Art Class

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Art Classbisexual – mfm – anal – bottom bitch – pantiesDavid LaValle was the type of guy that everyone gravitated to. Handsome, out going, talented, confident, sexy. Not macho sexy, just good looking soft-spoken, mysterious sexy. Our sophomore year at college in Vancouver we ended up in art class together. For all his magnetism he gravitated to me. He was a wiz at art & drawing; I struggled. He could whip out drawing after effortless drawing while my efforts were slow, plodding & amateur.Regardless, he befriended me and do not make my feel bad about my artistic shortcomings. Many people thought we were brothers; about the same 5’9″ slim, boyish build with similar sandy blonde hair & smooth skin.While I may have struggled in art class I did enjoy it. The perfunctory still lifes and exercises led to every college boys dream, the nude. Nude drawing session began with a young, slender coed who was not a stripper type by any means but still pleasant to look at. She was nice enough to draw & as I did start to get the method down, David as usual had many sketches done before my first was even complete.As I did finish a fairly good rendition David, elbowed me to check out his work. He had done some drawings of the girl and leafed through some pages arriving at some drawings that made me double take. David took the liberty to invent a male companion for the model and she was in various stages of holding or sucking his cock. Needless to say this pornographic adventure brought quite a smile to my face and a rise in my crotch. We chuckled & laughed & I caught a glimmer of the inner David in the glint in his eyes.Though friends in class we didn’t do much outside of class. David lived in the Towers a short way from school & I lived in an apartment with Matt, another student at the college. I had seen David talking to a real hottie little blonde in school at times & one day asked who the little hottie was.”Jennifer Adams, my roomie” he replied.”Lucky dog”, I said with a twinge of jealousy.Late in the semester we had another nude model, this time is was a male model, a very handsome male model I would have to say. Again, my sketches were OK and David flew through his as usual. He didn’t show me any pornographic sketches, but he did say as he was drawing “he’s a hottie”.I was a little taken back but before I could even ponder it he looked me in the eyes and said “and so are you” with a piercing look that could only be taken for a come on. I was pretty flustered by all this but David just calmly went back to drawing.Class ended & David didn’t say anything or look at me, he was just talking to the now clothed model as I gathered my things. As I was leaving David looked up at me and sort of nodded at me & smiled but didn’t wave or say anything. Again I was taken back by the events of this class and seeing David with the male model actually made me feel a bit jealous. My emotions were a wreck & luckily we had only two more classes left till the end of the semester.The last two classes were uneventful & David registered nothing though I was very confused about my feelings. Was I bi? Was I feeling gay? I wasn’t sure but I must have had a secret curiosity about David. Class ended & I ran into David later that day as I was leaving school.”Hey” he said with gusto. “Schools out! Want to come over & party”. I’ve got some killer spleef and a few fine bottles of wine”!How could I refuse? We walked over to the Towers with our school gear. Along the way we stopped in a park and sat down. We’d been talking about class & I said that I’d be lucky to pass and that he’d aced it for sure.He laughed & said that I was better than I thought and “here check these out… I’d have flunked if the instructor had seen these sketches”. He pulled out his art class pad & started leafing through. “Here, you’ve seen these” as he pointed to the sketches of the female model & his sexual inventions with her.He leafed through some more & got to the male model. Soon there were sketches of the male model with a big hard on & sketches of close-ups of big hard cocks. I was bit shocked & even more shocked to see nude sketches of me & nude sketches of me with a hard on playing with & then sucking this guys cock.David just looked at me & smiled in a gay sort of way & said, “Still want to come over”?Though dizzy & confused I nodded & we got up and continued walking to his apartment. We were kind of quiet though David kept up a polite chatter about his life. I thought for sure David