Anna Ch. 02

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(Warning: Some Sexual Content. All characters are over 18 and completely fictional!). Enjoy!


Anna pulled out of her driveway and on to the gravel road that led from her house. The weather was hot on this June day in Georgia and as always, there was a chance of those late afternoon or early evening thunderstorms. But for now, it was sunny and very few clouds in the skies. Anna grabbed her sunglasses from her purse and threw them on under her ball cap. She hoped that would continue since the concert was outside tonight. Her little bare foot pushed down on the accelerator and her Bronco picked up speed.

As she made her way to Jill’s apartment, felt the warm breeze on her arms and face. She loved the summer time and looked forward to spending a lot of time at her aboveground pool in her backyard wearing her little bikini. She knew an aboveground pool was kinda “country,” but she didn’t care. After all, she did live in the country and its not like there were a lot of people who lived nearby, so she was happy to do as she wished in the privacy of her backyard. Her little foot tapped the brake pedal as she reached Jill’s place.

Anna’s Bronco pulled into the Charlottetown apartment complex. A smile quickly formed on her full lips. She had been looking forward to this night with Jill for months now! She quickly parked the Bronco in the parking lot and jumped out of the big truck. She ran up to the second floor to Jill’s apartment and rang the doorbell. As the door opened, there stood Jill with the biggest grin on her face she had ever seen.

“Wassup!” cried Jill in a funny, high-pitched voice. “Wassup!” replied Anna in an even more amusing voice. The two had been best friends for years and this was just one of many goofy catch phrases they would repeat to each other, just being silly. They put their arms around each other and laughed like schoolgirls. It had been a long time since they’d had a chance to hang out like this.

Jill was much taller than Anna, had long blonde hair, slim body, and piercing blue eyes. In high school Jill was an All-American volleyball player, very athletic in other sports too. She had grown up the youngest of three and her older brothers both went on the play college sports. Needless to say, Jill was every bit as much of a tomboy as Anna.

Of course before they could leave, Jill had to get Anna’s opinion of her outfit. To Anna’s surprise, Jill was “dressed to impress.” She had on a little sexy plaid button-down shirt with the first three buttons undone and the bottom of the shirt tied just below her B-cup breasts in a bow. Then, way down past her long torso was a pair of little blue jean shorts that barely covered her butt. To top it off, she had on her favorite old cowboy hat. She was a knockout! Of course, the one question, what shoes should she wear?

“Here are my two options,” Jill said as she bent over her selected footwear. “These flip-flops,” (which looked almost exactly like Anna’s), “or these” she said with a devilish grin. Of course she was referring to her famous cowboy boots, which had affectionately become known by the two of them as the “Pumpers,” although only the two of them knew why exactly. The were light-brown cowboy boots with a good-sized heel that made Jill closer to 6’1″, rather than her 5’10” actual size.

“I see you’re out to have a good time tonight,” Anna smiled slyly. “Go with the ‘Pumpers'” Anna said and laughed!

Jill grinned and there was a twinkle in her blue-eyed smile back at Anna. “‘Pumpers’ it is!” she said with a half serious, half giddy tone of voice.

The güvenilir bahis two left the apartment and headed down to the parking lot. When Jill saw the Bronco, she squealed! “No! You brought the Bronco?! I can’t believe you! I thought you told me you didn’t trust this thing anymore! And know we are going to take it to the Tim McGraw concert…outside? You know it could rain, right?”

Anna smiled, “I know. That’s sorta why I brought it. It has four-wheel drive. I figured if we were going to be parking in a field at the concert, the Mustang would get stuck way before the Bronco will. Besides, if it rains, we will be soaked getting to the car anyway. Its not like a top is going to help us by that point.” Jill smiled the agreed with Anna’s logic. Besides, Jill loved the Bronco almost as much as Anna did. She’d had her own adventure with it a few years ago with Kyle, her now fiancé…

Anna had reluctantly let Jill and Kyle borrow the truck one weekend to go camping as long as Jill was the only one who drove it. (Anna was very protective of her truck and didn’t trust guys to drive it in fear that they would take it off-roading or be overly rough with it.)

