Angel Intrigued by Darkness Chapters 3 & 4 (FI

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Angel Intrigued by Darkness Chapters 3 & 4 (FITristan sits up in his bed. For the 3rd time this week he has dreamt of this girl, wanting her, stalking her, destroying her. It’s almost as if subconsciously he was obsessed with her. One thing Tristan knew for sure, there was only one way to satisfy this itch that was driving him crazy and she will not deny him! No matter the cost she would be his. He walks into the walls of the convent on a mission, he had no plan, the only objective-find her. He walks through corridors, the large gardens, and his walking turns into quick paces. After more than thirty minutes he knows he should give up and leave but he can’t. Then a c***d’s laughter’s and an angelic voice, his heart stops for a moment and when he turns around he sees a room with clear windows and an open door. He quietly and carefully takes a look inside. Simple, and yet beautiful he sees her again, he tries to find something special about her, long brown hair, extremely light brown eyes, pale skin, her body so simple and everything about her was so innocent and clean. Then he saw her smile and the burn inside him came back with a vengeance, it was a smile so familiar to him, he didn’t know why but what he felt wasn’t good at all, it wasn’t a feeling of happiness and peace it was a feelings of lust, possession. It was her purity and the chase that excited him. She played with the c***dren and would hug them, her sweetness and innocence was more and more evident the more he watched her. He quickly realized she was starring right at him and he couldn’t look away. Serene’s heart was beating faster than ever, what was he doing here, her mind and all her thoughts raced against her body’s feelings to go out and talk to him, but like a magnet she got up and was heading straight to her predator. She figured nothing bad could possibly happen by talking to him. Now was his chance, she would fall just like every other girl before her, she would be a pleasant change to his routine. “Hey, Serene right?” She Nodded. “I didn’t mean to scare you the other day and I wanted to come by and prove to you I wasn’t some bum or something” they both laughed. “You didn’t scare me” it took every muscle in her body to keep from shaking and she simply couldn’t look up at him. He seemed soo tall, so big in comparison, his black jacket and jeans, his jewelry and one earring, his shoulder length dark hair was all a stark contradiction to her simple attire a blue sweater and black skirt with a small gold cross necklace. “Well I was passing by and was wondering what time you get off?” She had no idea what he was talking about but she knew if she was seen with him here it would be trouble so the talk had to be quick, she’d never been on a date before if this is what he was asking of her. Something about him was so interesting, scary, and irresistible. He excreted a carefree and confident personality and yet she knew how she must look like, like a scarred tense inexperienced c***d, so she gathered herself and locked into his bright green eyes and smiled. “I get off at 9 but don’t come here I’ll meet you where I saw you last time by the gate.” He could read between the lines, she was planning on sneaking out with him, mission accomplished, tonight she would be his. She went back and now her heart was racing even more, ‘I can’t do this, what if I get hurt what if he hurts me, what if someone finds out?’ Every time she talked herself out of it images of his deep green eyes, chiseled face, his body lean but ripped, his dark shoulder length hair melted every reason to not go. Why did he have to be soo good looking? Her attraction to him controlled her thoughts. ~~~~He waited for her in his black car by the gate, when suddenly he saw her walk out, she looked so different. She wore the same small gold cross necklace, a red dress, black cotton jacket and black high heels, this was more his style. She now looked like a normal 20 year old women. Bringing down his car window “hop in” he said with a smile. Serene opened the door about to hop in but then suddenly looked back hesitating for a few seconds. He saw her freeze and instantly he saw images of her slipping away, he was turned on just looking at her and without hesitation he leaned over grabbed her arm and pulled her in. In shock she watched him also lean over to close the door and he locked the doors as he quickly sped away. She was officially terrified. Tristan looked over at her, she was clutching into her seat and staring straight ahead, she was extremely tense. So he did what he normally does and went to stoke her leg to relax her. This instantly back fired and she slapped his hand away “Don’t do that!” “Whoa, whoa I’m sorry, I just saw you so tense and was trying to calm you down… you don’t go out much do you?” She closed her jacket. “Not really and I definitely don’t just get in a car with a stranger” “So…then why did you?” “She shrugged realizing she didn’t have an answer to that question. He pulled over “hey, listen If you want I’ll take you back, I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable” She