would kiss me as we were alone in the elevator on the way up, but he was calm & collected. We entered his tastefully done apartment & he got a bottle of wine opened & grabbed a pipe & his stash. We clinked glasses together to celebrate the end of the semester and took some very good hits of just killer skunk weed. I was slipping into quite a buzz as David continued his dialogue about his life.He was very direct and open and stated unashamedly “I guess you’ve figured out that I’m bi”? “Can’t help it really” he went on.”I had an experience when I was 17 that was very intense”.”One of my older brothers friends, Jon & his girlfriend, Beth invited me out boating one summer. She had dated my brother for a while but was now pretty hot with Jon. My brother seemed to have slackened his friendship a bit because of that but they were very friendly to me.Summer is pretty short here in Vancouver but it was one of those few hot very sunny cloudless days that we cherish. Beth was a fox if there ever was one & at 19 quite a treat for my young eyes. I’d done my share of girls but she made me weak in the knees, slim, smooth hard body with long straight brown hair. In a bikini she made me jones just looking at her. Tight stomach, string bikini just riding her hips, killer ass & small, yet pert titties looking like they just wanted to fall out of her string top. Jon & I were in our long swim shorts & maybe that was good to hide my excitement.We cruised in Jon’s boat the inlets & anchored at a secluded spot where few people came. Beers, tunes & smoke flowed & we got on quite a buzz. We sunned & swam & were doing quite fine on that sunny day. A bit of flirting was going on, mainly from Beth & she would lightly lay her hands on each of us as we sunned on the front of the boat. She started saying how good she felt & sat up & took off her top.Wow! What magnificent little titties!She stood up and went in to the cabin of the boat. I kind of looked at Jon, but he motioned me to follow him. We got inside & Beth went wild, kissing Jon & then me & rubbing our crotches. Soon we had our shorts off & I was playing with Beth’s exceptional bikinied ass as Jon was licking her titties. She was stroking each of us in her hands as we fondled her ass & titties.She continued stroking us and then did something very erotic, she took my hand and placed it on Jon’s cock and Jon was soon stroking my cock as Beth cooed. We soon fell onto the cushions as her bikini bottom fell off. Kissing, caressing, fondling, fingering & licking. She was all over me rubbing her pussy over my cock & kissing me as I lay on my back. She slid her pussy over my cock and started fucking me while Jon was right there rubbing his cock in her crack as she was fucking me.Jon then came around and knelt by us offering his cock to Beth as she hovered over me, me playing with her sweet tits as she fucked me. I was so hard & horny. Beth grabbed Jon’s cock & started sucking it right over me. It was a very erotic scene. Jon was quite a good-looking guy with a big fat 8″ cock. They scent of sex was everywhere – Beth’s pussy aroma riding my cock & the smell of Jon’s cock as Beth was licking the fat mushroom head & his balls.Then something very different happened. Beth took Jon’s cock out of her mouth & pointed it at me and started feeding it into my mouth. I was so hot & horny that I just opened up and tasted his cock. I’d had a bi experience before at 15, but this was incredible. Getting fucked by a now bikini-less hard body and truly tasting cock. I started cumming like a train, bucking into Beth’s hot pussy. Almost simultaneously Jon erupted a surge of cum in my mouth, spurting huge gobs of white sticky cum in my mouth & on my face”.David smiled at me & rested his hand on my leg as he continued his story. I was so baked there on David’s couch – hearing of David’s erotic bi encounter & knowing that we were likely to have sex before long heightened my anticipation & curiosity about bi sex. Like David I had a bi experience in my mid teens but until now had not really come to grips with it.David continued…”Beth was the kissing me & tasting Jon’s cum from my mouth & face. Beth must have cum sometime a bit later; she then pulled off of me and ground her cum laden pussy in Jon’s face. We were spent & melted into each other’s arms falling off to sleep on the cushions with Beth between Jon & me.Who knows how long we dozed. When I groggily got up cause I really had to pee, Jon smiled at me but Beth was still out. I went to the end of the boat and started peeing off the end in all my naked glory. pendik escort Jon joined me, and he likewise released his golden pee into the water. He had a joint in his hand and we shared tokes as we were doing our duty.’Like that little interlude, David?’ Jon said to me.’Wow, now that was sex, I replied.’Jon set the joint down and reached over to my cock as I was finishing my final shakes. This too was a very erotic scene with two stark naked guys on the back of the boat. He stroked my now hardening dick and cupped my balls. His cock was growing as well and I returned the favor and started fondling his member. We pulled into each other and started rubbing our hard cocks together. What a feeling, learning about gay sex with this hot guy & girl.We continued to rub our cocks together and melted into each others arms as the boat swayed a bit. It felt so natural when we kissed, our hard cocks between us. Jon broke the kiss and slid down on his knees rubbing my cock in his face. He went mad with lust, rubbing my throbbing cock in his face, worshiping it in his hands and the licking up from my balls up the shaft and engulfing my hardness in his mouth.How thrilling was this…being sucked off by your older bros friend on a boat out in nature with hottie Beth now watching smoking a cigarette? I started face fucking Jon’s hungry mouth as Beth smiled and puffed on her cig. I really got into it and just let my cum flow when I started a shattering orgasm.Jon was pumping my cock with his mouth, greedily sucked out every drop. He pulled my cock out & bathed it & my balls with his tongue. I was weak in the knees when Beth joined us and was kissing me as Jon was continuing his tongue bath of my cock. Soon Jon was behind me licking the little rosebud of my asshole while I kissed Beth and played with her fine titties.Beth broke off the kissing & led me back into the cabin with Jon right behind. She led me down on the cushions & climbed over me and presented her sweet pussy in my face. I began licking & suck her pussy as Jon was back to playing with my ass with his tongue. Beth’s trimmed & tight lovely cunt was probably among the best I tasted up to that point & having my ass licked by Jon was making me go wild on her slit. I then felt an oily finger start to probe my asshole. Jon fingered me a little while; then I knew I was going to be fucked as I felt the head of his cock probe my hole. I raised my ass up a little to allow better access and very soon Jon was fucking my ass like I was some little bitch.I guess I was always closet anal fucking myself with my fingers & candles, but this was really hot & I knew I could very easily be a bottom bitch for a hot guy. Jon fucked & fucked me as Beth’s tasty pussy ground into my face. Jon came like a train and sounded like one as he spewed his hot seed up my ass. I guess I was hooked on cock after that. Beth told me as we were cruising back that her gay brother had seduced Jon one night when they were drunk & Beth was away.She said she was cool with him being bi, but to find someone besides her brother, as she thought bi sex was hot but not with her b*o. Actually Jon & I became lovers after that. We found any excuse to get undressed together and suck each others cock or let him screw me – sometimes we would have a hot bi threesome with Beth, I was still attracted to her fine body, but I really fell in love with Jon’s cock & loved being naked with such a hot guy.”David now had his hand resting on my thigh as I slid closer to him with my head on his shoulder. I started to delicately rub his crotch through his pants as his hardness showed. Likewise his hand found my cock and we slid into a gentle gay kiss. He stroked my hair as we broke our kiss & the closed his eyes and kissed me gently just on the end of my lips.I was a tassel of emotions. I felt manly & hard but I also felt feminine & soft being in his loving arms. I was finding out what it was like being gay. I was so confused because these new sexual feelings were so passionate & erotic, yet I knew I still loved the female body & female company. David broke the kiss again & led me to his bedroom.We kissed again in the doorway and started removing our clothes. Two hot naked guys standing in a doorway kissing & stroking each other’s cock in the early afternoon. We fell onto the bed and made out like two gentle lovers- caressing, touching, kissing, pressing our cocks into each other.For David this was not a new experience, yet he enjoyed it immensely initiating me into his bi world like Jon did to him. For me it was a sexual awakening of such power that