And One More, Makes Three Pt. 02

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In 1968, a young Myron Brockton, former Army Staff Sargent stepped off the Greyhound in quiet Loudes County, Ca. Fresh from the frontlines of a very unpopular war, this young man was looking to reinvent his life. Born on a Share cropping plot in Knox county TN, he was imaginative, innovative, and full of self-awareness. Going to the county seat, he looked over the books of repossessed farm land and found 14 acres to his liking and bought it with his VA loan. The very next year, he began to sell his home-grown vegetables to the public out of the back of his truck. It took a few months, but eventually his patrons began to come in droves as his food was the biggest, most juicy, and tantalizing being sold in the area.

However, his longest green came in the Summer of ’72 when he began to raise, slaughter, smoke and sell his brand of Southern BBQ. Word of mouth spread like wild fire. No one had tasted such succulent, tasty, and well-done meat ever. In 1980, Loudes county got its first strip mall, and Myron purchased the back end of the mall to sell his wares. While his vegetables still sold well to the health conscious, the surrounding buyers came to eat his magnificent BBQ. Before long, Myron met and married the area’s most popular and influential teacher, Bernadette Peterson. Having 3 children from a previous marriage, the kids grew to love and respect their new step father and began to just call him “Pops,” and the name stuck. Wanting to provide a better life for the underserved and under privileged, Myron began to hire many of the unemployed and underemployed to work his farmlands and cattle hand, while also funding schools and local sports teams.

However, time waits for no man, and Myron died in 1993, right before the riots took Loudes and turned it into an, almost wasteland of poverty. “Pops” BBQ continued to function with Myron’s youngest step son Calvin in the lead. Though he was successful at keeping the business afloat by following his father’s example, the expansion of the franchise ended. As time passed, Loudes mall became the center of a gentrified area. To the West, Blacks and Hispanics who were lower middle class and poor. To the East, Asians and Middle Easterners took up residence. The strip mall for its part catered to all of these demographics. Stores going up and coming down pell mell. But the one constant was “Pops.” The turn of the millennia almost robbed Loudes of a longstanding institution. Having shipped most all the grandchildren and great grand children to Universities to study everything else, the economic depression came within 48 hours of closing “Pops” forever.

However, the “Good” Senator Robert Morrison stepped in, bowing to local area pressure. Funneling in millions of much needed dollars into the institution through a number of dummy fronts and pressure on municipal legislators, “Pops” withstood the storm that washed away most of the businesses in Loudes Mall. Knocking down the walls and expanding the operation, Senator Morrison found a virtual goldmine by using his influence to have the Brockton’s turn “Pops” into the biggest (and only nightclub) in the area. All the 20 and 30 somethings from the West and the East converged on what was becoming known by the kids as the “Loud Strip,” as the place to see and be seen in their newest clothes and cars. “Pops” on practically every Friday and Saturday night was overflowing with money from rents and summer jobs in order to drink, dance and hook up.

This was the scene that Ryan and Thaelor drove into at 10:00 that evening. Clocking out of work after their mandatory end of the week conference, it took almost 2 hours for Thaelor to convince her brother to acquire a rental car. Pulling up in the “borrowed” Pantera X350 SUV, the siblings introduced themselves to the large doorman as Ranetta and Reyshawn. At the sound of the phony names, the doorman called a waitress to escort them inside to their private table. There was a couple reasons Thaelor chose this enclave for the weekend. One, it would be an excellent place for her and Ryan to celebrate their birthdays together. It also afforded her the opportunity to acquire the necessary clothes to blend in with the local crowds that gathered there. But more importantly, it was a neutral site to spring her surprise on the love of her life…without nosey eyes prying into their business.

Since the Family Reunion, Thaelor had been in contact with her cousin Brittney for the past 2 weeks. Neither confirming nor denying any information about her present relationship status, quelling every attempt by Brittney to become engaged in an illicit affair. Even if she wanted to do so (which by the day was becoming more and more of an intriguing proposition), there was the fact that she and Ryan were OVERLY known in their locale. The waitress, whose name was Jacinda, sashayed through the crowd like a trained matador. Thaelor was almost spell bound by the hypnotic movement of her rather large caboose. Finally, they arrived at their reserved table on the istanbul escort raised portion of the restaurant’s seating. Jacinda gave them menus and told them that their server would be along shortly to get their order. With that, she turned and disappeared into the throng going about her job.