instantly approved of his offer, and felt relived she just couldn’t do this. “I’m sorry, I think that would be best, I’m just not…” “Not what?” “Not ready for all this, I know it doesn’t seem like it but I’ve never been out with a stranger-“ “-it’s extremely obvious you’ve never been on a date before, or even out of your boarding school, you look like you’ve never even had a boyfriend before, Jesus! I’m taking you back.” To this she instantly was offended she saw his frustration and anger and watched him turn the car around. Her anger quickly subsided when she took a moment to look at him, he was so hot, the most beautiful man she had ever seen, it confused her as to why he even had an interest in her, he was obviously willing to take her back so how bad can he be? She wanted to experience his world, wanted to melt into him if she could allow herself too. “I’m sorry, what’s your name again?” “ Tristan…” “Tristan, please stop… please” he looked over at her and her sad eyes and could not resist her request. He pulled over sighed and eventually looked over at her. At this point she wanted to be attractive, make up for her stupidity, she was more than this scarred little girl, she wanted him to know she could handle this but most of all, that she could handle him. She smiled and tried her best to be flirty, “Okay your right, I haven’t gone out on a date but I want to know what your world is like, I want to experience what it’s like to be…someone like you” he laughed “Someone like me? Trust me babe you don’t stand a chance in my world, you were scarred just sitting here, do you really think you can handle-“”-Yes! I promise I’ll relax from now” she said smiling and putting on her seat belt again. He hesitated for a bit and she winked at him. “Alright you asked for it”He led her through the crowd, where the music was extremely loud she could feel the bass in her body. She had never seen people dressed this way before, it seemed so normal for them. He lead her to an open back room where he greeted people he obviously knew well. Plenty of girls came up to him and hugged him and greeted him with a kiss, this bothered Serene. She watched as those same girls would look at her and roll their eyes. He seemed happy around them, he smiled more, and she desperately wanted him to act that way around her. Tristan sat down and he watched her as she confidently took off her jacket and sat really close to him. He was wrong, the red dress hugged all her curves and she was actually very attractive. She watched as people drank and passed around pills. She saw Tristan take one and she reached to grab one. Tristan quickly grabbed her hand and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Don’t take that” “ Why not? You are” “here I’ll get you something you’ll really like.” He requested a few drinks from a nearby waitress and he sat back down. When the drinks came he handed it to her and he put his arm around her and said, “Try this first.” It was hard but with Tristan’s encouragement she drank three drinks. She loved the way she felt, she loved this place. After some more drinks he lead her to the dance floor. She quickly asked for more of the drinks that were making her head spin, “Are you sure you’re okay!?” “Yes! It feels great!” “Are you fine right now tho?” “Yes I barley feel anything” She was lying. After another drink she was starting to get really drunk and he took away her drink and told the bartender ‘no more’. At this rate she would get herself really sick. Serene got upset but he quickly changed the conversation and told her he wanted to show her something. He led her to a quiet corner, she could tell he was d**gged but unlike the others he was able to handle himself. He stopped turned around and lifted her up onto a side table that had a lamp and a mirror behind her for décor. She smiled. The music was faint but the bass was still throbbing.He positioned himself in front of her and had both arms by her sides resting on the table. Instinctively she spread her legs so he can get closer to her. He couldn’t help but stare down and get closer, his breathing started to get harder. He then pressed his face slightly against hers. He wanted her to experience her first kiss, but he wanted her to initiate it. She was forbidden fruit, a tender angel locked in heaven only to be lured out by him. She knew where this was going and her heart was racing…it seemed they were in this position for nearly 10 min although it probably only felt that way. She wanted him soo bad, she wanted to kiss him soo bad, but she didn’t know how. He softly would nuzzle her face tempting her and giving her as clear of a sign as he could. Finally the feeling inside her couldn’t take it anymore and she lifted his head and kissed him. She felt him lead her into opening her mouth to allow him inside her. Once she opened up he took over diving deep into her wanting to get as close to her and as much inside of her as possible! Then she instinctively pushed up her skirt all the way so she could open up to him more. She was a natural, nothing about this kiss felt like it was her first, and yet her shaking told another story. This was