it is felt only a few times in your life.Being nude there with David, kissing him & touching a man’s cock, really for the first time, was a life changing experience. David’s hands were expert on my cock, his cock felt so new and exciting in mine. David slid down and nuzzled my cock in his face; I ran my fingers through his hair. He looked up at me and gave me his lovely gay smile and then in one motion slid my cock into his mouth.I felt so released, so hard, so naughty, so forbidden, and so gay as he started to affectionately & softly suck my cock. I could tell he loved sucking cock and he sucked it like so few girls ever had. Soft loving sucks were followed by long deep thrusts into his expert throat. He pulled off leaving me to gasp as he licked my balls, then lovingly sucked them in his mouth, followed by him licking up the shaft and then back down lick my balls.I was writhing on the bed receiving my first real gay cock sucking. David’s tongue then trailed down, as he spread my legs, and probed my tight little rosebud asshole. He licked my boy pussy just long enough to make me swoon and licked his way back up my cock and started making love to my cock with his mouth.”Oh David, oh, oh oh ooooooooooh” I was moaning as I uncontrollably spasmed my sperm into his hungry mouth. I was bucking my spewing cock up into his mouth as his mouth was down stroking on my up thrusts. I shot one last shot in his mouth and I stopped thrusting & moaned in ecstasy in his bed.David milked me dry with loving slurps and bathed my cock clean with his tongue and was then back up in my arms running his hands through my hair.”How was it, lover”, he said as he kissed me.I could only smile back as I moaned “mmmmmmmmm” and kissed him back.I reached down and started stroking his hard, charming 7″ cock (we were almost like brothers, my cock & body being very similar to his). I stroked it for a while as we kissed feeling his magnificent balls in my hands. David rose up over me and got on all fours dangling his cock in my face. I touched it in my hands and rubbed it over my face as I savored his man scent. I licked the underside like he did to me, but I could not wait, I had to taste his cock. I wrapped my lips around his handsome manhood and let him slowly feed me his cock. He pumped down into me in slow steady thrusts to not gag my virgin mouth.I think this whole scene and being buzzed and his erotic story must have turned him on too cause he very shortly started to shake and cum flowed out of his cock in a huge gush at first, then in intermittent hot gobs. I hungrily took his cum in my mouth not wanting to disappoint him and return his favor in a loving way. I too fell in love with the feel of his cock and the flavor of his hot horny man juices.David crawled back next to me and we kissed a sticky spermy gay kiss. We tenderly rubbed each other’s softening (yet still a bit hard from all the excitement) cocks. We kissed and cuddled and melted into each other’s arms, drifting into a sound sex, pot and wine induced slumber.I awoke sometime later and David was not next to me but I heard a toilet flush in the other bedroom so I got up and used David’s toilet. David was not back when I got back into bed but was there shortly as I looked at the doorway.”Just a little raid” David said as he walked in holding something white in his hands.”What kind of raid”, I asked?”Well if were going to act gay we should really act gay” he said, producing two pairs of white panties.”A panty raid from Jen’s panty drawer” he said as I stared quizzically at this unforeseen turn of events. “Check this out” he giggled as he pulled on a pair of the white silky string bikini panties. His cock bulged its hardness against the soft smooth feminine material.”It’s Beth’s fault really, when she caught me & Jon in bed one time & she thought since I was such a little bottom bitch for Jon’s cock I would look good in her panties”.”Jon had just finished fucking me and Beth put me in a pair of her silk panties over my raging hard on and rubbed me to an incredible orgasm with me spewing my cum all over my self and the soft sleek panties. I soon learned to use her panties for incredible jack off sessions & pretty cool sex with Jon & her. I guess me fem side showed up with her. Here feel this” as he offered his panty clad cock for me to feel.He was right. Even though it was pretty kinky his cock felt incredible rubbing it through the panties. His mouth-watering mushroom head poked escort pendik over the top and glistened with pre-cum. His ass looked good