An Old Man Remembers Ch. 03

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Squeezing myself into Sams little 2 door Viva I folded and laid my tunic on the back seat. As we approached Sams house, she held and squeezed my hand. Squeezing her hand I turned and gave her a reassuring smile.

“Sorry am really nervous, stupid isn’t it?”

“No, not really, I feel nervous and on edge. Maybe it’s because we get on so well, want everything to be perfect.”

My admission of nerves seemed to help her relax. As we parked on her drive my pager buzzed and vibrated. Given the situation I should have ignored it, force of habit caused me to scroll message across.

“Nelson xxx *********.”

Asking to use her phone, I immediately called the number. My blood ran cold when they answered “Bedford Hospital A&E.” I explained who I was and about message.

“Oh yes, Mr Nelson persuaded a staff nurse to call your pager service.”

The nurse explained that, “he had been in a car accident and was being transferred to a ward, would be kept in overnight, maybe longer.”

“You won’t be able to visit tonight, but he has written a note for you. I have sealed it with sellotape, it is waiting for you at reception.”

Thanking her, I hung up and asked if I could borrow Sam’s car.

“Why whatever has happened,” she asked

“My mate has had a car accident, left me a note at reception. It must be important, need to read it ASAP.”

“Ian, the other guy who bought my car? You can’t borrow my car, I will drive you.”

Arriving at the hospital, Sam waited in the car as I got the note from reception. Curing the seltape, I read the note.

“Sorry mate, car wrecked. Some clown ran us off the road into a ditch on the A6 with a Land-rover. I bumped my head and was a bit groggy, some one hit me with something, knocked me out. When I woke up, Rachel had gone. Am well worried lad, why would they take her? Hope somebody thought you was driving, not because they wanted her.”

Unsure of what to do next, I handed the note to Sam.

“Oh god Mike, I know Rachel a little bit. What can we do?”

Thinking about it, there were only 2 people I knew who drove land rovers, I considered Nick a mate, the other was Johnson, the school bully. Sharing my thoughts with Sam, she said

“Johnson, blonde haired little tosser? He bounced a cheque on me at shop, had to go round his house to get money.”

Parking outside Johnson’s I couldn’t see his Land rover, but lights were on in the house. Asking me to behave, Sam knocked on the door, Johnson answered, seeing me and looking at my uniform he said.

“Yeah heard you joined Navy, always thought you was a queer cunt.”

His insult to my uniform coupled with my concerns for Ian and Rachel my temper exploded. Instantly regretting it, my fist connected with Johnson’s head and knocked him down. He hit his head on the wall and was unconscious as I tried to pick him up. Telling me “leave him.” Sam glowered at me, as she tried to make him comfortable. Aware of some one else at the door I turned expecting trouble. A middle aged man looked at the prone figure being fussed over by Sam.

“Kept telling the little prick his big mouth would earn him a smack. What was the problem?”

“Wanted to ask him about his Land Rover?”

“Oh, that piece of junk. He said it was stolen yesterday, thought he was pulling an insurance job, until the old bill found it tonight. Apparently, it’s smashed up and dumped in Wilstead.”

As we chatted Johnson was coming round. Waiting for him to recover, his dad and I asked him about his car and explained about Rachel.

“What the fucks that gotta do with me, it was nicked last night.”

“Who took it and why would they run my mate off road and take Rachel?”

“Ok, it was some of my mates, they must have thought you was driving. I have no idea why they would take Rachel.”

“You fucking maggot, coward, his dad yelled at him. You can’t even fight your own battles?”

“Oh I would have took this cunt, you seen his mate?”

“What’s their names, I need to talk to them.”

“Your fucking joking, I ain’t gonna tell you that. I will make a call.” He hurriedly said as his dad raised his hand.

After a few minutes he came back out, looking worried.

“They say they never touched the girl, they whacked your mate with a bit of wood. When they realised it wasn’t you, they turned ignition off and left them in car.”

“Why the fuck you doing this.” His dad asked.

“Coz he’s a cunt, Flash bastards come in the pub chatting the girls up. Helen, dumped me, reckon she thinks if single will get with him.”

Driving along the A6, we soon found the car. Ian was right it was completely buggered. In quite a deep ditch, the offside was badly dented and the wing was completely ripped off. Looking in the car I could see the n.s.r passenger door was completely smashed in. Noticing Rachel’s handbag in the footwell I handed it to Sam. Shining the torch around I saw a piece of wood, assuming it was the piece they hit Ian with, I figured he was lucky to be alive.