“Wow sis, this place is nice. How on Earth did you hear about this?”

“A woman’s got to keep some secrets love.” Thaelor lied. It actually only took a quick conversation with Steppan their family butler to discover the place, who heard about it through his great grandniece as she frequented the establishment quite often as it turned out but was currently laid up with her second child.

“By the way…tonight it’s ok to call me sis…but can you try to remember what we discussed on the way over?”

“Yeah…call you Ranetta and I’m Reyshawn. I got it. Silly…but I got it.” For the first time that day, Ryan took a closer look at his sister. He always marveled at her natural beauty, but tonight he was stunned. Thaelor went to a local boutique and had the ends of her long, curly black hair twisted into microbraids that flowed to the middle of her back. She wore the subtle ear rings of gold with a diamond in the middle of the hoop in her head. Her upper body was covered in a shocking white mid shirt that mashed her breasts up and made them look even bigger than their small 32 B size. But what astonished him the most were her legs. It appeared the hours of running on the treadmill and leg lifts were doing wonders. Her legs were becoming ever so shapely and toned, and her butt was getting larger and much rounder then when they first started the love affair. In a word…she was becoming, “HOT.”

“Have I told you today that you look delectably common, but beautiful today?”

“No…but I hope to hear it a little more before the evening is over.” Thaelor looked away into the crowd, thankful the lights were dim in the place. She hated for her brother to see the effect he had on her with his myriad of compliments and the resultant blushing they always brought out of her. Just then, their waitress arrived. Short and slim, she bounded over to their table with the biggest smile on her face. In fact, her smile was only outdone in size by her “Pops” T-shirt uniform that had no doubt been cut down the middle to accentuate her overgrown breasts.

“Welcome to “Pops,” I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two here before. Are you ready to order?”

“Very. Sis are you hungry?” Ryan asked. “I’ll eat whatever you order.” She responded.

Ryan ordered the Ultimate “Smoked” nachos and two Cali Sunshine Summer Ales with orange slices. Hearing the name of familiarity, Jaqueline stepped closer to Ryan, not really hiding the fact she was pushing her mountains in his direction. “You know, before 11:30, a pail of any domestic is only $1 more than buying them all separately, and you get 12 of them.”

“Sounds great, just run us a tab, will you?” Reaching for his wallet, Ryan pulled out his Black card, handed it to the short runner and was pleasantly rewarded by the feather light, touch and sweep of his hand. His rugged good looks and obvious status had obviously gained all of her attention. Turning, she also moved through the growing crowd of revelers to retrieve the order. Once she was no longer able to be seen, a quick, sharp elbow broke Ryan from his awe inspired gaze.

“Ow…what the hell?”

“Delectably common beauty huh?!” Thaelor said with an ugly look on her face and her arms crossed.

“Oh, come on…you know me better than that.”

“REYSHAWN…” Thaelor retorted, “I might just be your SISTER, but; I would THINK you would keep in mind that even after everything we’ve been through, I AM STILL A WOMAN!!”

“Are you serious right now?! I don’t want her. What are you getting all up in arms over?”

“I bet if I went to the bathroom and stayed for about 10 minutes, that hoochie would try to have you right here on this table with your cock inside her and your face buried up to your ears in her tits.”

As she turned her back on him, Ryan reached his arm around her shoulders in a warm, loving embrace. Suddenly he began to tickle her armpits as he always did when she was mad at him. As she jerked against his playful touching he whispered in her ear, “No matter who comes in here or anywhere else, I will always leave with you because I love you with all my heart and soul. Never doubt that.”

Thaelor smiled, she was only kidding about the waitress. She wasn’t really concerned about the looks her brother was bound to get. His workout regimen was on point, the outfit of loose denim jeans, brand new Outlander boots, laced midway and oversized collared shirt made him look wonderful. And the bottle of “Boiling Point” cologne that smelled better the hotter the wearer became, made him smell intoxicating. How could she be upset at any woman who lusted after her prize? Maybe even her surprise.

A few minutes later, Jaqueline returned. This avrupa yakası escort time, Thaelor could barely suppress a chuckle. The poor, massive mammoried, short woman stumbled and struggled to maneuver the large, overflowing pail of ice and drinks through the throng. Twice she almost fell over as she passed a couple standers by on her way to the table. Ryan had seen enough and got the attention of one of the bouncers and asked him to help the poor woman to the table. Grabbing the pail, he guided the little lady to the table and delivered the drinks.

