or am I just choosing to see what I want to see. I realised that I was over analysing things. So I quickly put my hands down my pants and pulled my erect cock up so it was pressed against my belly and held up by my belt. I pulled my T-shirt over it and managed to conceal my erection. Well at least for then. This was something I often do when I’m aroused in compromising situations or places. Mostly happens when I’m working and we all know that some of these office sluts at work sure know how to push the limit of sexual seduction and sometimes even harrasment. Vicky returned with two huge coffee mugs. I was a bit surprised at the size of these mugs. They were unnecessarily big for coffee mugs. I saw them as nothing more a novelty or display mugs. But when I realised that the mugs were black on the outside and the usual ceramic white on the inside my undying lust for sluts who just want cock and my over analytical mind told me she was playing the game and was giving me signs. I lent forward took the coffee and sipped it. “Hmm this is a good cup Vicky. ” She sat down sipped from her cup and said ” Thank you. I’m glad you like it”She crossed her legs. My cock was pressed hard against me belly as I lent forward to put my coffee on the table. It felt hot and hard. I was throbbing in anticipation. But escort bursa I wasn’t going to be disappointed I felt. She was so seductive that if I was wrong just being turned on and teased by her would be worth it.I was looking at her thighs when she said “wow you k**s could have kept it down a bit last night. What ever you did you had Zara keeping me up all night. “I knew she wanted some dick but didn’t expect her to bring that up. I smiled “I’m so sorry Vicky. But your daughter is sexy and wild in bed I couldn’t help myself. You are a blessed woman to have a daughter as hot as she is. But I see where she got it from”. It was a cliche of an ending but one that never fails. Vicky smiled turning to me, “thank you. What a charmer. Well the apple never falls to far from the tree. “I smiled, “well the apple would just be a bitter fruit without the tree. So the tree needs taking care of too. “She put her cup down and turned to me with a seriousness on her face I hadn’t seen till then. I thought I had crossed the line with her and what I thought was her flirting with me was just her seductive feminine nature which only a woman as sexy as her would have. “Do to me what you did to Zara last night. I see you looking up my legs and after a sleepless night of laying in bed and hearing you two go at it and leaving me horny all night imagining and fantasizing about you its the least you can do for me. For all I know you could leave today never call Zara back and that will be my opportunity to have you fuck me gone. “I smiled and lent back. “Turn me on and you can fuck my black cock. She got up started to walk over. I gestured her to stop. “Show me how sexy you can be. dance and strip. She started to sway and rub her thighs. I was throbbing. And my belt was stopping the blood from circulating and it started to feel painful and numb. I was enjoying the slight pain of my jeans and belt gently digging into my shaft. As she undid the belt to her robe I undid my belt, jeans and pulled my clothes down to my knees. My bbc was rock hard. I squeezed the base of my bbc and my shaft filled with blood and the veins on my cock looked like they were going rapture open.I grabbed my balls in my other hand and watched Vicky as she kept dancing She kept her eyes on my cock and this turned me on even more. Her breast were saggy but full. Her nipples were erect and hard and everything about her was an older version of Zara. Only difference was,where zara had black her Vicky was a brunette. She rubbed her nipple and reached down to rub her cunt. She had a full bush. I looked at her rubbing her pussy and told her to come suck my cock. She danced over and took my cock in one fucking gulp. She deepthroated my cock and tickled by balls with her nails. I guess she was trying to outdo zara. I rubbed her back and pulled her ass cheeks up. “Shit, you suck like a pro you slut. Take it. I know you can. Hmmm”This encouragement made her suck me harder and faster. She rubbed my cock over her face I told her to slap her face with it and she did. She went on sucking. “Look at me.” I said just before she did her signature deep throat trick with her tickling my balls. Only difference this time was she was trying to look at me which made her face contort weirdly but I loved seeing her like that, pushing herself. She gagged at this point. I slapped her ass hard and I saw a pale imprint of my hand as the outline of it turned pink and grew and spread across her ass cheek. She stood up turned around and gently lowered herself down on me. She wanted to sway and grind but I slapped her ass hard again and said “don’t fucking move. Just sit on it hard.” She sat on it and I moved to rub her clit. I kept teasing her and she got wetter and wetter. I was feeling her slutty cunt contracting when the pleasure was unbearable. I felt juices dripping down my balls. I Squeezed her breast with my other hand and lifted my hips up and practically lifted Vicky of her feet. She gasped and I started moving her hips. She began grinding on my cock and bouncing up and down. I gripped her waist and was fucking her hard. My cock was so hard form all the excitement and sex from the last two days that my bbc was sensitive and slightly sore but it was a pleasurable pain and I fucked her harder. I got her off my cock and fucked her doggy. Her pussy was so juicy and wet it started to foam with every thrust I gave her. I shifted my hips left and right. Up and down. I was hitting her milf cunt in all angles . I was making sure the head of my cock was rubbing on every inch of her cunt during my in strokes. It felt like I was getting a hj with a lubed latex glove. She said she was going to cum so I pulled out and slapped her ass hard again. I flipped her over and she was laying on her back, legs spread. I pinched her nipples with my left hand and slapped my cock against her clit. She was getting wetter and I was worried we would stain the couch. so I pulled her half way off the couch wo her hips were over the edge. I teased her pussy with my bbc and eventually slowly pushed it in. I pushed just the head in and stopped. Stayed like that while I rubbed the inside of thighs squeezing them occasionally and I could feel every reaction through her pussy. Then I went in a bit deeper and stopped. Rubbed her thighs even more but this time spent most of the time stroking,rubbing and squeezing the inside of her thighs just next to her pussy. I pushed in a little more as her groans got longer and louder. “Ooooooo” she kept saying. I then pushed deep into her and held it there. I spat on my fingers and rubbed her clit. she said she was going to come and I started to fuck her hard and fast. She started to have an orgasm but I kept thrusting. She came hard and I kept fucking. My balls were hitting her ass as I fucked her hard. When she came I pulled out and forcefully rubbed my balls on her wet dirty cunt and clit. It felt so good I put my cock back in her and kept thrusting. I was so horny I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them and kept fucking her. I was on the verge of busting my nut but I wanted to cum with her so I squeezed my ass and tightened my cock just like you do when you are trying to stop piss. She pulled on my ass as she got closer and closer. She gasped and moaned then she came and squirted all over my cock and groin. As she did this I busted a nut and it was fucking hot feeling hot cum ooze out of my cock, mix with her juices and ooze out her cunt unto my balls. I kept my cock in her till she stopped contracting and got up. I went upstairs to get us some towels and went back downstairs. She was laying in the couch with a cigarette lit. She offered me one and I accepted. I lit it, pulled and exhaled over her pussy and she laughed. I spread her legs and gently making sure I didn’t catch her clit with the towel and rubbing it raw , wiped her down. I got dressed and we smoked and talked together for a while till I left. (To be continued)