so unexpected, it seemed as if her body instantly took over, if he wasn’t so beautiful, mariobet güvenilirmi so strong, so good at what he probably has done a thousand times she would never be doing any of this. Had he not been so irresistible she might even have some control over this or at least fear would take over but now her lust was greater than her fear. As he pressed up against her he lifted her skirt up more and forced her legs to open just enough to where he could press up against her. Her eyes widened as she felt his hard dick press up against her it felt soo good and yet she wanted nothing more than to pull him away. He took off his jacket and she instantly slide her hands up his stomach and chest. She was instantly surprised and couldn’t help but look down, he was rock hard and extremely well built and loaded with tattoos. He was right, he was irresistible and the need inside her built up like a volcano to the point it hurt. “Trist, please stop” He started kissing her neck and everything about his body was in intense agony, how dare she tell him to stop; everything about her was open and inviting. He could have here right here, she was nothing to him and yet she was so different from any girl he had been with, this was her first lesson but he wanted to teach her everything. “ Tristan please” He had no intention of stopping, but then his ever intelligent mind told him to stay focused, he couldn’t possibly have her here, her screams might be too loud, someone could probably stop them, she might try to run off and say I hurt her or worse. It took all his strength to rip away from her. He had to think hard, he need to gain her trust. Ripping away from her he tap kissed her softly caressed her face and smiled. “How was it?” “Not bad for my first time, but I think you can do better” She joked with him and they laughed. They headed back though she was barely able to walk and she sneaked in one more drink. He pretended to mingle some more but the aching was mind consuming, eventually he realized how ridiculous it was that this girl had so much control over him and he couldn’t do anything about it but that was about to end right now. As Serene was heading to grab another drink he said just loud enough for her to hear “okay guys I’ll see you all in a bit.” He grabbed Serene’s hand and said they were heading out. As they were getting into the car he mentioned that his friends were all heading straight to his place tonight and it was going to be a lot of fun. He asked her what time she needed to be back because she needed time to sober up. Serene hadn’t thought about that. “What time is it? How long does this last?” “A few hours and it’s just past midnight but I have some mouth wash at home, just make sure you don’t drink anything else tonight” She smiled and agreed. As they walked up to his apartment the pain inside him was getting worse, he didn’t even realize he was shaking when he took out his keys. It seemed every girl before her was willing or begging right after this point but never had he imagined to be planning something this violent before. She was so innocent, so sweet, so naive to fall for this. ‘Almost there’ he thought to himself. As he let her into his apartment his mind went insane, she was asking him questions and he couldn’t focus, she stumbled and sat down on his couch and his mind began to spin. He went into the kitchen to get some water. He shouldn’t of let it get this far, he could of slept with tens, hundreds of other girls, but it had to be her and only her, she was like a new shiny toy or a new d**g. “Here drink this” “thank you.” He had handed her some medicine so she would not feel sick the next morning and as she finished drinking she showed him that smile again…all bets were off. He leaned in to kiss her and she was inviting. She wrapped her arms around him and for a moment it seemed like this would be a piece of cake. She was here, in his apartment, alone! No one was coming, all of those dreams they would stop all of his burn will go away, and she will satisfy him finally! All of this was exciting just like in the club, but then his kisses got to the point where it was bruising her lips. His hands started going up her thigh. Her requests to stop ignored. She was no longer inviting, she was fighting too much. He pinned her down on his couch, her arms held down by his he didn’t realize he had all of his weight on top of her, “Trist this really hurts, I can’t breathe!” He was so heavy on top of her. He pulled down her dress to expose her breasts and the pain in his groin intensified. They were flawless and pale her nipples so pink. He kissed and sucked on them until they were hard. She slowly began to sob “Tristan please, Tristan…” He tried to get between her legs but it wasn’t working. No! he wanted every bit of her exposed and open, he wanted full satisfaction. He pinned her down and looked into her eyes, “don’t fight it Serene you’ll make it worse, I don’t want to hurt you, I want this to be enjoyable for you too” The truth is he was hurting her but if it wasn’t for this pain inside him he wouldn’t hurt her he’d instead spend all night being patient and slowly having her