While on the camping trip, Jill and Kyle decided to take the truck up a dirt road to check out a view of the surrounding mountains. After hanging out (and making out) for a while, they decided to head back to camp before it got too dark. Jill fiddled with the key. She always had trouble with it because it was on the left side of the dash, instead of the right steering column. (This was because the Bronco had gotten in a flood one year and it fried the original electrical system, forcing her Anna’s dad to completely rewire the inside. To do this, he used parts from his junkyard, including the dash to an old army jeep he had back there.)

Jill finally got the key into the ignition and turned the key. Meanwhile, Kyle had been staring at Jill’s legs and boots the whole day as she drove him around. He couldn’t wait to see more! Jill pumped the pedal a few times and cranked to truck. The truck immediately turned over and caught, but as soon as she put the vehicle in reverse, it died on her.

“Oh!” she said surprised. She put the truck back in park and turned the key again. This time the truck just cranked and cranked with no signs of starting. She stopped for a second and looked over at Kyle with a concerned look on her face. Kyle sat speechless… Jill turned the key again and the truck continued it’s cranking. Now Jill put her cowboy booted foot on the gas pedal and started bobbing it up and down a little. Still no luck! Kyle sat in awe of the situation they were in. It was a dream come true for him.

Next Jill pulled herself closer to the steering wheel to give her more leverage. By doing this, Kyle was able to see clear down to the back of Jill shorts. The angle also gave him a good view of Jill’s thong that was sticking out from the back her little shorts. Kyle’s felt a stirring in his crotch.

Now Jill turned the key. Her long muscular leg was again bobbing up and down in her boot and the engine was now cranking at a higher pace. Jill’s leg pumped with the sounds of the cranking Bronco. Her long slender body began to bounce up and down with her leg. Kyle’s shorts were getting tight and there was no way for him to hide it. His eyes glued on the whole production happening in front of him.

Finally Jill stopped and lay back in her seat. “What’s the wrong with this thing!” she exclaimed and looked over at Kyle. So flustered was Kyle that his voice cracked as he managed to get out, “I d-don’t güvenilir bahis siteleri know…”

Jill took a good look at Kyle and could tell something different about him suddenly. At first she thought he was scared or something, but that wasn’t like him. Then she looked down and noticed his mesh shorts had an enormous bulge in them! Surprised, but not completely shocked by his boner, she smiled and said, “Ahh. You like watching me struggle with Anna’s Bronco. She told me a couple of other guys would have this kind of reaction when she had trouble starting it before, but I didn’t believe her. But now I do. Wow!” Kyle turned about three shades of red, but Jill just giggled.

“Don’t worry baby,” Jill said. “I won’t let us get stranded here too long. Maybe the old Bronco just needs a good talking too.”

Those words brought Kyle’s erection to full mass. He was speechless. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend was cool with the idea that her boyfriend got turned watching her crank a vehicle! But the secret was out now and clearly no way to hide it! “At least she isn’t going to dump me”, he thought to himself. With that, Jill focused her attention back on the Bronco, but this time she decided to put on a little show for Kyle. Besides, she was actually getting turned on too!

Jill again reached and pulled herself up to the big steering wheel and turned the key. The engine cranked again and her leg resumed the bobbing up and down on the pedal. Then, in a little more than a whisper, she said, “Come on baby, come on. Start for me baby, start for me.”

Jill’s body began to glide back and forth on the seat in a humping motion. Kyle was having “information overload!” He didn’t know whether to stare at her foot bouncing up and down in her sexy cowboy boot, her breasts that were jiggling in her tank top, or her butt gyrating back and forth on the vinyl seat with her thong showing! All of it was too much for him. He moved closer to her on the bench seat and started kissing her neck. Jill responded by kissing him deeply on the mouth and let her tongue slip into his. Kyle reached for Jill breasts and could feel her nipple getting firmer. Then he moved them further down her long torso to her crotch. Jill let out a gasp as his fingers rubbed the outside of her shorts. Jill pumped to pedal a little harder making the Bronco’s cranking reach a much higher pitch than before. Jill shook as she orgasmed right there in the seat without so much as Kyle getting into her underwear! Then Jill stopped the cranking, which startled Kyle for a second.

