Anna’s release (Pt 3)

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There’s been a big gap between parts two and three, and I hope, for those who’ve left nice comments, it’s not a disappointment. Anna felt a flush creep up her neck into her cheeks, and across her breasts. The air seemed to have had the oxygen sucked from it and she was panting with her head pounding. She couldn’t believe she’d just suggested Angie join her and Glen in bed. She’d never thought of Angie sexually, and if anything, had thought of her more like a big sister or even the mum she’d never had, but now she was sat across from her in a flimsy nightie Anna’s gaze was drawn to the heaving breasts and dark brown nipples peeking through the lacy trim. Anna felt Glen’s hand on her shoulder, and turned towards him to see the front of his pants tented around his meaty cock. She looked down at her own groin as her eyes confirmed what her loins already knew. Anna’s own small dick was straining at her underwear. güvenilir bahis She staggered a little as she stood from the kitchen table, Angie doing likewise. Anna’s legs felt like jelly. She quivered, as if an electric current was passing through her muscles, her anus twitching. Angie took Anna in her arms, and kissed her softly, their lips meeting delicately. Anna felt possessed. Her tongue poked out of her own mouth and into her best friend’s. Angie massagedAnna’s tongue delicately, and the girls nipples brushed together through the two sets of filmy night wear. Anna jerked at the contact, and then felt Glen’s cock against her bum crack and his relatively rough lips against her neck.  She squealed quietly into Angie’s mouth.  Angie pulled away gently leaving Anna with a sense of loss as their lips parted, briefly connected by a gossamer thread of saliva which also eventually broke. “Time to go upstairs güvenilir bahis siteleri I think” Angie said, taking Anna by the hand. As Angie led her soon to be lovers up the narrow staircase, Anna admired the sway of her hips and the curve of her buttocks under the hem of the nightie. She couldn’t resist the urge, and moved her hands onto the gently swaying globes moving up the stairs before her. Angie let out a squeak and giggled. Glen was inspired by the groping in front of him, and slid his own hand between the cheeks of Anna’s arse, probing for the dark hole that had so recently gripped his manhood. The three of them turned into Angie’s room. Angie moved to the bed and lay back. “So what do we do now?” she asked. “Can I touch your pussy?” Anna replied. “You can do anything you like” Glen sat in a chair at the foot of the bed and began stroking his cock. Angie moved her legs iddaa siteleri apart, inviting Anna into the warm cleft between her thighs. Anna moved cat-like onto the bed, and crawled between Angie’s legs. She could see wisps of pubic hair peeking from the edges of a white cotton thong.  The thong was straining to contain a thick bush of pubic hair, and as she moved closer, Anna inhaled her friend’s scent. She reached forward hesitantly, and gently rubbed her slender finger along the gusset of the thong. Angie gasped and arched her back. She undid the tie at the front of her nightie, freeing her heavy breasts, and pinched her nipples between her index fingers and thumbs.  Anna moved the narrow strip of material aside, and gazed at the first pussy she’d ever seen up close. For as long as she could remember, Anna had wanted a vagina of her own, and now she had one just three inches from her nose. Anna leaned forward, sticking out her tongue, and gently licked along the length of the puffy, dark pink lips, first up one side, and then down the other. She pulled back as a dribble of Angie’s milky, pungent cunt juiced dribbled down towards her arse hole.