Ann: A Love Story Ch. 45

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Balls Lick

The thunderous cheers hit us like a shock wave. Ann and I had just entered the large banquet type room at the very rear of the pizza restaurant where Missy and Dana were throwing her a going away party. The place was absolutely packed, and we were being greeted like we were celebrities. The reception they were giving us overwhelmed me a bit. And it brought Ann to tears. Tears of joy.

I knew the welcome was intended for the two of us, but there was little doubt that I was Ann’s sidekick for the evening. She was the reason all of those people had gathered…and gather they did. I looked around the room, sizing up the crowd, and I had a feeling of guilt hit me, thinking about how Ann and I had made them all wait on us while I was getting my cock stroked by my fiancée’s feet in the next room.

I wondered at first how that many people could wait at that hour and not start to become impatient. Then I looked off to the side and noticed they had set up a buffet style service. As I glanced around at the tables where people were standing and clapping, I saw that most everyone had already started eating, and I smiled. It was no wonder Gloria had to leave us and get back to her job, which was working the party as our personal hostess.

Still, as I politely waved to the crowd, I was stunned by the turnout. I leaned to my left, towards Ann, and said, “My God, there has to be over 80 people in here baby.”

“Ninety-four, now that you two are finally in the room,” Gloria said as she came over with two frosty mugs filled with draft beer.

“Ninety-six,” said the genial male voice from behind us. We turned to see Alfred, who had Billie on his arm.

Ann hugged him and said, “Thanks for coming, Pops!”

“Billie’s the one that came, sweetie. I just got to watch,” he said with a grin. I thought back to Billie’s comment at the bachelorette party, where she said that she was going to go home and test drive the ‘Antonio’ cock she’d received as a door prize. And…how she said she was going to let her husband watch her. I couldn’t contain my grin as I thought about the two of them.

Ann took Alfred’s comment in stride and kissed him on the cheek. “Well, I’m sure she’ll make up for that later,” she snickered as she looked him in the eyes.

It was an exchange that normally would have made me do a double take. But I’d gotten used to those kinds of conversations around people that Ann and I came in contact with.

Gloria took it in stride too, saying, “And what about you, Neil?”

I nodded, thinking about the amazing orgasm Ann had given me moments before with her feet, and said, “Oh yeah. I’m going to have to pay Ann back big time.”

Ann cooed and said, “Mmm…I’m looking forward to it, baby!”

Gloria ran off, and returned quickly with two more beers, for Ann’s California parents. Handing off the mugs, she put the index finger and thumb of her right hand to her mouth and took a deep breath. Gloria blew hard, and a very loud, shrill whistle echoed throughout the entire room. The four of us were shaking our heads, trying to get the ringing out of our ears.

“Sorry…forgot you were so close,” Gloria whispered as she grinned sheepishly.

“It’s okay sweetie,” Billie smiled as she wiggled her pinky in her ear.

With the crowd now hushed, Gloria said, “I want to thank all of you for coming tonight. I think everyone has finally arrived, so it’s time to get on with why we’re all here. And that’s to congratulate Ann and Neil, and to wish them well in their new life together. There’s no agenda tonight…I don’t think either of them are up for that. But it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t at least start out with a toast. And there’s only one person in this room qualified to do that. Alfred, would you do the honors?”

Alfred stepped forward and took a deep breath. He had struck me from the moment I met him as a quiet man…humble by nature; Yet, I knew he worked in the public eye. Based on what I’d seen at the post office, I was sure he was one of those people that could work a crowd, and would be able to handle speaking in public. But I could see he was nervous, and I wondered if I had the wrong impression. Maybe he was out of his element.

Then he looked at Ann…and then to me, and he smiled at us. It was warm, and loving, and I felt the emotion of the moment. Turning towards the room, he cleared his throat; the crows’ feet around his eyes showing as he blinked a couple of times.

“Like most of you, Ann came into our life rather unexpectedly. She was like a fresh, warm California breeze…but with a Midwestern charm that’s all her own. And I can say that, because I’m from the Midwest originally. When Billie and I first met Ann, we were still dealing with the aftermath of losing our Sarah. I’m not going to go into that here, because most of you know the story. But I mention it, because Ann saw our hurt…our pain. As much as we tried to cover it up, and be strong in public, Ann was the one person that saw through that. And while escort ankara she didn’t have to, she went out of her way to be there for us. She found a way to help us through that tough time in our lives, in her own special way.”