Jumping escort ankara the ditch, I shone the torch around the small clearing, spotting a pair of legs in the grass I ran over to a very groggy Rachel. It turned out that she had been knocked out in the crash. Coming round some time later she had climbed out of the smashed window and crawled up the bank. Checking that she was ok, I picked her up and carried her back to Sam.

“Put her down, oh my god cover her up.”

Looking down I realised her dress was torn to the waist, to Sams disgust she wasn’t wearing panties. Putting her in the back of the car, Sam said “she should go to hospital.”

“No I ain’t going to hospital, take me home please, will be alright after nights sleep.”

Parking outside her apartment, I helped her out of the car, up the stairs and into her door. Obviously feeling better, she asked “if we wanted coffee.” I followed her into the kitchen, as she still looked a bit unsteady, she noticed her torn dress and slid it over her head. Totally unconcerned about her nudity she started to make coffee.

“Where’s Ian,” she suddenly asked, looking concerned.

“Oh he’s ok, was taken to hospital by a passing motorist as he was passed out on side of road. Can I use your phone to get a message to him?”

Hanging the phone up I felt relieved, the nurse had promised to get a message to Ian ASAP. Coming back into the lounge Rachel asked Sam.

“Do you like girls, you ever done a 3 some?”

“Uuuuhhh that’s none of your business, please put some clothes on!”

“Snooty bitch, bet Mike would like the 2 of us”

Gathering her handbag Sam stormed out of the flat. I followed her down the stairs and into the car park.

“I’m going home Mike, had a lovely evening thank you. You stay here and look after her, we are done, don’t wanna see you again. I asked you not to hit Johnson and expected you to make her cover up. Goodbye.”

Reversing out onto the road, she disappeared into the night. Confused I went back to Rachel’s, ringing her bell she sounded happy that Sam had gone and I had come back to her. As I drank my coffee she was still nude, dropping to her knees she undid my trousers and started to suck my semi hard cock. In moments I was rock hard, finishing my coffee I reached for her heavy tits.

Smacking my hands away she straddled my hips, grabbing my cock she guided it to her entrance. Although she wasn’t very wet, I slid deep into her hot pussy, resting just for a second she forced herself down. Looking dreamy, she slowly rocked her hips, grinding her clit against me. As she started to cum she raised herself up and slammed herself down on my length.

She was obviously not suffering any after effects of her ordeal as her pussy dumped a huge load of girl cum on my sensitive bell end. Pushing her off me I bent her over the sofa arm.

“Oooohhh doggy, my favourite, pound my pussy hard, big boy.”

Giggling she pulled her arse cheeks apart, showing me the wet pinkness of her open pussy. Sliding balls deep into her, I luxuriated in the feeling’s of the soft grip of her pussy. Thrusting as hard and deep as I could she came twice before I shot my load deep inside her cunt. I think it was around 05.00 before we slept.

Waking at 09.30 I went for a shower. Looking at the state of my number 2 uniform, I noticed the seams on the right shoulder had split.

“Fucking Johnson, cost me a girlfriend and a tunic. Best he stay’s out of my way.” I said to myself.

Chapter 2.

Going back to the bedroom, I felt refreshed after my shower, Rachel, woke up and propped herself up on the headboard.

“What’s the time, where you going?”

“It’s 9.50, need to get to the hospital to see Ian. He will probably discharge himself today.”

I knew Ian hated hospitals and I couldn’t imagine him staying one minute longer than he had to. Getting out of bed, Rachel staggered to the shower, complaining, but asking me to wait for her. 15 minutes later she looked refreshed as she pulled a short summer dress over her head and slipped sandals on her feet.

“Can’t be bothered with under wear, it’s gonna be a hot day.”

Checking herself in the full length mirror, she seemed pleased but muttered to herself “need to lose some weight.” Losing patience with her I grabbed the yellow pages to get a cab, trying 2 company’s they both quoted £6 and over an hour before they could pick up.

“The women next door is selling her car, husbands had several heart attacks, had his license took away. You wanna go have a look?

Knocking on the lady’s door we asked about the car. Looking tired the lady answered the door, noticing her creased and crumpled clothes I could see she had been crying. I hesitantly asked about the car, explaining that I needed a car ASAP.

“Ted died last night, the cars in the garage. I need £895 for it, go have a look, let me know what you think.”

