Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 5)

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My most recent stay with Auntie Beryl had been eventful. I had been caned by Auntie and her friends; the following day my friend Ron and I had seen Kate being caned on her bare bottom. Kate and I were then made to undress in front of all the family and were caned in the nude. Earlier today Kate and her friends also caned me naked and spanked my cock with a springy ruler. I was upstairs, still undressed taking a look in the mirror at what the girls had done to me. I pulled back the foreskin on my cock and I could see a little redness where they had spanked me with the ruler. Just recalling this made me excited again, thinking of gorgeous Pauline stroking my cock before using the ruler on me. Downstairs I could hear Auntie getting cross with Kate and I started to imagine her pretty bottom on the receiving end of Auntie’s cane. Suddenly I heard my name shouted, “Come downstairs Jim, now.” “I won’t be a minute, Auntie, I’m not dressed yet.” “Now, Jim,” Auntie shouted. I started across the room for my pants, but Auntie added, “Immediately” I was met by Auntie, Kate, Pauline, and Sarah as I entered the lounge. “Stand there, in the middle of the room. Hands by your sides.” My rigid member sprang up as I took my hands away and the four of them locked eyes on him. “I want you to tell me exactly what happened this morning and why the girls were spanking you.” I wondered how much they’d told her. “I, er, ….” “Yes,” said Auntie very strictly. “I put my hand on Kate’s breast,” I mumbled, hoping to limit my punishment. “You had better tell me the whole truth or you will be punished harder.” “I put one hand inside her jumper and bra and touched her breasts.” “And?” “And I put my hand up her skirt and was touching her pants.” Auntie responded with, “You dirty little boy,” which made the girls giggle. She turned on them. “I don’t know what you are laughing about. What Jim did was disgusting but you should have told me and I would have punished him. What I witnessed you doing to Jim was just as disgusting and now I will have to punish you all. Go and get dressed, Jim. Kate, you and your friends be quiet for the rest of the day.” Kate had said very little up to now but could not contain herself. “You can’t punish my friends.” Auntie was very cool. “If you prefer I will telephone Pauline and Sarah’s parents and see what they want.” “No, please,” chorused Sarah and Pauline. “All of you will be punished at seven o’clock, in the dining room.” I went to my room, got dressed, and pondered my fate. I wasn’t looking forward to Auntie’s punishment on top of what the girls had already done. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to see Sarah and especially Pauline undressed. The bursa escort day dragged by really only broken by a very quiet lunch. All of us were rather subdued. Finally, Auntie called us down for tea which again was eaten almost in silence. At five to seven Auntie told us all to go and get ready for our punishment. Even Pauline and Sarah knew what this meant having witnessed my spanking the year before. I came out of my room wearing just my pyjama jacket. I could hear quiet whispers from Kate’s room as I went downstairs. Auntie was waiting, the kitchen stool was in the middle of the room and the cane and springy ruler lay along the cleared dining table. Auntie took one look at my growing penis. “You do remember what will happen to that if you fail to control it?” I murmured back that I did. Kate led the girls downstairs. Sarah and Pauline had to be reminded to keep their hands by their sides and I got my first glimpse of Sarah’s mound, a very light down covering her slit but unfortunately, she was wearing a loose top that hid her ample breasts. Pauline stepped in next to Kate and Sarah and I was not disappointed. Standing there in a short polo top that only came to her waist, I had a full view of her shaven slit which was already moist. Auntie made us stand in a line with our backs to the table. She picked up the ruler and cane and stood by the kitchen stool. “I am shocked by your appalling behaviour,” she began. “I cannot imagine what your father would say Jim or your parents,” she added looking at Pauline and Sarah. “I saw exactly how you girls were touching Jim when I came in and I’ve heard Jim describe exactly how he was touching Kate’s body.” Unfortunately just hearing Auntie describe this made my penis stiffen and rise. Auntie spotted this and flicked the ruler across the tip making me gasp. “You all deserve this punishment and I’m going to make sure it’s one you won’t forget in a hurry. Jim, you will be first as you don’t seem to be showing any signs of contrition. Take off your pyjama jacket and bend over the stool.” I felt the girls’ eyes on me as I lifted the jacket over my head and my cock swung about. Auntie gave my erect cock another flick with the ruler. “You seem to have no control over that thing at all.” The girls burst into a fit of giggles. “Bend over the stool,” she ordered, “you will get six hard strokes with the cane.” Swish, swish, she had never hit me so hard and I had to hold back from leaping up. Swish, swish, two more hard strokes hit me across both cheeks and I leapt up, cock swinging as I rubbed my bum feeling the tramlines. Thwack, another flick across the tip of my cock. “Bend over again. You will get an bursa escort bayan extra stroke for