An ordinary application for new slaves.

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An ordinary application for new slaves.Evelina picked up her phone and cautiously dialled the number.”Yes?””Uhm, is that Mistress Alexxa?””Yes.””Uhm… my name is Evelina and I came across your website and I was wondering if…””Yes? What is it?””Well, I was wondering if I could serve you?””Send Me an e-mail to this address, telling me all about yourself. Attach a recent photograph of your face. I want it within the hour.”Then, the line went dead.”An hour?” thought Evelina. “I can’t do it in an hour!”After much thought, she decided to keep it simple:Dear Mistress AlexxaMy name is Evelina and I wish to be a slave of your’s. I have never done anything like this before, but as soon as I saw you on your website, I just knew you were the mistress for me. Anyway, I am 23 years old, never been interested in boys and I just LOVE your hair, Mistress Alexxa. I am willing to do anything to be your slave. As requested, I have attached a photograph of myself – I have just taken it with my webcam, so it is as up-to-date as can be!I look forward to your reply, Mistress AlexxaEvelinaShe clicked “Send” and by her reckoning, she had about 10 minutes left of her deadline. “That’ll please her,” she thought. “I should get a quick reply.”Of course, she didn’t get a quick reply, for a Mistress must choose Her slaves carefully. After two days of frustrated waiting, she finally received this reply:Dear evelinaI have given your application some thought and have decided to interview you. Meet me at 9:00 pm on the corner of Possil and Drakemire on Friday. I will be in a black limousine, you are to be wearing your most sexy outfit.Reply to confirmMistress AlexxaShe immediately hit “Reply”:Dear Mistress AlexxaThank you! I will look forward to seeing you on Friday at nine!EvelinaShe didn’t receive any other mails from Mistress Alexxa.Friday night was a balmy evening. Evelina spent a great deal of time wondering just what to wear. After all, her definition of sexy might not be Mistress Alexxa’s definition of sexy. She finally decided upon a short dark green dress, black high heels and her favourite bra and pantie set – an uplifting bra in gorgeous dark green satin with matching panties, satin at the front and green mesh covering her ass. She was at the corner of Possil and Drakemire by 8:45. She did get some funny looks, but not once did she get approached by anyone. At five past nine, a black limousine pulled up against the kerb, so she walked over to it. As she approached, a black tinted window canlı bahis silently descended.”Are you Mistress Alexxa?” she asked the lady in the car.”Rule one: you do not speak until spoken to. Rule two: you will only ever answer with ‘Yes, Mistress’ or ‘No, Mistress’. Let’s start again.”Evelina thinks she may have already blown her chance with Mistress Alexxa, especially as there is now total silence. She so desperately wants to say something to break this silence, but is scared to speak. After a few minutes, the silence is broken.”Are you Evelina?””Yes, Mistress.””Do you wish to serve Me?”Yes, Mistress!””Did you come here of your own free will?””Yes, Mistress.””Get in.”There is an imperceptible click as the door swings open. Evelina enters the limousine, closes the door and is about to sit next to Mistress Alexxa when the stern voice of Her commands, “On the floor. Kneel.” She does so and the limousine purrs off down the road.After a journey of several minutes, the car stops.”you said in your e-mail that you would do anything to be My slave. Is that correct?””Yes, Mistress.””Anything?””Oh, yes, Mistress, anything.”The car door swings silently open.”Out, slave.”Evelina gets out the car, followed by Mistress Alexxa. They are in a run-down part of town and to Evelina’s horror, it looks as if they are going to speak to one of the vagrants that populate the area. As they approach, he looks up and then stands to attention.”Here’s another one for you. You know what to do. I’ll be back for her in the morning.” And She walks off.Evelina is shocked, more so when this filthy tramp puts his hand out and grabs her arm. “MISTRESS!” she screams.From behind her, already fading into distance, comes the dreaded reply. “you said you would do anything for Me.”They are in the tramp’s cardboard box ‘home’, Evelina silently crying. What has she let herself in for? She closes her eyes as the filthy man brings his lips towards hers. She could run away from here, but she knows she will never have contact with Mistress Alexxa again. She has been fantasising all week about her. She even printed her picture off so that she could masturbate to her. The head shot of her long, beautifully dark brown hair, her sweetly manicured eyebrows, those heavenly pools of deep brown eyes and those utterly splendid full lips, lips that look so kissable, so sweet, she would do anything to kiss.She suddenly realises with horror that she has succumbed to the vagrant’s kisses. The vagrant’s gentle kisses. How can someone bahis siteleri so rough be so gentle? Then, she feels his hands under her short dress, pulling at the waistband of her panties. As the panties get pulled off her, she tries to yell, but the tramp has his lips locked against hers. She tries to pull away, but the tramp has his hands clamped against her head.The tramp has his hands clamped against her head? If that is the case, then whose hands…She jumps as someone’s hand rubs roughly against her pussy. Despite the situation, her pussy is soaking wet – meeting Mistress Alexxa saw to that – and she groans as a bearded chin rubs harshly against it, followed by a loud “Mmmmmm!”