Anastasia Part 2(read in order)

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Anastasia Part 2(read in order)She looked me up and down slowly trying to get a feel for me and then lowered her eyes and went to teach her class.“Ladies, since our gentlemen aren’t here, it’ll be a girls only class. Line up!”I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes again. To me girls only meant talk about other men and all that shit and that wasn’t my type of environment. The girls only I could really get down with were two girls fuckin in my bed or sliding down the pole at the gentlemen’s club but I made a promise to Natasha to stay and watch. Anastasia swayed her way seductively to the stereo and turned on Swan Lake, Ballet Suite Opus 20 for warm up exercises. That was that stereotypical bullshit, I grabbed my iPod and plugged in my ear buds and vibed out to some old Three Six Mafia. Don’t get me wrong, I have appreciation for classical music but I wasn’t feeling it at the moment. I kept my eyes forward but this time it wasn’t focused on my niece but on Anastasia’s fine ass. She was graceful as hell, flexible too. As she made her students stretch, my mind wondered about how many positions I could fuck her in. I know she could put her legs behind her head but what other freaky stretch could I put her in while I pinned her on the floor or against the wall and went tongue first into her pussy. My eyes focused on her ass, hips and legs as she showed off how limber she was.She kept her eyes on me almost as if she were performing for me. The women behind me grew jealous and started their own form of throwing salt in her game. One of the cuter mothers sat beside me to draw attention away from her. I took my ear buds out as she leaned over and asked, “Is that your daughter?”“Nah, I’m not ready for k**s yet.”“As handsome as you are, I’m sure you got the girls lined up for you,” I felt her rub my head as she continued, “and you got that good hurr (hair) too.”“Thanks.”“I’m Shana,” she said as she ran her hands up and down my thighs and near my crotch. Her touch made my dick jump slightly. I had to give her props, she was bold as hell feeling me up in front of k**s and on a normal day I would if my niece wasn’t around. Anastasia looked over and side eyed Shana. Yep, she was choosing and she wasn’t trying to have another woman feel up on me. I just got it like that. It must’ve been the good looks, or the masculine energy I project everywhere. It seemed that these women could sense an assertive man and wanted a piece. “I’m Ramon, nice to meet ya.”She grabbed my hand and took the phone away from it and put bahis siteleri canlı her number in. Still leaning in close Shana whispered, “Whenever you get tired of the kitten and want some grown pussy, call me.” My mind wondered for a minute at what was between those thick, light-skinned thighs that she crossed over slowly and seductively, or seeing those full tits that she squeezed close enough to damn near pop up out of her shirt. Goddamn, I was getting hard as a motha fucka. Had I know that these classes had cute and freaky older bitches, I would’ve been down here when I was going through my phase where I was on a mission to smash older women.“Grown pussy huh? I’ll keep that in mind.”“You should baby, there’s nothing like it. It stays wet, warm, fits like a glove, knows all the tricks of the trade and after you feed her well, she cleans and brings breakfast in bed…”I liked where this was going so I continued on with her. “What about lunch, dinner and a midnight snack, you know growing boys like me gotta stay fed baby.”“I got all of that…and more…” she said grabbing my hand and trying to slide it up under her dress. I could feel the warmth from her before I pulled back not wanting Natasha to see. “Don’t be scared boo, she don’t bite.”“I’d hope not because then I’d have to really beat her up.” Shana bit her lip at my verbal foreplay but I was dead serious about not letting my niece see her uncle at his, lack of a better word, worse. Not to say I wouldn’t have fucked the shit out of Shana. “Beat it up then, daddy,” she purred in my ear. I saved her number in my phone just for back up.“I’ll be sure to call to get in a little one-on-one in the bedroom.” She winked at me, got up and headed back to the back of the studio. I would definitely hit that on the side, who wouldn’t want to fuck an attractive, 39 year old, light skinned version of a younger Nia Long? Since, I’m single and not attached, I keep as many numbers as I can. Today, however I wanted to fuck the shit out of Anastasia’s flexible ass. I looked over at her and she was eyeing Shana down like she was about to beat the dog shit out of her. A cat fight would’ve been fuckin entertaining. After the brief warm up, she took her students through a couple of exercises, positions to get ready to perform their own version of Swan Lake. I put my ear buds back in and vibed out to Three Six again. During the class break, I went back out into the hallway to make a follow up call to one of my trainers to give a definite training time for next canlı casino siteleri week. I was on the phone when Anastasia walked past me and switched her hips. I grabbed her hand and held it for a second pulling her closer to me as I wrapped up my call.I now focused my attention on her. She hesitated for a minute then relaxed and came closer to me. “There’s still more to teach me..”