and felt incredible in the triangle panty material. He offered me an almost identical pair of white string bikini panties and I could tell he wanted me to put them on. I stood up next to him by the bed and pulled the silky piece of feminine undergarment up my legs experiencing their silky-smooth softness for the first time. My cock and balls tingled as the thin fabric brushed against them. My cock swelled from the silken touch of the panties and nearly exploded as David lightly rubbed my cock through them.We stood there and kissed again, our panty clad hard cocks rubbing against each other’s. I slid my hands down to feel David’s soft ass through the silky material. He reciprocated as we kissed like two fem bitches by the bed. We melted into the bed to pick up a more lustful and ravaging exploration of each other’s bodies.Like before David’s kisses ended with him sliding down to put his face in my crotch. This time he pulled my panties to one side and started licking my balls and probing my rosebud with his tongue. He seemed more possessed and lustful this time, as our first encounter earlier was very sensuous and sweet. What a contradiction, our first lovemaking was soft, sensuous, somewhat fem and gay this time he was being manlier yet we were all pantied up in fem attire.I couldn’t care less as I love being the center of his attention and soon he was fingering my hole with a creamy goo. He stroked my raging panty clad cock and fucked my ass with his finger. Shortly, he climbed on top of me and started to slide his dickhead in my hole. The panties were to one side around my ass but still covering my cock. David slowly slid his cock up my ass much like Jon must have done to him. After a few in and out strokes I submitted and let his cock in. He lay over me and kissed me. He whispered in my ear that making love to me was like making love to himself as we are so similar. David continued to pump his cock devotedly in & out of my boy pussy as I kissed him back, returning his passion. We made love like this for quite some time till David slowly picked up his intensity and began fucking me in long, hard fiery strokes.”Yeah David, fuck me, fuck me, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me” I moaned.He came in a flood up my ass, I could feel the spasm of hot cum shoot from his dick. David collapsed on me as the last spurts shot from his cock. We kissed again and he quickly got over me and pulled his panties off & my panties down a bit and impaled his ass on my throbbing cock.”You are a great piece of ass my friend, but next to sucking cock I love a dick in my hole” David said as he started to ride my cock.Oh my, in the span of a few hours I was having some of the best sex in my life. My cock felt so good in David’s ass and I rolled over on top of him to fuck him like a girl when my cock told me I was about to cum. I fucked him hard as he had his tongue in my ear and was kissing me all over. David wrapped his legs around me as I poured my sperm up his lovable little ass. I collapsed this time & we lay together with my cock up his ass as we cuddled & kissed.My cock finally slid out of his ass and he kissed me & got up. He returned very quickly with the wine and his pipe. A few more tokes and we were drifting back into slumber, naked under his sheets (well nearly naked, as I loved being in the panties).We slept in each other’s arms very soundly with his bedroom door open. It was dark by the time we awoke again. David patted my cock and kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was hungry. We decided to scrounge what we could to get a bite to eat. David gave me a pair of thin gauze like sweat pants to wear & he put on a pair of gym shorts and we headed into the kitchen. We had a sandwich & a soda standing in the kitchen area by the counter.After we finished David came up behind me and put his arms around me, rubbing his cock into my thinly coated ass and caressing and nuzzling my neck. He reached down and softly rubbed my cock. I turned and kissed him slow & soft. As we were making out (and grinding our hardening cocks into each other, we heard the door turn with keys as it opened.In walked Jennifer. I was a bit embarrassed to be caught kissing David but he was not ashamed at all. We turned to greet her as we broke our embrace, but David took my hand and led me to meet her.”Hi guys,” she said in a melodic, hi I caught you voice.”Jen, this is Tyler” David said as he introduced me.”So this is the Tyler you’ve been telling me about. He does look like he could be your