reach ultimate pleasure. He covered her breasts with her dress and he lifted her up from the couch and slammed her down on his bed. From his drawers he took out some hand cuffs and hand cuffed one wrist to the bed post. Thinking it might arouse her he took off his shirt, shoes, and pants. Any other time Serene would of thought he was the most beautifully built man on the planet but right now she could barley look at him she could barley think. She wanted him but not like this not this fast. Her innocent mind had played stories of long series of dates with him, she should have seen this coming. He took off her dress the view killing him inside, then as he was taking off her underwear he noticed her tears and cries but it seemed like her body was surrendering. She was scarred, drunk and tired of fighting him for over a half hour, she was still terrified, but she knew there was no stopping him. After 30 min of loud pleads, cries and fighting him until he bruised her arms, she was so tired. He watched her completely naked and just when he thought he couldn’t get harder he did. The sight of his huge hard dick made her go pale never in a million years did she imagine them that big. He hovered over her on the bed and kissed her then down her body. Then instantly he wanted to touch her, feel her tightness. Her legs still closed he caressed her clit then slid his fingers to her opening, she was wet probably mostly from earlier. Regardless of her reluctance and fighting he slide a finger inside her….he moaned and almost collapsed in pain, she was soo tight soo warm so small. He never had a virgin before and his hunger was killing him and took over. He fingered her and started violently kissing her breasts, not being able to take it anymore he hovered over her and his strength could not match hers. He spread her around him and positioned himself, it was taking every single muscle in his body to not single thrust all the way inside her but he wanted to look at her, he wanted to see her face. Putting both hands around her face he was sweating, his face in complete agony, her eyes still full of tears but her loud cries now silent. She could see the pain in his face but could not understand it. It was almost as if now she was frozen in fear. He starred at her and nuzzeled her face, his sweet sweet angel will be his tonight, he imagined her in that adorable school outfit, that innocent face that drove him crazy all leading up to this point. Looking into her eyes he started to creep into her…it was harder to do then he imagined. As he tried to shove himself into her, her pain was apparent with each try “No Tristan, I can’t, I can’t” Small bits of regret sunk in but eventually he was in, she was soo tight around him her brown soft curls surrounding her body and tits perfectly perked and then all self control escaped him. What began as inching into her became a deep thrusts, she was so tight even his third and fourth thrust didn’t manage to fully penetrate her. He wanted every inch of his cock inside her! The thrusts became stronger and with each thrust his moans as loud as her screams. He finally fully penetrated her and her body arched up in. He wanted to please her but he couldn’t, every bit of this was painful to her. His body and long hair was covered in sweat like a wild a****l he banged into her, he had never been so violent before, never would he imagine himself doing this but he had never been so aroused. He looked down at her breasts and that innocent face now being violated never to be the same. She was an angel, his angel, and now she was all his, her warm body wrapped tightly around him stretching to accommodate him filling him with unimaginable pleasure. She is all his forever no one will ever take her away. He wanted to thrust into her forever. He looked down to see himself penetrating her and seeing firsthand just how he was stretching her to the limit which almost brought him into instant ecstasy. Just then he whispered “Say you love me” she didn’t hear him and he couldn’t believe what he was saying, he always dreaded those words from a women but he wanted NO needed Serene to say it, to scream it. “Say you love me,…Serene say you love me!” his requests seemed to get lost. She had no desire and no plans to even please him. He got right by her ear and whispered loudly “Say you love me! Say it, oh god Serene what have you done to me” his thrusts became slower. She heard a different tone of voice, one in agony, he nuzzled her face and he started to become gentle, slowly going in and out “ Say you love me Serene Please, please…please” He said almost as if he was about to cry. Somehow between all the chaos she couldn’t refuse his request, at least he now slowed down and if anything it might get him off faster and this would all be over, she was in pain but his voice was also filled with soo much agony. “I love you” she whispered…His thrusts were so slow her pain was subsiding, she didn’t understand why she was suddenly tensing up inside. “Say it again” he looked straight at her “I love you,….I love you” He was almost there. “I love you…..Tristan” Just then mariobet yeni giriş he closed his eyes and released hours, days