Art Teacher Romance Ch. 04

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This is Chapter 4 of the Art Teacher Romance Series. You do not have to read the first three chapters to enjoy this Chapter, but I hope you will want to read them all.

Also, you might enjoy the “Art Class with Julie” series which appears in the Erotic Couplings section. Terry, one of the two main characters in this story, is first introduced in “Art Class with Julie Chapter 03.”

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Beverly just knew this was going to be a bad day. The waitress made her living flirting big tips out of the breakfast crowd. The retired guys who hung out with their buddies over a bagel and coffee: a four dollar tab and a two dollar tip, with four guys at the table made it a pretty good deal for Bev. Or take the two lawyers who came in every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Eggs, bacon and toast for the blond guy; fruit and a muffin for the bald guy: twelve dollars for the tab and a five dollar tip. Not bad for swishing your butt around, or leaning over the table a little more then needed to pour the second cup of coffee. The low cut waitress uniform and her push up bra helped. Her customers treated her well, no one ever got out of line. No harm; no foul. Most of her regulars even gave her some cash around Christmas time, sort of a bonus for all she her service during the year. It was a nice way to make a living.

Nothing killed her tips more then two North Shore ladies sitting in one of Beverly’s booths. She couldn’t swish more then 15% out of them on a good day. And if any of her regulars knew the ladies, well that sort of put a chill on the fun for them too.

“Coffee?” Beverly asked politely. She treated everyone nicely just the same. No sense making enemies in this world.

“Tea for me, please,” Terry said; and she took an extra moment to appreciate Beverly’s assets.

“I’ll have coffee with a little skim milk,” Anne said. Beverly walked to her station to get the drinks.

“I’m glad we set this up. I love having breakfast out, it’s such a treat for me,” Terry said. “Did your husband got off to the airport on time this morning?”

“Rob had a 7 AM flight, so he left at 5:00. I was still sound asleep when he headed out. But he called me a little while ago to tell me that he made his flight,” Anne paused while Beverly brought over the drinks.

“Do you girls know what you want?” Beverly asked.

“Yep. I’m having the short stack of pancakes and a single scrambled egg,” Terry ordered.

“Oooh, that sounds good. I’ll have the same thing but I’d like the egg over easy.”

“Two shorties, a srambled and a floppie, got it,” Beverly said as she jotted down the order in her pad. I’ll put the order in right now. It should be up pretty quick”

“Thanks,” Anne said as Beverly headed off. Then she turned her attention back to Terry. “I missed you. I know we saw each other last Thursday morning and its only Monday now, but it seems like forever.”

“I feel the same way,” Terry responded looking directly into Anne’s eyes. Terry remembered Thursday morning’s discussion. She and Anne had woken up at 6:00 in the morning in Anne’s guest bedroom. They were still snuggled together after having fallen into a deep post-orgasmic slumber the night before. They lay quietly holding each other for a little while longer listening to the morning radio, but Terry had to head out to teach an early class and Anne needed to straighten up the house before her husband returned from his business trip. They showered together, enjoying the opportunity to soap each other’s bodies, hugging for a moment while they were both completely covered in suds. The sensation of slipping and sliding breasts against breasts and hips against hips was almost too much to stop. But Terry knew she had to get moving and positioned the shower head to wash them down while she still had some degree of self control.

While they were getting dressed, Anne and Terry agreed that they would meet up at the diner near the village center, near the commuter train station, early on Monday morning. They passed the weekend apart from each other, and now here they were back together again.

“This seemed like a good idea when we set it up, but I can’t hold your hand or kiss your cheek while we’re sitting here. It’s a little too public,” Terry said.

“I know. I keep thinking I can rub your knee under the table and maybe no one will notice,” Anne said. The two women looked around the restaurant, saw all the men sitting at the various tables, turned back to each other and burst out in a fit of giggles. “I’d better wait. How was your weekend?”

“Kind of slow. Mostly I painted and made a few sketches.”

“I’ve never even seen any of your art work,” Anne said. “You showed me those sketches, the ones done by your student, Julie? But I haven’t seen any of your work. I would love to see the painting you’re working on; the sketches too. What are you sketching?”


Anne’s eyes popped slightly; then she blushed.

“Me! What about me are you sketching?”

