Ana in a rock concert

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Ana in a rock concertAna in a rock concert One Friday afternoon Anita came home early from work and surprised me with two tickets to a rock concert in a town a couple hours south of our place. It was nice, because I really loved that band since I was young. My sweet Ana told me one of her coworkers, Robert, was a fan too and he had given her the tickets.“He is a real nice guy, hun, you will meet him there”. She smiled.On Saturday afternoon we were ready to go. Ana got dressed in her old jeans full of rips and holes and I wore my eternal “Metal” black shirt with skull and bones…We travelled to the small town and out a long dusty road until we arrived at the fairgrounds where the concert was being held. It was already starting to get dark so we parked in this large field and just followed the crowd.Ana had got cheap tickets so we headed to the back, standing behind a white fence and watched as all of the people filed in. After a while I heard a voice behind me say “Hey, Anita, babe”. I turned and saw two guys standing there; my sweet wife introduced them as Robert, her famous coworker and his friend Paddy. They were obviously Metal fans since they both had tattoos, piercings everywhere and used ragged cloths. Paddy was a huge man, even bigger than Robert, who was taller and bigger than me. We talked for a while as we expected the show, but soon I noticed they were more interested in talking to my sweet wife canlı bahis than to me….Suddenly some lights went off and our favorite band was finally presented. It was really dark at this point and the band began playing while Anita stood against the fence, in the middle with me on one side and Robert and Sean on the other.Ana raised her hands shouting and cheering up. After a while of watching and enjoying the sounds of the band, I peered over to Ana and noticed Robert was behind her, dancing and pressing his body to hers while she just had her hands up head banging. I looked towards the stage and then again to my wife, seeing Robert hands reached out her boobs from behind. Anita just smiled and continued rocking out to the music as Robert squeezed on her tits. I pretended to watch the stage but out of the corner of my eye my sights were on both of them. He played with her tits over her shirt but eventually he slid one of his hands down the front of her pants and I could barely make out his hand rubbing on her pussy.Ana was smiling but her face began to tense as Robert rubbed her pussy until he pulled his hand out and I watched him grab onto the sides of her pants and slid them down just enough to expose her firm round ass. Ana looked at me with a smile and then faced the stage again as she put her hands on the fence and slightly bent over sticking her ass out. I watched Robert quickly pull out his cock bahis siteleri and started to rub and slap it against Ana’s ass. She reached back and grabbed his cock stroking it a couple times before putting her hand back on the fence. Robert grabbed his cock and began trying to locate her open pussy lips. Ana was grinning and then suddenly her face clinched and her mouth opened wide as Robert slid his cock into her. The man grabbed her hips and slapped her ass as he started to fuck her. Anita`s hands tightened on the fence and I could see she was moaning but couldn’t hear her over the music.My cock was hard as fuck at this point watching as my sweet wife was being fucked by this guy she had introduced to me just an hour ago. She started to slam her ass onto his cock fucking herself hard and deep until I heard her faintly mouth “I’m cumming”. Then Robert fucked her harder and harder until suddenly Ana jumped forward and her eyes began to flutter as she came. She turned to look back but Robert quickly turned her head back forward and started to fuck her fast until suddenly he stopped and Ana grinned as he shot his load into her. Robert leaned forward and whispered something to her before tucking his cock away and stepped back as his friend Paddy quickly took his place behind my wife’s ass.Ana grabbed the fence again as Paddy took his cock out and guided it into her pussy.Ana’s mouth and eyes opened wide güvenilir bahis as the huge guy grabbed her hips with his large hands and started to fuck her. “Oh, no” I could see her mouthing as Paddy slammed his cock into her very hard and deep. Ana leaned over and kissed me before pulling her face away and moaned “It feels so good baby”. She got back moaning and trembling as Paddy fucked her until suddenly I watched her eyes roll back and flutter and then I was clearly able to hear her scream as she came again. Paddy reached his hand out gently grabbing her throat making my wife grin as he fucked her hard until he too stopped and shot his load into her. Then he tucked his cock away and Ana quickly pulled up her pants as the second guy returned to his place at her side. Anita looked at me with a smile and was sweating a lot as we watched a couple more songs, until she whispered into my ear “I am ready to go home”. I nodded and we headed to the car not saying anything the whole way until the parking drive.Ana got in the passenger seat and shut the door.”Oh, honey, that was such a rush” She said with a smile. “Did you enjoy watching?”. I quickly answered I was horny as hell, so Ana lifted her body off the seat and slid down her pants and panties seeing they were covered in cum. “That big guy had a massive cock” She said. “I am very sore and feel my cunt is swollen, but I kept my asshole tight only for you tonight, babe”. She smiled again.”Want me to take care of that hard problem of yours, babe?”. She asked me, but before I could answer, she began sucking my cock as I drove on that very dark highway… a long way home really…