getting up and the same goes for all of you,” she glared at us all. Swish, one at the top of my thighs, swish, swish two more dead centre across my bum and it was finally over. I waited to be told to move. “Stand there, next to the others,” she ordered. “Kate, you next. Take off your nightie and bend over here.” I stood next to Pauline with a good view of the punishment stool. Kate knew better than to argue and I watched as she lifted the nightie over her head, revealing first her fair mound followed by her flat stomach and very firm, full tits. It was worth being punished just to see this and there were two more girls yet. The moment that Auntie turned away to deal with Kate, Pauline put her hand on my chest then stroked my stomach, and continued down onto my thighs. She glanced up to make sure Auntie was not looking and cupped my balls before stroking her fingers along the length of my cock. I was just about to touch her slit when Pauline quickly let go of my erection as Auntie glanced our way. Giving us a cross look she took up her position to one side of Kate. Swish, a red line appeared and Kate yelled. Swish, swish, more red lines and I knew now what my bum must look like. Swish, swish, swish the cane created a raised pattern across those gorgeous bum cheeks. Kate’s face was red and she wiped away a tear as she stood next to me. Sarah was next. I focussed on her breasts as the shirt was lifted over her head. Her’s were definitely the amplest and even though she was not as slim as Kate it was a very attractive body. She bent over the stool keeping her feet together but Auntie made her spread her legs, more than she might have done otherwise. By leaning back against the table I could see her slit in all its glory, glistening. Swish, swish, swish, Auntie was not holding back on Kate’s friends. Swish, swish, swish, the tramlines appeared across her ample bum. She waited to be told to get up and I could see from her face she was in pain. Finally, I was going to see Pauline’s body. The polo shirt was quite tight and she struggled to pull it up and over her head, giving me a wonderful view of a very fit, tanned stomach, bare slit. After some more shirt-pulling I saw the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen, full, tanned, firm, and with nipples that stood out rigidly. My cock ached and grew harder at the sight of all this female flesh. Thwack, Auntie had seen how my eyes had locked onto Pauline and my cock took another flick. It was worth it. I think Pauline was rather pleased with the reaction she caused and seemed determined to give escort bursa a show. She spread her legs wide giving me a full view and I could see how swollen the lips of her slit were. Kate gave me a dig in the ribs. Swish, swish, Pauline gave a cry and leapt up to rub her bum and her breasts danced in front of my eyes. Swish, swish, swish, again she leapt up right in front of me as she rubbed her bum and my cock ached just seeing this gorgeous creature’s tits so close. “Pauline, you will get two extra strokes for getting up twice. That is three more strokes so stay still or you will get even more.” Swish, swish, swish, three red tramlines appeared and she leapt up rubbing her bum and giving me the show of my life. Unfortunately, it did not help with my efforts to keep my erection under control. Auntie had not missed this. “Come over here you dirty boy,” she snarled and turned me to face the girls. “The trouble with boys is they think with this,” she said flicking my cock. “I am going to give him six strokes with the ruler and maybe you will learn some self-control.” I waited in trepidation. Auntie took hold of my cock and slid the foreskin back off the head. Pauline let out a gasp at this and received an icy look from Auntie. Thwack, thwack, thwack, two flicks along the shaft and one flick up under the head which made me yelp. She examined my cock, pulling back the foreskin again. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, two on the head followed by two on the very tip. “That was seven!” I complained, “and why don’t the girls get spanked on their bits.” “How dare you speak like that.” Thwack, thwack, two more strokes on the tip making it bounce to the delight of the girls. “Don’t argue with me Jim or you’ll get more. Now, Sarah, Pauline, go upstairs and get dressed.” I watched Pauline’s beautiful bum bounce as she ran up the stairs. She and Sarah were sent home soon after they returned to the lounge and Kate and I were sent to bed early. What an amazing end to the week, I thought as I lay there in bed feeling the tramlines across my bum and recalling the bodies of Kate and her friends. My cock grew rigid at the recollection. I heard the door open and Auntie came in and shut it after her. She opened the curtains to let in the early evening sun and pulled back the bed covers revealing my full erection. “I’ve brought some cream to rub on to make it better,” she said and knelt down to rub on the cream. I could feel her breath on my cock as she worked. She rubbed cream round the head, pulling back my foreskin, then she rubbed it along the shaft, under my balls, around the shaft, and up around the head again sliding her hand up and down the length of my cock which was rigid and aching. Her fingers gripped more firmly and quicker until inevitably I shot my load all over her hand, my stomach, and the bed. “There, that should feel better,” she said. Then handed me a tissue and left the room.