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Sara giggled, her long arms wrapped around her girlfriend’s deliciously plump frame, and pulled Cassie on top of her. She mercilessly smooched the squirming woman, as Cassie herself laughed and tried to fight back.

“Angel, stop! I really do, honest!” the shorter woman cried out, trapped in her partner’s strong yet gentle grip. She pouted and wriggled a little in Sara’s embrace, looking up at her and harrumphing comically.

“Awwh, is my cutie Cassie gonna use her maaaaagic powers on me to make me stop?” grinned Sara, as she pushed Cassie off to the side into the pillow-lined back of the sofa, taking care not to truly hurt her. She bit her lip in mischievous inspiration, the glitteringly white enamel sparkling briefly in the light. Her dishevelled girlfriend looked up, before spotting the look on her lover’s face and flushing a deep pink, her snow-white cheeks blossoming with warmth.

“I-I-I am telling the truth, y-you know, I do know how to do it!” She sounded quiet and subdued, watching the tall, dark-skinned woman begin to swing her body seductively towards her, crawling on all fours like a victorious lioness. She tugged off the thin cotton blouse she had been wearing up ’til that point, revealing her smooth, supple skin spread like warm butter over toned and sinuous muscles. Her chest was bare, and her soft breasts hung slightly as she returned to her predatory pose. Cassie’s eyes found themselves drawn magnetically to her girlfriend’s dark, firm nipples, and she licked her lips with undisguised desire as they quivered with every slinking, seductive motion Sara’s lithe body performed.

“A-and it’s not magic” she said petulantly, pouting a little even whilst the blush spread further across her pale cheeks as she watched the undulations, “it’s skill. I learnt how to do it o-off a friend, you kn-“. The trickle of words was dammed by a soft, loving kiss, laid delicately across Cassie’s pale pink lips by Sara’s own as Cassie felt her face enclosed by her Angel’s cool, soothing touch. Her words melted away as she closed her eyes, and as Sara’s arms snuggled her into her lover’s warm breast, Cassie felt her muscles slowly, softly relax. Their lips parted company, and she gazed upwards adoringly into the eyes of the woman embracing her.

“My beautiful Angel…” she whispered, “and yet, by the gods you’d make a good succubus”. She giggled and languidly kissed the underside of her girlfriend’s breast. Sara giggled back at her and laid her down again in her comfortable spot on the sofa. Her hand lovingly caressed her girlfriend’s cute features, and her hand cupped Cassie’s cheek and chin briefly before she began to pull her fingers down. Sara trailed her slender digits along the underside of Cassie’s chin, down her neck and into her generous bust. Cassie’s blush increased, but her wonderfully heavy muscles felt so completely relaxed that she simply sighed deeply, a warm smile spreading across her lips as she enjoyed her lover’s skilful touches. Sara smiled down affectionately at her obvious pleasure, and continued to trail the fingers of her left hand across the exposed portion of Cassie’s breasts. Meanwhile, the right hand smoothly glided along the soft, generous curves of the blissfully unaware girl, before deftly beginning to unbutton the androgynously plain shirt of her cute plaything. Cassie bit her lip, and her eyelids began to flutter slowly open, but a swift kiss from her angel-turned-succubus made her moan breathily and simply sink deeper into the warm, welcoming nest of cushions.

Sara’s mouth upturned slowly, smiling a deep, almost dangerous smile as she finished unbuttoning her girlfriend’s shirt before turning both hands to the reveal. She slipped her fingers under the fabric of Cassie’s shirt, and slowly teased the supine girl’s top apart as though drawing back a pair of delicate silk curtains. Sara bit her lip, pupils dilating with sudden desire, and both hands descended to unfasten her prey’s lacy black bra.

She bit down a little harder and leant over to Cassie’s ear, her long hair falling like a dark veil across their faces.

“My, my, what a naughty girl we have here…” whispered Sara, her fingers tugging gently at Cassie’s bra. “A front-buckle bra, just for me. Somebody was feeling awfully presumptive when she slipped into this cute little number, wasn’t she pet?”

Sara’s marmaris escort words dripped lusciously down into the ears of her willing victim, a deep, rich, sensual voice that oozed sweet chocolate into the ears of the blissfully sleeping young girl below her. Too deeply relaxed even for the fine motor control required for speech, Cassie merely nodded and let out a needy whimper, managing the coordination to arch her now-bare breasts upwards into the attention of the woman above her. The sweet, indulgent voice let out a small chuckle, and Cassie’s world exploded with pleasure as her nipples were suddenly ensnared, before being squeezed firmly and given a light but definite tug each. She whimpered louder still in pleasure, before managing to part her lips in speech, coming out as barely more than coherent moans.

“A-A-Angel, that… ooohh m-more… that feels soooo good… f-f-firmer, just a-a-a little firrrrrmer…” her words merging into an ecstatic purr. She lapsed back into short, sharp gasps of delighted sensation, eyes still firmly closed and muscles completely relaxed as she submitted joyfully to the temptation of her sinfully fallen Angel.