Alfred stopped for a moment, choking up a little bit. Billie walked up next to her husband and took his hand, knowing he was having a tough time. He smiled warmly, and kissed her on the cheek, finding the strength to continue.

“I look around this room, and I know that just like she did with the two of us, Ann has impacted all of you in that same special way. Ann is our friend, plain and simple. Or like I said…in our case, she’s been like a daughter. My point is, once you’re Ann’s friend, that’s it. She’s your friend…for life. And that’s not something she takes lightly like most people do. That’s what set’s her apart. She lives and breathes it, like it’s the most important thing in the world to her. Ann is honest. She’s funny. She’s intelligent. She’s beautiful, inside and out. And if I’m allowed to say this about someone I think of as my own daughter, she’s a damn sexy woman.”

There were a lot of hoots and hollers when Alfred said that last part…and Ann turned a little red, acting bashful. I, on the other hand, was beaming with pride. Everything Alfred had said was true, and I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy that the woman he was expounding upon was going to be my wife. Alfred let the room applaud for a moment, and then he raised his hand, and continued his speech.

“Ann is genuine. There’s not a fake or phony bone in her body. She’s the most loving person most of us will ever meet. And until today, I was convinced that she was alone in having ALL of those traits. I couldn’t believe that there was someone else on this earth that could be all of those things. No one that could be as kind, or as caring as Ann is. No one that could make you feel like a lifelong friend from the moment you met them.” Alfred turned to me, and he smiled, holding out his hand as he pointed my direction. “But then I met Neil today. And he asked me for my permission to marry Ann, knowing how Billie and I feel about her.”

Billie’s hand flew over her mouth, and the room was filled with a murmur. It was like a collective gasp went through the crowd.

Ann looked at me, a tear running down her cheek as soon as she heard those words. “Did you really do that?” she whispered into my ear. All I could think of to do was shrug and nod when I looked at her, and she said, “You are the most amazing man, Neil. You have no idea how much that must have meant to him.”

“I think I just found out,” I said quietly.

Alfred quieted the crowd with his hand again and said, “Neil, I know I said this earlier when you asked me, but I want to say it again, in front of all of Ann’s friends…in front of all of YOUR friends, even the ones you haven’t met yet. You have my blessing. Billie…what about you?”

Billie handed her beer to her husband and grabbed me, pulling me into a hug so tight I was sure my eyes bugged out. “HELL YES!” she yelled, and the crowd began clapping and cheering again.

Once things had calmed down, Alfred looked at Billie, and she knew to take her beer from him. But she didn’t let go, keeping one of her arms around my waist as she looked at her husband.

Alfred raised his glass and said, “So now, to our two guests of honor…to Ann and Neil. Two toasts. First…may you both blessed with friendship, happiness, good health, and great fortune. And secondly, in a toast befitting the two of you, and who you are together…may you also have a lifetime of amazing sex, filled with love, passion, and adventure! TO ANN AND NEIL!”

The crowd yelled ‘CHEERS’ in unison as they raised their glasses, and drank their toast…and then they went nuts. I stuck out my hand towards Alfred to shake his, but he walked inside my arm, and grabbed Ann to pull us in to a little huddle. The four of us hugged each other while the rest of the room celebrated.

We shared a tender moment, before Billie took my hand and said, “Ann, I’m going to introduce Neil around. Why don’t you take Alfred and mingle. I’m sure he’d like to spend some time with you tonight…I had mine with you this afternoon.”

“Is that okay, baby?” Ann asked, thinking I would be out of sorts without her by my side.

“Sure. I’m in good hands,” I said, lifting up my hand to show her Billie had a hold of it. “Besides, I’m sure if you need me, you’ll be able to find me,” I laughed.


Billie took me on the rounds, introducing me to couple after couple. It was pretty evident early on that Ann did treat her like a Mom, because Billie knew all of the people that where there, even the ones from out of town. Ann had obviously included all her friends in her relationship with Alfred and Billie. It was the kind of thing that Ann just did without really thinking about how it impacted those around her. It was just natural, and that was what made it so special.