“Thanks so much.” Ryan told the bouncer. Reaching into his pocket, he took out a couple crisp $100 bills and gave them to the workers. “Just take care of me and my sister tonight.” He told the duo.

“Thank you honey…I’m all yours first tonight.” Said the waitress as she kissed him on the cheek.

“I got your back.” Said the bouncer. “I’ll make sure you and yours have the best and safest night ever.”

A few minutes later, their order arrived. The DJ kicked the night off into high gear. Spinning the latest hits. The seating areas quickly cleared, and the dance floor became a battle ground. Men and women jockeying for position, heads dipped, asses lifted, pelvises ground in a symphony of faux sexual copulation. The mass of humanity heated the room to sauna temperatures. Soon patrons were loosening their clothing or removing them altogether. Thaelor and Ryan were enjoying themselves immensely. Leaning closer, Ryan had to shout over the din for Thaelor to hear what he had to say.

“You know sis, this the best birthday present that I’ve ever had…thank you.”

“As I’ve said before, anything for you my love. But, I haven’t given you your surprise yet.”

“Yeah, and just what IS this surprise?”

As if on cue, the lights in the building shut off, roving spotlights began to dance through the darkness, providing scant illumination to the awe-struck patrons of “Pops.” The voice of the DJ boomed over the collective clamor that ensued.

“OH SHIT! I have just been told that we have a bona fide celebrity in the house! Hailing from all men’s wet dreams and every woman’s nightmare…give it up…for BABY DOLL!!”

Ryan’s head snapped around. Initially having no interest, his eyes scanned the darkness to find the center of attention. Even from their raised position, Ryan couldn’t see what everyone else was gawking at. The spotlights converged at the entrance. Only the bobbing heads of two of the linebacker sized bouncers could be seen. Suddenly they stopped, bent down and lifted her aloft in their shoulders. Looking like the queen she is, Baby Doll courted her subjects on the backs of her beasts of burden. The crowd parted like the Red Sea, giving her a perfect lane to the DJ booth. Once there, the DJ gave her the microphone. She turned around and addressed her subjects.

“Thank you so much everyone! How is everyone doing tonight?!” The crowd roared their approval. “DJ…play my song.”

The DJ did as instructed, the beginning cords of MC Grillix’ “Hot and Bothered” came out over the speaker system. Standing on his chair, Ryan and Thaelor embraced as they watched in astonishment as their diminutive cousin Brittney began to perform the dance moves associated with the video. After the first few movements, a throng of other scantly clad women joined in behind her as if it were a Las Vegas dance audition. The men in the crowd began to hoot and holler, spurring the women to continue the show. Just before the song ended, Thaelor motioned for the bouncer (whose name she found out was Marcus), to escort Baby Doll to their table. Nodding, he headed to the dance floor, moving patrons to the side like a well-trained full back.

“Did you know about this?!” Ryan asked Thaelor, his mouth half opened.

“Surprise!!” she answered. “I might have made a couple phone calls.”

“You are too much! And I love you.”

Marcus returned with a slightly winded, sweaty Brittney at his heels. But the expenditure of energy was quickly replaced seeing her family as she bounded past the large man in order to embrace her kin.

“Renatta! Reyshawn!” Hugs, kisses and love flowed like fine wine between the kin. The revelry was short lived as the reunion was interrupted by an adoring fan. Clad in what Ryan could only shake his head at, the interloper was dressed in the most garish f outfits. Dark blue denim jeans sagging halfway off his ass, gold chains dangling around his neck, an expensive “authentic” Travis Morrison NAFL jersey and a ball cap turned backward. The caricatures ensemble was finally topped off with an entire top row gold and diamond “grill,” that must have cost a small fortune as even in the dim light of the club, it sparkled radiantly.

“Yo, yo, yo, Baby Dollllll…I sure liked how you shook yo ass on that flo’ momma.”

Dabbing her face and neck with a napkin, Brittney looked up at her admirer. The roll of her eyes told all and bahçelievler escort sundry that this was probably an act she had seen many times before.

“Thank you.” Came the curt response.

“Yo boo, you think I can get them digits from yo’ fine ass? Hang wit’ me and I can take you places.”

