Analized by a huge black dick

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Analized by a huge black dickI had met Oliver at my office, as a good client of our company.He was older than me; a nice handsome black guy, with a muscled body and a look in his eyes to die for. Oliver was married and he soon he acknowledged I was a married woman.But on his third visit to our office, he dared to invite me a coffee.I accepted the invite; hoping he would take next step after just a coffee…And he did as I hoped. He invited to spend a while at his “bachelor” flat.”Take off your clothes, bitch” He told me, and I nodded and began to strip. I was really nervous and horny. I was scared, too, but I was so excited being there with that huge black man…When I finished, I looked up at him, sitting there watching me. “Turn around and bend over, bitch!” He ordered me, raising his voice.”Spread your ass cheeks and let me see what I’m going to fuck today…” Reaching back, I spread my ass cheeks wide. Then I thought he was looking directly at my rear door there… was he planning to fuck me in the ass??, I thought to myself…Then I felt one wet finger rubbing around my tight little asshole, trying to slip inside. Finally I gave up my resistance and the black long finger passed through my sphincter to the first knuckle on every little circle. “Your ass is so tight, bitch… we need some jelly up here…”He slapped my buttocks and then went to the bathroom. He came back with a jelly pot in his hands. He was smiling at me as he opened the pot…That’s my good little white bitch… You will love this…”He whispered as I felt his finger putting some lube deep inside my anus.”On your knees… now!” He ordered as I stick my pussy up in the air. He kneeled down and showed me a squat little butt plug. “Show me what a horny little slut you are, babe”. Kneeling on my hands and knees, I started to suck that black rubber cock like a whore, getting it nice and wet. I moaned and looked upwards toward him, hoping his cock was getting hard under ardahan escort his trousers…Suddenly he took off that butt plug from my mouth and then I felt it rubbing my very tight rear entrance. It felt really good. I got desperate and just started grinding my ass around and trying to get that toy inside my ass…”That’s it, get it ready for my thick black cock, slut”. Oliver said to me.Finally I had it all the way in. When he saw this, Oliver grabbed me by the arm and walked me over to a wooden chair, ordering me to sit down.My heart began to race as he tied one ankle, then the next, to the legs of the chair. Then he tied my arms to my sides, and then tied my midsection to the back of the chair. I tried to press my ass down on the seat, to get the plug in deeper. It felt good, but I wished it were bigger.”Now little white whore, tell me what you want”. He said in his deep voice.”I want to suck your huge black dick. I want to taste it, to feel how thick it is in my mouth. I want to suck your cock so badly… all night long…” “Do you think I should let you, bitch?” He asked, but I couldn’t answer him.”What about that tight married slut ass of yours? Tell me.” He demanded.”I have never given up my asshole to my husband…” I lied to him…“But tonight I can’t wait for you to stretch my asshole with your huge dick”.“That means you will let me to fuck your tight ass as hard as I want?”“Yes, please… As hard and deep as you want to…” I begged him crying.Oliver knew exactly what he was doing: my words were making my pussy wet and his black cock very hard…He walked in front of me and dropped his pants. His hard cock popped up and I actually gasped; because I had never before such size of penis. It was really huge; more than eleven inches and very, very thick. That black man was going to split my asshole if he fucked me with that monster dick…It was very veiny and fully dark colored. It had the juiciest, artvin escort roundest head. “This is what you want, slut, isn’t it?” He asked. I just bit my lip and nodded.Then he presented his very hard cock to my mouth. I moaned and as I opened my mouth he shoved it in very deep. Oliver knew what he wanted and he held my head with both hands while fucking my mouth. I was still tied and could not do anything anyway, except take it as well as I could.”You little cock sucker… You like your mouth fucked like cheap whore…”I nodded a yes with my head. The dildo in my asshole felt good and I loved the feel and taste of his big dick deep inside my throat.“Oh… I’m going to com”. Oliver cried and pulled back from my mouth. He jerked his huge black dick two or three times with his hand and sent thick spurts of hot semen across my face and into my wide-open mouth. When he stopped coming, he said, “Just keep sucking, slut, that’s it.” He had only lost a little of his hardness. Now I could suck him the way I wanted to, although my hands were tied. I moved my mouth up and down and swirled my tongue around the head. Soon he was rock hard again.”Ready to get your little white ass fucked, bitch?” He asked with a smile. I did not even answer to him. He carefully untied me and led me to the bed. “Get on your knees, slut” He played with my ass plug, twisting it and pushing and pulling on it. “Tell me, do you want my cock in your ass…?””Yes, I want it. I want you to fuck my ass with your hard dick, please…”Then Oliver pulled the dildo from my ass, and laughed. “Spread your ass cheeks for me, little whore” I reached back, my boobs on the mattress and my knees spreadThen I spread my asshole wide for him. He began to rub the head of his cock up and down my asshole. Then very gently, he pushed it in. The thick black head went in easily. He laughed.”Does your cuckold husband fuck your married white ass, bitch?? escort bayan He asked.“I’ve told you already… my hubby does not fuck my asshole…”Oliver laughed loudly and he slowly pushed the rest of his hard cock into my tight asshole. When he was all the way in, he whispered softly in my ear:”I am going to fuck your asshole as long, as deep and as hard as I want to”. “I will not stop; so don’t even bother begging me to stop… is that clear?”Tears rolled down my face mixing with the thick semen he had not allowed me to wipe. I cried and told him he could fuck my ass the way he wanted…Soon he began to saw his rock hard dick in and out, slowly pickup up speed as I got used to his incredible thickness. I was in heaven, although it was very painful indeed…I cried out and screamed loud in pain; but Oliver did not stop fucking me.He fucked me so good, sometimes nice and hard and then slowing down so he wouldn’t come, driving me crazy with every inch of his hot hard shaft.”I love fucking your hot little married asshole” He whispered in my ear.I found myself pushing and twisting my ass back at him, determined to make him as crazy with my hot asshole as he was making me crazy with his hard dick.I wanted him to fuck me well, to make him come so hard with my ass…“I want you to come in my ass, please” I groaned as he worked my asshole.Just then his hips started slamming wildly back and forth. I clenched my teeth and felt a burning orgasm in my horny cunt. I exploded crying like crazy, as Oliver pumped my anus so wildly…“Good bitch… you came with my dick buried deep in your tight ass…”Oliver slammed his cock all the way in and then I felt his hot, slippery semen shoot deep into my anus. My body went rigid as I felt his dick spasm and shudder inside my now swollen little asshole. I began to experience a second orgasm and felt my squirt spurting all over the sheets beneath me. Then we both slumped forward onto the mattress in exhaustion; with his black cock still inside me.I turned my head around to kiss him deeply on his mouth”.I love the way you fuck me, Oliver. I love being your white married slut…””Good” Oliver replied “Because I am planning to fuck your married pussy…”“Get ready for my tomorrow…”