“I started with your face. I really love your nose and eyes. I could look at them for hours. So I decided to sketch them. Of course that’s from memory so marmaris escort later we can compare the drawings to the real thing. So I started with your face.” Terry glanced around to see if anyone was close enough to hear their conversation. She dropped her voice a notch just in case. “I hope you don’t mind, but I also drew your breasts. Those I know I got right. You’ll see. I like the shape of your breasts, the way they feel in my hands, the sensation of your nipples against my palms. I think I got it right in my sketches.”

This was lot for Anne to hear. She never thought of herself as an art subject. And Terry’s description of Anne’s breasts was arousing Anne more then she would have expected. She felt a tingle between her legs, her palms were a little damp, and her breathing had increased just a bit. She didn’t know what to say.

“Here you go girls, two shorties, a scrambled and one over easy,” Beverly said as she placed the plates down in front of Anne and Terry. Beverly’s interruption had startled Anne out of her reverie. “I’ll get you girls some refills, one coffee, one tea. Anything else you need right now?”

Terry was smiling from watching Anne’s reactions. “No thanks. I think we’re set for right now,” Terry said.

Beverly went off but returned right away with fresh coffee for Anne and hot water for Terry’s tea. She leaned far over the table to put down Terry’s tea. “Okay, let me know if I can get you anything else,” Beverly said as she headed over to one of her old geezer tables. Might as well give them a shake and jiggle, she decided, can’t let the old guys down.

The interruption gave Anne time to regain her composure; she dug into her short stack of pancakes. “You’ll have to show me some of your art work one of these days.”

“Sure, we’ll make a date of it,” Terry said. “So what about you? Busy weekend?”

“Mostly we were just around not doing much. We’re still adjusting to having both kids off at college. It gives us more time together but we aren’t used to filling it. Rob played some golf. I did a little work in the garden. We did go out to dinner at the country club with some friends.”

Terry felt a slight twinge in her belly. Was that jealousy she felt at hearing Anne talk about Rob.

“I told Rob all about you,” Anne said, almost nonchalantly. This time Terry’s eyes popped open in surprise.

“All about me?” She asked, emphasizing the ‘all’ and the ‘me’ in her short question. Terry was nervous but really wanted to hear what Anne had told her husband about her lesbian lover.

“Okay, well, maybe not all about you. I told him that I met this lovely young woman on the train. That’s you. Who turned out to be an art teacher who lives near by us. I said that you were very interesting, very pretty, and that we’d had dinner together both nights he was gone. I didn’t go into too much more detail then that. I figured I could leave a few things unsaid.”

Terry’s heart was fluttering at hearing Anne’s description of her, even if it was a discussion she’d had with her husband. But Terry still wanted to know more about Anne and Rob’s relationship. “Anne, did you and Rob have sex this weekend?”

Anne looked into Terry’s eyes for a moment. She wouldn’t lie to Terry but she wasn’t sure where this question might lead.

“Terry, I’m sort of new to this whole thing. I mean, you know, having sex with someone besides my husband. I still can’t use the words “cheating on him.” And I’m having sex with another woman. It’s all new to me. Are you asking because you think the three of us might end up in bed together?”

Terry took Anne’s hand, holding it in both of her own while she answered, “I know I have to share you with your husband, but I have no interest in sharing your husband with you. I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy and all, that’s just not who I am; you know, about men. I guess I’m a little bit jealous though, but I know you guys are a married couple. I know you don’t just like women, the way I do. I want you to be happy. I want to know everything about you, because I care about you. And I guess I asked because I’m nosy.” Terry finished with a smile on her face, letting Anne know that she was okay with whatever Anne was going to do.

Anne smiled back, “We made love twice this weekend.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“You are being nosy young lady,” Anne admonished, but not with any real rebuke in her voice. “Yes, I did. I actually felt more passion then I have for a long time. I’ve been thinking about that, too. It’s because of you. I think about you all the time, even when I’m with Rob. Having you in my life makes me feel…like more of a woman.”

“I’d kiss you right now, but I’m afraid we’d give all the old geezers at the next table coronaries. Thank you for telling me that. I miss you all the time I’m not with you. Even when I’m drawing sketches of you, I’m still missing you. I feel a little hollowness in my belly and it’s because you’re not with me.” Terry was still holding Anne’s hand across the table. Beverly came over with the coffee pot and freshened up Anne’s cup. Terry reluctantly let go of Anne’s hand. As Beverly turned to leave, another woman walked over to the table approaching from behind marmaris escort bayan Anne.

“Hey kiddo, what’s new?” the woman asked.

“Oh, hi Syl! I didn’t see you here. We’re just finishing breakfast. What about you?” Anne was obviously a little bit shaken by the interruption.