. Despite still being attached to the first tramp, Evelina lets out a big groan as her ass is grabbed by someone. Number two? Or is there now a number three? She gasps in pain as teeth are sunk into her fleshy butt by a third person.She blanks out.When she comes to, she is lying on the ground, dress nowhere to be seen. She is still waring her bra and shoes (Good, I like those shoes, she tells herself), but tramp number one is currently astride her, fucking her. Again, he is being very gentle with her and, she thinks, he actually has a good body. Seeing she is awake, he leans down on top of her and starts to kiss her again. She responds by opening her mouth to him…Suddenly, number one stiffens and she feels his warm sperm fly into her. He quickly pulls himself out and brings his mouth down. He licks her pussy at the opening, pushing his tongue in, making slurping noises. Suddenly, Evelina is blinded as hot spunk shoots from behind and into her eyes. Taken by surprise, she cannot react quickly enough to stop the sender’s hand draw the sperm all over her face and hair. She hears him chuckling as he does so.During that night, Evelina is ass-fucked and pussy-fucked while someone is biting her nipples. Her bra is long gone, last seen on someone’s head as if it were a helmet. At one point, she is even f.o.r.c.e.d to masturbate two people at once, but both of them came prematurely and wandered off disinterested afterwards. A fat older woman sat on her face, her stinking ass hole just inches away from her nose. Evelina didn’t even know what she did whilst she sat there, if anything. Perhaps she just wanted a seat? Evelina’s thoughts were very strange that night, at least the ones she was conscious of. She spent a lot of time either blanked out or fantasising about being somewhere else. She güvenilir bahis had fucked her life up before, but never this bad. The only considerate “lover” she had had that night was number one and he was lying, snoring, next to her.She picked up his hand and laid it on her pussy, her own hand resting on top. However, despite everything that had happened to her, this simple act aroused her and as she held his hand, she started to rub her sore clit. She reached over and touched his cock, but he batted her away in his sleep and turned over on his back. Without giving it any thought, she sat up and slipped his sleeping cock into her mouth. The cock stank. It was filthy, disgusting and smelly. And it made her extraordinarily wet. The flaccid penis was now beginning to wake up, unlike its owner, and it felt good in her mouth, filling it completely. She couldn’t resist touching herself, so she moved her finger in and out of her cunt in time to the bobbing she was doing with number one’s dick. Suddenly, she felt a hot eruption in her mouth as he came, quickly followed by an eruption inside her as she came, too.Her first orgasm of the night, despite all the fucking she had endured, and it had come at her own hand.She savoured number one’s sperm in her mouth before finally swallowing and lying back down next to him.Evelina was coming to when she heard the car door close, but did not give it, or the subsequent footsteps, any thought. She felt number one’s body shake, though, as it was kicked.”Wake up, john.”He stirred.”Hello, Mistress,” came the reply. Evelina was astonished to hear this and sat up, opening her eyes as she did so. Mistress Alexxa, true to her word, had come back for her.”I hope you took care of her.””Of course, Mistress.”Mistress Alexxa sighed. “Until next time, then.”She helped Evelina to her feet, picked up her shredded dress, d.r.a.p.e.d it ineffectually over her shoulders like a coat and helped her to the waiting car. They made an odd sight – a sophisticated, elegant lady and a hobbling, filthy, skanky woman, naked save for a rag hanging on her shoulders and one nice-looking but scuffed high heel shoe. Mistress Alexxa lay Evelina on the floor of the limousine and, as she took her own seat, the car purred off.”Once, john was like you. he wanted to serve Me and swore he would do anything for Me. But it was an empty promise, so I destroyed him and his life.” At this, she lifted Evelina’s chin up so that she could see into her eyes. “Will you do anything for Me?””Yes, Mistress,” came the excited reply. Mistress Alexxa saw the fire in her new slave’s eyes and knew she was telling the truth.”Good. Lick yourself clean.”Evelina bowed her head to her arms and started to lick.