I’d sincan escort been mingling for over an hour, but every time we would move to the next couple for Billie to introduce me, I’d lock eyes with Ann, who was walking around the other side of the room on Alfred’s arm. She would give me a little smile, or a wave, or blow me a kiss, just to let me know she knew I was looking. And so was she.

On the occasions when I would look over and we didn’t make eye contact, it seemed that each time, she was showing someone her engagement ring. I was watching her do it one more time, when I had a flash of guilt hit me. I couldn’t help thinking about how I’d totally screwed up by not buying Ann the ring myself, and making her wait. But that went away quickly, when Billie tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention.

Standing in front of me was a tall, distinguished looking gentleman in his mid 40’s, with dark hair, graying around his temples. He was overdressed for the crowd, wearing a sharp, tailored navy suit with a red tie. The woman next to him was a classic beauty. She stood about 6’0″ next to his 6’2″, but 4 inches of that were caused by her red high-heeled shoes. She wore a business suit of her own; a sharp red one with a tight skirt that came mid-thigh. Her bright red lipstick contrasted perfectly against her dark tan and shoulder length, straight black hair.

Billie had introduced me to about a dozen couples to that point, and every woman I’d met so far had been at Ann’s bachelorette shower. And some of them had a roving eye, going from my eyes, down my torso, presumably to look at my crotch, and then quickly back to my eyes. But they never said anything, and they didn’t dwell on it.

This woman was definitely not at the party. I would have remembered her just by the sexy outfit she was wearing. And she wasn’t looking me in the eye at all. She never even pretended to. She was staring directly at my crotch, smiling as she did. Billie ignored what she was doing, and focused on her latest introduction.

“Neil, this is Dave Hendricks and his wife Lucy.”

I stuck out my hand, and said, “Pleased to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet YOU,” Lucy said looking up, holding up a dildo in front of her ample chest. She was shaking the rubber cock back and forth gently for me to see.

I gave her a sexy smile as Dave shook my hand. He said, “Yes, Neil. It’s great to meet you too. As you can see, Lucy is quite enamored with your understudy.”

“My understudy?” I said, a little confused.

Lucy spoke up and said, “Missy said this particular model was personally endorsed by Ann. If you don’t mind my asking…the rumor going around in here is that this is you, give or take a little. Is that true?”

“A gentleman never tells,” I grinned politely.

Billie smacked me on the arm just like Ann would have and said, “Don’t toy with the woman, Neil. There are at least 25 women in this room that have seen you.” Billie looked at Lucy and said, “Give a little on the width dear, and take a little on the length…and that’s him. It’s close enough in my book.”

“Holy shit,” Lucy said, looking at the cock in her hand, and then looking at my crotch again.

David laughed and said, “And to think that all of these years I was foolish enough to believe that the jewelry I was buying her was the way to her heart.”

Lucy winked at him and said, “You’ve always had my heart, sweetheart. You were buying me jewelry to try to get in my panties.”

Dave laughed and said, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did,” she said, reaching up and giving him a kiss on the cheek, leaving a red lip print on it.

Dave elbowed me and said, “It’s a good thing I get such a good discount. With big dicks like yours out there, I’d have a hard time keeping her happy.”

“Your dick is big too, sweetheart, and you know it,” she said, grabbing the crotch of his pants.

I looked stared at Dave as his wife groped him, but I was thinking about what he’d said. Something about the conversation hit me, but I was having trouble putting my finger on it. I must have had a puzzled look on my face as I tried to put it all together, because Dave looked back and said, “Are you okay, Neil? Lucy and I were just doing a little playful flirting with each other.”

My mouth opened as I finally put two and two together. I smiled and said, “Wait a minute…you’re Dave? Dave…the jewelry guy! You’re the one that sold Ann her engagement ring, right?”

“Yeah, why? Is something wrong?”

“Oh…God no! Something is very, very right. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did. I totally screwed up, and not only do you sweep in and save the day for me…hell, I got a Bond watch out of it to boot!” I said, pointing to the silver timepiece decorating my wrist.

“A Bond watch?” Lucy asked.

“It’s kind of a long story,” I laughed.