“Just stopped by to pick up a coffee before I go to the health club.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Anne stuttered, “I should introduce you two. Terry, this is my life long friend, Sylvia. Sylvia, this is my new friend, Terry Andrews. Terry is an art teacher in Evanston. At the University.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Sylvia said as she reached over to shake Terry’s hand. Terry noticed Sylvia’s handful of rings and the glittering tennis bracelet.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Terry smiled as she checked Sylvia out, short wavy red hair, long fingernails, lots of cleavage, tight butt obvious even in her warm up suit. Terry bet Sylvia would be good in bed.

“So Terry, what do you think of our girl Anne here?”

“I think she’s great,” was Terry’s sincere reply.

“Oh, I agree with you on that. I mean don’t you think she’s being a bit flighty? I’m guessing she’s got another guy on the side. What do you think?”

“Oh, stop it Syl,” Anne protested with mock indignation. “Someone might hear you say that.”

“No, no, wait,” said Terry, “I think Sylvia is onto something here. Come on tell us, who is he?”

“Oh, stop it, both of you,” Anne giggled.

“Come on,” Terry continued, “Give us some dirt. Anything, eye color, shoe size, is he hung like a horse?”

Anne spluttered while Sylvia burst out laughing.

“Oh, boy, Terry. I like you already. Let’s all get together sometime. If nothing else, we can spend a long lunch teasing Anne. Well I gotta run. Spinning class starts in ten minutes. See ya.” Sylvia spun around and headed out the door.

Terry and Anne were still laughing as the door closed.

“She seems like a blast,” Terry said.

“Oh, she’s great. She kind of has a problem keeping her knickers on, but her husband doesn’t care, so who am I to worry about it. You should have seen us, though, last week at the health club. This was Wednesday afternoon, when you went to your studio class and I went to the Pilates class. Syl and I spent some time in the steam room after our workout. We were just talking. Well, that’s when she first started teasing me about having another man on the side. If only she knew the truth about that one. Anyway, we’re sitting in the steam room, completely naked, she’s talking to me one moment and the next her eyes are closed and she’s clearly thinking about some sort of fantasy. Right in front of me she starts to touch herself.”

“You mean she was masturbating with you watching?” Terry said. Anne was still working her way into using explicit language, but Terry had no such compunction.

“Right. I sat there watching her. I was getting pretty worked up myself, but I knew you and I would be together that night, so I didn’t want to do anything.”

“Hmmm, right in front of you? I have to admit, I would have liked to watch that myself. I would have bet anything that she had no interest in women.”

“Who, Sylvia? She’s strictly into men. She wasn’t doing that because of me, she forgot I was even there. Still, I had never seen someone else do that before, so it’s kind of stuck with me.”

“Well it sounds kind of kinky to me, Anne. And I thought you were just an innocent little housewife that first night I seduced you.”

“Okay, okay, let’s get the check.” Anne turned to wave at Beverly who signaled she’d bring the check right over. “Hung like a horse. What were you thinking?” Anne asked Terry and they both laughed at that.

“What are you doing today?” Anne wanted to know.

“Nothing. I don’t have to teach today. I was working most of the weekend so I thought I might do a little shopping today. I need a new dress. Wanna go shopping with me?”

“Sure,” Anne said.

“Here you go ladies. Come back soon,” Beverly said as she laid the check down between the two women.

“We have to give her a really big tip,” Terry whispered.

“Why, because we used the table so long?” Anne asked.

“No. Every time she came over to our table, she bent way over giving us a full cleavage shot. If I didn’t know better, I would say she was flirting with me. Anyway, it was worth an extra buck or two for the show.”

Anne laughed at this, but left a five dollar tip for the twelve dollar check.

“I thought I would try the dress store just down the street. I just need something simple, black, above the knees. Cocktail partyish for a wedding I’m going to next month. Come on, let’s go in and see what they’ve got.”

The two women walked into the boutique two doors down from the restaurant. There was a young sales lady in the store; she was pretty, with straight black hair framing a pale complexioned face. Small, pointy breasts tenting out an ivory colored silk blouse. She was probably in her early twenties. The store had a nice selection of dresses, slacks and blouses. Anne and Terry went straight to the ‘little black dress’ section against the wall.

“I’m a six,” escort marmaris Anne said, “what are you, an eight?”

“Sometimes an eight, sometimes a ten. It depends how it’s cut.”