“Such as?”“Your number, more about you, who you are and all that good shit.”“What about me?”“Your background, you Afro-Russian?”“Naw, 100% black, the name’s Russian. My father was military, Army and traveled there at one time. He read up a lot of their history and gave me the name. You, Mr. Good Hurr? Mixed with Indian?”“Yep, got two tribes just like the majority of folks, but mostly black. I don’t do that claiming Indian shit. I am who I am. So where you from?”“Here in Memphis.”“Gotta be a north Memphis chick with all that eye rolling you were doin a minute ago.”“I’m from Walker Homes thank you very much.”“Small world, I was there for a minute but moved out east as a c***d.”Anastasia finally loosened up slightly, and I pulled her into me just a little more.“You kinda bold pullin me in like this. Not too many dudes do that, they act like they scared of me.” I recognized a little slang, she was finally dropping that “proper girl” act and got real.“To be honest, you really don’t look like anything to be scared of.”“You just don’t know..”“Don’t know what? That you’re not that bold? Or the fact that you were up in there choosing on a brotha about thirty minutes ago?” Her mouth dropped. I continued, “yeah thought so.”She moved in closer to me pressing her body against mine. I leaned back on the wall slightly and pulled her in even deeper. She inhaled my I Am King cologne and smiled and looked up at me. “So what do you do?”“For a living?”“Naw, for a living. What do you think?”“I pimp hoes during the day and a cage fighter at night.” Anastasia busted out laughing and giggling. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in even more and held onto it.“Hey, hey now, sir. You can’t be doing me like that in front the guests. But for real, what do you do?”“I just made Specialist for a local communications firm and yes I’m a cage fighter by night.”“You mean that UFC, MMA shit?”“Yea that exact UFC, MMA shit but at a local level.”“So I got me a Rampage Jackson on my hands,” she said moving in closer with us almost in an embrace.“Let me find out you know about MMA. Shit, I might have to keep you.”“I hope you do. I’m a ballet mistress casino oyna by day and I work small sorts at FedEx by night.”I liked that shit, she had a sense of humor. I could really dig that.“You with them lil ass arms ain’t lifting a damn thing. You know ballerinas don’t have strength.”“Oh yeah?” Anastasia said hitting me. She paused slightly then looked out of the corner of her eye with the women passing by and started to rub from stomach down to my dick. “If you want to find out, meet me here after you drop your niece off and I’ll show you.” Damn, why did she have to do that shit, she had me hard as fuck for real. There was basically a tent in my pants and her touch made me want to fuck the shit out of her. I pulled her back to me then over to a dark corner within the hallway and slid my hands up her tutu, then inside of her shorts, her boyshorts and started to rub her pussy lips softly. She became wetter as my hands started to dance on her clit. “Now you know good and goddamn well you need to tease me like that and didn’t expect I was gonna let you go free without teasing you back.”“Mmmmm….fuck. You know I can’t go in there wet,” she moaned while my fingers made my way back to her pussy then slid inside of her. “That sounds like a personal problem to me.”“You’re so…bad…” She started to ride my fingers slowly, moving her hips over them. I cupped my hands over her pussy so that I could rub her swollen clit at the same time. I pulled her in closer and bit into her neck and suckled on it. The hallway was quiet and an echo could be heard. I covered her mouth with my other hand so we wouldn’t be discovered so quickly. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and started to play with it, moving her hands up and down. Her touch felt good as fuck, her hands were fuckin soft. I pulled her in and started to nibble on her bottom lip pushing her against the wall slightly, fingering her faster. Anastasia’s body shook violently and she tried to grip the wall with her free hand. Her breathing increased, her eyes lit up with desire as if she wanted to fuck right then and there but I knew we couldn’t, she had to get back to class.“Oh shit baby, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum,” she mumbled through my hand. I did exact opposite of what she asked, pulled my fingers out and licked them clean in her face. “Damn boy you a tease.” I zipped myself up and licked more of her off my fingers before she joined me and sucked on my middle finger as if she was giving some fiyah ass head. I heard small feet coming around the corner, it was her students looking for her. So I patted her on the ass playfully and let her walk ahead of me before reappearing. As soon as I made my way towards the room, Shana stopped me, “Just remember what I said. I guarantee you’ll be calling soon.”