As it turns out, Dave and Lucy were in the mood for a long story. Billie demetevler escort left for just a moment to get us both another beer, and I started recounting the tale of what Ann had done with the watch, and the adventure with Tina it had led to. I tried to abbreviate it as best I could, but it still took a while to tell the story and do it justice. Lucy was captivated by every word. Not to mention Ann’s overactive imagination when it came to sex. Dave listened too, but he was more caught up in Lucy’s reactions.

When I’d finished telling them the story, ending with how I’d found out about how Ann got the rings and the watch and then fast forwarding to my proposing to Ann a second time at the airport with the engagement ring, I stopped and looked around. It was only then that I realized that I had attracted a larger audience than I had started with while I was talking to the Hendricks’. It had grown from just the four of us that had started the conversation…to group that now included five other couples that had been listening nearby.

When I’d finished, Lucy looked at Dave and said, “You know…I feel a little like Ann’s thrown down a gauntlet for every other woman in this room. I always thought I was pretty sexually adventurous, but after listening to Neil, I think I’m going to have to step up my game a little.”

“Well don’t let me stop you,” Dave laughed.

A couple of the other women that had listened in were nodding along, like they were agreeing with Lucy. And I was sure they had good intentions. But the reality was, Ann WAS in a different league than most women. I could see some of them trying to be more like Ann, and maybe even pulling it off for a while. But Ann lived it. It was a part of her…ingrained in her soul. Being sexual just seemed to ooze from Ann’s every pore. She didn’t have to ‘try’. She lived it and breathed it every moment of every day.

Dave and Lucy politely excused themselves, and Billie took the opportunity to introduce me to the other couples that had gathered around us. We made small talk for just a couple of minutes, and then Billie took me away towards the buffet table.

“You need to eat, dear. You’ve been talking for almost two hours, and I’m worried about you,” she said as she grabbed me a plate. It was something that my own mother would have done. I felt Billie’s loving hand on my arm and the affection for me in her voice.

I couldn’t help the feeling inside of me, and I said, “Anything you say, Mom.”

Billie looked up at me, the sweetest smile appearing in her eyes. She put her arm around my waist, pulling me in tight, hugging me with one hand as we stood in the buffet line.

“You are so sweet, Neil,” she said softly.

Leaning down, I kissed Billie on the forehead. “Thank you for letting me marry your daughter.”

A tear welled up in Billie’s eye. “Thank you for even thinking to ask.”

We sat down at a table, and Billie and I got to know each other a little better as we sat and ate. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I took that first bite. I downed two amazing slices of the house special in what seemed like seconds. When I started the third, I scanned the room while we talked, looking for Ann, since I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. But as I glanced around, I couldn’t find her.

I didn’t have a lot of time to look thought. People were stopping by to say hello, and Billie was always gracious in her introductions. There were pleasant exchanges, but no one lingered, probably because we were eating. But as I finished my last bite, an attractive young woman came over to the table and asked if she could sit with us. I stood up and held her chair for her, and she sat down, placing her plate of dessert in front of her.

Billie introduced her as Debbie; a friend of Ann’s that Ann had met through Dana. Debbie started talking like we were old friends, and I smiled politely, nodding along as she talked. Yet as much as I tried to have a conversation with her, I became distracted. I kept looking for Ann, wondering where she’d gone. I’d lost track of her when I’d started telling Dave and Lucy about the adventures Ann had concocted in her naughty little mind. It wasn’t that I needed to know where Ann was. It didn’t really matter. She was saying goodbye to her friends. But that didn’t stop me from looking.

I heard Debbie say something, and turned to look at her. She had a quizzical look on her face, and I realized I was being very rude. She’d asked me a question, and I shook my head, disgusted with myself.

“I apologize, Debbie. I have to admit, I really wasn’t paying attention very well. What was it that you just asked me? I promise to pay attention this time.”

Debbie smiled and said, “Wow, how refreshing is that? A man that admits he wasn’t listening to me instead of just pretending he heard every word. You ARE different.”

“Yeah, well…apparently I’m not as perfect as everyone is making me out to be or I wouldn’t have gotten preoccupied in the first place. Now what were you asking me?”

“Never mind that. What’s got you so preoccupied?” she asked.

“Nothing important, really. I was just wondering where my fiancée is. She was with Alfred earlier, but I can see him over there with Chad.”