“Let’s take one of each into the fitting room and see how you look,” Anne said as she grabbed three dresses off the rack and headed to the back of the store. There was a row of large fitting rooms, each with a slatted door, enclosing a small seating area. Anne and Terry went into the middle fitting room and closed the door behind them.

“Why did you take three sizes?” Terry asked.

“Every girl needs a little black dress,” Anne said. “I’ve worn mine to death. I thought I would try one on also. Maybe we can both get new dresses.” Terry felt like a high school girl again, shopping with her girlfriends, teasing each other about one thing or another.

Anne slipped off her jeans, stepping out of her sandals as she did so. Then she pulled her polo shirt up over her head and hung up the clothes on one of the wall hooks. Terry was a little slower, having to untie her tennis shoes before she could even start undressing. Sitting down, working on her shoelaces, Terry watched Anne undress. Anne was wearing a very shear, red bra and panty combination. Her nipples were completely visible through the fabric, and her pussy was nicely outlined in the form fitting panties. While she watched, Anne unhooked the bra and put it on the hook. Her firm small breasts holding their shape even without the added support. She unzipped the back zipper of the dress and pulled the dress on over her head. Terry helped her with the zipper when Anne leaned back for her assistance.

“You look perfect in that dress,” Terry said.

“Oh, you’re just saying that to get into my panties,” Anne replied teasingly. But Anne felt the pleasure of the compliment wash over her.

“No, really, you’ve got a great figure. I bet you’d look good in anything.”

“Not if it requires cleavage. I wouldn’t look so good in that waitress’s outfit.”

“Oooh, are you a little bit jealous because I noticed the waitress’s boobs?” Terry asked, with a very teasing tone in her voice. “Maybe you wouldn’t fill out that waitress outfit, but I bet you’d look great in a French maid’s uniform.” Terry leered as she said this.

“Oh, you’d love that wouldn’t you,” Anne shot back as she walked over and gave Terry a kiss on the lips, holding the kiss for a few extra seconds.

“So, are you going to buy that dress?” Terry asked.

“Maybe. Come on, let’s see how you look in yours.” As she said this, Anne started taking off the black dress. She hung it back on the hanger and set it aside. Now she was standing in front of Terry again, wearing only her panties. Her nipples protruding more then before. Terry noticed all of this with quite some pleasure.

Terry had removed her pants while Anne had been trying on the black dress. She unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She was wearing a low cut, underwire bra in a gold lace fabric. It complimented her blonde hair perfectly. The bra cups barely covered her nipples, leaving the tops of her areolas visible above the cups. When Anne was done hanging up her dress, she turned her attention back to Terry. She appreciated the sexiness of Terry’s half cup bra, fighting back the temptation to go over and lick each nipple in turn. Instead she made a show of appraising Terry’s nearly naked body, the smoothness of her belly, full curves of her hips, and especially the gold thong that barely restrained her pussy lips. As Terry sat down to take off her ankle high socks, Anne noticed a small wet spot developing on Terry’s thong. Anne smiled at the thought that Terry was aroused just from watching Anne try on the dress.

Terry stood up and slipped on the size 10 dress, the larger of the two. Anne zipped it up for her. Terry turned this way and that, looking in the mirror. Then she turned to Anne, “What do you thing?”

“Maybe a little too big. It doesn’t really flatter your figure and when you lean over, the neck line drapes so far open I can see your belly button. Which is okay for me! But I doubt that’s really the look you want.”

Terry nodded in agreement and slipped out of the dress. She changed quickly into the smaller dress.

“That one fits you like a glove. Not that it matters, but you’ll have every guy in the room wanting to get into YOUR panties.”

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of the women will take a shot at it,” Terry joked.

“That dress really makes you look hot. Black is definitely your color.” Anne moved towards Terry as she said this. Still topless, Anne pressed her body against Terry’s, feeling the smooth silkiness of the dress and Terry’s breasts behind it pushing against her own hardening nipples. Anne started to feel herself getting aroused. Anne felt her own panties getting pretty soaked now. Anne took her right hand and slid it under Terry’s dress, first stroking the smooth skin of her butt, unfettered by the thong. Sensing no resistance from Terry, Anne moved her fingers to the front top of the thong, sliding her hand down inside the flat front, her middle finger extending to the wet crease of Terry’s cunt. Anne stroked Terry’s wet pussy lips back and forth, then took her hand out from under the dress. She brought her hand up to her mouth, and sucked Terry’s juices off of her middle finger. Terry watched this with a slightly glazed look in her eyes.