brother”. Jen looked every bit as hot as I remember at school, wearing a tight top with no bra and luscious little nipples poking out and a tight pair of faded blue jeans.”School’s out & we are celebrating, care to join us” David said, pointing to a bottle of wine.David led me to the couch and I sat down with Jen as he retrieved the pipe & the stash from the bedroom. David sat in the middle & we drank some more wine and did a few more bowls. Needless to say I was really high and a bit numb from the new sexual awakening and then to be there with a sizzling blondie like Jen was just flooring me.”So did David seduce you like he told me he was going to,” Jen asked me pointedly, yet with a little teasing to David in her voice.David looked at me and spoke up to save me any embarrassment “I couldn’t help myself” said David “he’s such a hottie” as he squeezed my hand and rubbed my thigh.”David has a voracious sexual appetite as you probably know by now,” Jen said as she pushed David in jest.I was still a bit looped & too embarrassed to say much. David leaned over and whispered something in Jen’s ear.She laughed & said “why not”! She got up any put some music on the stereo and started dancing with her wine glass in hand. She was gyrating to the music as David & I enjoyed the show. She set her glass down and seductively started taking her top off. I was in shock to see her naked titties on her lithe frame standing there before us. She was shaking like a stripper and she kneeled on the couch next to me.”Don’t be afraid, you can touch them if you like” she said as she leaned into me.I slowly reached up and started caressing her divine little titties. They felt so good & she moaned softly as I fondled these sweet little orbs. She leaned closer to me and I took them one at a time in my mouth. David was fondling my cock through my pants as this was happening and I couldn’t believed how buzzed I was and how much sex I was getting.Jen got up and took off her pants, revealing her delightful panty covered ass and pussy. I caressed her lovely ass as David was now giving me a full-blown cock sucking. Jen grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She led me to her bedroom with David following close behind. She pulled down my gauze sweats to reveal my panty clad ass & cock.”I see David has been up to his tricks again in my delicates drawer” Jen said as she stroked my cock and nuzzled her fine little titties into me. Jen turned around and ground her pantied ass up and down my panty clad cock. What an erotic feeling as I pulled my panties down a bit and felt my cock rub the crack of her silky ass as I kissed her neck and played with a tit in each hand from behind. She purred and David was now naked and rubbing his cock up my crack; talk about being the center of attention.What a hot feeling. I fell with Jen against the edge of the bed and David produce some lube, greasing my cock at the same time he was greasing his. Jen impatiently wiggled her ass at me & I fingered it a bit as she pushed it at me. I would have been happy to fuck this little adorable hottie blondies pussy but as David related to me later that she really loves it up the ass, says she know why we are gay. I placed my cock head at the opening still marveling at the softest, roundest, sweetest, most feminine little ass I had ever seen or felt. I pushed my dick in and she moaned an ohhhhhhhh of delight. It was tight, but I could tell she was not new to a dick in her rosebud hole.David was now humping my slightly sore ass, but I didn’t care, I was in the middle (literally) of the greatest sex in my life. I felt so gay with David kissing my neck and his cock up my ass, but so horny to be ass fucking such a fine little babe.We pumped in unison and we were both hard and a little sore, but as I came to realize about gay and bi guys, we cum a lot most every day, jacking off 2,3 & 4 times most days if no one was around to be with, so this was a pure bonus of man to man to woman sex and there had been a bit of slumbering and being high between our last cum shots several hours ago when David & I took turns fucking each other in the late afternoon (& that was after our initial suck off of each other).Jen’s ass grabbed my cock like it was a warm tight tunnel & the smell of David’s & my sex intermingled with the sweet feminine aroma of Jennifer.I was really high & really feeling like a naughty dog and I just started spurting my cum pendik escort bayan into Jens fine little asshole, no doubt being aroused by the sensation of having a dick pumping my