Brittney took a deep breath, opened her eyes and threw on a fake smile.

“Sure…let me see that.”

The young “gangsta” handed her the pen and napkin he pilfered from the bar. Scribbling in the most beautiful of cursive, the note came back to sender;

“1-800-F-U-C-K O-F-F!”

When the napkin was read the wanna-be Mack lost his cool.

“Bitch what the fuck!? Do you know who I am!? Any number of these shorties up in here would DIE to wanna’ be with me. How you gon’ play me like that in front of my peoples like dat!?”

“Then maybe you should go find that desperate ass woman.” Thaelor remarked.

Having heard enough, Ryan stood up to his full height. Though not the tallest of men (his brother Travis is 6’3,”) he still cast an imposing image.

“Yo dude…I think you might have worn out your welcome. Step along already before you embarrass yourself any further.”

“Yo bruh, you ain’t got to come at me like dat. You know bitches ain’t nothin’ but “Ho’s and Tricks, ” know what I’m saying?!!”

Holding his hand out for what he thought would be a homies shake of solidarity, Ryan grasped the limb and bent it back on itself in a perfectly executed inverted wristlock. The pressure applied was just shy of snapping the joint out of place. But the manuever had the desired effect of dropping the slang throwing dumbass to his knees.

“No. Actually…I DON’T know what your saying. I can’t hear it over the screaming like a BITCH that you’re doing. First off, that “HO” is my sister and that “TRICK” that just dissed your sorry ass is my cousin. You know…I work with clowns like you all the time. You think just because your mommy and daddy have a little extra cash, you watch hours of TBN, pick up a few slang terms and maybe dip your stick in a desperate black hole or two, that that accomplishment somehow makes you accepted or special. Then you have the nerve to come amongst us with your crappy, desperate friends that allow you to disrespect them along with us as a buffer against anyone that doesn’t want to ride along with your stupid mockery of our culture. Well son, tonight, the party ends early for you.”

Nodding in the direction of Marcus, the big bouncer brought a friend in tow, both of them looking like two big dark pillars of mean that should be tearing buildings down with their bare hands.

“Is there a problem here sir?” Marcus asked.

“Yeah Marcus, I’m afraid this gentleman has decided that it was cute to wander into our private area and begin to disrespect Baby Doll here.”

Playing the role to the hilt, Brittney threw her face into Thaelor’s busom, heaving her chest and giving crocodile tears. The performance was Academy Award worthy.

“That monster! He-he—he called me,,.a-a-a-a- N-WORD B!”

Marcus and his partner grabbed the cowering, sniveling, party crasher by the forearms and deftly lifted him off the floor with the effort it would take to lift a small child. Before they could take him away, Ryan left him with one last jab.

“Do yourself the favor…we as a community are very inviting people. As long as you respect us, we will respect you and welcome you with open arms. But the longer you pull stunts like this shit here, you are not paying us homage or respect. You are mocking us and that in this day and time just won’t fly. Just be yourself and be grateful that it was me that you pulled this crap with. Because anyone else, and it could’ve cost you more than the small fee I think you owe my cousin in restitution.”

“What fee…BITCH!!”

Ryan reached out and squeezed the jaw of the trespasser, grasping the diamond grill, he yanked hard and ripped the showpiece out from its medical grade moorings. The faker screamed in sheer agony as the grill no doubt took more than its fair share of exposed dentin with it. Squeezing it firmly in the palm of his hand, Ryan remarked to the bouncers, “Gentlemen, please make sure our friend here has an unpleasant meeting with the street outside.”

Turning, the bouncers carried the man through the crowd that once again parted out of their angry way.

Looking on in astonishment, Brittney simply said: “Ok…I am officially wet.” Thaelor howled, laughing so hard she fell right out of her chair, the sip of beer exiting her nose.

The rest of the evening went excellently. The relatives drinking, cavorting and willing away the years of lost time over drinks and laughter. It was as if they had never spent any time apart, though it had been 9 years since Ryan saw Brittney and only two weeks since Thaelor and she first met. Yet their shared laughter was that of the dearest of friends.

“Just a minute…I’ll be right back.” Brittney told her kin.

After she left, Ryan tried to compose himself. The last joke Brittney laid on him was a true gem. Thaelor laid her hand on his shoulder and asked her brother,

“So…what do you think?”

“I missed her. I forgot how funny she used to be when we were kids.”