of pain and frustration. His load exploded inside her his breathing began to regulate. He collapsed beside her his eyes began to get heavy, He was satisfied exhausted and tired, but he knew she wasn’t allowed to leave. He did not think ahead as to what he planned to do now. He released the hand cuffed from the bed post threw the key as far away from them as possible and handcuffed her to him. He caressed her face she seemed to not want anything to do with him, he covered her gently with his warm blanket then suddenly he blacked out. chapter 4 the final chapterA bad dream had woken him up and he saw her laying next to him. For a moment he thought he was still dreaming. Her hair in the sun was a golden brown that shined like that of an angel. He lifted the covers just a bit and he saw that she was naked, he couldn’t believe he became hard again. He didn’t want to wake her but he had to. He hugged her and held her close until she gently woke up. To his dismay this did not please her, she actually jolted and looked at him as if she had seen a ghost. “shh shh, it’s not going to happen again, relax” he went up behind her and hugged her tightly. Suddenly real regret sunk in, he suddenly thought about all the consequences this would have on her life. He still wanted her but he also wanted to see her smile again. Most importantly she was his, all his, and these feelings had not changed. He still wanted her badly over and over again, he wanted her handcuffed to his bed post until he convinced her to stay. He felt intense regret but he also knew he was attractive and kind if only she’d get to know him he could make her so happy…ugh what was he thinking! all this seemed crazy; he thought he was going crazy. Even a sweet innocent girl such as her, could she possibly forgive him? He took a sheet and let her cover herself as they walked towards the hall way where he had thrown the key. As he turned around he realized the sheets had blood on them. It seemed she had not yet noticed, nor did he want her too. He quickly walked back and gave her a long white button up dress shirt and quickly grabbed the sheets from her then placed it where she couldn’t see it. He took the handcuffs off her and led her into the bathroom. She sat on the closed toilet as he brushed his teeth and started grabbing a bunch of small towels. She did everything she could to avoid starring at his body but it was hard not to, he was slightly tanned and his body full of tattoos- an art piece that only accentuated his good looked, she was so ashamed so angry at herself, so disgusted that she can even find him attractive after what he did, though she didn’t remember most of it. His arms were massive, when before this would turn her on right now it just made her realize how under powered she was in comparison. A tear came down her face. She watched as he put most of the little towels through warm water. He gathered them all and placed them in a container then walked back into the bedroom. “Don’t move I’ll be right back” There was no where she could go since this bathroom was in his bedroom. It seemed like only 5 min passed when he walked her back out into the bedroom and sat her on her side of the bed. She noticed the covers were changed but she didn’t know exactly why. He didn’t want to hand cuff her again but she wouldn’t understand what he was doing. “Please believe me I’m not going to hurt you again, you’ll see.” He kissed her on the forehead and he started to spread her legs her heart started pounding again and her panic started to sink in then suddenly she felt warmth. She looked down and it seemed he was cleaning her; she noticed she had bled a little from the slight pink on the towel. In a weird way she was embarrassed that he would put himself in that position. He told her to relax and he positioned her fully exposed in front of him, she couldn’t watch. At first it was weird, but then it was soothing. For a good 5 min he took his time and was very thorough cleaning her over and over as if to make sure no evidence of last night was left. Whe was finished he went to wash his hands and put away any and all evidence. He came back to join her in bed. If it was possible she looked even cuter in the morning. He removed the handcuffs and got behind her and held her…he didn’t know why but he wanted to make it up to her, he wanted to give her pleasure he wanted to do soo much. “Serene…I…” “Your what? Sorry?!” she said in an angry voice. “I am it’s just..” “I want to go home…….now.” He held her closer almost as if he didn’t want to lose her and he knew this would mean she would be gone forever. “I can’t do that yet, please at least let me explain” “You can’t why?! No Tristan I want to go home! I want to go home now!” she started sobbing, he could barely make out what she was continuing to say but it was all words to make him understand how horrible his acts were and hurtful words that did indeed hurt him and fill him with guilt he knew she was starting to have a panic attack so he rocked her back and forth and wiped her tears and he caressed her hair. After her crying subsided he just wanted to explain what he felt before he had to release her. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s-just- ugh Serene, every since the day I saw you I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I swear it drove me crazy, I’ve never done this before. I just couldn’t get you out of my head out of my dreams. Men like me don’t know how to approach a girl like you, you’re so different so much better than me so much better than any of the women I’ve been with, you wanted to experience my world but it’s nothing but emptiness. I- I just don’t know what took over, I just wanted you soo bad, like I’ve never wanted anyone before, but I knew it would take time and I should of done it the right way I just never knew how. I thought you were just an itch but subconsciously I knew it wasn’t. I… still want you more than before, I just don’t know what to do to make it up to you or if I can ever get you to forgive me, I’m not from your world I’m full of sin, I’m horrible, undeserving of you, just tell me what I have to do to make it up to you, please Serene.” She slightly turned to look at him, she wished he was crying from the way his voice cracked but his sad green eyes were simply watery. There was so much she could have said but she simply didn’t know what…she had a huge heart, but this was unforgivable. “Serene… Did I turn you on at all at the club? Did you find me attractive?” His conversations made no sense. Looking away from him she simply said “I did…but I’m not sure if I can now” He sighed in frustration. He turned slightly so he could see her face and he tucked her hair behind her ear “Serene I found you attractive the first time I saw you, I found it hard to resist you when I had you in my arms, I just thought, hoped you’d do the same, if you found me attractive, if I turned you on, how were you able to resist me? Most women can’t.” She hated him but his face and his eyes were so easy to get lost in “I couldn’t resist……you…but then you became violent and I got scarred….I am scarred!” “Scarred of what though? Of wanting each other?” “Trist you just don’t understand, a person like you would never understand!” “Try me Serene, I don’t want you to be scarred of me” He grabbed her hands and nuzzled his head with hers feelings inside him were rising up like last night but this time he had some control. He looked into her eyes and kissed her slowly “You find me attractive” he continued kissing her “I know you do, you wanted me in that club, give in Serene” He led her hands up his chiseled stomach and chest “I’ll be soo gentle I swear, I’m so sorry” He began to hold her arms up over her head but he quickly released he didn’t want to pin her down or make her feel trapped. He wanted to turn her on so bad she’d now be begging him to be inside her. She was shaking probably more than last night but she wasn’t fighting. She felt tingles all over her body a feeling she did not understand. “I want you so bad Serene” His hands went up to meet her breasts. Slowly he caressed her and kissed her in what to him felt like an extreme slow motion. Against her will the soft caress on her nipples got her wet and tense. It’s almost as if he was so good at what he did she couldn’t stop him. He continued to circle his fingers around her breasts and kiss her so slowly and gently. He slightly hovered over her and kissed her forehead then in a trail of a million kisses he went down to her belly button then up again to meet her breasts. It killed him to not go crazy but he licked them and flickered soo slowly it almost made her moan. He gently unbuttoned the shirt she was simple but flawless. He caressed and soothed every part of her body. He slowly positioned himself in front of her giving her opportunity to object. He slowly opened her legs and began to kiss them then eventually reaching her clit. With his fingers he carefully held her open slowly licking her. Now she was moaning, it was music to his ears, the feelings inside her were reaching it’s peak it was scarring her but her body was begging for more. Still slow and gentle his tongue massaged every inch of her opening. He wanted to drive her crazy so he took his sweet time and finally he heard her moans intensify. She covered her face completely ashamed of herself. He then began to flick her clit while periodically licking into her opening. Her body arched, what was wrong with her? A few moments ago she was extremely tense and scarred but now she was enjoying his actions? she kept not wanting to enjoy it trying to remember last night but all she could do was focus on the pleasure. Her virginity was already gone and there was no getting that back, in a way this thought allowed her to relax more. He wanted to give her a gentle and intense orgasm. As her moans were reaching their peak he slowly began to finger her with one finger and then two. He put all his years of practice into driving her crazy. He felt her tighten up and about to come with his fingers still inside her and his thumb still massaging her clit he came back up to kiss her, this time it was her that sunk deep mariobet giriş into his kiss. She opened herself up completely and her muscles relaxed giving into his massage. He didn’t know if she wanted to hear it but what