Another deep, rich sound caressed the air, a sound that would be called a giggle if it weren’t laced so heavily with deepest lust. Sara’s right hand remained firmly pressed against Cassie’s left nipple, whilst her left dropped lower to the button of her lover’s loose shorts. Cool fingers pressed against soft flesh, and a loud pop hit the air as the button came undone. Sara leaned over her willing prey once more, and kissed each eyelid in turn before lowering her lips to Cassie’s ear.

“Just relax, pet, just relax for me and listen. Let my voice be your guide… Let my touch be your anchor…” Her right hand fingers tugged rhythmically at Cassie’s nipple, whilst Sara’s left hand began to slowly unzip her girlfriend’s clothing. The blissfully relaxing girl would have been writhing if she had the energy to do so, but Sara’s smooth, mellifluous voice was like a sweet tide of inescapable molasses, insistently pushing any thoughts other than further pleasure, other than deeper relaxation.

“My sweet little Cassie, she’s such a good pet. She know she can trust her Angel, she knows that Angel wants what’s best.”

A mewling nod invited a slender hand to gently stroke Cassie’s hair, soothing her nods and relaxing the muscles in her head and neck beyond the point where such movements were necessary, or even possible.

“She knows that Angel wants her to relax, she knows that she can relax by breathing nice and deeply now, deeply and calmly.”

Cassie’s breathing slowed, her gasps for air shifting into slow, drawing breaths.

“That’s it my sweet girl, my sweet little Cassie.” Lips met briefly, and parted slowly, every touch of Sara’s lips upon her body another weight on her ever-sinking mind.

“Sweet Cassie knows that relaxing can only be complete if she relaxes her mind. She knows she’s safe to do this, because her Angel is here and Angel will guard her.”

A sigh of assent, the only means of communication still available to a mind so deeply ensnared by its own bonds, issued from her lips.

Another kiss, another tug on firm, full nipples, another shuddering gasp as the near-orgasmic bliss of subspace washed over her blank, empty mind.

Gauging that she was now deeply relaxed enough to remain under without further stimulation, Sara took her hand off Cassie’s breast and moved to straddle the girl. Both hands were used to guide her hips into a position where her bum was off the sofa, and Sara used this opportunity to tug her shorts down to around her mid-thigh. Cassie writhed weakly in pleasure, but her mind was too far gone to awake from this submissive bliss in which she was entangled, even if she had wanted to do so. A little further work, and Sara’s prize was exposed, a pair of soak-stained panties that almost glistened in the light.

Sara’s hand slid up Cassie’s inner thigh, grinning mischievously at the increased volume of her amorous gasps. Her slim fingers played around the elastic of the blue checked panties, before slipping deeply inside. Sara giggled almost girlishly at the tiny bucking motion that Cassie made as she detected the intrusion, only serving to invite her hand ever deeper within.

Fingers entwined marmaris escort bayan with a thick muff of pubic hair, and Sara slowly parted it to reveal her lover’s inflamed pink inner lips. A groan of ecstatic bliss shook Cassie’s body, but her mind had long since associated such pleasures with deepening relaxation and she simply slipped deeper and deeper under with every second of stimulation. Sara simply admired the beautiful sight before her for some time, a finger absentmindedly trailing around the puffy, wanting flesh of the desperately needy woman before her. Her mouth turned up at the edges as her breathing increased in rapidity and depth, and she plunged two fingers deep within the warm, inviting canal of Cassie’s vagina.

A soft, high-pitched keening noise escaped Cassie’s hips as she twitched and writhed under the sensational assault. The keening increased in volume, barely more than a speaking voice, and yet it was the closest that the near-paralysed woman could come to a scream of desire. There were no thoughts in her mind except a swirling, churning maelstrom of lust and desire for the woman who was even now tenderly, mercilessly, lovingly, torturously engaged in spreading her fingers wider and wider inside the slick, muscular channel of her submissive. Every breath she took was a shuddering exultation unto the pleasures of the flesh, and her clenching Kegel muscles vibrated with silent homily to the Angel before her.

A nail stroked with perfect delicacy over that most sensitive region of a woman’s anatomy, and at the same time the pad of a questing finger touched the firm inner extension of Cassie’s hard, desperate clitoris.

A violent spasm shot through Cassie’s body, and her back arched under an onslaught of sensation. It seemed as though a barrage of powerful electrical shocks were striking her willing, eager form one after the other, and the hard, passionate, deeply primal sound of a woman in orgasm shattered the air. Her mind was no more, her body nothing other than a memory. Her past and her future collided as one with her present, and sent her spinning away into a void of endless bliss. Every second felt as though it lasted a lifetime, and her broken mind simply whimpered and fell into the pit of eternal pleasure.

Cassie fell.

Cassie was lost.

A sensation, bright and clear.

A sensation, spearing through the thick, endless fog of post-orgasmic bliss.

What was that sensation? Cassie recognised it. It wasn’t sight, for her eyes were closed.

Was it a noise? No, it had a shape and a location.

Perhaps it was taste? But there was nothing in her mouth.

Her mind span, her brain flashed, interpreting and deciphering. She was lost in the void; she had fallen so deep, and she could fall no further. Every thought was its own, there were no patterns, no conclusions.