tight hole. David was soon training me hard and grunting & moaning & pouring his cum up my ass. We all collapsed on the bed still impaled by cock.Slowly my cock slid out of Jen’s ass and David was still inside me. I felt possessed, however & had to taste Jen. I pulled myself down & started licking her gorgeous ass clean of my tasty cum. She rolled over and ground her neatly trimmed & nearly hairless pussy into my face. I ate her out with abandon as David was now following suit with his tongue up my ass. Eating a tasty pussy like Jen’s was made even better by having my newfound boyfriend rimming my ass and cupping my balls.I thought that I had killed Jen as David’s tongue assault into my ass made me lick her cunt & clit like a madman & she was bucking like a horse on the bed and then just went limp. We were all really baked & really spent, but we had an incredible warm sensuous, satiated glow and mm mm mm about us, even Jen said this was intense.We passed out on Jen’s bed and slept in, it being Saturday. We I did start to rise & realize this wasn’t a dream with sexy hot Jen next to me and David must have slept in his bed. He heard us stirring and walked in with a delightful huge boner. I was coming out of Jen’s bathroom with quite a hard on my self. I guess a lot of sex begets even more sex. I walked over to the bed and with Jen lying there with her adorable titties showing I couldn’t help but lay my cock on one and slowly & softly titty fuck her.David was right there to & joined me laying his cock on her other soft titty with Jen saying, “oh my, boys, good morning”. We stroked our boners on her pleasing orbs and David looked me in the eyes as Jen stroked our cocks and balls as we tittie fucked her.David kissed me over her & reached down & grabbed my cock. I did likewise & soon we were jacking each other off over a surprised but smiling Jen. We tugged each others balls & jack each other’s cocks in long firm strokes & we quickly were gushing cum almost simultaneously on each others hands, stomachs & all over Jen’s remarkable little titties.After this amazing cum shower we licked a bit off of Jen’s tits and all headed for a real shower, Jen in hers & David & I showering together. David & I soaped each other up, especially our still semi hard cocks & our little asses. We were kissing having fun about our newfound relationship. I dressed and gathered my things saying goodbye to David & Jen, dazed by my orgy of bisexual activities.I walked home dazed, yet glowing and still semi-hard. Matt was in when I walked in.”Dude, where ya been?” he asked.”Out” I said, if he only knew.”You look like you been done, you get laid?” he inquired. I nodded & burst out in a huge grin.”Dude – who”! he asked. Now I was in a pickle, couldn’t really tell him about David.”Jen Adams” I beamed.”No!” Matt screeched. “Where, how, when, what – tell me”!”I just accidentally hooked up with her – she is amazing” I replied. Jen is amazing and a hottie but I really couldn’t tell Matt about my tryst with David. “Best sex in my life” I continued trying to conceal the other part.”Doesn’t she live with David LaVallle”? he went on. “Isn’t he gay or bi”?I blushed trying to hide what I knew.Matt looked me in the eyes and asked “you didn’t have a threesome with him” he k**ded.I blushed and said “no” but I wasn’t a very good liar.”Liar”! “You did, didn’t you”! he continued. “Did he suck your dick” Matt chuckled. “Did you suck his”?”Dude” I said. “I can’t really explain what happened, we got stoned and Jen is the best piece of ass I’ve ever had”.”But David was with you guys”? Matt pried. I kind of nodded & blushed. “You aren’t going bi on me are you”? he continued. “You won’t sneak in my room and suck my dick” Matt laughed.”Only if you wanted me to, so Fuck you, leave me alone” and I went into my room.Matt came to my door and said “Sorry, dude, didn’t mean to make you mad, I’m happy that you got laid, so I guess I’m just jealous.”I lay on the bed for a while then went out and did some chores. I was in my room late in the afternoon when the phone rang; it was David “Hi!” I said happy to talk to him.”How you doing after last night” David asked.”Still glowing, how about you” I replied.”Well if you were here I know what I would be doing”.”David that was so hot last night, I really am a loss for words, but I want to do it again”. I said.”Hey Ty, you dressed”? “Take your clothes off, I’m laying here stroking it” I was already hard just talking to him & I gladly released my hard-on from the restraint of the clothing.”Check the pocket of your