girl didn’t? “I love you Serene” He continued to kiss her and look into her eyes “you’re so beautiful.” She continued kissing him intensely and then she suddenly moaned loudly her body began twitching he continued to kiss her all over. He began to slow down to allow her to continue her ripples of pleasure. She was crying so he continued kissing her then he he slowly pulled out and hugged her. The pleasure was un-like anything she’d ever experienced, it was so intense so beautiful it was more than she ever imagined an orgasm to be, more than she expected her first time with a man would be like. She just wished last night never happened. He was her worst nightmare and her best dream. As he held her for a few moments no words were necessary. He wiped her tears and moved the hair from her face and he saw her smile. Just then he began to kiss her again “Serene, Serene” He nuzzled his face against her face and nose again. He went back to massage her clit, it was soo sensitive and so intense she twitched and tried moving away, “no Tristan please” She begged him to stop but he couldn’t against her requests he grabbed her and slowly played with her clit again, her body was filled with mixed emotions and her sensitivity was high. He wanted to get her to orgasm again but this time with him inside her. He positioned himself on top of her then opening her up again, “Please Tristan stop you promised-“ He slide into her as if her body was heaven and through her he could reach the purest pleasure. She moaned. “Your mine Serene, you hear me?” This time instead of cries she moaned loudly. He thrust into her a few times and rolled her over on top of him as he positioned himself up on the head board. He lifted her up and down his shaft each time. This was a different kind of pain for her, she was wet and stimulated, and all she wanted to do was come again, experience that pleasure that brought her peace. Suddenly he realized she was moving up and down on her own, she was his now, she would learn to love him and pleasure him. She was pure and he wanted her all for himself, as he watched her bouncing up and down his shaft he had finally found something beautiful and clean and he was never going to share her. He moved her up off of him and turned her over penetrating her from behind then lifting her up against him so he could massage her breasts and whisper in her ear. “Your mine now you know that right?” This position was painful to her but oddly pleasurable as well. As he continued to thrust her a tear came down her face why was this about to make her come again if it hurt soo much? She didn’t understand. With each painful deep thrust she moaned and he spoke a line as if making it very clear to her “Your mine”- “forever”-“ I’m your first”- “Your last”-“no other man will kiss you”-“touch you”-“you’ll be my wife”-“and I will have you.” As he thrust into her he went down to massage her clit and played with it very fast and rough. She exploded in ecstasy and soon after he collapsed releasing more than he had ever done before. His demeanor always seemed to instantly change after sex. He got dressed and she put on his shirt and he brought her a pair of his cotton shorts that could be tightened by a string hoping she could fit into them. As he put on his shoes he looked at her and how cute and silly she looked, her life changed in one night, and she had intense sex at least twice, she was no longer innocent but it seemed her innocence wasn’t just physically but a part of her personality. He smiled and laughed. “What!?” She said in a semi-angry voice. “You’re beautiful.” She walked out into the living room muttering “Sure and now you will drop me off and forget about me” He felt his heart drop; it seemed she didn’t understand a word he said. He sat on the bed as sadness and fear took over, all his good looks, all his skills, all the women who begged to stay with him and the one girl he wanted more than anything didn’t want to be with him. He sat their wondering thinking hard what he could say to his angel. He walked out into the living room as he saw her hang up the phone, “Serene?” “I called a cab” He put his hands through his hair and paced for a moment. How could he explain to her and make it clear to her that what he felt was real! Yet how could he blame her after what he did! “Serene, this wasn’t a game, I like you, I….” she was unaffected. He couldn’t believe he was willing to beg but something took over and he knelt down in front of her on the couch and held her hands “I know I sound obsessed-maybe crazy but everything I said in there was true, why don’t you believe me?” “What am I supposed to believe Tristan?! That you saw me and in a matter of days and one night together you instantly fell in love?” He looked straight into her eyes and suddenly he realized just how strong his emotions for her were and it scarred him. He stood up and looked away from her “I don’t know, Maybe- *he sighed loudly* maybe I did, I thought it was lust or an obsession but now I know I want-need you …it’s like…it’s like in my life I finally found something good someone not like me, something pure, something beautiful…….and I should of have had