Anally Yours

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Dusty and Christy share emails at work all day, back and forth. This is a story about how a small invitation from Christy made a HUGE difference in her sex life!

The emails had gone on for hours that day. Obviously neither Dusty nor Christy were very busy.

Christy said, “You know I love it when you eat my pussy and I always cum but you know what?

Dusty said, “What babe?”

“I want you to do something for me next time. Would you do it?”

“Sure! Anything to make you happy baby!”

“I want you to finger my ass while you eat me! I think it will make me cum harder.”

“No problem, baby! You know I will do whatever turns you on..Anything!”

“Good then”

The next day Christy paid a visit to Dusty’s office. When she entered his private office, she had a very mischievous look on her face.

Dusty said, “What’s up baby? You bring me lunch?”

“Nope! I brought something better!…Much better!”


Christy turned and locked the office door and sauntered over to Dusty, Standing between him in his chair, bahis siteleri and the desk behind her. She sat on the desk and leaned back pulling up her short skirt. She had planned this so there were no panties either!

Dusty said, “Baby! You shaved! You naughty girl!”

Christy said, “yep and your lunch is served baby!”

“Oh, so that’s the plan! Ok then, relax and enjoy yourself while I take a long lunch!”

Dusty didn’t waste a second and dove right in! Tonguing her outer lips and folds, he began his art of eating her to orgasm. Dusty loved eating her pussy and this new and improved shaved model was great!

He sucked her labia into his mouth which elicited a moan from Christy. She always loved having her lips stretched! Dusty could smell her musk as he licked her knowing there was a creamy filling in the center of his candy! Christy had the wettest pussy he had ever seen and there was never any short supply of creamy juice with her! It was already starting to seep out of her folds as he licked her.

Christy was beginning to moan louder and her canlı bahis siteleri hips were rising as he loved her. Dusty knew it was time for a finger so he put his index and also his middle finger inside her, palm up and massaged her already engorged G-Spot. This always makes Christy cum, she loves it that he knows just where to touch her inside.

Dusty was thinking of the email comment she had made about fingering her ass and thought about making it comfortable for Christy. Just as Christy’s first orgasm hit, he dove into her folds and caught her creamy fluid from her opening, withdrawing his fingers. He continued sucking her juices out and took one of his very slickened fingers and probed her anal opening. He rubbed in a small circle working his finger into her as he licked her.

She was starting to moan again now but her ass was too tight for Dusty to really get his finger in past the knuckle. He slowly removed his finger and licked her ring, pushing his tongue inside just a little.

Christy jumped a little when she realized Dusty was licking her asshole! canlı bahis No one had EVER done that before to her! It started to feel really wonderful the more time he spent tonguing her there. He was able to get a little more of his tongue inside her now so he replaced it with his finger again. This time the slicked finger slid in in one motion like her ass was sucking on it!

Dusty again returned to her pussy and began licking and sucking on her clit and lips as he fingered her ass.

Christy was floating in a sea of impending orgasm, hovering in and out of reality as her eyes rolled back in her head. The wetness was flowing and Dusty knew she was there. He increased the pressure on her clit and pounded his finger hard inside her ass. It had the desired effect!

Christy came hard, soaking Dusty’s face with creamy white cum, moaning as softly as she could because of where they were.

As Christy came back to reality, she sat up and kissed Dusty, telling him “I Love You So Much!”

Dusty replied, “Really? How much?”

She replied, “This much!” (Holding her arms as far out to the sides as she could)

Dusty said, “Good! Then tonight I get to make love to your beautiful ass, right?”

She replied, “Only if you promise to do it tonight!”

“I promise baby! I promise!”