Before I could say that £895 was probably to much for me, she had closed the door. Going downstairs to the garage mamak escort we unlocked and opened the door revealing a blue, 2 year old Austin Maxi 1750. Unlocking the car I jumped into the beige velour drivers seat, it had less than 11,000 miles on the clock.

The engine turned over very slowly, not enough to start the engine as the battery was flat. Pushing the car out into the sunshine I could see she was absolutely immaculate, the light blue paint gleamed in the sunshine. Lifting the bonnet I checked the oil, water and battery terminals for tightness. Closing the bonnet we pushed her down the gentle slope, jumping in I selected 2nd gear and dropped the clutch. The engine burst into life, pushing the choke in a little I walked around the car. Noting it had 7 months tax, it didn’t need an mot. Driving up the road I was impressed, the car was much livelier and responsive than the old 1800.

“Wow I love it, but it is way too cheap, feel I am taking advantage of the lady. Not sure I can afford it anyway, this would have cost over 3grand new.”

“Well let’s go see what she says,” suggested Rachel.

Explaining the situation to the lady she said.

“I owe £895 on it, just want it gone.” Agreeing the price we shook hands.

Saying I would come back in a few days with the money, she looked at me and my battered uniform.

“You look like an honest lad, Royal Marine, my husband was in the navy for 22 years. Take the car now, with the provisos you bring me the money by Wednesday and take me shopping in the afternoon.”

Hoping Ian would contribute, but knowing mum would loan me 300 if I asked, I agreed. Phoning my insurance company I was surprised, it was only £7 a year more, getting into the car we headed for Bedford.

Going up to the ward, I was surprised to see Ian still in bed and looking pale.

“Hello m8, how you doing, you getting up or what?”

“I canny lad, feel real shit, gonna stay here a while. Just need some kip, will you come see me tomorrow.”

Realising he was almost asleep and hadn’t even realised Rachel was there, we left him and went to find the nurse. Explaining that Ian had concussion and a big lump on his head, the young nurse said she thought he would be much better tomorrow. Relieved we headed back to the car and went into town. Buying a cheap pair of trousers and a t shirt, I took my uniform to a tailor shop I had seen. Explaining what had happened the tailor grinned as he inspected the crumpled, torn and filthy cloth that had once been my immaculate uniform.

“Ok, I can fix this, come and see me in couple of days.”

Phoning mum I briefly explained what had happened, telling her about the car, she readily agreed to loan me £300. Saying I was going to stay in Bedford until tomorrow I gave her the hospital details, so she could visit this evening.

Feeling hungry, we stopped in the local Café, I had a full English breakfast with extra black pudding and mushrooms. Complaining that it wasn’t fair, Rachel ordered “poached egg on toast.”

“Need to lose weight, even my tits feel heavy!”

I had to agree, she was quite chubby and I caught myself wondering why I was so attracted to her, I normally went for tall slim girls or older women. I had to admit, the answer was simple. She was adventurous, didn’t seem to have any hang ups, her pussy was wet, tight and she loved sex!

On the way back to her apartment, she suddenly said “turn left here.” Braking heavily I turned into a small lane. “What’s up?” I asked as I stopped the car where the lane ended under some trees.

“Want to Christian the car?” she asked, as she slipped her dress over her head. Looking at her nudity my cock was raging hard.

“Ok, but not in the car, don’t wanna stain the upholstery.”

Laying in the long grass we enjoyed a great session of 69, stopping her before I spilt my load down her throat. Standing by the front bumper she rested her hands on the bonnet, spread her legs and arched her back. Getting behind her I dropped to my knees, and looked at her pink slit as I worked her clit. As she came on my fingers I saw her hole slowly open as her nectar ran out of her. Greedily licking her clean I stood and with a single thrust was balls deep in her sweet pussy.

Wanting to make it last I thrust long and slow, pulling my cock out until the tip was just parting her lips I slowly pushed all the way in until my balls slapped into her thighs. Repeating this several times made her pant and beg.

“Smash it into me, really need to feel you cum” she wailed as she crashed into her orgasm.”

Increasing the pace as her cunt flexed and twisted I soon painted her insides with a heavy load. Slumping back in the long grass I felt drained, she fell beside me and cuddled up to my shoulder, within seconds we were asleep in the bright sunshine.

chapter 3

I woke 2 hours later, feeling stiff and cold. It was 18.00, the sun had gone and a light breeze rustled the trees above us, getting up I watched as Rachel stretched and yenimahalle escort twisted to relieve her stiffness. As the sun broke through the light cloud and shone on her, I came to the conclusion that she was actually a very pretty young women. Getting a small bag of tissues from her bag she mopped between her legs and thighs before sliding her dress over her head.