patience, but…..but I was just so afraid to let you slip through my fingers. I became hungry wanting you. I can’t express how I feel or how sorry I am, how much I want to take back last night, how much you deserve better, you didn’t deserve any of this, I just want to make it up to you, but I know I have to let you go.” He looked back at her one last time and badly wanted to say he loved her but it just sounded so crazy. Without the intense lust from before his adrenaline was low and his sensitive side was more apparent. He couldn’t just tie her down like he did before. He went straight into his room and in a few moments heard her walk out. He punched the mirror on his dresser not being able to look at himself and a tear ran down his face, which he instantly wiped off. He was so mad and frustrated at himself, quickly he went to his medicine cabinet to find his d**g of choice. He was back to his reality, to his darkness, to women that would never fill him. He collapsed in his bathroom and tears he thought he’d never shed for a girl flowed down his face. Serene reminded him so much of his mother, her sweet nature, her kindness, smile and her purity, but now these sad feelings reminded him of the moment he lost his mother. Maybe he was crazy, insane, completely out of his mind, how stupid of him to think he could keep a woman such as Serene after what he did? He thought he could just win her heart with good sex? How ridiculous. Yet partying, d**gs and sex was all he knew how to do well. He thought he heard a noise and went into the living room to see if it was her but nothing. Convinced the d**g was kicking in he passed out on the couch. He dreamt of her kissing his forehead smiling and caressing his face “I’m so sorry Serene can you forgive me?” “I love you Tristan, of course” she grabbed his hand and kissed it but then he felt pain and it woke him up. “Shhh relax” Serene whispered as she used little wet towels to wipe the blood on his knuckles. He hadn’t realized he had cut himself. “You came back”. Serene was quiet as she carefully picked out the glass fragments from his hand. Her long brown hair, her tender touch, everything about her brought so much comfort to him. She went and got some bandages and so carefully placed them gently on his cuts. Why was it so hard for him to sit still and control his reaction to hold her? “Serene, it’s so hard to control myself around you, nothing has ever been this difficult” “Well your going to have to learn” her smile was barley a smirk. He smiled, if he had any doubts before he now knew how special this girl was, to come and tend to the monster that hurt her. “but Serene maybe I don’t want to learn, maybe I want every bit of you without having to restrain myself.” “Tristan you’re used to not having to restrain yourself, but if you say you lov-want me as much as you do and don’t want me to run away you’ll stop yourself.” She straddled over him and she tap kissed him. What was she doing to him! why was she placing herself in this position, why was she testing him! Couldn’t she see what he was capable of? Why couldn’t he control himself around her? “Don’t do that Serene” “Why? I need to know if what you feel is real, if it is, you’ll control yourself” Okay fair is fair he could handle himself. She leaned in to kiss him “Serene.. Please, don’t tempt me; I don’t want to drive you away again.” She continued kissing him and then laid on top of him and he put his arm around her. “So you’ll stay right?” “I can’t promise that Trist” Tristan got up from the couch and ran his hands through his hair again. She was surprised in his reaction. As he paced he leaned his arm beside his window and looked outside thinking for a few seconds, he wanted to say what was on his mind without scarring her. “Why not? I’m promising to treat you right, I’ll make it up to you” “Tristan, I don’t know whether I am scarred of you or if I like you or both” She stood up from the couch and walked up to him “your promising to not hurt me your promising something you can’t control.” He grabbed her and pinned her against the wall next to the window. Then closing his eyes he breathed in slowly trying to relax “You’re right Serene! I can’t control this but I will be yours too” He looked right into her eyes his voice was threatening but soft “If you decide to stay I’m not just letting you go, I told you I was serious about what I said earlier, I want you all of you without restraints! I want you to want me, I want to treat you right make you laugh and take you out to nice dinners and stupid dates but then I also want to come home and fuck! you hard for hours, I want to tie you up and make you mine until you come and cry in pleasure and I want to do this to you over and over forever” She looked up at him and her breathing was just as heavy as his she melted and closed her eyes then simply said “You promise? You promise me you forever?” He looked at her soft and sad brown eyes & her soft lips as he processed what she had just said and he smiled “Baby, I don’t know how or when it happened but you own every inch of me, you control every thought, every dream.” He lifted her up against the wall and the rest was history.