Jill turned and faced him. Her piercing blue eyes looked into his. With a smirk on her face and a bead of sweat coming from her forehead, she told him to take his pants off and lean back in the seat. “Kyle, I am never going to get this car started if you won’t let me focus!” she panted, still getting over her orgasm. “Now you sit back, take your pants off and let me get this engine fired up. Okay?”

All Kyle could do was nod. His engine was already about to be flooded and now she was going to do the same thing to the Bronco! He decided right then he had met the woman of his dreams! Kyle took his pants off and lay back on the seat as she requested. His penis was standing a good seven-inches, straight up away from his belly. He couldn’t believe this was happening!

Jill looked at Kyle’s beautiful cock. She was impressed with hard it was already! She bit her lip and then reached for the ignition with her left hand. With her right hand, she grabbed hold of Kyle’s hard penis. With that, she turned the key and started iddaa siteleri pumping her sexy boot and pumping Kyle at the same time! She started talking and bouncing again, only this time, she was looking straight at Kyle instead of the Bronco. “Come on baby, start for me,” she said. Come ON BABY! You can start for me, CAN’T YOU? Ooooh! Yeah Baby! Start for me!”

As she was saying all of this, Kyle just stared in ecstasy. Jill’s body was incredible as she her leg bounced up and down and her hips gyrated to the beautiful sound of the cranking Bronco. Although he knew she was obviously exaggerating her movements for his benefit, he didn’t care. Jill’s hand was soft and smooth around his cock and the whole thing was about to make him explode!

The Bronco was showing signs of life and Jill could tell that Kyle was about to cum so she picked up the pace to try and get them both off at the same time! She arched her back giving Kyle a full view of her profile including a great view of her thong. She humped the seat as if she was humping Kyle, feeling the vibrations of the old truck as it cranked over and over again. Her boot pumped the pedal in unison with the sound of the Bronco cranking, her breasts bouncing against the steering wheel, as if this truck was going to make her cum too! “Come on Baby, that’s it. YOU CAN DO IT BABY! START FOR ME NOW!”

Kyle lost it and began ejaculating all over the Jill’s hand, his shorts, the vinyl seat, the floorboard and even the dashboard! Meanwhile Jill was having her own orgasm watching Kyle have his, grinding her vagina into the seat to the vibrations. At the same time, the Bronco ROARED to life and Jill revved the engine a few times, still humping the seat as Kyle’s eruption finally started to slow down and her contractions began to subside as well. All of this made Jill see the Bronco in a way she never thought real! She finally understood what Anna had been trying to explain to her for so long, but couldn’t quite put it into words! She too, felt speechless at the moment…

The camping trip eventually ended and Jill and Kyle had shared something they would have a hard time explaining to anyone, so they kept it mostly to themselves. Well, except for her best friend Anna, of course…

When Jill finally had a chance to tell Anna about the weekend, Anna laughed hysterically at the story, to the point that she was on the floor doubled-over in the fetal position! This made Jill upset. She thought Anna would be happy to know that she finally understood what Anna was trying to tell her about the Bronco the last few years.

When Anna saw that her best friend was upset, she realized she had not explained why she was laughing so much. She finally managed to control herself long enough to say, “What the heck were you doing wearing cowgirl boots while you were camping!” Jill thought to herself and the realized the comedy of the story was not the cranking and pumping her man off to Anna, but rather that she was wearing her cowgirl boots while camping!

As Anna tried to compose herself she said, “From now on, those boots of yours are forever known as the ‘Pumpers!'” Anna fell back into hysterics. Jill finally found the amusement of in the story and even though she wanted to explain that she wore them to turn Kyle on, she figured Anna got that already. So, she let it go and laughed along with Anna.

Back in the parking lot of Jill’s apartment complex, she watched as Anna opened the door and pulled herself into the “OJ car.” Snapping her out of her daze, Anna yelled with that big smile of hers, “Come on sexy girl, you coming or what?”

Jill looked up and smiled back and giggled. “You think that old thing is gonna start for you again?”

Anna just rolled her eyes. “Get in her miss ‘Pumper!’ We have a concert to go to!”