An Injection With A Good Outcome

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I am a 32 year old male doctor in my own private practice, practising family medicine. I am tall with large hands and a fairly attractive guy. I have been married for 5 years and my wife is a lawyer working for a large firm. We have been happily married and our sex lives have been excellent until about a year ago, when she found out about a night night fling which a had with another doctor, whilst being out of town at a conference. We have no children, as we are both very career driven and still busy working ourselves up.

I have one sister who is 4 years younger than me and a real stunner. She got married straight after college to a very wealthy farmer and hasn’t worked a day of her life. I get to see her about twice a year at family gatherings or when we go and visit them on the farm. I always compliment her on her stunning looks and the way she is looking after her body. Being a doctor I see many beautiful women every day, but my little sister is exceptional.

Two weeks ago I got a call from her, telling me that they will be attending an agricultural conference in my city the next day and that they would love to spend the evening with us and stay over if it fine with us. They were supposed to arrive early evening. Late that afternoon as I was about to finish off my administration at the practice, she hurried into my consulting rooms, complaining that she had terrible back ache. I have never treated any of my family members in my rooms before, only the odd tablet here and there at home or at a family gathering. She seemed to be in terrible pain and I told her to lie down on my examination couch, so that I could have a quick look at her.

As she laid down, I once again admired my sister great body and especially her long slim legs and rounded buttocks. I examined her back and found that she had severe muscle spasm and suggested that I will give her an injection to relieve the spasm and the pain. She agreed and istanbul escort asked me whether she should sit, stand or lie down. I asked her to lie down, so that she doesn’t tense up her muscles, as we all do in fear of the intruding needle. My sister had a skirt on and I asked her to lower it slightly for me, so that I can inject her in her upper bum. She giggled and said that she couldn’t lower the skirt and that she would have to lift it up and show me her entire ass. I laughed nervously and noticed that my palms started sweating. I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the fact that it was my sister or whether I was actually getting turned on by this uncommon scenario. One thing was for sure; I was excited knowing that I was about to see her pretty ass.

The next moment she lifted her skirt and I gasped for air when I noticed that she had no panties on. She started mumbling an apology for not wearing any undies and claimed that she battled with yeast infections and that her gynaecologist suggested that she doesn’t wear any underwear. My heart was beating in my throat, but I pretended it to be the most normal thing on earth. She turned on her side facing me as I started drawing up the injection. I pretended not to look, but could see a tiny patch of dark pubic hair which immediately worsened the situation, as it turned me on tremendously. All of a sudden nobody was talking. You could hear a needle fall. I started sweating and my hands were trembling. I moved to the bed and told her that she could pinch me if the injection would hurt. She immediately grabbed by leg just below my left buttock and asked me not to hurt her. I inserted the needle and she squeezed my leg, so much that it actually hurt. I could feel that she was very tense and gave the injection slowly while I put my palm on her left buttock. I could see and feel the goose bumps on her pretty ass. After what felt like ages I withdrew the needle quickly and started ataköy escort rubbing her ass with a piece of cotton wool with my left hand, while my right hand softly squeezed her bum.

She started relaxing as I slowly rubbed / massaged her left bum. She relaxed her grip on my leg slightly and I could feel her fingertips stroking my upper leg and bum as I continued. This really turned me on and I could feel my cock growing harder. My crotch was about an inch away from her hip bone and pelvis. I could have stopped right there but I was getting turned on big time now. My fingers were also on auto-pilot on my sister’s ass as they made slight movements in all directions.

The next moment she sighed and her hip bone pressed right into my crotch. I wanted to move backwards, but stood still for a second and then realized that she could feel my cock pressing into her hip. I started moving back very slowly to see what she does and then I felt her body moving towards me, her hip bone squashing my cock even harder this time. I decided to stay put and started caressing her bum more openly. I also moved my legs slightly apart and immediately her hand moved up between my buttocks, her fingers just touching my balls. Neither of us said a single word as we both continued with our finger explorations. I moved my hand down her ass and she started spreading her legs slowly. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my fingers and then moistness. My cock gave an involuntary jerk and I was sure I could hear a soft moan escaping her mouth and then she moved even closer into me. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I was now caressing her upper leg and sliding my fingers through her crack, touching her moist pussy lips freely. She opened her legs even further and then I felt her other hand moving in between us. She moved her hand further and further down until she touched my raging cock on the side of the shaft. avcılar escort My cock was now jerking uncontrollably. I moved slightly backward and her hand immediately gripped my cock. With that I slipped a finger into her now soaking pussy and fondled her rose bud with my thumb.

I inserted my thumb in her pussy and started stroking her engorged clit with two fingers. I could feel her fumble with my pants, trying to free my cock. I moved backwards again and she undid my button and fly and stick her hand inside my boxers to let my cock free. She pulled on me and for the fist time I looked into her eyes. She made it clear that she wants to suck on my cock and I moved higher up so that my cock was in front of her mouth. She immediately started kissing my cock and then taking it into her mouth. I could almost shoot my load right there and then. My fingers were now frantically fingering my little sister’s pussy and she gave me the best blow-job I have ever had in my entire life.

I had the sudden urge to push my luck and I wanted to taste her pussy very badly, so before I would cum in her mouth, I put my hand on her check softly and told her that I needed to taste her too. She almost reluctantly let go of my cock, but kept it in her hand as I bent down to explore her with my tongue. She moaned loudly as I sucked hard on her clit and tongue fucked her for the next couple of minutes. Then she pulled me up and told me that she wanted us to climax together. She sat up and swung her feet off the bed and then pulled them up to expose the most gorgeous pussy I have seen in a very long time, inviting me to fuck her. I dropped my pants completely and entered her as our lips found each others. As we kissed intimately, I rammed my cock deep inside her pussy. After only a couple of strokes I could feel her tensing up and knew I could also let go. We climaxed together in a volcanic eruption. Never have I had such a large load.

That was the sweetest and most erotic fuck I have had all my life.

She smiled at me and started to get dressed. “See you at home big brother” was all she said and left me there with my head spinning.

What happened that night is a story for another day.