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ARE YOU FULL YET?”Are you full yet?” That is the questions he always asks me as I lay there across his knee with the nozzle of the enema bag shoved deep inside me…I will answer “No Sir not yet!” As he squirts his ice cold urine into my colon it has to be ice cold so I can feel it rise up inside of me and I do inch by frigid in it creeps up my intestines and I cramp a little from the cold see he saves his pee all day long and stores it in the fridge and then every morning he feeds it into my ass he enjoys doing this to me and I must let him I am his sub you see and do everything he wants…Finally I am full and he asks again “Are you full yet?” I answer “Yes Sir I am!” The bag is empty above me of course and I know it is because of how full I am I cannot be full until the bag is empty that is the rule! He removes the nozzle and inserts a butt plug it is a big one and seals the pee inside me tightly then it is time for my work out and I must do some jumping jacks while my belly jumps up and down he likes canlı bahis the way that looks and video tapes it always after that I am hung from the ceiling by my hands and he uses my belly as a punching bag and the pee sloshes like a washing machine inside me after that I get my kicks and I get down on my hands and knees while he kicks me in the ass I try to keep my balls out of the way as the kicks drive me across the floor back to the bathroom where finally I am made to sit on the toilet and he removes the plug and his pee gushes mightily from my asshole he video tapes this as well and when the pee is done running from me I am able to begin the day which starts with his blow job I suck his cock with the smell of my shit burning in my nose he has not yet flushed the toilet and the refuse from my bowels really stinks this morning all the crap he fed me yesterday has come out he likes to make me fat feeding me cakes and ice cream till I am so full I want to puke and after a week or so of this diet I am bahis siteleri very fat indeed he continues to feed me fattening things until I am waddling about the house and then he starves me until I am thin again with a water and vegetable diet this yo yo dieting is reeking havoc on my system and I have the shits constantly these days…I take his cock deep into my mouth and he asks me “Are you full yet?” I shake my head no and he pushes his cock down my throat and then fucks me there until he cums and then gasping and sputtering I am allowed to clean the house naked of course…He never fucks my ass ever he said his cock is too pretty for my nasty shit hole I say “Yes Sir it is!” He brings in other men to fuck me big men with big cocks he likes then to be black if possible with huge cocks and they fuck me any way they want to as he watches and video tapes the action weekends are busy for me he makes me work a street corner late at night and I suck and fuck for money while he watches from across the bahis şirketleri street I like doing this as I get to dress up nice in a sexy outfit tight dress high heel shoes lots of jewelry too he wants me to look very slutty the guys like it that way oh yeah and red lipstick the kind that never smears so the cocks don’t mess up my look and by the time he signals me to come back I have made a small fortune which he removes from my purse and stuffs into his pants pocket he will deposit it into the bank Monday and that is how we survive oh it more that pays the mortgage and all the bills I am very popular I even do parties and sometimes do a call girl type of date that always pays very well I like that as I am alone with my client and get to make love to him my own way I like when he kisses me and fucks me like a lady sometimes we even get to go out to dinner first that is so nice I enjoy this time greatly I pretend it is a real date and he is my boyfriend I give him the works later if he treats me nice and do anything he wants all night long…He is always waiting outside to bring me home and we begin the day this same way across his knees with the nozzle up my ass this is my life and I enjoy living it every day!Never,THE END!