school bag” David instructed. I unzipped it and to my surprise there was a pair of the white panties that we had worn the day before. They felt so exciting & naughty in my hands that I did not hesitate to pull them on over my throbbing cock & ass.David and I had a hot phone sex session we me cumming all over me in a maddening climax, after all I had yet to cum that day. I had another intense jack off session with the panties before I went to bed.Throughout the week I spent many nights over at David’s. We were naked most of the time, with Jen highly amused at our intense coupling.Our sex life was frenetic – David and I had an incredible gay 69 in the living room on the floor, lying on our sides with Jen in a pair of silky panties and cami top watching. I loved having my cock sucked by David as I licked and sucked on his manhood. Jen joined in the fray caressing our asses as we engulfed each others cocks, and then she finger fucked my ass bringing me to a huge climax in David’s mouth, who shortly erupted his sweet cum into mine.Another evening just after dark David & I stripped on his balcony and jacked our naked cocks together as we kissed in the slightly cool night. It was so erotic to be naked outside. I held on to the railing as David slid his wonderful cock into my boy pussy and fucked me lovingly as he jacked me off. My cock felt so good in his hand and my ass was loving his hard cock in a slow steady fuck. We bucked & jerked to a mind-blowing climax.We slept very peacefully that night in his room, leaving the bedroom door open as we always did. The next morning Jen walked in, wearing only panties. David & I were stroking each others cocks as we loved to do when Jen pull down the sheets & climbed over me. She d****d her fine little titties over my cock and proceeded to tittie fuck my now raging hardness. What a wonderful feeling with the soft feminine caress of her titties on my cock. The nipples and soft breast had me involuntarily jack on her titties in a nice steady motion as I played with her pantied ass. I erupted cum all over her titties as she smiled & cooed as she rubbed the sticky mess in. David then fucked her hard and licked off her cum laden titties as I watched in a still throbbing fog.Jen was a horny little bitch who loved cock, but did not like to be tied down in a steady relationship, mainly because as she was such a hottie, guys got too possessive & jealous.Friday David & I went out clubbing. We weren’t try to pick anyone up, we just kind of liked being able to be “out” in public at the gay bars where we could hold hands and kiss & cuddle and no one would care.We ended up at “The Vault”, which was closer to my place that to David’s. We ran into Justin, who was the model in art class. He was cool and very polite to both of us. I decide to take a chance and bring David to my place, hoping Matt would not be home, yet not really caring anymore if he knew about David and me.David and I were pretty tired and uncharacteristically we just stripped and fell asleep without any sexual activities that night. Saturday morning we slept in and awoke stoking each other’s cocks after we made our bathroom runs. I think Matt caught a glimpse of a naked David as he slipped back into my room.We were lying there just stroking each other under the sheet when Matt slowly turned the doorknob and walked in wearing a pair of gym shorts that were quite tented in front.He didn’t say anything; he just pulled the shorts off and kneeled in front of me, his hard cock staring me in the eyes. Matt took my hand and placed it on his cock, so I just started jacking him off as David watched. Matt leaned forward and pressed his cock in my face. I opened up to accept his manhood and David was now down sucking my cock as I began to suck Matt.Matt gyrated his cock in & out of my mouth in almost spastic movement and I greedily gave him a wonderful blowjob, being aroused by having my own cock sucked. Matt then spilled his pent up cum in my mouth and all over my face as his cock slipped out and I struggled to get it back in my mouth. I lovingly sucked him to a finishing climax with my cum splattered face & mouth. He knelt there for a moment after he was done then he embarrassingly grabbed his shorts and fled the room.David & I chucked then David finished blowing me to a very nice culmination. David and I then had a wonderful Saturday morning fuck with me riding his cock from on top as we were still amused by Matt’s little bi episode.Do you like this story?If you do please leave a COMMENT or THUMB UP below.