Getting back into the car she looked sad and on the verge of tears.

“What’s the matter” I asked as I reached for her.

“It’s so unfair, if I was a man, I would be called a stud, because I am a girl I am just a slut. Can you even see past my body? I love sex, but I have feelings and really like you and Nelly, suppose you just think of me as a quick fuck.”

“That’s not true, I like you and was just thinking how pretty you were, I used to fancy you at school. I can’t speak for Ian but know he was looking forward to being with you yesterday.”

“Really?” Going silent, I could see her struggling with her thoughts.

“Yes really, I think you are an amazingly pretty women, I remember from school you are intelligent. It is amazing how you have dropped your accent, your apartment is lovely. I am actually quite envious, all that and a huge appetite for sex!”

As we drove, Rachel was very quiet, lost in her thoughts. As we parked in her parking space she got out and I followed her up the stairs. Opening her door, she quietly asked me to sit down and wait as she wanted to get changed. About 30 minutes later she came into the lounge, she had showered and changed into a skirt and blouse. Her Raven black hair hung free to her shoulders and her face was lightly made up. She looked absolutely stunning as her beauty shone through. The wide belt around her waist, accented her slim waist and pulled her blouse taut over her generous breasts.

“Wow, you look drop dead gorgeous, why the glum face?”

“I really need to talk to you, please listen and let me finish, ok?”

Nodding in agreement I leaned forward, wondering what I had done to provoke this sudden change in her. Sitting opposite me she chewed her lip and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. Looking like she had reached a conclusion.

“It may horrify you to know, but I really fancied you at school, I was just the gawky flat chested Kraut that you barely noticed. When I saw you in the pub, all the old feelings flooded back, when I saw Ian walking towards me I thought…well I thought, I could get to you through him. It all got out of hand when we did a 3 some. I had never done a 3 some, in fact I only had sex twice. I got so horny and wanted your cock so badly, I started acting my fantasies out. You must think I am such a slag. The Truth is Mike, I love you.”

Her shoulders slumped and she started to weep as she continued.

“I am sure Ian only wants my body. I know he is your best friend and I can’t dump him for you. Think when he gets out of hospital he will soon move onto another girl, if that happens will you come back to me? I won’t come to the hospital tomorrow as don’t think he will miss me, if he does, well you can share me till he gets bored.”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Thinking quickly, I had to admit that I did like her. She was a happy person, who always made me feel good when I was with her and she was amazing in bed! Taking her into my arms we hugged for a few minutes.

“I don’t think that is the right way. I will speak to Ian, if the need arises.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to share me and you are interested in more than just my body?”

Looking at me intently, her beaming smile returned as I nodded in agreement. Leaning over I kissed her deeply, tasting her salty tears. Breaking our kiss, her smile

“I need to fix my makeup, then I will fix you dinner…ok?”

“Mmmm dinner sounds great.”

I laughed as she went into the bathroom. After a superb meal, we chatted all evening, going to bed I made slow gentle love to her. Exhausted we were asleep by midnight.

Asking, “what I wanted for breakfast.” I pushed her back on the bed and feasted on her pussy. As she came for the 3rd time I flipped her over and pushed my rock hard cock into her velvety softness. I pounded her from behind and spilt a huge load deep into her cunt as it flexed and rippled around my straining cock.

“Now I would love some toast and a cup of tea.”

“Ok, well I have got my breakfast.”

Reaching between her legs she scooped our cum from her hole and licked her fingers clean.

“Oh I do hope spunk and pussy juice are not fattening.” She giggled.

“Do you like my pussy shaven” she suddenly asked.”

“Prefer the lips and slot bare with a trimmed cover on your mons, makes it seem more womanly.”

Nodding her understanding she went to make my toast and tea. Chatting happily we shared a shower and dried each other, strangely I didn’t feel the need to bend her over and bury my cock inside her grasping pussy.

“That was nice, we showered and dried ourselves, chatting instead of fucking. I would like to think you enjoyed my conversation as much as my pussy?”

“Oh yeah, although come here if you need some more.” I said as I looked at her naked body.

Kissing her goodbye, I said “I would phone her later.”