Was it a smell? It felt like a smell, for it had pleasure and memories and emotions attached to it. But smells didn’t have locations.

Could it be touch?

Yes! It was a touch!

Lips parted as the body mewled in pleasure, but Cassie’s mind was elsewhere and was so happy she had found out where the sensation was coming from.

The sensation repeats, and this time Cassie’s mind fixates on that sensation.

Cassie’s mind remembers… lips. She remembers a woman, a goddess, an Angel kissing them.

Cassie’s mind remembers the feeling of leaning up… of kissing back…

“Come up now my pretty little pet, come up to me”

Another sensation. This time it is sound, but what does it mean?

“That’s it, joining the dots now, feeling your mind draw a pattern as it listens to my words”

A pattern. A feeling of kisses, and a familiar, loving voice. Cassie’s mind remembers a connection between them, but…

Another kiss. Another sound.

“Follow my voice back now, follow me up from the empty place”

Cassie’s mind felt the voice pull her into a warm embrace, and lift her upwards as the cobwebs of emptiness dropped away. Patterns flashed in her mind as senses reconnected, images rushed towards her as she felt memories return. Cassie, she was Cassie, in Cassie’s body. The body- HER body, was being cuddled warmly. She cuddled back, remembering that she was at home with her beloved. Muscles began to work once escort marmaris more, and she found to her delight that she could control them. Eyelids fluttered open, and looked upwards.

A pair of perfectly beautiful, perfectly loving eyes were smiling down at her.

Her heart stopped just for a second.

Her breathing ceased.

And then a finger placed to her lips.

“Now, now sweetie, that won’t do at all. You must always keep yourself safe. And breathe for me, pet”

An inhalation. She suspects she made it, but it doesn’t concern the woman above her and so she does not care. Her mind still feels like it’s flapping loose in the breeze, anchored only by the solidity of the perfect Angel above her.

Angel. It is her Angel.

She blinks, and smiles. Her mind drops neatly back into her body, and her eyelids flutter for a few moments as her eyes lose their glassy, vacant sheen.

Cassie grinned up at her girlfriend, and giggled mischievously as she slowly extricated herself from Sara’s strong arms. Looking down at her somewhat shaky legs, she blushed and went to pull up her panties. As she bent over, grabbing them from around her knees, she felt a finger curl beneath her chin and a thumb press, lightly but firmly, holding her head in place.

“Cassie.” The rich, deep voice said her name, and sent shivers down her spine. Still held in place, still staring at the taller woman’s crotch, she waited for a sign.

She felt a slight upward pressure from the finger beneath her chin, guiding her motions for her. She tilted her head upwards, and smiled.

“Yes Sara?” She said placidly, feeling both oddly subdued and intensely excited.

“I love you” came the reply, and the faces of both girls lit up with happiness.

Cassie was released.

She pulled her panties up, and located her shorts from behind the sofa, where her mindlessly writhing body had tossed them earlier. She grinned a little, and blushed as she wriggled back into them, sucking in her tummy a bit and then relaxing. Meanwhile, Sara moved to the large, swing opening window, and depressed the wrought iron latch-lock. Her finger ran over the intricate swirled pattern of the blackened iron, and found the thumb pad with practiced ease. Pressing down hard, there was a loud click and the latch lifted, and the windows swung open and drew the cool night air into the illuminated apartment. Her bare chest and only loosely clothed bottom sparkled in the light from the street outside, and she smiled down at the world as she allowed the scent of their recent lovemaking to drift out into the cool night.

She felt an arm wrap around her waist, and looked down to see Cassie snuggling up next to her, standing before the window with her eyes fixed on the bright quarter-moon hanging in the sky.

“Thank you” she whispered, laying her head against Sara’s side and continuing to stare skywards.

“You know, you don’t need to thank me every time, cutie,” replied Sara with a slight chuckle in her voice. It was an endearing little quirk, and one that she would never dream of truly removing from her girlfriend’s personality.

“I know. I still want to do it though.”

Sara, too, turned her eyes to the moon, and the watched its shimmering form in silence for about half a minute, standing together. Cassie shivered a little, and Sara noticed that she too was topless in the chill autumn air.

“Come, pet,” she said mildly, stepping away from the window and moving over to the sofa where they had so recently engaged in their thrilling dalliance. Replacing the cushions and pulling a thick blanket out from the small drawer set into the base, she spread the heavy, tartan fabric over her legs and smiled up at Cassie, still staring, almost transfixed, at the half-orb shining in the sky.

“Close the window and come sit with me pet, you know I don’t like you getting cold,” called Sara from behind her, and her fingers moved automatically to obey. She took one last, fleeting look at the dark, cloudless night, and turned to return to the sofa.

Lifting the cover, she snuggled up underneath it and into the arms of the woman inviting her inside. She lay her head down on Sara’s tummy, and watched as the television was switched on and some nature documentary about shingleback lizards came on-screen. A hand began to stroke her hair in a loving, possessive way, and she felt her eyes begin to close. She whispered “thank you” once more, softly, and heard her beloved murmur “thank you, pet” in reply.

And Cassie slept.